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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • peer123
    05-23 05:42 PM
    Is there investigation that USCIS does in India before approving the 485?
    I heard from one of my friend.....

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  • v2neha
    01-09 03:48 PM
    Letters sent

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  • dealsnet
    08-26 12:33 PM

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  • nk2006
    11-10 01:50 PM
    Please keep writing. As many posters already pointed out - economy is getting worse and changing job may become a necessity to many of us. We cannot afford to jeopardize our green card process - if our old employer withdraws I140. Our only way is to raise and get enough attention to this issue so something is done quickly before it becomes a norm.

    (I dont mean to start a ticker here on economy but following events in the recent past speak for themselves. Bankruptcies: Circuit City, LinenNThings, LehmanBrothers. Restructuring/Layoffs: AIG, MerrilLynch, Yahoo, Nortel, Cadence, eBay, Nokia, etc. Official Hiring freeze: Cisco, etc. Unoffical hiring freeze: Google (in many divisions) and a lot of medium sized companies) Look an active ticker at: http://news.cnet.com/tech-layoffs/


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  • bigboy007
    05-11 12:01 AM
    Hunter's Internet knowledge is awesome and hilarious .. May be this is how he does his coding if hez an IT guy... :D I dont think we all should get to his level to argue... Argument should be made with equally knowledgeable ppl.

    His "Distortion" of facts will not change the current scenario.. nor his Internet Knowledge will land him an OSCAR award.. Let him live in his fantasy life.. No doubt Hunter is from a "Great" culture... Unfortunately he doesnt know the meaning of that...

    Are you sure you are not confusing with Indian epics that discuss how Lord Brahma had sex with his own daughter? :D :D

    Unfortunately, you are showing your culture here with responses like this by clearly proving that you are incapable of provding a proper response. You are not making any case here, actually you are undermining it. This clearly shows the contempt that you have for the people of the country where you are desparately trying to immigrate to.

    If things were so rosy in India compared to US, you wouldn't be posting in this forum, will you?

    As a matter of fact, people like you, irrespective of the qualifications, should never be allowed to immigrate to anywhere. You should remain in India or should I say "arsha-bharatha"?

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  • sri1309
    01-06 07:41 AM
    After staying legally for so long, and suffering due to administrative lapses, I think we must ask for Citizenship. Nothing wrong absolutely. Just compare yourself with your friend who is applying for Citizenship, though you are equally eligible. Dont ask for less. NOthing against who got in.
    When you have fulfilled the requirements, then you must get what you deserve.
    When we post our requests and stories on sites incl obama'ssite, do make sure you mention about Citizenship also. Its not easy to settle back home with some situations like children etc..


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  • anilkumar0902
    08-19 01:15 PM
    Yes. Indeed you are approved..Congrats.

    I received the card production ordered email today morning, after 1 hr again I received a Decision email. Online status shows as "Decision" , does this mean my 485 is approved?

    PD: 10-Feb-2006 (EB2)
    Opened SR on 08/03
    SR response on 08/18 - Your case is currently under review by an officer.

    Current 485 Status:

    Your Case Status: Decision

    On August 19, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

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  • anda007
    07-11 10:12 AM
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    The delivery will be on the 15th July.
    Anybody want to join


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  • aj_jadeja
    02-20 03:36 PM
    how about this ?


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  • subba
    06-24 06:08 PM
    My wife and I are planning to apply as dependents for each other.
    My company is doing so-so.
    On the other hand if and when we have kids, she would like to stay at home if possible.

    The only thing that is not clear is we probably should file only 1 EAD/AP.
    For now, we are thinking we will apply for EAD/AP through her I140.


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  • imneedy
    05-16 02:33 PM
    Now as per my lawyer's advice probably we will need to change her status back to H4.

    Do you know how much time it will take to get that status change? What if your PD is no longer current?

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  • singhv_1980
    01-22 05:18 PM
    my interview is on feb 1st week and at mumbai.. it will be my second stamping.. my current H1 is approved in April 2007

    Good Luck! and keep us posted.


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  • puddonhead
    06-18 11:24 AM
    Are you suggesting the fraud should not be reported?

    Its like saying that do not report burglary in your home, as thief may do something bad to the family. Typical scare the victim approach.

    No - I am not suggesting that!!

