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Sunday, June 26, 2011

what is kate middleton job30

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  • onemorecame
    10-19 01:39 PM
    I efiled on June 01 2010, but response till today

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  • howzatt
    07-06 02:15 PM
    We need someone to youtube this and help with the media campaign!

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  • gc_peshwa
    08-20 01:04 PM
    I can give you my example. 10 years in the US and got greened yesterday. Background -

    B. Tech. from IIT - 1999. Always believed in hard work and dedication.
    2000/2001 - Came to the US
    2003 - Filed labor - RIR - EB3
    2004 - job loss
    2004 - Joined so called fortune 500 company with 15000 + employees and presence in 50 countries. They promised but never filed GC.
    2005 - Filed Canada PR.
    2005 - Quit and joined Desi company. Started GC process on day-1.
    2005- Filed under Perm EB-3 (lawyer screwed). Got approved in 3 months.
    2006 - Filed I-140 got approved in 3 weeks.
    2007 - July Fiasco and filed I-485. Got AP, EAD. Wife started to work.
    2008 - EB-3 sucked so talked to employer to file in EB-2. Desi company did not care as long as I paid for it.
    2009 - Filed labor, got approved in 6 months.
    2009 - Filed EB2 I-140 and requested to re-capture the PD of first labor.
    2009 - I-140 approved, same day saw an LUD on pending I-485. Also, approved I-140 came with A# and EB-3 labor PD.
    2009 - Bought a home.
    2010 - July, dates became current.
    Opened SR, got a response that my case is still in EB3. NSC sucks.
    Asked lawyer to send letter to USCIS. He did, nothing happened.
    Contacted senator and they opened up a congressional request with USCIS.
    Within 2 days, USCIS issued RFE about incomplete medical. It was total BS.
    Contacted doctor and got chest X-Ray and replied RFE.
    Took several Inforpass appointments.
    EAD expired, did everything but could not get renewed on time.
    Did not tell anything to HR about expired EAD, both kept mum and kept working.
    Had fights at DMV to get DL extended.
    Aug-17th, GC got approved.

    Is this all worth it? I do not know. Only reason I joined desi company with 2 employees is that desi company was ready to file GC on day-1. I have seen so called Fortune-xx companies. They lied to me.

    Overall - I am a happy person. Would continue with Desi employer for some more time.

    Now that we have GC, I would like to -
    1. Spend more time with family and not worry about LIN-XXXX numbers.
    2. Think about doing MBA.
    3. Move to a warmer place like CA.

    Good Luck. I would suggest - Talk to your employer and explain your situation. You have nothing to lose.
    Tremendous story of grit and determination I must say....In fact every one of the EB immigrants story can become a storyline for a great movie :-)

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  • alex77
    10-09 08:25 PM
    I140 approval notice related...



    I filed I485 and my I140 got cleared. My employer is not willing to give my Approved I140. I am not sure why he is holding my I140. I dont have have any idea to change job at this time.

    I am working with everest technologies there web site address is www.everesttechinc.com.

    I hope this is the right place to share over view and ideas thats the reason i am posting my questions here.

    1) Do we really required I140
    2) Is any one here working with everest technologies who is having same problem.


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  • senthil1
    05-18 12:41 PM
    It is good. But .... There were many bills like this in past few years. But it is tough to get even considered unless if you come out a small number like 50k or less. Basically every year immigrant groups were asking unlimited number of GC for US Master degree holders. If they give unlimited gcs for US master degree holders then that number only will add 500K per year as Indian students only have numbers around 80k every year. So with some cap and exemption just for Phd holders will have a better chance of passing in congress.

    I thought there was a bill along these lines last year, do not remember the name or number of the bill though. I would very much welcome such a bill though.

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  • eyeinfinitude
    02-03 12:40 AM
    Goodness!! These entries are awesome, I envy you guys. It was hard to decide, but it came down to eilsoe's and soul's. I ended up voting for Soul's because I liked the colors he used and the amount of detail put in. Eilsoe's piece is detailed as well, but the colors weren't too appealing. Great job everyone. =)


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  • jonty_11
    11-30 04:11 PM
    Well you might be the lucky few, but Discover mostly reject non PR folks. I know 4 guys..including me. But we cannot prove as they never give you a reason. Go figure.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-02 02:33 PM
    There is no such law that specifies any duration one has to be employed by GC (or AC-21) employer. Period.

    However, there is a twist to it. As per law, the beneficiary MUST have intent to work for GC employer at the time of filing of I-485 and intent to work for AC-21 employer if invoking AC-21. However, this intent is to start work AFTER getting green card. The intent is subject to change, too.

    By working for the employer for some duration, it is easier to demonstrate that person has intent to work for the employer for the full time job offered. This duration is not written in stone, and every lawyer interprets differently. For me (and this for just me), 90 days should be a safe duration, since it has been tested in courts that 90 days a long enough time when intent of the person can change. (This is known as 30-60-90 day intent rule). This is why lawyers usually advise to wait for 90 days when a person on single intent non-immigrant visa (such as B1 or F1) wants to file for I-130/I-140 and/or I-485.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

    You are the best!!! You are like the last word one could rely on.
    Big fan of yours!!!


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  • leoindiano
    12-18 10:09 AM
    He is dead against H1B. Not sure about Greencards.

    He is a good freind of obama. I just hope he wont be chosen for labor secreatary post which is one of the two those are empty at the moment.

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  • boreal
    12-12 01:11 PM
    You wont be disappointed.

