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Thursday, June 30, 2011

transformers dark of the moon megatron cgi

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  • dark of the moon megatron

  • bsbawa10
    09-01 07:37 PM
    Still waiting...

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  • hairstyles Dark Side Moon 2nd

  • amitjoey
    01-03 06:42 PM
    Need 14 more members to be 8000.
    Can we do it before tommorrow?
    Yes I think so.

    transformers dark of the moon megatron cgi. one of Megatron#39;s forces.
  • one of Megatron#39;s forces.

  • joydiptac
    05-26 05:45 PM
    applied EAD: 4/13 via snail mail.
    4/30 receipt notice
    5/26 CPO (wife's CPO week earlier, how weird is that?)

    On May 26, 2010, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

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  • TakaraTomy Dark Of The Moon

  • apnair2002
    06-07 02:34 PM
    Bush plays down differences over immigration
    Wed Jun 7, 2006 11:32am ET

    Border Politics
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    Top News
    Republicans dodge disaster with House win
    Gay-marriage amendment fails in Senate
    Iran must suspend enrichment throughout any talks: US
    VIDEO: Latest headlines
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    Nebraska Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson told the Omaha World Herald newspaper that there has been talk that House and Senate negotiators will not even meet to work out their differences, which would doom passage of immigration legislation before the November mid-term elections.

    Bush has stressed both sides must be willing to compromise. As an example, he said Congress should decide whether to reduce the number of "green cards" issued to permanent legal residents if there are too many immigrants.

    Bush lost a debate last year to overhaul the Social Security benefits system, despite traveling the country holding campaign-like rallies. His efforts in the immigration debate are beginning to look like a similar national campaign with stops in Texas and New Mexico on Tuesday.

    Trying to nudge immigrants into learning English and assimilating into U.S. culture, Bush dropped in on a U.S. history and civics class for immigrants at the Catholic Charities Juan Diego Center.

    Getting into the spirit of the class, he asked students which presidents had sons follow them into the White House, then answered in Spanish.

    He and his father, Bush said, and John Adams and his son, "Juan Q." Adams.

    (Additional reporting by Matt Spetalnick)

    < Previous 1 | 2 Next > � Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.


    transformers dark of the moon megatron cgi. transformers dark of the moon
  • transformers dark of the moon

  • santb1975
    04-07 09:46 PM
    so let us have some fun and build support from our communities while we raise funds to support our cause.

    transformers dark of the moon megatron cgi. BB, Megatron and Starscream
  • BB, Megatron and Starscream

  • H1B-GC
    08-04 10:50 AM

    Received email this morning that my Green Card was approved - Self and Spouse.

    Case Center : TSC.

    Thanks everybody and IV and wish everyone good luck on their approval !!


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  • dresses megatron, Transformers

  • sweet23guyin
    05-16 11:55 AM
    Left messages to all the listed folks.

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  • of Transformers: Dark of

  • GC_sufferer
    07-11 04:50 PM

    What's up with this site. I thought they updated the server yesterday and we shouldn't see the kind of downtime as we have been seeing in the past but I still don't see any difference. Did the server upgrade not make any difference. May be we should do a fund raising for server upgrade only. This is so frustrating that whenever there is some exciting news, you can't rely on IV webpage because it goes down. If core team needs money for server upgrade, I am all for it but someone please fix this.


    transformers dark of the moon megatron cgi. Megatron crashes.
  • Megatron crashes.

  • mp70
    01-18 10:14 AM
    I have been visiting this forum for a while now. I appreciate all the efforts being done by the Core team. I just signed for $20/- recurring contribution through paypal.


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  • Megatron!

  • ameerka_dream
    04-15 10:25 AM


    transformers dark of the moon megatron cgi. of the Transformers: Dark
  • of the Transformers: Dark

  • softcrowd
    10-07 09:54 AM
    Do we need to give a strong justification for using TATKAL (expedite) service? Or just sending an additional $150 with a covering letter going to do the trick?

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  • Megatron, the main villian of

  • purgan
    05-17 11:34 AM
    7 months and 23 days is the minimum


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  • The CGI renders give us three

  • eb2_2006
    08-02 01:40 PM
    Same is the case when i try to view those two threads from office.From home i am able to view thouhg.

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  • from Transformers: Dark of

  • planets
    03-24 09:12 PM
    Come on guys......

    Stop arguing. Leave your ego. If we keep arguing and yelling, nothing is going to happen.

    We should make this event successfully. If we make this event successful, everyone will be happy. Particularly our family will be happy. We should realize ourself.

    We are not going to lose anything just donating / contributing $25 - $50.

    If we get benefits without any efforts, definitely we can not enjoy.

    Please give your hands. We all go together.


    pictures dresses megatron, Transformers transformers dark of the moon megatron cgi. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • lvaka
    08-15 09:54 AM
    Hi Guys,

    Happy to say , got the CPO status last night for my EAD.

