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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the voice tv series

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  • The Voice Season 1 Episode 7

  • buehler
    02-12 08:28 AM
    My wife was also in the same situation. We hired a good Driving Violations lawyer. He reduced it to a no points 'Reckless Driving' ticket. It did increase our insurance premiums but no other effect.

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  • The show is based on a Dutch

  • reddy2cool
    09-12 03:31 PM
    Thanks guys, But the problem is its been a long while and i misplaced my w2 do i need to send that as well (incase if they ask i dont have it and i didnt file return for that year since my income <3000$ for that year)

    the voice tv series. Also: #39;The Voice#39; recap: Eight
  • Also: #39;The Voice#39; recap: Eight

  • andycool
    12-25 07:19 PM

    Need quick suggestion:

    Company A filed for GC. Labor and I-140 was approved. I-485 was filed during July 2007.

    I changed employer in June 2009; replied to RFE and filed AC21 in July 2009.

    I came to know that my GC sponsring company is going to close the company soon. My current immigration attorney is suggesting that if that happens; and if INS came to know that GC sponsring company is closing down, they will revoke my I-140.

    Is it true? I thought after AC21 is invoked; whatever happens to GC sponsring company, it will not impact my GC application in any way.

    Please advice.


    you should be fine ...
    just keep your AC21 documents intact...
    Have a happy new year ..dont worry,

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  • show on TV, The Voice

  • sreeraghu
    07-16 12:25 PM
    Recently I renewed my Advance Parole (AP), USCIS renewed it for 9 months only. Is it possible to check with USCIS to get a 1 year AP.



    the voice tv series. The Voice is about a journey,
  • The Voice is about a journey,

  • kirupa
    09-29 09:12 PM
    Hi psychman!
    In a nutshell, you can't because WebClient cannot access the file system. One thing you can do is install a web server on the machine - IIS, Apache, etc. Would that be something you would be interested in doing?


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  • The Voice TV Show: Blake

  • gcformewhen
    09-10 06:59 PM
    Thank you uscisc.

    I understand. I want to know while processing the H1B withdrawl will they look at 485 and issue EVL RFE?



    the voice tv series. The Voice TV Show: Blake
  • The Voice TV Show: Blake

  • narentilwani
    03-05 02:04 PM
    I believe my situation is a lot similar to man-woman-and-gc except maybe that I am single. This is what I have achieved so far after sticking to Company A for 4.5 years (this one was pretty big in size; so didn't have to worry about any paperwork):

    1) I-140 approved in August 2008 (total of 198 days till date i.e. March 5th 2009)
    2) I-485 pending since July 2007 (USCIS receipt date of September 29 2007)
    3) EAD valid till October 2010
    4) H1-B valid till October 2010
    5) PD: Feb 2007

    However as a preemptive measure against any potential layoff from company A, I have started looking around. I am preparing a checklist of things that I have to inform the other companies (say company B) so that the transition is smooth. The 2 main things I can think of to talk about with any potential employer are:

    1) I DEFINITELY want to maintain my H1-B; so they will have to transfer it. I will be pushing this to make sure I have the flexibility to get a dependent at any time

    2) They will have to help me MAINTAIN my GC process. For example any minor changes in the position requirements to show that the job is similar or same. Thats one reason I am primarily looking at similar work profiles

    I would GREATLY appreciate if someone from this thread can point me to any location or list out the things that I should be extremely careful about or notify to both my previous employer and the future employer to avoid any future pains in my GC process. A few things that I remember are as follows, but please provide more information that may be missed out here:

    1) Do I have to ask Company B to apply for anything relating to my GC? I want to make sure that they know and agree to all costs associated with the paperwork? Dont want to end up paying from my pocket as I have heard in a few cases before

    2) I believe since my I-140 is approved for more than 180 days or actually my I-485 being filed for more than 180 days, I am allowed to move, correct?

    3) Since my I-140 is approved and I have an EAD, can USCIS/Company A cause it to be revoked? OR it doesn't apply to my case?

    4) Do I need to ask Company A to maintain anything? Or just keeping good relations with them is enough :)

    Thanks a lot to everyone in advance. Please let me know at your earliest convenience as you never know when opportunities come knocking at your door. Its better to be prepared ;)

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  • rbashir
    02-15 06:47 PM
    HI guys,
    Can anyone guide me about the process of getting extension while I-140 is pending in appeal with AAO.

