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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • 485InDreams
    08-21 12:34 PM
    Guys...I found this blog in that site...This is one good example that employers watching the threads....so, wht may be the reason... never give the employer details...


    I was on Hib with EliteCareers and they had sposored by GC.
    It was very smooth sailing. They had everything down, very professional. Everytthing reltated to following up on time sheets, payroll, leave, etc was handeled very efficiently.
    When I had some problems with Blue Cross not passing a claim on the medical bill, I was able to get the benefits person in chanrge to talk to Blue Cross and resoolve it immediately.

    Jeri-Mc Fadden was the person with whom I mainly interacted. And she was always there to help, guide, and interface with the client. Most important, whatever terms I had discussed and agreed with her at the start, she was true to it all the time. Even when the company said, "oh, this is not company policy, we do not allow this". she stepped in and said, but for him, we had made an exception. Please proceed. That was very helpful.

    It was a totally stressless experience... not like other H1b experience I had where even if I had something in writing, I was never sure if the company would follow through.

    here, I knew, they would.

    For best reults, just make sure you have all agreements in writing... like when they will start your GC, who pays what. etc.

    So even if Jeri is no longer there, you have that in place. And the company is professional to follow through.

    Best part, my GC came through in 6 months of filing.... I-140 and 485 was a breeze.

    Just my experience....make sure, you go throughall situations and agree on who does what before, and then no issues. The company follows through. It is a well managed.

    - Biju

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  • pd_recapturing
    04-10 11:15 AM
    Sanbaj, Is there any update regarding your case ?

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  • fearonlygod
    02-12 10:24 PM
    Hi Folks,

    I have already complained to State DOL since last 3 months and still their is no movement...i heard from one of my fellow employee at the precious employer that the guy received notice from DOL immediately but dont know what he did after that....and now he seems that he is closing down his company becoz most of people have left owing to his unethical pratices....he doesnt provides health insurance despite mentioning , says that leaves can be encahes only after a year..

    and now cooking a new story for rather than sending the w2 , telling that u should receive notice for 25 k from his lawyer....

    in india there is a proverb "ulta chor kotwaal ko daante" which exactly is the scenario ......

    lets see how it goes but nothing seem to be working at moment:confused:

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  • tonyHK12
    04-29 12:37 PM
    "India's decision to exclude two American companies, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, from its estimated USD 11 billion 126 fighter jet deal is strategically short-sighted and would be a setback to Indo-US ties, well-known American experts on South Asian affairs have said. "

    4) ... This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    How much more worse could it really get, from a 20 year wait to a 40 year wait?


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  • bsbawa10
    08-18 07:14 AM
    After I heard from the Infopass IO that my case is all set and it is sitting in the NSC examination room, I have been trying my best to get my file to the attention of an IO at NSC. This is what I have done till now. Don't know if this would work. If not, what the heck?

    1. Wrote to my state's senators
    2. Wrote to Ombudsman
    3. Wrote to my Congressman
    4. Wrote to the President
    5. Have opened a SR
    6. My attorney is taking an Infopass appointment to see why it is stuck.

    We 2004 guys are really out of luck. First BEC, then all these LC substitutions, July 2nd fiasco, and now this. Can't believe we got screwed in all the steps.

    I also think the same way. Life is so much unjust. (USCIS adds to this injustice)

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  • kriskris
    03-27 11:23 AM
    For those who are NOT US Citizens or Permanent Residents, all the transactions like address change/renewal have to be done in person in TX. No online or mail access.


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  • venky08
    01-05 10:21 PM
    funny that you said that...man we all go through the same things...my 3 year old is the same way...wait till yours get to be 3 year old...then they *own* that space and there is nothing you can do about it...:) i suggest you should start letting your kid sleep in a different room from now on before its too late like my case
    (:Ddisclaimer: i am not a pediatrician, so consult one before you do that:D:D:D)

    Especially after when you have kids. You are booted out of your bed and the kids take your place.
    Believe it or not I got so sick of sleeples nights (my 18 months old kid virtually rotates like a clock on bed all night long) that I had to buy a twin size sofa bed and place it next to our King Size bed. These days I am sleeping on that bed.

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  • bsnf
    04-20 02:44 PM
    I traveled to India and back via Frankfurt (Lufthansa) last month and did not have any issues. I have an AP which was approved 2 weeks before I traveled to India.


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  • factoryman
    06-19 11:03 PM
    To get better audience and better response, please post in the appropriate thread. May be a PERM or LC thread.

    This one is to rip attorneys and their creed.

    I am a physician MD currently doing IM residency on H1B. i have a job to start from oct 2007. since PDS for india are now current, i would like to know if my employer can file PERM for a prospective employee now in june. my univerdity lawyer is not clear or rather not willing to file.
    thanks for your opinions
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  • shamu
    01-10 03:36 AM
    IV friends,

    Sub: Immigrant requiring info on Maternity insurance.

    I need information about maternity insurance** in Texas (in particular Dallas). Your help and advice is highly appreciated.

    What are your inputs on Maternity Advantage, I got this information from Pregnancy Insurance.org

    Also please provide me info, if any, on hospitals which provides maternity insurance.

    Any thoughs, suggestions, guidance, & information would be considered helpful is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    ** for pregnant with individual health insurance which does not cover maternity.


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  • nixstor
    06-20 01:46 PM
    My lawyer is asking 350 for EAD and 500 for AP for each person excluding filing fees.Is it normal.or Can I go to another lawyer for EAD and AP who is cheaper than my company lawyer.

