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Thursday, June 30, 2011

weeds season 7 roya

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  • weeds season 7 spoilers. and my Weeds season 5 counter

  • vicks_don
    07-22 04:43 PM
    that is good news thanks !!! so the IO did talk to you even though 1 month has not yet passed ? I called yesterday and the systems were down ..but she said that if 1 month has passed and I have not recd the card then she will open a service request or something ..did the IO tell you that too ?
    (I know this is a tracker only ..but I guess it is more helpful if we discuss posts like above too ..my advice to those on EAD's (and not H-1) ..file as early as possible ..This is a messy situation which can lead to bigger problems as drivers license cannot be renewed in many states without EAD !!)

    I talked with customer service and they said that I have to call after 30 days. But I insisted asking "lets say i call after 30 days and I have not recieved my EAD and my current EAD is expiring and I cannot work after that. I asked for Evidence..I told her I received receipt notices , fingerprint notices in 5 days then how could you expect me to beleive that EAD is in mail for 25 days..I asked for options in this scenario which i know she could not answer and finally she transfered to Level 2 which is IO. he looked in some software or something I do not know but he said its not printed yet but in queue, both mine and my wife EAD's.

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  • Weeds Season 7 Preview

  • saro28
    08-06 10:03 AM
    Finally got approved today. Here is the sequence

    1. Went to field office last week to check everything is in order for approval. Got the shocking news that no address is on file and most likely my case will be abandoned. (This happened in 2001 and this is my 3rd labor). I detailed in this (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum5-all-other-green-card-issues/1599300-action-item-for-i485-transferred-case-members.html) thread

    2. Called USCIS yesterday twice after noticing last update date, the rep told me my case was approved a year ago and I should file I-90. A total mess again. I called again and opened up a Service Request despite of them telling me the case was approved a year ago.

    3. Went to field office again this morning, was told case under review (9.45 AM)

    4. Came to office checked the case status now - Approved!

    Long journey after 10 years and 3 labor application :)

    My strong advice is stay on top of the case. If your PD is current, try this, create SR or contact local congressmen

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  • tattoo weeds season 7 premiere

  • usirit
    05-21 07:22 PM
    What about using the State Chapters?
    In my opinion, individual letters will need to be sent using a well written petition.

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  • ajaykk
    05-12 02:22 PM
    Got greened, I received my cards. The status still shows"Decision".

    In this happy moment i have donated some amount to IV, I have been following IV regularly.

    Thanks alot all the gurus. Good luck to everyone.


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  • desigirl
    02-25 09:06 AM

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  • alok97
    02-19 07:42 PM
    Hi, Can somebody let me know, what would happen if first labor was approved from BPC (Not from PERM) and 2nd Labor is being filed in PERM (both from same employer)? Would DOL automatically deny the first labor or do some audit?


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  • start of Bones Season 7!

  • jainnidhi26
    03-06 10:47 AM
    We are also part of this seemingly unending wait to file the I-485. We missed the July '07 window.
    It is frustrating in many ways....
    My husband cannot switch job, even though better opportunities come his way!
    There are travel probs to India as these days there r all sorts of cases happenning when u go for 'stamping' in India.
    Also, I am a qualified & experienced professional (worked in a respectable MNC in India)....but cannot work. I did MBA from a university in PA thinking that it will help me launch myself in the job market when the EAD/GC comes.........but the 485 dates never came out of the spiralling mess.
    U might think that I can go the H1B way.......but that itself is going in a bigger mess & employers r not willing to do in any more

    So, when I saw this "Advocacy Day".....I thought its the time to get up & do something for ourselves as there might not be a second chance!!

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  • sheela
    07-30 09:55 AM
    So much for increase in fee and supposed increase in efficiency!

    May be double the fee justifies 'card production ordered' alert twice....

    I e-filed renewal EAD on 5/27, had FP on 6/23 and still waiting any followup action.

    With every passing day it looks like USCIS is terribly confused on how to go about per recent 2-yr validity :
    1. To approve: 2-yr EAD for those who are not current
    2. To approve: 1-yr EAD for those who are current and might get GC in a yr
    3. to issue GC instead of EAD for those who are current/ripe/ low-hanging-fruits (I-140 approved/cases processed/no problems)

    But, this looks like too much ask for USCIS. They are used to do simple things like: approve or deny and approving everyone for a sinlge time duration.
    Let us hope for the best and see what happens in the coming week.


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  • desijackass
    05-21 10:01 AM
    So I read that the amendment for recapture has been removed from the funding bill. Guess we are back to the start again? This really makes me to start hate the fact that we are held as the hostage of illegals

    Is this true? where did you read this? would it be possible to post somemore information. Does this mean we stop calling or we still need to call? I just read this thread and started calling.

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  • inskrish
    09-01 06:32 PM
    Finally, it is my turn to get the approval email. At 2.30 pm MST, I received the approval email, but still no emails for my two dependants. The waiting-game is not yet over:-)

    PD: 05/2004
    RD: 08/05/2007
    ND: 10/03/2007

    I wish good luck to everyone who have been waiting for your turns!


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  • wallpaper 2011 at 6:49 pm weeds season 7 weeds season 7 cast.

  • Eternal_Hope
    04-08 02:47 PM
    No forward movement in EB2 (I or C).

    EB3 is "Unavailable" for all countries of chargebility.

    Where did the visas go this? Who got them that they are already out of them??

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  • Season seven, which begins

  • mjdup
    01-18 04:32 PM
    Let's get to 800 by tonight ! It is very much possible, please step up and give that power to core.

