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Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • cbpds
    07-06 03:52 PM
    Your need to also wish that legal immigration issue is included in the bill as senators might CIR at the expense of the legal immig issue......you do not provide them the votes they need

    Wishful thinking - Would be nice if the court went against AZ and asked the congress and senate to resolve the issue soon through legislative action. :)

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  • logiclife
    12-28 06:37 PM
    Hi logiclife,
    Are you suggesting to be on H1 if you don't complete 6 years? In my case i have been on h1 for 4.5 years....i have EAD....I may use EAD because if my 485 rejected then i can fall back on H1 (by going out of country or something else)...

    I am suggesting that you talk to an attorney regarding questions on how to go to H1 status from EAD status.

    I dont know how that is done, and I am not even sure that the possibility of such a status change depends on exhaustion of 6 year limit of your H1.

    Please speak with an attorney so that you can make the right decision.

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  • logiclife
    12-11 02:13 PM
    Sorry if this has been addressed before but I'm not really sure how the FBI name check works.
    Is that something we all go through or is it at random? Where can we go to see if we are in the process of going through that or if we have gotten passed it already.
    Thanks for your help as always.

    everyone has to go thru namecheck process. Once during greencard process and once again during citizenship process. (if and when you apply for citizenship.)

    To find out about namecheck, you can call USCIS and if you get an officer on the line (not the cust service representative ), then you can find out.

    You can also find out about the status of your namecheck with infopass appointment. That will take up some of your time.

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  • plassey
    08-23 11:14 AM
    IV is not a help group. If some one want to join a help group then go join a "Depressed people Organization". This is a make happen group, where we all fight for what is right. But unfortunately, we are just as strong as number of people actively supporting.

    He did everything right and followed the process but now for a VERY stupid reason, he has to wait for 6+ years now. So, the simple question I ask now is what justice it is by having such a complicated Green Card process full of so much uncertainity and unfairness.

    Thus, this guy of course should do all what you stated but must do much more, which is stand up for himself.

    How can you be so mean specially at a time when he is under tremendous pressure. IV should try to comfort him and suggest him some alternatives. Contact your attorney ASAP and ask him to try to have a good write up and send the application again, who knows USCIS might accept your application (worst case ur app will come back again), but make it fast dont delay anymore.


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  • krishnam70
    06-17 05:15 PM
    Originally Posted by pappu View Post
    - How has green card changed your life after receiving it?
    It created some anxiety instead of joy. Of course you will understand why in a bit. Please see explanation below. Brought a home as the uncertainty was gone. I still do have to worry about some documentation for our son but that is fine.. More opportunities opened up with direct placements instead of subcontracting etc. Feel good factor has been great

    - What did you do on the day you received it?
    As I said we were anxious for a bit but there was a definite relief that the ordeal of 8 yrs was over. Called up few friends and informed. Called parents in India and informed them. They were happy though they do not know of the advantages.. Thanked GOD ! Uncorked some champagne and had a good time
    - How did the long wait upset your life?
    Really painful with Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka types.. Major decisions in life were pending and a feeling of uncertainty haunting all the time.

    - How did immigrationvoice help you during this long wait?
    IV has been a fabulous place to get all the information. I used to go to other sites before this but after I joined IV this has been my home for Immi related issues. It helped me stay focussed some times and also better informed due to the various initiatives that were being taken up and discussed. Sometimes there were some flaming but it happens. I still have a RED dot against me from Ms Hemione with whom I had an argument about illegals.. not that I care much about it. Its been a definite learning experience for me

    - Would you like to continue your support to immigration voice and help others waiting?
    I visit the forum and read the issues and make calls to the senators and congressmen. Sent letter for the administrative fixes and active in my own way. I am not participating in the local chapter which is something I would like to address this coming few months.

    - Any advice for everyone?
    Easier said than done ! This process is extremely frustrating for most of the people who are in the queue. We are still in the queue for our son. We should do what ever is possible from our side to espouse our case and make us heard. IV has been a leader in this and we should support the cause in whatever way we can. Not everybody can contribute in the same way but at the end of the day each drop adds to the pool.

    Once anyone received his greencard, please update the IV tracker too. We like to see how many members in IV are greencard holders and what is the current trend of approvals in our membership
    - I think I did, will check once again

    IV you rock

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  • masterji
    08-09 02:37 PM
    Is there a way to receive an official answer from USCIS (may be IV can ask the question, not sure)? Or is there a law that specifically bars people to leave GC sponsoring employers? I was unable to find from the Internet. Can anyone find?


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  • unitednations
    03-11 03:28 PM
    It is not so easy to convince Sen Grassley.

    Gotta love this system...

