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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • GCBy3000
    01-02 11:41 AM
    1. Find an employer who is willing to H1 sponsorship.
    2. The filing data starts by April 1st I beleive. Check with attorney.
    3. Make sure your future employer does all the paper work required to file an H1. Ex. adv etc etc. Do not wait until April as the quota gets over in very short span of time. May be in few days.
    4. Make sure you have all the paper work ready by march end and file it on April 1st or 2nd.
    5. Check with attorney whether you need stamping to start working. I dont think so, but make sure. If you need a stamping, make proper arrangements to get it stamped. Once all are done, you are ready to rock from OCT 2007.

    Time consuming part is finding an employer to do H1 and working with them to all the ground work before April 2007. Good luck.

    Hi Group,

    Am on H4 since Sep 06. I want to apply for a H1 this year. Can any one of u tell me the procedure? How long will it take for me to get a H1 and start working?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • delhirocks
    07-02 05:11 PM
    To all:

    Can everybody please let us know how much money you have spent so far to file 485. We have contacted reporter and she need more information from us.
    Please do this asap.

    Just put total amount you have spent for 485 like Medical cost, attorney fees, mail service, birth certificate, cancelling your planned trip , photos and so on.



    485 for 2 people

    Medical: $900
    Photographs: $60
    Expenses occured in expediting paperwork from home country (next day fedex, notary fees etc): $100

    Non-Monetary costs
    My wife & I can't plan a baby, for the next 6 months. (We had been going down that path)
    Drove 120 miles to get medical
    Missed 2 days from work

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  • rpat1968
    08-06 10:15 PM
    My PD is EB2 - July 2004.
    I-140 Approved from TSC
    I485 submitted in NSC 2nd July. Receipt date 9th Aug.
    Working for same employer for last 5 years.

    Had lud updates twice in last 5 days. (Also recently did a A11 online (address change for me and my family).

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  • ek_bechara
    07-08 07:17 PM
    I'm going to say this once more. As much as we try, we cannot bring the Indian community under one umbrella to act together. It's a pipe dream and not achievable. I've experienced every possible Indian specimen there is in the Bay Area. Indian community in US can NEVER be like the jewish or hispanic community. What we need is representation in the corridor of power (AKA Congress/ Senate), period. No number of phone calls from mere mortals like us will equate to one phone call from big-wigs such as Vinod Khosla or Indra Nooyi.

    If you are wondering if I have done anything, here's my contribution.

    I approached the CEO of my company to raise my concern. My CEO was graceful and said that the government relations team in my org was already working in Washington D.C to address retrogression issues. I was given an internal point of contact who briefed me on the effort. Call it their need or greed, the "white man" seems to be more helpful in this regard.


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  • add78
    06-12 03:11 PM
    If there was ever a greater need to call your congressman/woman/senator/CHC member, the time is NOW. As the momentum builds, we need to call in greater numbers to mobilize congressional support in terms of more sponsors. Please CALL per action items. Call now. Ask others to call. Make it a resolution to get one friend a day to call. And persuade that one friend to donate.
    Together, we CAN make the change happen.
    Together, we WILL be the change that we seek.
    Yes We Can.
    Yes We Will.
    Yes We Are.

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  • Brightsider
    05-30 09:37 PM
    Voted a little while ago. The number had crossed 300.

    A suggestion. Pass it on to all your friends and colleagues who might be fellow travellers in this EB journey or may know someone who are, and sympathetic to the plight.
    I have just done that....and will also call them and ask them to vote.

    In the past, your friends may not have responded to such requests to vote or write to senators. Don't be disheartened. Everyone in this mess is suffering. So, keep asking friends nevertheless, to vote and express support.

    Best of luck to US all


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  • virginia_desi
    12-14 04:31 AM
    5. This employer is a consulting company...(desi) & they asked me to sign a financial agreement to repay their expenses on labor substitution/I-140/I-485...if I will leave them early. ...Is it legal to ask for such kind of agreement...?

    Please let me know as much as info/ guidance you can provide to me.

    Great thanks in advance for all of your help.


    Asking you to sign an agreement is not illegal. There are employers (even big names) who ask their employees to take care of the expenses for GC processing. The main concern should be to verify if this company practices fraud. The only way to check is either by searching on the web or talking to some other employees who work for this consultant (making sure these employees are also not part of the fraud).
    I am sure you have heard about people like Nick Mandalapa who were filing multiple I-140 for the same labor certification . The sad part is that there is no USCIS online system to verify if a labor certification was used to successfullly file I-140/485.
    And remember that if there is fraud it can haunt you ater in your life even "AFTER" you get your GC. USCIS can revoke your GC at any time if there is a proof that a fraud has occured in the process.
    I hope this helps and best of luck.!

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  • waitingnwaiting
    11-10 07:58 AM
    When is the December visa bulletin coming? Can someone ask their lawyer?

    Why is nobody predicting? Are we all becoming so pessimistic?