    What I am suggesting is that the right time to take this up is when a recession is not in full swing. Between 2004 (when this law was enacted) and 2007 was a great time to pick this battle. Maybe another year down the line would also be a great time to pick it. Picking up this particular battle right now would probably make YOUR and MY lives much more difficult in the medium term.

    Like you and the OP - I am a selfish individual. I will pick up only those fights which are in my interest. I believe that this particular fight is a lose-lose proposition in the current climate. I am disputing your (and OPs) belief that this will be beneficial for you/me/rest of us.

    Lets take the example of the same Goldman Sachs manager. Tomorrow ICE comes to him and says you need to get rid of these 50 guys under you. What will he do? He cant increase the budget in the current environment. So he probably will hire a couple of GC holders/Citizens and replaces the whole division (with 50 GC/Citizens besides the 50 'violators') with an offshore team.

    Think about it!!

    Now is the time when everybody is thinking in terms of cost cutting. If you create costly disruptions now - then either the company becomes GM and lose out to overseas competitors or migrates the eitire division out.

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  • kcforgc
    04-27 01:25 AM
    We heard so many stories about violation many Indian bodyshoppers like bench without pay,Low pay ,fake resumes and many more. But when any bill comes to control them we are opposing. Because we fear that we may be one of the persons working in those companies and may be impacted by that.

    Certainly the bill is not a pro immigrant and anti immigrant bill. But some kind of restriction is needed to clean out H1b. I accept as a pro immigrant we have to oppose any anti immigrant bill. So I am sure IV will try to block the bill as they did the restriction in TARP.

    I am not going to get any benefit if they shut the door behind me. I need just one job that I can get any time and whatever compettion and there is no need to shut thousands of people. So my views are not based on any personal ambition.

    I am seeing some positives in the bill. Wages will increase for the H1bs also. Only genuine companies can do the business. Best and bright people will not be impacted by this. Also it can open opportunity to increase H1b Cap and Green card Cap. So there is a good possiblity to reduce or eliminate retrogession.

    Basically there are two options for IV and other pro immigrants if the bill is considered serously. One is just oppose the bill and try to block completely. Or other option is to negotiate to include our agenda to recapture/increase GC and also to modify the portions of bill. Instead of failing with option 1 getting success in option 2 is better.

    I think this bill will not be passed if it is against WTO trade regulations.

    I totally agree with you. H1b and employment based GC's are so intertwined that they are almost inseparable. For example, you can get H1b extension based on your pending/approved PERM labor or your approved I-140 application. So, any change to H1b will in some way impact the GC process. I'm all for closing the loop holes in H1b provided certain reforms are also made in the EB green card process- like removing per country quotas and may be give EAD upon I-140 approval.


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  • abc1125
    01-14 08:38 PM
    I've sent the letters to the WH and IV. Hoping for the best.

    I, however, have some questions for the senior members of the IV team. Especially for the ones who are active in the lobbying efforts in Congress and the White House. How realistic are the chances for Green card visa numbers relief, even for the longer term? It seems like there are immigrants from 2 countries - India and China who are adversely effected by the low visa numbers. If one is an immigrant for any other part of the world, it actually isnt that hard to get a Green Card thru employer sponsorship. That being the case, do you think Washington would consider this an issue that needs expedient resolution or for that matter an issue that needs a resolution at all?

    Dont want to sound like a downer in this inspiring thread, but at the same time, any answers to my question will be greatly appreciated.

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  • jungalee43
    11-14 08:08 PM
    Contact pd_reacpturing immediately.

    My I140 is approved and I am a July07 filer of 485. In July08 I moved to self-employment after consulting a good lawyer. Now my previous employer withdrawn I 140 and today I got 485 denial notice. I didnot filed AC21 as lawyer told it is optional.. :mad:


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  • gk_2000
    04-01 01:16 PM
    Its just like rubbing me on the right side and you get my money ;), a trick which my wife exploits to the fullest :rolleyes:

    Lucky guy man ..

    girlfriend in Transformers: Dark of transformers dark of the moon optimus prime leader class. of the Moon leader class
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  • buehler
    09-13 01:22 PM
    Finally got greened. Got the CPO email for myself and my wife today. It has been more than 9.5 frustrating years since I came to this country. But I am finally happy that it came through.

    I am even more happy that I did not just leave it to time. I have been heavily involved with IV from the beginning. I have spent plenty of time and money on IV and happy to see that it has benefited myself and others.