    I filed the appeal in January and got the receipt that I-140 is send to AAO. As we know that now it will take about 9-11 months for the final decision. My H1b 7 th year is expiring in June 2008. Does any have had the similar experience of filing extension while pending appeal. Also, how early should I file for the extension.

    Please advise.



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  • The KITT voice pack is

  • thomachan72
    11-03 02:28 PM
    My perm was filed in May 2007 in EB2. Got RFE in July 2007. Replied within 2 weeks. No response since then.

    Can I do anything from my side. Is there any way to contact/request DOL to inquire about the case.

    They are aparently processing audit cases dated September / october 2007 so yours seems strange. I have no idea about how to contact the labor department. Hopefully some one who knows will point you in the right direction.

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  • I like about The Voice is

    08-18 10:47 AM
    WHom Should one call? What number.. I do not get any rep to speak to when I call USCIS


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  • vikki76
    10-10 12:33 AM
    So what was the outcome of roundtable?

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  • gc_maine2
    03-27 03:21 PM
    :D:D:D::D LOL

    On serious note, its really long wait.

    Your individual capacity to stand against frustration, worry and adaptability to strange and sudden events and conditions.:)


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  • ps57002
    09-16 11:19 AM
    This plea is for people who are still undecided about the rally and have lot of friends in the same situation. If there is a group of friends in the same situation it only takes one brave soul to make a decision and every one will jump in. We all seen this in trivial matters like going for vacation, movies etc..

    I see the problem is in taking the first step and others will jump right in immediately. So if your friends look up for you to make the decision, please be a leader and do it now. You will not only make a difference in their life and their life as well.

    Can you take that elusive first step?????. People in and around DC area it's only a day trip. Atlanta/NC/SC folks, not too late. Please PM either me or ramus.

    Very true...be the brave one, be the wise one, be the one to think of your future...be the one to take that step and be an example. Others will follow.

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  • pdakwala
    04-04 02:53 PM
    Hello people,

    When you contribute money keep in mind that when you get GC you are not the only one to get GC but your whole family will get the benefit. So please consider that also when you are contributing money and please contribute generously.



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    09-26 11:29 AM
    no issues. My mom travelled to mumbai from chicago via frankfurt on AI. everything went well.. no issues on wheel chair as they took care of her well in transit and dropped her at the gate.
    She did report issues in mumbai when she landed as it took 30 mins for wheel chair person to arrive at the gate... same AI has pathetic service in india and they are OK in US.

    hope this helps..

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  • sunny1000
    04-30 08:52 PM


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  • kondur_007
    07-21 08:48 PM
    I do not have personal experience with Fragomen; however I have heard that it is the large immigration law firm in the country.

    The only problem (as far as I know) with them is that your PERM WILL be audited (according to DOL memo). This may lead to delays (and god only knows how long...)

    Most people on this forum know this fact; I mentioned it as you appear to be the novice player...

    Good Luck

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  • h1checker
    10-01 03:13 PM
    Hi All,

    I am attending my visa interview next week in one of the Indian consulate. Sometime back I came across a website which lists each persons interview date and there visa status - approved/denied. I am not able to re-collect that link

    Does any one has any idea?. Basically that link shows the status of visa interviews conducted.

    Thanks in advance

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  • kumar1
    08-08 09:45 AM
    My check bounced...I did not have enough money in my bank account. What to do? I am so confused.

    07-18 09:26 AM
    The company will have to sponsor the H1 in full. Not enough to just give you an employment verification letter.

    Also as per the rules, you cannot pay for the H1. Only the company can pay for it.

    Thanks for your reply.I thought it's a possiblity that we can transfer with an employment letter.Looks like its not.

    11-02 11:17 AM
    Dear Friends,

    Can I quite my current job in the US and go back to india for 6 months come back on AP and find similar job ? is this possible ? how long can I stay in india
    before my I-485 status "runs out" ?

    My PD is June 2005/EB2. I am a July 2 filer. I have received I-485 receipt,EAD and AP.

    If your current employer is your GC sponsor, won't he withdraw its I-140 if you quit? As I-140 is for future job, if you and him continue to have intent of making employee/employer relationship as per filed I-140, you can do whatever you want in the meantime, but you would need to work for him on getting your GC. Or you can wait and hope that I-140 is not approved within 180 days. In that case you can move to the new employer. Employment with sponsoring employer prior to GC approval, paystubs, etc. are only for establishaing and restrengthening expressed intent.

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