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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • Lisap
    08-22 04:26 PM
    I can guarantee that u r screwed for next 3+ years if it was EB2 and next 6+ years if it was EB3.
    Well, go ahead and cry in the bathroom now instead of actively supporting IV.

    You don't have to be so nasty. I thought everyone on here is supposed to support one another for the cause?

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  • fearonlygod
    02-12 01:54 AM
    thanks mhtanim....

    It seems that i can file tax using form 4852....but to do if he send legal notice claiming that i have made losses to him worth 25 K....i had good relation with client , gave app notice and also have refe letter from client (received award form client)..........so there shud be no point for liquidation thing and also i have all previous employers emails acepting my receignation and notice period...

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  • hpandey
    12-28 12:33 PM
    Anyone invoking AC21 with unapproved I-140?

    If you try to use AC21 without an approved I-140 your employer can withdraw the I-140 petition ( since it is not approved yet ) . So best wait a few months until it is approved and then merrily go the AC21 way

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  • met3259
    05-25 12:27 PM
    I was born and lived in Canada for 35 yars - I know what I am talking about.

    First of all - people on umemployment insurance in Canada are counted in the unemployment rate - where ever you got your information from is wrong.

    Second - yes there is racism, I am very sad to say, but I can assure you, that "for the most part", it pales in comparison to any spot in the USA.

    Third - Health Care is not "Free" - you pay higher taxes there, and the government puts it back into the people (vs military in USA). You will not go bankrupt and loose your house if you (or your kids) get sick.

    Fourth - You can live a great comfortable life in Canada. As someone else said, it ranks between 1 & 3 usually every year when the US rates countries based on healthcare, education, standard of living, ...

    Fifth - My brother in law is a Neurologist from Mexico (married my sister), yes he worked for less than Canadian Dr.'s pay rate - BUT, his qualifications where not up to Canadian standards. He worked hard for many years to pass Canadian standard tests. Unfortunaely (or fortunately), OVERALL, Canadian standards are much higher than anything in the USA. We do not have half baked "colleges" where people who can not find their way out of a paper bag graduate from. You must pass these standards/tests/etc...

    Sixth - the overall education level in Canada is much higher than in the USA. We do not have the "ghettos" as in the USA. High school graduation is the norm, not the exception.

    Seventh - the Canadian educaitonal system ranked 7th in the world last year. The USA ranked 28th. Again, the standards and expectations are higher up there. http://www.pisa.gc.ca/81-590-xie2004001.pdf#search='PISA%20results'

    OK - why am I going through US immigration if I love my home - W E A T H E R. I hate the cold - I now live in the LA area. Also, I belive if you have the correct skills, you can live a higher standard of living in the USA, if you measure in terms of materialistic goods only, and are imployed with benefits to ensure you are taken care of if you get sick.

    Conclusion - Canada is a beautiful country. I would encourage all highly educated, good people from anywhere in the world to move there.

    PS - be very careful of "false" info. E.G. - George W. Bush talked about the Canadian pharmacies supplying drugs to Americans. At one point he said that "we don't know how safe" the drugs are. Then, a few months later when flu shots were in short supply, he said " we'll get it from Canada".

    Canada has the stupidest immigration policy from the standpoint of policy maker if you ask me.

    Dont get me wrong. It works great for us. For the immigrant. You get greencard on an independent petition(self-petition) and adjudicated based on points. And there is no numerical cap.

    Guess what? It works great for everyone in the world, everyone has flocked there and caused and over supply of labor and 9% or higher unemployment. The way they count unemployment is also very Enron-like. They dont count people receiving unemployment benefits as unemployed. And then Jim Volpe will post on website "Canada has unemployment rate of 5-6%".

    Anyways, if you want to immigrate to a country, you want to go where there is low unemployment. That is the biggest criteria for choice. USA's system HAS HUGE FLAWS. The employer petition-system creates a breeding ground for exploitation and the numerical cap is too low that results in delays that are unbearable. And yes, the DOL has come really close to making people commit suicide because of labor backlogs. But then, only the employer petition system can actually give greencards to THOSE WHO CAN SURVIVE and get jobs in the economy and not give greencards just because they scored points.

    I know I will receive a lot of flak as I have before, and I wish there was points based system here in USA too with self-petition option like Canada, but trust me, if that happens, then this country will be full of people with greatest points,(obtained thru fake degrees and Ph.Ds from the whole world) and really really make the nightmares of NumbersUSA and FAIR become true, and it wont be worth living.

    US systems needs major rework and increase in quota and increase in efficiency at USCIS and DOL. But getting rid of employer petition is going to make USA like Canada where Ph.Ds and doctors drive cabs and work in restaurants, but every one of those doctors and engineers would have greencard in 1 year.


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  • priderock
    05-15 11:43 AM
    Its a good thing, hope this will lessen the abuse of the visas by these Indian companies. As I mentioned in another thread, I have seen that H1 and L1s who come from India dont get a very good salary. Not good.

    I think they have to pay the minimum wage as declared in their petition.
    But I doubt whether they even send those employees on assignments. I guess they process these H1s as a carrot to retain the employees or to preprepared for any future assignments (they may not even come and the visas are never used)...

    Wish there is a different category of visas for outsourced kind of work so that H1s can be used by America based companies and H1 is not seen in such a bad light.

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  • maddipati1
    07-27 08:16 PM
    the pattern analysis is wrong.

    the links to 13th & 27th are not working, only 06th & 20th are.

    so, its every other friday, so it will be posted on Aug3rd.

    btw, thats so funny about 'dead meat on finger... and concern about finger print...' great stuff i was LOL...