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  • downthedrain
    02-18 04:39 PM
    another LUD today for me 02/17

    Another LUD 02/18...probabaly another RFE

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  • snathan
    08-18 04:41 PM
    Sorry - for some reason the post showed up as new on my PC and I did not notice the date. This is evaluation advice and certainly not an ad. It is important that everyone understand what they need as many attorneys make mistakes. It was free advice. That is my only reason to be here. The vast majority of my business comes from attorneys and firms. If you can tell me how I can help and not have you think it is an ad each time, then I will do so. I see so many bad situations that could have been avoided if everyone were just a bit more informed. That is all I seek to do here.

    Thanks for your advice. But no thanks for your so called community service. I am just wondering how come a eight months old thread showed in your PC suddenly and automatically. Basically you are ruining your reputation by your cheap tricks. In fact I had a good respect for you before you started posting here and recommended some of friends to you. But no longer. I will write to admins to ban you...you also proved not interested to pay for ad here and want a free meal. The reason everyone thinks you are looking for business here...you never give any elobrative answer. All the time you are asking people to contact you privately. But no thanks.


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  • Green.Tech
    06-27 02:36 PM
    Janak et. al.

    Guys, please read what people are asking for before you insert your smart ass comments and start preaching. No one is talking about saving money. People are just trying to know which photos are acceptable to USCIS.

    Get a life man!

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  • trump_gc
    11-07 02:50 PM
    How do we know what the status of Name check is, or even if your case is submitted for NC?


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  • sravani
    05-22 04:25 PM
    This Jan 1,2007 date is another Joke by this lawmakers. These undocumented workers came crossing the border without any port of entry evidence. How can they prove they came before or after that date.

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  • kondur_007
    06-10 03:50 PM
    Completely baseless and irresponsible statement from Mr. Gotcher!!!

    He contradicts his own statements:

    "If these statements are true, then the end of the current mess is in sight.
    If the CIS really has wiped out its processing backlog, then when the "pre-adjudicated" cases are given visa numbers in the next fiscal year, cutoff dates should advance rapidly. At a minimum, we should see them return to February 2007 levels, if not closer."


    " EB2 China and India: Outlook is "grim" and there may be further retrogressions until later in the fiscal year."

    On what basis he thinks that EB3 India will have PD in 2001 but EB2 India will further retrogress (currently it is stuck in 1999):

    "EB2 China and India: Outlook is "grim" and there may be further retrogressions until later in the fiscal year.
    EB3 India: November 1, 2001"


    "Of course, all of this becomes academic if CIR is passed. In that case, all priority dates will become "current" overnight and remain that way for years."

    Yeah...right...this is same Mr. Gotcher who predicted that "if you do "consular processing" you will get your GC very soon as USCIS does not process cases"....Look what happened...


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  • sayantan76
    05-10 12:33 PM
    There is something seriously wrong here.....one gets red dots for even simply truthfully recording answers to some questions asked by administrator......or are the red dots simply to protest/ express displeasure with the fact that my GC process was not as difficult as some other people.......its like "misery likes company" - i am miserable bcos i dont have a GC and hence am pissed off at this guy who despite not being crazy about GC got his in 7 months.........so i will give him red dots..............

    Guys - get over it.........look at the general tone of posts from all on this particular thread - GC did not make any "big" change to most folks.......

    For the more rational beings - i genuinely hope that you get your gcs within reasonable wait times and the waiting time does not take away from the personal and professional successes you deserve!

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  • gc28262
    06-10 05:21 PM
    We shouldn't give much significance to what USCIS and DOS officials say. Both of these departments don't have a grasp on what is happening in their respective organizations.

    They are just government officials doing some PR activity for the sake of it.

    I also don't give any significance to the description that DOS provides in visa bulletins ( Due to extreme demand, visa category X is oversubscribed.. blah blah blah ...):mad:


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  • saimrathi
    07-10 08:58 AM
    Why doesn't someone introduce Lou to Mike Moore? :D

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  • whattodo21
    12-15 11:23 AM
    I filed for my ead in late september, got an rfe in mid nov, sent papers but see no change in status. how long does it take with an rfe to get ead? my 90 days are nearing and I am afraid with the holiday season coming, that I might not get in time. I have contacted my congressman, ombudsman's office can't do anything yet. what can be done?

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  • mmj
    04-28 08:05 AM
    Yeah - I should have clarified that when I said most - I was refering to people whose PD is before 2006.

    not "most"!! only few have a wait of 3-4 years, most have a wait of over a decade....the numbers of applications pending at AOS stage at USCIS is scary

    09-19 03:02 PM
    IS it going to be transferred back from CSC to TSC or NSC again? is that happening.

    07-16 11:26 PM
    Plus if the news is what we expect (ie july applications will be accepted), think about what that will do to the people who cant file in time by the end of July. There application will FOREVER be Unavailable.

    I am not saying the announcement tomorrow is a bad thing. I am just not very excited

    The story of my life the last 6 years has been one delay/backlog/retrogression after the other.


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