    I had e-filed on May 25th. 4 days back had called up customer service, and one lady said she would send an expedite request. Probably that did the trick. I had taken info pass appmnt for Aug 25 and was planning to meet the local congresman today.

    Good luck you all. I know how frustrating the wait is ..


    Can you tell us what reason can we say to get the Expedited Request done?? Looks like they have a list of reasons and am not sure if that would create any more issues for us!


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  • via the Dark of the Moon

  • Caliber
    02-01 07:31 PM
    please clarify on the below.


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  • Transformers: Dark of the

  • girijas
    04-17 06:49 PM
    I don't find any place I can register. It only allows me to subscribe to the feed and create my own blog. But I am unable to get this blog in my dashboard list.

    Has anyone checked out our Blog yet?


    You will need to register with the site for a user id and password.

    As much as possible I will also post a Tip of the Day on my blog postings (which will have links to recommended training sites)


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  • More TF3 Megatron in Package

  • spulapa
    05-05 11:55 AM
    @ gc_perm2k6

    Njoi the green...Itz time to pop the bottle

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  • Buy Transformers: Dark of the

  • roseball
    08-17 07:00 PM
    Applied on May 28, 2010 Electronically
    Approved on July 07, 2010.

    Now I am working with attorney to file my I-140
    I have 3 Years BS Degree in Electronics From Andhra University + 1 Year BS Degree in Computer Specialization from Andhra University.

    Still I am kind of tense about my degree is considered as US equivalent degree. It accepted in H1-B, and EB-3 GC process. I am cross my figures until I get the decision from IO. I will give more updates later.


    Frankly, the chances of getting an EB-2 I-140 approved with your educational background are very bleak to say the least. However, there are always exceptions and I hope you get lucky. Good luck, atleast your employer tried.

    09-21 11:02 AM
    Shyam: Thank you for your hospitality. You have made me & manish feel at home. Those dosa's were tasty and we also had nice conversation about general issues in the kitchen.

    My wife attended the rally yesterday and this is what she wrote her friends who didn't come to the rally!

    Yesterday, Shyam, Isha and I spent all day in DC as part of immigrationvoice, a grassroots non-profit organization that acts as an interface between highly skilled immigrants and the legislative and executive branches of the government. It was a wonderful experience. Over thousand people met at the foot of the Washington monument, and walked all the way to the US capitol. The organization had made good arrangements. Its amazing how people from all over the country were there and very few local people. One South African couple had driven on Monday from Indiana and came to the rally to celebrate the husband's birthday!! He wanted to be a part of this rally as a present for his birthday. We had 2 people - Manish and Sri, from New Hampshire staying with us on Monday who came just for the rally. There were some british, some chinese along with we Desis.

    The need for the rally brought to light the real issues -

    Most of us may have applied for our I-485 Step 3 in the greencard process, in July 2007, but that doesn't mean we will get our green cards soon. The govt accepts only 140000 applications a year and only 9000 are allocated to Indians in all categories.

    Lawmakers and congress are confused when they think of immigrants - they club legal and illegal together. Even the Seattle senator who addressed the gathering yesterday made the same mistake. He said its good that you guys are out here so the congress can see its not only the janitors and others who have immigration issues but also highly skilled immigrants! No mention of legal. He used his time to promote the democratic party and we tried to remind him we don't have voting rights even though we pay the same taxes and work like everyone else!

    We have to do something to be heard and heard right!

    Thats the beauty of this country you can reach out to people in the highest positions and get heard. When the voice is collective its even more powerful. Shyam along with many others met with many congressmen and senators over the span on 2 days to explain our plight to them. One congresswoman mentioned that when a bill comes to vote in congress she polls the number of phone calls and emails she gets from her constituency and submits her votes accordingly. I was surprised to see how much actually our voice means.

    We don't realize the power we possess since we are sitting in our own life bubbles of work, home, stress, kids and everything that most often swallows our individuality and ability to think. We need to step up think for ourselves and and help ourselves and everyone else in the process.

    Like Sheela murthy, one of the leading immigration lawyers, said that yesterday's rally and the forum immigrationvoice.org (https://mail.medimmune.com/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://immigrationvoice.org/) may not make an immediate impact. But we are truly paving the way for the future of legal immigrants to the US.

    The forum is the only organized and collective way to get out our frustration against the system! So many people don't understand the hardships and seriousness of the greencard issues. Especially the people who got their greencards pre 2001 era! If you are interested in finding out more about the forum and the need for high level lobbying please visit immigrationvoice.org (https://mail.medimmune.com/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://immigrationvoice.org/). If you were ever stuck in the green card rut or you or you have family who are applying, please spread the word and join the fight!

    07-26 10:50 AM
    No my husband appeared for the first time for his H4 stamping.

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