    Also, viewers visiting the video on youtube, please some comments to Aman. thanks


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  • lost_stranger
    05-19 07:10 AM
    News from Oh Law:
    05/18/2008: Frustrated Hispanic Caucus Exploded on the Door Step of Congress

    Report indicates that they've held a press conference on the steps of a House office building to denounce their leadership's willingness to cater to immigration critics by holding hearings on enforcement measures proposed by endangered Democratic moderates. Rep. Joe Baca, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, was steamed. Latinos had become a political "punching bag" this year, the California Democrat complained recently, attacked by "the misinformed" and "the misguided." They've threatened to block progress on immigration proposals backed by business interests and pushed by key Democrats, such as special visas for high-tech workers or agricultural help, unless leaders also move forward with comprehensive immigration legislation. Lawmakers in the 20-member Hispanic Caucus know they are not going to get their political wish this year: another shot at comprehensive immigration legislation, something that died in the Senate last year. But they are frustrated that their party has not been aggressive at pushing back against the heated rhetoric of the Right. If alienated Latinos stay home from the polls in November, it could cost Democrats dearly in closely contested local elections in Texas, Arizona and other states. And if Hispanics conclude that their party is no different on immigration than Republican presidential candidate John McCain � a longtime supporter of comprehensive reform� it could tip the balance to the GOP in presidential contests in swing states such as New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado.

    The CHC has a single point agenda and that is amnesty for illegals. They feel that if they have the issues for legal immigrants tied along with this, they can try to obtain this amnesty in the guise of "comprehensively reforming the entire US immigration system". They are single minded and will not waver because of repeated communication from us legal immigrants. We are not a consideration for them and they will do their best to torpedo our bill. I think a better plan would be to target all the other legislators and let them know how we feel and how important this bill is for us future citizens. This is just my opinion and is not intended to demoralise anyone or hamper this campaign.

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  • amitjoey
    03-20 04:13 PM
    Now is the time to act. The next 10 days are crucial. Lets raise awareness, bring in new members and become 10,000 strong.


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  • Weeds Season 7 Episode 6

  • shirish
    04-10 08:52 AM
    I did it for my wife and son, but thrugh an attorny, It costed me $375 total,
    including the attorny fees. It is not required unless you leave the US.I had to do it to get an ID for my wife for DL purpose, as H4 approval notice was(I hope it is still) one of the accepted documents as 2nd id in VA.

    Your wife may file for H4 without a lawyer. It costs $250 and I did it once. No issues at all, very simple and straight forward form / procedure.

    Although not necessary to file H4 transfer )as this is not linked to employer directly but rather the H1 holder), it may become important when you leave US for visit home.

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  • baba2s
    09-28 08:51 AM
    I compltely agree with you..."We all need to unite and work towards one common goal."
    We will need support from all our friends across all EBs...

    agree..unused Visa # capture.. is the only way...


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  • sdrblr
    09-01 12:53 PM
    I dont think it is as simple as that. I feel they have a bunch of pre-adj files and they take a "one last look" at it before approving.

    If cases are preadjudicated and approval is just matter of of running script to identify probable applicants then we should see all(Based on number VISA availability) the Approvals today only.

    But that seems not the case.

    So what is their Process to handle Preadjudicated cases?

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  • venkatesan.chinnaraju@gma
    05-29 02:12 PM

    I applied my EAD Renewal on April 5th. I have receipt with me but my EAD is not approved. Right now I don't have any other option other then EAD. I am little bit worried. Please let me if anyone on the same board. as well pls let me know and what are my options. EAD is going expire on end of July.


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  • singhsa3
    04-30 01:22 PM


    We all had a sigh of relief when we saw the new labor certification process (Perm) and were promised that it will be much faster and smooth. Thankfully they have kept their promise, for the most part, except for the cases that get audited.

    The cases that are 'randomly audited' have been pending for months and months, some cases () have been pending for over an year and there have been no response from DoL what so ever. I understand that a year does not sound bad especially to those folks who had their labor approved through the old process but these days the labor is getting approved within 50-60 days (average). It appears that the DOL (Atlanta Processing Center at least) does not bother to look at the documents once the audit has been replied to.

    Although I understand that not everyone uses and some audit replies may have been replied sooner and were never reported to but you can get the idea just by a sample of the cases that were audited, and see that they have being neglected, ignored or appears that they are no longer considered for further processing. I have seen instances where the lawyers have retreated the application in the audit and filed a new application (a gamble) hoping that it does not get audit this time around. But not sure how that turned out.

    If you visit the Atlanta Perm section on you will see the people's misery I mention here. In fact, I am sure that there are number of IV members who are going through this aggravating process but are silent becuase they know that can not do anything. Even lawyers have shown the sign of disappointment to this hopeless condition.

    So I ask you, the IV Senior Members, to help us and suggest something that (we) can be done to bring this to the attention of some sort of authority that would help trigger the review of Audit responses.

    Thank you!

    03-27 09:56 AM
    Yupp, we have to go through CP in Montreal. Our PD is Feb/2006. We hope to be current this year ! There seems to be some hope ?????

    Hi.Where are You from?

    03-27 09:50 AM
    Any body from EB3 ROW consular pr.????
    EB3 ROW PD July 2006/I-140 still pending 380day

    Yupp, we have to go through CP in Montreal. Our PD is Feb/2006. We hope to be current this year ! There seems to be some hope ?????

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