    Two years ago; Grassley sent a questionnaire to the top 10 Indian outsourcing companies of how they use non immigrant visas.

    They did not have any legal obligation to answer his query. They answered his questions by non answering it.

    Grassley then starts to increase the rhetoric and starts pressuring uscis/dol to start investigations.

    uscis/dol start investigatin and denying cases and study it and find fraud.

    now; Grassley is getting his way and starting to change policy.

    Nascom senses game is over and come begging which is exactly what grassley wanted in the first place.

    At the end; he will get these guys to agree to tough measures (ie., lca requirements for L-1; tougher measures on h-1b, etc.

    See how Microsoft answered differently when they got the query and compare to these guys.

    This system created in USA has a way of making you conform to their behaviour willingly or through long and painful way. Looks like they had to learn through long and painful way.

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  • number30
    04-16 02:31 PM
    Hi aroranuj,

    US considers 16years of full time or equivalent of full time education as Bachelors degress(12yrs school + 4 yrs college/universit degree). Even Indian Bachelors of 3 yrs(12yrs school + 3 yrs coll/Univ) is not considered to be equivalent of US Bachelors.

    From what my attorney told me,

    1)16yrs of education(US Bachelors)/Indian 3 yr bachelors & 2/3years of Masters + 5 years experience qualifies for EB2 category.

    2)15yrs of education(India Bachelors) + 5 or more years of education qualifies for EB3 cateogry.

    3)Not sure of Diploma

    You have said you have 3 yrs diploma + 1 yr bachelors, I assume your total years of education is 14 yrs(10 yrs school + 3 years diploma + 1 yr bachelors/coll/Univ). This not even equivalent of Indian bachelors, you can substitute your job experience towards educational years. But I do not know whether that can be done for Diploma.

    What I have said is my opinion, personal view, please do not construe this as legal opinion. I suggest you consult a good education evaluation companies like Trustforte, Mulinational Education & Information Services to find whether your case will qualify for EB3.

    They do not accept Indian 3 yr bachelors & 2/3years of Masters + 5 years for EB2. This has been discussed lot of times. They expect single 4 year degree.

    15yrs of education(India Bachelors) + 5 or more years of education for EB3 is accepted if certain qualifiers are included in the Labor.

    Just take care if you are dealing with attorney who saying above thing.


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  • file485
    12-29 08:00 PM
    thanks perm for the reply..

    will they look into IRS records for tax returns etc..? or am I thinking too much..?
    ever heard of such things before..?

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  • shamu
    01-10 11:16 AM

    Hospitals will NOT provide medical insurance. They can provide financial assistance based on your income if you do qualify. Usually it is a payment plan after some discounts on the total cost of the care provided.

    Secondly if you are looking for maternity coverage after getting pregnant the premiums are going to be high, and mostly the insurance companies deny coverage.

    Thirdly i would check with your local medicaid office which on occasion do provide emergency maternity coverage even for legal immigrants in some states.

    Medicaid, I believe I don't quality because of my pay.

    I am looking for some payment options from Hospitals which take care from prenatal to Delivery. I have individual insurance but, that would not cover maternity insurance. In Texas you would not get individual insurance with maternity.

    But I have learn't that when you have individual insurance would cover all complications of delivery, including new born baby, but not regular delivery charges.

    I hope some one on this forum would have some good information which would be helpful to me.

    Any one reading this post, please provide your suggestions or ideas. That would be really helpful.

    Thanking in advance.


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  • eb3_nepa
    12-04 08:06 PM
    I'll belive it when i actually SEE it happen. Rediff and TOI report all sorts of stuff that is sometimes far from the truth. Remember when the bill was introduced in senate and was being debated, they published that the H1B increase bill has been passed! Let us get official word that this has happened and we can be happy after that.

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  • uslegals
    11-06 11:02 AM
    Thanks bharatpremi - thats a pretty comprehensive scenario.! Very helpful indeed.!
    My Infopass appt. is next week in baltimore. My EAD & AP are still pending for both me and my wife. 90 days was y'day.! USCIS recd. our EAD & AP applications on 8/7.

    I have scheduled my appt. for tuesday morning. I could provide only my info (A# and receipt #) online - can i take my wife along too although she hasn't officially scheduled a appt for tuesday with me.? Do you know if they may object when we have filled ii only 1 person online but 2 show up for the appt.?


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  • sdrblr
    08-17 10:08 PM
    still waiting patiently :)....

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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-10 01:51 PM
    Anyone from Orange County, Ca willing to spare a couple of hours to meet on the 17th, please PM me.


