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Sunday, June 26, 2011

windows 8 beta build 7971

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  • Windows 8 Build 7971

  • arsh007
    11-19 09:27 AM
    I started looking for a house soon after filing for my 485/EAD/AP in August 2007. I finally got a great deal (good price and low fixed mortgage interest rates) on a 14 year home in St Louis and then had to decide whether to wait for the EAD approval before buying the home. I decided to go ahead and buy the home.

    My EAD was approved sometime back and looking at the turn of events leading up to buying the house, I realized that there is always an element of risk in committing to long-term investment without a GC. However I am sick and tired of the slow GC process and cannot keep postponing important decisions in life. We need to take risks at some point. I know with a March 2005 EB2 priority date, my dream of getting a GC is still many years away. But postponing important lifestyle decisions for later is too much of a price to pay.

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  • windows 8 beta build 7971.

  • pointlesswait
    07-22 05:23 PM
    to port..the pD..u need to send in the earlier approved 140 with the new 140 that you file..
    i have read of instances when the PD was successful and few instances when it was not...
    so i am not sure..what the criteria is..
    but if you are in the same industry..PD porting should not be an issue..

    i have a feeling sooner or later PD porting may be banned by USCIS..;-)

    I am exploring the possibility of making the Inter-filing. I have been speaking to some well known, street-smart attornies. One mentioned that the "Priority Date" is decided only upon approval of I-140. He also wrote that for keeping the earlier priority date, the 2nd I-140 application (new) should be filed along with copy of the approval of the first I-140.

    In your case, it appears that you did not send the approval copy of the first I-140 along with 2nd I-140 application.

    Probably, you can send the approval of EB-2 I-140 with earlier PD, along with I-485 receipt copy to the Service Center and ask them to allot the earlier PD. Please take the assistance of attorney for doing this.

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  • windows8-uild-enterprise-7959

  • jungalee43
    02-16 05:30 PM
    Mr. Murali Bashyam
    To contact Murali Bashyam, please call 919-833-0840 (Ext 28) or send an email to mbashyam@bashyamspiro.com.

    I met Mr. Murali in a seminar arranged by IAFPE in Raleigh, NC. (I had some role in arranging the event.) He gave me his business card in the event and we shook hands.
    After a few months Raleigh News and Observer reporter Karen Reeves contacted Mr. Murali for a story on EB immigration problems and he directed this reporter to me through IAFPE. And then I directed Karen to IV.
    More than one year passed after this event and I changed employer. I was not sure about the letter that I had written to USCIS about employer change and I called Murali's office and got his appointment.
    This was after the fact of changing employers. Murali went through the documents and told me not to worry and I most probably would recieve an RFE. That I did. He did not charge me a penny.
    Then in last one year I really went through trauma of two RFEs and complete insensitivity and arrogance of my company's lawyer. I wrote e-mail to Murali three times in last one year and everytime he got back to me in one business day. All this at no charge at all.
    I owe Murali a lot for his moral support and legal advice to me from time to time.

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  • as Windows 8 Build 7971

  • mygoodluck
    08-15 02:24 PM
    Duplicate application will definitely create problems I will told today by the USCIS rep. They don't recommend it at all and neither my lawyer. He has refused to re-file or will only re-file if I take the onus/responsibility of the result.

    USCIS rep also informed me that as long as you have a tracking proof that you application was delivered, you should be able to refile after Aug17 also, in case application was not processed because it was lost or so.


    windows 8 beta build 7971. Windows 8 Build 7971
  • Windows 8 Build 7971

  • nrk
    10-27 05:07 PM
    Is it a good idea to carry all my degree/masters certificates plus experience certificates along with that.

    The only thing that came to my mind is regarding verification of degree certificates or experience letters mentioned on your Biographic Information form. Go to Local office and check.

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  • uild details are 6.2.7971

  • jnayar2006
    04-01 06:40 PM
    sent 10 n 11


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  • 称Windows 8 Build 7971即将泄露

  • chanduv23
    07-08 05:03 PM
    We need to call for unity ask people to come out and support this initiative.
    We got to do somthing. Enough is enough. Think of all high skilled workers not going to work for a day what kind of impact that will have? What kind of awareness that will create? I am ready to give up one day worth of pay for this. Anyone else?

    Efforts have to be collective. Try to get supporrt from coworkers, friends - ask them for a honest opinion and see what they have to say

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  • windows 8 beta build 7971. uild of Windows 8 appears

  • rkotamurthy
    10-11 05:21 PM
    I was in the same boat -stuck in DBEC upto July 20th. I just scrapped thru and filed AOS Just-in-time.

    For all those stuck in BEC and missed the July 2nd- Aug 17th window, please be assured that IV has not forgotten about you. One of the items IV has always been pushing for is "ability to file AOS (I-485) when Visa number is not available".

    Please remember - Not doing anything about your GC situation is not an option


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  • Windows 8 and uild 7971

  • slowwin
    05-14 10:26 PM
    I think this has a better chance than rest of other EB bills, because US wants more skilled persons and by defintion advanced degree holders from US in STEM are. Congress extended 20,000 H1 visa for US masters and PhD graduates some years ago whereas they were and are loathe to extend the total H1 numbers.
    Going by this logic, I think this bill will go farther and gain traction. Lets's keep our fingers crossed.:)

    In one stroke, this bill helps both a) US advanced degree graduates and b)non US graduates (i.e, EB applicants), as 1) it puts EB1 and EB2 in non quota category (I,C,P,M and ROW) and 2) frees up EB1 and EB2 numbers for EB3.

    my 2 cents.