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  • SDdesi
    12-22 11:40 AM
    Last year, my daughter's PIO card was processed in 1 day! No questions asked. I must say I have had the best experience with CGI houston so far.

    I had also renewed by passport at SFO; and that too was processed in 2 weeks.

    Dont forget that sometimes we ask the nerdiest questions to the consulate folks over & over again, even after a good explanation. I cant blame them for their attitude if they are at the receiving end.....

    I think Meera Shankar needs to be fired. Its bloody 2010 and this is the kind of customer service the indian consulates provide - they dont pick up calls - it takes them a month to issue new passports - Always feel ashamed to be an indian any time I have to deal with these useless consulates.

    The Houston consulate does not even have their address properly listed on their website.

    This is what they have listed

    1990, Post Oak Boulevard,
    # 600, 3 Post Oak Central,
    Houston TX 77056

    So what is the correct address ?? Is it 1990 Post Oak Blvd or 3 Post Oak Central ?? Bunch of freaking idiots is what we have in all these US consulates.

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  • shana04
    02-12 03:39 PM
    I had the same soft LUD on all my cases after AC21 letter was filed. No FP yet.

    Good to hear atleast some one is onthe same boat


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  • TomPlate
    12-13 05:26 PM
    Outsourcing is not a good business at all. If you work for a big american consulting company it is good. My company is a big company in India, but still people in my work location think we people are contractors (cheap sweepers) and we are great workers then those people. It is all due to green card I have to stay with this company. Stop outsourcing and IT consulting companies. They never understand that computer is a scrable game.

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  • ronhira
    07-07 12:35 AM
    Over 60% of the US and 90% of Arizona supports the law they passed. Obama and his Attorney General are doing the wrong thing by interfering with state politics. How can these high ranking officials tell state law enforcement NOT TO enforce laws? The Supreme court will favor AZ even before the case starts. Slam Dunk.

    those numbers.... 60% or 90% are all doctored...... and i'll look at the poll numbers only if both the following conditions are true -

    1.) if i've no brain of my own to differentiate between right or wrong, so i must rely on the poll numbers to help me choose my position

    2.) if i'm a cheap bastard running to get elected in some useless office ..... therefore i must do what is popular than what is right.... i must give up my conscience and i must choose my position looking at the poll numbers......

    i'm afraid that neither of these two conditions apply on me..... so i'll have to disagree with u.....

    so much for u'r slam dunk...... come back and read this after the decision by the US supreme court...... state of arizona does not have legal jurisdiction over federal immigration law. no matter how much evil we see around us... this world is made up of good men and women..... AZ will lose..... federal government is asking AZ to enforce the existing law and disband their illegal & illegitimate bill sb1070 becoz its in violation of the constitution of the country..... applying existing federal law will take supremacy over "AZ immigration law" ........


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  • solaris27
    04-22 09:34 AM
    we want it in all 50 states

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  • smurugan
    12-20 06:57 PM
    As per my understanding, The job duties should match your LC(Though position might be slightly different.), make sure that your Job Duties are Similar

    The employer does not share the LC approval with the employees. How do we find the job description filed in the LC?? Any inputs??


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  • sandy_anand
    11-02 02:21 PM
    I'm getting my bag of M & M's and box of Kleenex tissues ready.

    Hahaha funny! :D

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  • walking_dude
    12-05 06:18 PM
    Providing ability to file AOS (485) without priority dates being current is part of the IV agenda. Nobody is ignoring the plight of those who have been left behind. IV is still working for your cause.

    Have patience. There's a funding drive for Recapturing going on right now. It will help you (and others) to file 485. If unused visa numbers are captured dates will become current again, and you can apply for AOS. Given that PDs will jump forward by years in every category you have a good chance of getting GC in a short period of time.

    Does any body think of people who did not get a chance to file I-485 who had earlier priority date(2002-mar 2005) ?


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  • humdesi
    05-15 02:43 AM
    Hope they get the same type of canned, useless answers we get when we call up USCIS.

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  • ChainReaction
    07-17 10:34 AM
    Date moved from October 03, 2006 to October 06, 2006.. :-(

    I also can't see the updated processing time for TSC

    Can you tell me the processing time for i140 Skilled and professional worker


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  • se_vnt3
    02-28 02:56 PM
    Whatever the crap it is...This forum and its members can not and will not support you. So please dont waste out time.

    I understand you don’t care about the United States and its people and you’re only interested in what you can gain from them but if you weren’t so blinded by greed you’d see this is something else they can give to you. Now I know why I took the route I did, I would have accomplished far less in my personal life with the likes of you. In fact, I may doing to much sharing my expertise with you. I refuse to have my name tarnished any further. Besides, you’re only a beginner. What was I thinking? IV really ought to make it clear to everyone that this is an amateur site. Maybe by changing its name to Beginning Immigration. IV definitely is not the voice of Immigration – my voice is different from IVs and I’m dealing with immigration. I may have to contact the internet higher-ups about this farse.

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  • krishna-AP
    11-16 10:29 PM
    I am planning to move India permanently this year end,
    What is the procedure to file Tax from India? Please give your suggestion as I do not want to live any more. Please give your valueable input. I do not know how to start new thread in this forum.

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  • chanduv23
    07-06 03:54 PM
    New members please fill in your contact information. Please help IV and help yourself. Spread the word of IV among your friends

    04-01 04:30 PM
    Sent Fax# 10.

    08-13 03:59 PM
    Just wanted to see how many duplicate application USCIS will get this week.

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