    Don't loose heart. Keep fighting for what you think is fair.

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  • saileshdude
    09-13 08:19 AM

    I have seen some of your posts and looks like your the oldest waiting since the dates have been current. Are you considering filing WOM since you will be current for 4 months by Oct. What is lawyer saying? Although I have been just current for 12 days the wait seems forever so I understand how you must be feeling.

    What did your senator/congressman say?

    Where is your application TSC or NSC? If it is TSC, did you try to send email to streamline email address? I know you must have done everything. Also you can try to goto the local office and have them issue you a FP notice if they have expired. Maybe that will set things in motion since I know some IOs just want to issue another FP and not refresh the old one in their systems.

    10-21 08:28 PM
    Can you please state the source of ur information.
    The contents of this postings are based on what I have read from various Lawyer's website and my lawyer's suggestions.

    Multiple I-485 Fillings Scenario:

    1. Two I-485 for the with the same primary applicant

    Case a: One I-140/I-485 Pending with another employer and one I-140/I-485 to be filed in July with the current employer.

    Case b: One I-140/I-485 Pending due to substituted labor (and cannot be expedited because premium processing not available). Another I-485 to be filed based on approved I-140 (on one's own labor). Both from the same employer.

    2. Two I-485 with different primary applicants (Primary on one and dependent on other)

    Case a: I-140 for one is approved while other's pending
    Case b: Both I-140 Approved
    Case c: Both filling concurrently in June

    Pros and Cons
    Scenario 1, Case a: In this case there is a substantial risk that I-485 filed with first employer might lead to issues esp if I-140 is not approved. Thus is a good idea to file another one with current employer. (Pro)

    Scenario 1, Case a: How can one Adjust the Status from two employer at the same time. (Con)

    Scenario 1, Case b: Since first I-485 application is already filed and I-140's outcome is not known. It is a good idea to file another one as a fall back option. If one waits for the outcome of first I-140 and it is denied and then it will be too late to file another I-485 because dates might have retrogressed.

    Scenario 2, Case a: One with the approved I-140 should file I-485 with other as dependent.

    Scenario 2, Case b: I-485 for both is almost ensured and thus filling two will give added cover in case something happens. One might have a better priority date than other. (Pro)

    Scenario 2, Case b: Job loss of one would still allow other with AC-21 benefits. (Pro)

    Scenario 2, Case b:Only one of the two partners has to stick to the job description and other is free to pursue anything (including studies).

    Scenario 2, Case c: Use I-140 Premium Processing on at least one application for added certainty.

    Summary of Pros and Cons
    1. More flexibility as there are two applications to fall back on.
    2. Only opportunity to file EAD/AP before retrogression kicks in.
    3. Useful if I-140 is pending and outcome of it is unknown.
    4. There are NO USCIS memos that prohibits such filling explicitly.
    5. Many lawyers have recommended this as a best option.
    6. It has been mentioned that USCIS cancels the second I-485 after approving the other. That makes this a hassle free option.
    7. If there are issues with multiple filling one of the application can be withdrawn.
    8. If later on it turns out two application is a norm and right thing to do and retrogression hits one has no one to blame but himself.

    1. Cost of two fillings (if paid by self)
    2. There have been indications by lawyers that two fillings could lead to unnecessary delays and interviews.
    3. Apart from delays there has been indications that USCIS might issue an
    RFE and ask to choose one.

    There is nothing wrong with two filings, worst case scenario could be an RFE from USCIS to choose one. Best case scenario is USCIS upon approving one cancels other. Two filings indeed give you a peace of mind and reduce risk during the process. It doesn't change the outcome (like your application will not be denied just because you have filed two). If a little delay is acceptable to you as a price you pay to reduce a bigger risk and added benefits then multiple filing is right thing to do.

    04-06 04:04 PM
    It was just a minor adjustment to make room for expenses towards advocacy day.

    Those who came to the advocacy event on April 4th,5th, like me, and saw the amount of money and efforts that go into reserving a conference room in a hotel next to the Capitol Hill for 4 days, printing out thousands of documents, inviting staffers/congressmen for meetings, arranging an elaborate reception for them, preparing advocacy packets for close to 400 meetings etc etc. I am amazed how IV is even able to afford the expenditures with the relatively small number donors that it has.
    Kudos to IV-Core and the volunteers.


    That helps.

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