    This country doesn't care about legal immigrants, all they care is about illegals and big businesses..Does anyone know how to go to Canada ? Please tell me ..please please...Or any other country other than India..doesnt matter even if it is Iraq..please tell me, I am tired of waiting for visa bulletins and putting my life on hold..please...

    :-):-) Hehehehe folks..please continue from here, cant give more than this for now!!


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  • snathan
    02-28 05:39 PM
    I understand you don�t care about the United States and its people and you�re only interested in what you can gain from them but if you weren�t so blinded by greed you�d see this is something else they can give to you. Now I know why I took the route I did, I would have accomplished far less in my personal life with the likes of you. In fact, I may doing to much sharing my expertise with you. I refuse to have my name tarnished any further. Besides, you�re only a beginner. What was I thinking? IV really ought to make it clear to everyone that this is an amateur site. Maybe by changing its name to Beginning Immigration. IV definitely is not the voice of Immigration � my voice is different from IVs and I�m dealing with immigration. I may have to contact the internet higher-ups about this farse.

    Basically we dont care or support illegals and drug traficers. if you are innocent, go to court and fight your rights. Now get lost

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  • saimrathi
    07-10 01:19 PM
    Its already on youtube.. check this http://www.michaelmoore.com/

    Guys we should put this on youtube and hit with star ratings and supporting messages for moore...........


    CNN never tell truth no matter what it is...immigration, health care, .....


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  • Macaca
    08-31 05:46 PM
    There is a blog attached to this article. Please follow up. Already, there are 72 comments.

    On an unrelated note, my explorer dies on IV's new (since yesterday) home page. Some other explorer's work fine. How can I fix it? Thanks!

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  • asharda
    07-06 04:43 PM




    May be you have to say or have said too much already! Why don't you take a chill pill and relax... you do what you feel is right and let others follow their heart

    RELAX DUDE! take a break!


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  • Chiwere
    06-12 03:25 PM
    Interesting reading. Wonder what is it about eugenics that still appeal to some people: Just get some geniuses and they will build heaven as opposed to people who are actually providing vital service to the community. I guess I should get my IQ results translated to English first.

    Testimony from anti immigrants like Krikorian just highlights their own low IQ, one of the touchstones he proposes to identify the "Einsteins". He said bringing workers from outside decouples industry from US education system, but supports allowing foreign trained(with BS/BTech or higher) geniuses in.
    Perhaps there should be separate EB category for anti-immigrant immigrants. At least we will have smarter bigots to contend with. :D

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  • gauravsh
    02-21 01:07 PM
    Can you please tell where are you located ?


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  • lostinbeta
    02-10 02:50 PM
    Some people prefer to be anonymous I suppose.

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  • gsc999
    10-12 10:15 AM
    May I ask what was your contribution to make a difference?
    Did you expect president Bush to come out in the rally and distribute green cards to all present? If you did, come back to reality...
    On a similar note, I kept reminding people at the DC rally to take it easy and walk slowly because the greencard office had closed early that day and they wouldn't get their GCs at the rally finish line, what was the hurry about? :)

    Or is there a need to change the IV strategy and leadership?
    What is the cause, people?
    Viva: We had a conference call for the Nor. Cal. chapter yesterday, there are some leadership positions available, I take this opportunity to offer you a position of your choosing. Join the Nor. Cal. yahoo group and talk to us. Talking "at" us won't solve this issue. We value your feedback but you don't have any right to discredit the hard work and sincere effort of more than thirty people who flew from California and thousands of IVer who attended the rally. If you are really serious about this matter than join us. I promise, together we can achieve success.

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  • kaisersose
    08-24 10:55 AM
    Can you vote as a GC applicant or even a permanent resident? NO

    You would think you could influence the Americans to support your cause and vote accordingly in the elections. FORGET IT!! Let alone the 2nd, 3rd, 4th.......17th generation American citizens, even the recently naturalized immigrants don't give a crap about us immigrants. The media and the politicians just have a field time with the immigrants (both legal and illegal) and some ignorant and dumb Americans (who don't usually vote) who get easily carried away by the emotions played both for and against immigration.

    The serious voters (this has been established by several polls) however, are quite aware that immigrants are not given relief and naturalized overnight and are obviously confident that it could take around 20 years for any immigrant to get naturalized. The issues for these serious voters are: Iraq war, economy (the dwindling housing market?), globalization, gay marriage, abortion, and imports from China.

    I wish good luck for IV and all those participating at the DC rally. NO, I can't make it, I am sorry.

    A very pessimistic and inaccurate outlook.

    If this was indeed true, there would have been no Ac21 act back in 2000. No PERM system would have been created to replace the cranky RIR system. The July 2007 visa bulletin would not have been reversed. Just look back at the last 10 years and see how many changes have happened in the system. Believe me, if apathy was their attitude, they would not have implemented any of the above and their inaction would not have impacted them in any way.

    Having said that, I must also caution some over-enthusiastic people who believe a walk in DC will solve all their immigration problems. We all certainly hope something will happen, but we should not be distraught if nothing happens. We just need to keep pushing instead of talking on a defeatist attitude due to setting wrong expectations out of one single rally.

    07-02 03:40 PM
    3000 K in Attorney fees
    500 in medical
    500 in Msc like courier etc .

    Total 4G's

    07-08 09:08 AM
    Not a fan of AZ law, but I'm delighted that it has pushed immigration issue to the forefront, forced federal govt's hand and jolted it out of its inaction. Many a battles will be won/lost over immigration in Nov 2010 elections.

    agree with you..........
    need a few more things to go wrong before the fed really wakes up and does something right this time around!!

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