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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

tia mowry baby shower pictures

images TIA MOWRY AND CORY HARDICT ARE tia mowry baby shower pictures. tia mowry baby bump.
  • tia mowry baby bump.

  • JazzByTheBay
    07-09 08:08 PM
    We need media, print media. Talk shows, ?.? dont know.

    No publicity is bad publicity... and I doubt the talk show hosts would poke fun at us for this creative form of protest.


    wallpaper tia mowry baby bump. tia mowry baby shower pictures. Baby Shower middot; Tia Mowry:
  • Baby Shower middot; Tia Mowry:

  • vamsree
    06-22 02:36 PM
    My wife filed for greencard in Oct 2006 under the Schedule A category where she filed for 140 and 485 concurrently.

    We got our EADs in November 2006. Later my company started my GC process(priority date is Nov 2006). I talked to my attorney about my 485 filing and she says that I should go ahead and file my application but only Adjustment of Status and not AP and EAD along with it. I should however give the reference of my earlier reciept numbers while filing my 485. My questions are:

    1. What happens if my wife's I-485 gets denied? How will this affect my I485 process and our EADs?

    2. We have not applied for AP and also didn't get our medical examination done when filing my wife's 485 application. Can I do these now when filing my 485?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    tia mowry baby shower pictures. 02/12/2011 - Tamera Mowry, Tia
  • 02/12/2011 - Tamera Mowry, Tia

  • drirshad
    02-17 10:21 AM
    There was supposed to be some big news coming from IV did not hear anything yet ..............

    2011 Baby Shower middot; Tia Mowry: tia mowry baby shower pictures. Sisterquot; star Tia Mowry is
  • Sisterquot; star Tia Mowry is

  • Canadian_Dream
    11-25 03:53 PM
    (8) Instead of land, the above applies to stocks as well.

    (9) The actual worth of land or stocks depend largely on supply and demand

    No siree Bob, there is a world of difference in Stock and Land/Real Estate. The value of your land is primarily driven by emotions and other intangible benefits.
    But Stocks are generally driven by future earnings and their value determined by P/E. When you buy a stock in a company: You are buying a future earnings in the form of dividend and an equity in the company. The board, CEO and employees of the company helps you get returns in your investment. For a real estate no one works towards your equity except may be you in backyard or your real estate broker.

    I am not saying stocks are not subject to supply and demand. They indeed are as any other commodity that is traded in a market place. But value of stocks can be more assessed fairly from balance sheet and income statement thus investment is more predictable. What differentiates stock from real estate one is how the value of each is assessed.


    tia mowry baby shower pictures. Photo from Tamera Mowry at
  • Photo from Tamera Mowry at

  • sk2006
    09-27 06:00 PM
    Two things about VONAGE:

    1. Tax kills the deal. For me its coming more than $31 per month.
    2. I searched on google about calls review. Many people are complaining that the call quality is not that good. On peak times, they do face issues.

    Still calling unlimited india is a very tempting idea.;)

    Taxes are inevitable!
    I personally haven't seen any issues with Call quality. Infact Call quality is excellent.

    tia mowry baby shower pictures. Tia Mowry Gives Birth To Baby
  • Tia Mowry Gives Birth To Baby

  • polapragada
    09-10 10:11 AM
    I just gave a call to MICH Chirman office on 202-225-5126
    And urged for the support


    tia mowry baby shower pictures. tamera mowry pregnant
  • tamera mowry pregnant

  • kate123
    04-01 01:28 PM
    Lawyer is sharing info that some of their client have got fee invoice from NVC. I have done family based application through NVC for my parents and I know you get fees invoice almost 4 months prior to your GC interview date. So lawyer is thinking that NVC is thinking to go upto Nov 2007 in case if CIS fails to act on enough cases in last months.

    Ron posted similar message:

    Process after NVC receives the checklist (http://www.immigration-information.com/forums/family-based-immigration-10/process-after-nvc-receives-the-checklist-13802/)

    Re: Process after NVC receives the checklist
    They generally request payment for cases that are within a certain interval of being current. For example, yesterday, we received a fee bill for an India EB2 case with a September, 2007 priority date that has been pending at the NVC for several years.

    2010 02/12/2011 - Tamera Mowry, Tia tia mowry baby shower pictures. TIA MOWRY AND CORY HARDICT ARE

  • gc28262
    06-14 05:49 PM
    I am not saying that we are reporting fraud just for the sake of not tolerating it. This is effecting our GC. Earlier the effect was related to the job being taken away now it is effecting our GC too.

    Initially L1s were sponsored only by large offshore companies like TCS, WIPRO etc.. The effect was that the jobs were taken away. But it did not have much effect on the GC side as most of these large offshore companies do not process GC for their employees.

    But nowadays lots of small Offshore companies started doing L1As. These companies do not have lots of clients like TCS or WIPRo but they have a handfull of clients. So to make sure they have their clients they started bringing people in L1As and processing GC under EB1 for them. Although many of these people are developers and should be in EB3 and should be behind in the line. But as they are in L1A and are appling in Eb1 they are getting GC in no time and also taking the visa#s away. There are hunderes of these small offshore companies started getting people in L1As. Thus these EB1 Visa #s are not overflowing to EB2. This is effecting our GC.