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  • gapala
    07-19 08:53 PM
    I would urge you to change the title as most of your problems are due to your own decisions and not due to agency.

    back to your post

    If this is not so, then it means that all those who have filed I-485 in their home countries through consular processing route are in effect barred from entering US till some decision is taken on their application. This sounds bizarre. Does not make sense. What do you say?

    That is correct. Every visa has an intent and purpose that is why there are several types of visas. If the intention is to immigrate, absalutely they will not issue B1 no matter what the applicant say during the interview.

    Consular processing is a long shot, best bet is as someone else said in the post
    Follow to join" provides derivatives opportunity to join beneficiary within 6 months (spouse and kids).

    IF the dates retrogress, you may have to talk to prospective employers who will sponsor H1B and then bring her back to US on H4.

    I will pray and hope that you will get GC soon and your spouse be able to join you.

    And last, Be little considerate in the forum and little deplomacy to express the ideas will help communion with fellow IV members smooth. I do get a feel of "arrogance" reading your posts and does not fit the status co and not very useful to get ideas to solve your problems.

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  • regacct
    04-23 07:45 AM
    I doubt this law will cause any trouble. For analogy, there are laws around carrying current insurance papers. Once I didnt have my current insurance, since every six months new ones get mailed and I forgot to keep them in the car. I showed the police officer my previous expired insurance and mentioned that the insurance-id is the same. He accepted it and asked me to carry the current copy in future.

    The cop will fine you if you did not have the insurance card; under the present bill, the latino has a chance of being deported and not fined......huge difference!


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  • up_guy
    01-02 11:34 AM
    Happy New Year Guys

    I have quick question. Please comment on this �

    Can anyone accept payments for expenses (reimbursement) from other than your employer (payroll & H-1b holding company). This could be accept such payments for expenses (reimbursement) directly from middle man company or client ?

    Please respond

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  • nolud
    02-11 04:08 PM
    I received a letter from uscis/DHS on Jan 28.
    It was in response to my request about my wifes I-485 being in namecheck for a long time.

    The response stated:
    "The review of our records indicate that the investigation into your background has been completed. The processing of your case has been delayed because the requirement review is still in process."

    Does this mean that the namecheck has been completed?
    What is "requirement review"?
    Did anyone else get this type of letter?

    Wifes Case dates:
    PD - Jul 2003
    Interview Date - Jan 4 2006
    Type - Family based ( on marriage )
    Info Pass - Sep 2007
    Last FP - Oct 2007
    LUD - 10/2007 ( probably because of FP )

    Current Status:
    On October 7, 2003, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when yours will be done. This case is at our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    Note: If this is the wrong forum/area, please advise where is this question best suited for...
    Thanks to ALL

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  • gc4me
    04-16 09:23 PM
    It is not a mistake. Logically, ROW eb3 should not even be retrogressed.
    it was moved with 1 (one) year from AUG-01-2002 to AUG-01 2003 - was it? Or they just entered wrongly???

    05-22 03:59 PM
    Very sad to see this coming from the Core Member...Are we losing hope here, is that the game plan are we looking after putting tremondous effort for all these years?

    Here is what you do if the bill passes without amendments:

    Get some sun-tan. Wear a baseball cap. Put in jeans with oil stains and bad quality collarless t-shirt. Grow an untrimmed mustache. Lose the dress shoes and wear cheap jogging shoes.

    Go to the nearest USCIS office (after this bill passes) and say that you have been working off-books illegally at a nearby restaurant since 5 years and now you would like to apply for Z visa.

    They will give you a probationary that will work like an EAD card (maybe better quality than EAD with it being tamper proof and wear proof). In the meantime, once the borders are closed and certain benchmarks are met, you will get Z visa with Advanced parole to replace your probationary card. With that advanced parole you can travel outside and come back in guaranteed (Guaranteed return due to AP). When outside you can file for GC, visit your parents and relatives, spend a few days in vacation and come back with full freedom to work anywhere without LCA restrictions and enjoy the Z visa that you can renew on your own (no need for employer sponsor).

    They will give GC to all Z visa applicants within 5 years thru supplemental increase in GC (based on survey done by DHS). The annual cap will be total Z visa holders divided by 20%. If there are 11 million illegals who end up getting Z visa, the annual cap will be 2.2 million.

    That 2.2 million beats the hell out of the 140,000 we have today for legal skilled immigrants or the 90,000 we will have with this new bill.


    1. No need to comply to speciality occupation. Work in any line of work.
    2. No need to get labor cert for GC.
    3. No need to depend on employer for temp visas like H1B and GC sponsorship.
    4. More travel flexibility due to advanced parole that comes with Z visa.

    08-19 02:18 PM
    Do we need to select this last option?:

    I declare that I prepared this petition at the request of the above person and it is based on all information of which I have knowledge.

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