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Sunday, June 19, 2011

tree man 2009

images Tree Man tree man 2009. #39;Tree man#39; new pictures: Dede
  • #39;Tree man#39; new pictures: Dede

  • Drifter
    04-03 12:28 PM
    Pappu and core...

    This shows how committed IV to help a fellow member. Keep this alive. you are real leader to me now.

    I did donate in the past and I did NOT become Donor when IV created donor forum, BUT...... Your open support to "Drifter" made me to become donor. I subscribed to IV now and this
    keep us updated on "Drifter" situation...

    I have been a long time supporter of IV and all the work that IV does, I have been on this forum for close to three years now and have always believed in the cause of IV and have actively taken part in a lot of the efforts that IV has undertaken and have contributed monetarily as well .
    Besides the fact that IV can try to help members in extreme situations like the one I am in, IV is really the only organization that watches out for our community, it is all we have. We need to be an active part of it and should make it stronger.

    wallpaper #39;Tree man#39; new pictures: Dede tree man 2009. Tree man
  • Tree man

  • bhootnath
    06-19 02:42 PM
    Got approved today...

    PD 09/2002
    RD 05/2003

    tree man 2009. Dede Koswara The Tree Man
  • Dede Koswara The Tree Man

  • GCard_Dream
    12-13 03:53 PM

    Your logic is beyond me. On one hand you seem to disagree with the practice of labor substitution but on the other hand you are more than happy to provide the recipe for it. Are you for it or against it. Or may be you are just trying to help an IV member.

    It may be legal but should be discouraged to say the least.

    Other than that, you will find a lot of hatred from this forum as what you are doing is very much inflaming since you are cutting in line -- legally so -- but still, its cutting in line. So dont be surprised by that.

    2011 Tree man tree man 2009. runs Christmas Tree Man
  • runs Christmas Tree Man

  • smsthss
    06-12 10:09 AM
    can we watch this live?? the room #'s for 10 am and 11 am are different. is there another link?


    tree man 2009. question Tree man showing
  • question Tree man showing

  • paulavijit
    06-01 02:27 PM
    Votes YES.

    YES count is only 961 though now.

    tree man 2009. One Man Forest, 2009,
  • One Man Forest, 2009,

  • chakdepatte
    08-08 10:44 AM

    Sorry i updated under the wrong thread.

    ours was a paper filed on July 2nd. Card was mailed on 08/07/08. Still waiting for it to make it to the mail box.

    I have not recieved any FP notice yet. Surprising I also saw a soft LUD on AP when care production got ordered for EAD but no updates on AP or FP yet.

    Hope that helps



    tree man 2009. tea tree man primetimemar
  • tea tree man primetimemar

  • chi_shark
    05-18 04:21 PM
    i think iits and iims are even better recognized... lets do a special quota for us fortunates too... ha ha ha...

    2010 Dede Koswara The Tree Man tree man 2009. Tree Man
  • Tree Man

  • sats123
    06-19 04:25 PM
    Carlau, Thanks for helping me. I also got your PM. This is a great find. I am trying to look in this URL based on my job title.

    sats123, I could help you on that (to guess the job description they used to file) - just try to find your position in here: http://www.flcdatacenter.com/OesWizardStart.aspx


    tree man 2009. Tree Man
  • Tree Man

  • ragz4u
    03-18 05:40 PM

    hair runs Christmas Tree Man tree man 2009. Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot;
  • Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot;

  • fromnaija
    08-31 03:51 PM
    Thank you! The reporter interviewed me for this story and I didn't even know it was published.