    Thats a lot of money for EAD & AP. The law firm might be charging 2 grand for your 485 and another grand for your spouse's 485. You dont need a lawyer for filing EAD & AP. You can file them youself along with the 485 application or after getting a receipt number from USCIS for your 485 application. Ask your law firm to prepare 485 for you and your spouse and return the application packet to you. You can sign it off, add your EAD & AP applications and send it to NSC. I supsect they would be willing to do so. By not giving them they would be forcing you to file EAD & AP through them, given that the fees for everything is going up from next month.

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  • wa_Saiprasad
    05-14 07:36 PM
    there is something like fiancee visa, please search for more details on that

    Sad to hear about your situation. You are the best judge of yourself. Fianc�e works well it worked for my friend. Google should get more indepth details on this.


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  • bluekayal
    08-19 10:51 AM

    Category:- EB2
    Nationality:- India
    PD:- 08/2004 (TSC)
    name check cleared as per IO

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  • Mount Soche
    12-18 09:16 AM
    This is not to oppose your message - I am just trying to figure out where these arguments comes from because I don't think I believe in this whole fraud thing. AC21 is meant for one to change jobs after working for the original sponsoring company for 180 days. Also, there are no clear guidelines stating that one must inform the USCIS - so what will this fraud be based on? How can one be committing fraud if there are no guidelines to tell you what is considered fraudulent? I think one is fraudulant when one actually violates some set rules etc. I don't think the USCIS can have a basis for suspecting someone of fraud when they don't even have a definition of what may constitute fraud in this case because of the lack of guidelines. Plus, I have never, ever heard of anyone be denied or suspected of anything like this during citizenship, I just don't believe this is a factor AT ALL. I see these comments a lot and they just don't make any sense to me. To me, it is like breaking a law that doesn't exist. And you say one may be "suspected", well, suspicion is just that, suspicion. The USCIS needs to show proof that you intended to be fraudulent and for as long as there are no AC21 guidelines that tell you that you must inform the USCIS upon invoking AC21, the USCIS will not and cannot have a case against you.

    The disadvantage of not filing for AC21 is if your AoS is approved with USCIS believing that you will be working for the original petitioner after approval.

    That is the disadvantage. USCIS will not know that you intended to port to new employer by invoking AC21 and come the time your apply for Naturalization, USCIS will discover it and may suspect you of fraud.


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  • bsnf
    04-20 09:10 PM
    I was asked for the AP in India and Germany. The custom officer in India was aware of the AP and immediately completed the process and let me go. In Germany the 1st person ( probability a new hire) did not understand the AP so he asked another custom officer to look at the AP document. The other office looked at the AP and then explained the document to the 1st officer and let me go.

    BTW, the trip last month was the 3rd time I traveled to India on AP.

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  • hopefulgc
    05-18 03:41 PM
    1) I totally support this idea

    2) my crystal ball tells me that there are gonna be people here who will post discouraging comments against this idea like they do to every other idea worth considering. These days they use the "these ideas divide the community" routine to kill initiatives like this.

    3) quota exculsion and segregation would be awesome and very well deserved

    In the same lines as H1B, could we look into if its possible to add a quota for US Masters degree holders irrespective of country of birth for green Card also. This would be in addition to the existing Employment based quotas.
    Does anyone know how they added 20k H1B quota for Masters degree holders? Who sponsored that bill? May be we should talk to the same people.

    I would think there would be a little less resistance for this? This would ease the pressure on both EB2 and EB3.

    I dont know if this has been previously looked at. I know there were talks of excluding these people from quota all together.


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  • 24fps
    02-27 04:59 PM
    It's really strange the surge in non-legal issues threads..
    If the poster had any genuine hope of getting help she wouldn�t be posting it on a forum for foreigners who obviously have no lobbying power and if we did we will be using it for ourselves first.
    Somebody is trying to establish an association between us and drug and other law breaking criminals..
    Time to put these red dots to a good use.. Get�er boys :)

    Lets get over with all the "conspiracy theories", times are tough and people are getting knocked down faster than 10 pins in a bowling ally, IV's brand value is way more than what it use to be, hence traffic/people come in here for redress-els, in no way does the name Immigration Voice directly tell anyone its for Legal based Green Card issues, so people come in here for all and any immigration based issues.

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  • stucklabor
    04-12 01:17 PM

    The point is not about the way to get relief. There are multiple ways to achieve eligibility for EADs.

    The point that I am trying to make is that every one of those ways requires legislation to be passed. Asking for EAD/AP through I485 filing even with visa number unavailability, is as good, if not better, than the other suggested methods.

    I would really hesitate to ask for EADs for people still in labor cert. Our requirements, after much effort, were included in amendments simply because they are really technical adjustments to existing law. They do not increase the number of immigrants into the US and do not substantially change the process. Asking for EADs for people stuck in labor cert would be a substantial change in process, and would make it harder to get legislative sponsors.

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  • rameshk75
    02-12 03:40 PM
    Thanks for the info.

    08-07 11:14 PM
    Congrats suresh..it's good to see Dec 05 getting approved..best option would be to get your wife here on F1..Some of the schools required only TOEFL ..after coming to US get married again in US and apply for 485..

    485 derivative status is only available if you were married before the 485 approval not after

    If someone marries after 485 approval then you need to file I130 under family category for spouse

    Of course it is always possible to come on h1 and get a new new gc application filed thru employer - but it is not possible to add as derivative application with a lawful permanent resident

    07-13 05:04 PM
    Congratulations and you are a VERY generous man!! Hope this will motivate several of us to contribute to the cause.

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