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  • h1techSlave
    06-10 01:13 PM
    Can you call up the customer service to know your status as to whether you are pre-adjudicated or not?

    As per this everyone who got pre-adjudicated would be receiving their GC in FY2010. But, there are people from EB3I with PD as late as 2007 who got RFEs recently and got their cases pre-adjudicated( I am one of them even though my PD is March 2003 and when I called up NSC, they said my case was pre-adjudicated and waiting for a Visa number ).
    With EB3I staying at 1 Nov 2001 when the new FY2010 quota starts in October doesnt match to what Ron Gotcher says.
    Anyone have any opinion?


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  • Windows 8 Early Build 7850

  • illusions
    02-20 05:21 PM
    did anyone save that pdf on that link? i would like to see what it had to say.

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  • gk_2000
    08-23 03:03 PM
    Suppose I have an approved I-140 in EB3, and I ask my employer to port to EB2, and the EB2 i-140 gets denied. Does it result in losing my PD?


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  • The uild string states that

  • abhidos37
    08-22 12:07 PM
    The date was current from July 1 with my PD Aug 2005. I have my 140 approved already.

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  • Windows 8: The next Microsoft

  • saileshdude
    10-27 11:10 AM

    I see various possibilities. Best bet would be to take Infopass soon and find out.

    1) DHS trying some new exercises which are completely new. I thought we had seen it all but this is a new one.

    2) Do you have any case against you (ciminal or civil) in your home country?

    3) Did you have any unlawful status of more than 6 months during your presence in US.

    4) Do you have any case pending here?

    5) Did you, in past, provide any fake documentation or info pertaining to any benefit you were seeking?

    These are just few things that may cause this.

    Do update us what you find out after Infopass.


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  • Windows 8 is far off from

  • seahawks
    01-20 06:28 PM
    Sent mine, who is next. Come on, this is something that does not take too much effort, make a difference. Together WE must do what it takes. All it takes is the write/print a letter, send one to the President and one to IV.

    Yes We CAN.. But it takes you and me to make the WE! Stop putting it off for later or feeling you don't count.

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  • smsthss
    06-12 10:09 AM
    can we watch this live?? the room #'s for 10 am and 11 am are different. is there another link?


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  • the aforementioned uild,

  • anilsal
    12-24 11:57 PM
    seem to be like the three classes in railways in Asia. First (EB1), Second (EB2) and Third (EB3). So unfortunate. :(

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  • windows 8 beta build 7971. Build 6.2.7971 from Canouna

  • eb3_nepa
    11-08 04:26 PM
    EAD, AP & FP notice are sent directly to the applicant. If you see the status of AP as document mailed then you should get within 2/3 days as they send by DHL. I got mine in 2 days, my wife also got in 2 days

    AP is sent to the lawyer if you filed the G328

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  • making uilds of Windows 8

  • mihird
    05-26 01:47 AM
    I spent 5 full years in Canada from 1995 2 of which I did my MS (in Montreal - Quebec) and 3, I worked for one of Canada's largest software companies in Ottawa - Ontario. Over the course of these 5 years, I acquired both my Canadian green card and Canadian Citizenship..

    From 2000 onwards, I have been in the US languishing in this stupid EB Green Card queue...

    I originally hail from India, so can give some clear opinons on how life is comparatively in all three places.

    I will firstly agree with someone who mentioned that rather than considering Canada as an option 2 after the US, one should consider our home country..honestly, I believe our home country should be the no. 1 priority on our list. The real solution to all immigration problems lies in the balancing of economies on a global scale...and we as the H1-B skilled workforce are the best people for making the Indian/Chinese economies move forward....reduce unemployment there and improve the wage standards...

    As for Canada, except for the cold, almost everything about Canada is better than the US in my opinion - better quality of life, better social security, better health care, safer neighborhoods, better education, better immigration system etc. etc..if you hail from a tropical place like India, the cold WILL bother you, though....

    Montreal is 50% English/50% French, and I had no problems living in Montreal although, I know nothing about French at all..

    From a pure money stand point of view, it is true, that you will somewhat make more money in US, but most of that will be offset by the higher healthcare costs and higher housing costs...

    Frankly, if this 6+ year wait on the US Green Card doesn't go anywhere, I will definitely consider moving back to India, rather than Canada...in 2007 or so...because, I feel, I have spent enough years away from India, accrued enough wealth and owe my time and energy to building the Indian economy....rather than giving my years to any of the western countries....that already are well developed...

    My .02 cents..

    10-11 04:44 PM
    Sorry to hear about your situation.
    The one consolation is that once you get to file your 485, you should not spend too much time in that pending 485 situation.
    So if you ask me today, would I rather have filed 485 with a PD of 2006/7 or be in your situation, as bleak as your situation looks today, the better choice might be your situation.

    Good luck.

    Well that depends on lots of things. If your assumption is that the PD is gonna move slowly and gradually forward, then what you are saying is true. Again, once he/she files 485, his 485 is not going to be processed immediately. AP, EAD may be issued but it may take 6-9 months for 485 to get processed.

    However, if PD moves so much ahead that your PD is also current, then you will get your GC (if other processes are complete) whereas he/she would have just filed 485.

    08-22 12:49 PM
    08/22/2007: October 2007 EB Visa Bulletin Prediction of AILA

    Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    EB-4: N/A
    EB-5: C
    Please stay tuned.

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