    ABC News:



    tree man 2009. Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot;
  • Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot;

  • sundeep14
    08-06 11:16 AM
    how to keep ur PMP certification active..? I understand that we have to have 60 credits of PDU to keep PMP acitve....what is the cheapest / easiest way to keep it active...??...also...i cannot get the pdu etc from my work place as i am not PMO role yet....

    are there any online websites where we can keep take classes to keep PDU active.?

    hot question Tree man showing tree man 2009. Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot;
  • Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot;

  • nozerd
    01-04 10:30 AM
    The kids from the second marriage can definitely come. He can call the first wife get her the green card, then divorce her and go and marry the second wife and bring her here.


    house TREE, MAN,Stephan Welz tree man 2009. Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot;
  • Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot;

  • Soul
    02-16 07:41 PM
    Haha yeh it was Eilsoe, but thats what makes a good battle...tension!

    I suppose this way we're both happy? :beam:

    - Soul :goatee:

    tattoo One Man Forest, 2009, tree man 2009. Tree Man
  • Tree Man

  • kanvenk
    12-12 01:42 PM
    In the previous month, EB3-INDIA date was April22nd,2001. Now it moved to May8th2001. Now, the people with PD's from April22rd2001 to May7th2001 are eligible to apply or ready for adjudication of 485. That means, probably, there are lot of 485(245i) cases to be adjudicated? What do you all think?



    pictures tea tree man primetimemar tree man 2009. Tree man
  • Tree man

  • Gowtham Nalluri
    07-04 06:35 PM
    Lawyer - 2750
    Medical - 750
    FedEx - 20
    Gas - 50
    Photos - 30
    Copies - 50
    BirthCertificate - 100
    Total - 3750

    ++++ Mental Tension

    dresses Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot; tree man 2009. The tree man
  • The tree man

  • ashkam
    03-27 10:59 AM
    You still didn't explain how "immigrant status verification is related to homeland security" logically.

    door lock and security are related. How is "immigrant status" and "security" related ? Would you mind explaining it logically ?

    Sure, why not. An immigrant who is not in valid status is one who is legally not allowed to be in the country. Therefore he is a security threat. If somebody who should not be allowed in your house were in your house, you would consider him to be a security threat, wouldn't you? Am I missing something here?


    makeup Tree Man tree man 2009. TREE, MAN,Stephan Welz
  • TREE, MAN,Stephan Welz

  • yabadaba
    05-22 02:58 PM
    also when u go into the uscis office...learn some spanish


    ola.. buenos dias..que pasa..estoy aqu� para la visa de z

    repeat this to every person u meet in there... u ll be all set

    girlfriend Tree Man tree man 2009. Tree man #39;who grew roots#39; may
  • Tree man #39;who grew roots#39; may

  • Ram_C
    11-19 02:05 PM
    I was also asked to appear for FP in my attorney's location. Instead, I went to the nearest ASC with my spouse whose FP was in the correct location ahead of my date. I successfully got my FP done. There is a thread "FP in wrong city" where other people had similar issues.

    From my experience, talking to lawyer, USCIS doesn't care as long as you get it done before the due date. Try the local ASC... its always the guard in front who may create an issue. Once you are in, fill in some forms, the ASC doesn't care where you were scheduled.

    Imp: Try the local ASC before your scheduled date so that you have time for plan B.

    Thanks, I'll try that :)

    hairstyles Indonesian quot;Tree Manquot; tree man 2009. Lucky Timing and the Tree Man
  • Lucky Timing and the Tree Man

  • ajay
    11-26 09:01 PM
    Thanks IV for the update.

    12-28 09:39 AM
    For AP renewal, do I need to send photos by mail again? I thought USCIS uses the picture on file. Folks please correct me if I am wrong. Could some one PM me the letter format?
    Appreciate your help
    Yes. Send 2 photos with your name and alien # written on the back.

    11-02 09:11 PM

    The law seems to have changes due to AC21, I don't think we can get any actual data of any one who got his GC after AC21 and has already converted to citizenship.

    It would be really great if IV can contact USCIS and get an official guideline on this topic.


    There are ppl who moved 2 or 3 months after getting GC and have got their USC

    AC21 N400 Cases - 2010 (http://forums.immigration.com/showthread.php?309220-AC21-N400-Cases-2010)

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