    Now we have :
    1. Large offshore companies sponsored L1s taking the jobs
    2. The small offshore companies sponsored L1s taking the GC visa #s.

    If the L1As are indeed senior Manager then no problem, but the Developers/Business Analyst/ Project Manager without hire-fire authority are getting GC under EB1.

    Thus these frauds should be reported so that at least the # of EB1 visas are not taken by fraud.

    So you too can see how this fraud is effecting us all.

    Do you know why we are having GC delays ?

    1. Country cap for visa numbers
    2. Visa numbers wasted by USCIS by their inefficiency

    EB1 visa never belonged to EB2 or EB3 category. What if there were enough genuine EB1 people to claim all the EB1 visas. There won't be any spillovers. Spillovers are bonuses. It is never our right to claim those.

    If you want your GC faster, work with IV for country cap removal and recapture.

    Have you donated a single dime for IV's cause ?
    We always find it easy to go against fellow immigrants than fighting the injustice at root.

    Look at the following thread to see how easy it is to resolve GC issues if country caps are removed.



    tia mowry baby shower pictures. BABY ON THE WAY! Tia Mowry
  • BABY ON THE WAY! Tia Mowry

  • rcr_bulk
    08-25 03:54 PM
    If someone is a customer of Teleblend, they should contact them and ask them to provide a matching world plan service. Or else you and your friends will switch to Vonage. You will be surprised how fast teleblend will come up with a better plan than Vonage. In this country customer is the king. Vonage is trying to tie you up with an yearly plan. Wait and get Teleblend or other company to give you a better deal and you will save more money. Vonage is banking on being the first and capturing the market for 1 year before others give a better deal. It had to do it because people were switching to Teleblend, Omma or MagicJack. Now it is time for customers to contact these company senior executives and ask them to give you a good plan if they want you to stick with the company.
    For now Vonage is good plan for who call India frequently and costumer service is good (atleast when you are their costumer). This will at least create some competition among the VOIP companies and Indian calling card companies. When some body comes with a better plan or service or Vonage is not doing good than we can switch to other. Competition like this between companies only consumers (like us) gets benefit.

    hair Sisterquot; star Tia Mowry is tia mowry baby shower pictures. Sister Sister Tia Mowry
  • Sister Sister Tia Mowry

  • kumar1
    11-20 01:40 PM
    Do things in this order -

    1. Find a job first.
    2. Secure a good apartment at new job's location.
    3. If you need a better car buy one right now.
    4. Get some credit cards.
    5. Let your home go to foreclosure.

    It is a financial decision. Every once in a while, most of us go to different stores and ask them to match the price for the item that we had purchased earlier. If they do not match the price then we return that item. Don't we? Do not get sentimental. Just walk off! Your credit history would get screwed but if you plan it the way I said above, you will be fine. Good luck.

    And it won't affect your GC.


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  • sanjeev_2004
    10-08 09:20 PM
    One idea is to give GC to AOS applicants regardless of namecheck result, if all
    other security checks are OK and let the namecheck run in background . If the namecheck turns out critical , cancel the GC & deport the applicant.
    But USCIS and lawyers will loose big time , because of reduced demand for APs,EADs etc.

    Lets add this in IV action Item.

    hot Photo from Tamera Mowry at tia mowry baby shower pictures. The aby is due in July.
  • The aby is due in July.

  • gc28262
    09-24 05:24 PM
    My lawyer advised me as I mentioned before. If your case is simliar to me and if you might have hired the same lawyer he would have advised you the same as what he advised me :). The key is the "wait period" and letter from employer " To show readiness to promote based on skill progression for 2-3 years". Technically "real promotion" should occur on the day of interfiling or immediately after that not before the interfiling.

    How can the current position (EB3) relevant when the new employer is filing your GC for a future job (Eb2) ?
    Does the employee need to get promoted in the current job to apply for a future EB2 job ?


    house Expectant mom Tia Mowry poses tia mowry baby shower pictures. Tia Mowry Celebrate at a Baby
  • Tia Mowry Celebrate at a Baby

  • FinalGC
    08-12 02:04 PM
    Got my approval today. Neither very happy nor sad.

    Dude congrats.....got mine too today.....Common cheer up and jump up and down...

    your old buddy from NJ

    tattoo Tia Mowry Gives Birth To Baby tia mowry baby shower pictures. Tia Mowry#39;s Going to Be A Mom:
  • Tia Mowry#39;s Going to Be A Mom:

  • qvadis
    06-28 11:54 PM
    I aske my lawyer to send the document on june 29th so it will reach july -1st or second. what happen if the USCIS recieve the document on july 1st?

    I don't think there will be anyone there Saturday or Sunday. FedEx, UPS, and USPS also don't deliver Sundays, and usually not on Saturdays, either.


    pictures tamera mowry pregnant tia mowry baby shower pictures. More photos of Tia and her
  • More photos of Tia and her

  • leoindiano
    10-07 01:52 PM
    USCIS decided to take our $604 and give me an my wife APs in 9 days! They seem really efficient when they have to take money from us. But really slow when they have to approve GC applications (EB2, PD of Dec 2004). USCIS just seems to be interested in 'extortion' payments to employ USCIS staff - more a lawless mafia than a organization upholding the law!

    BPositive, Sorry to hear that, I am about to apply for AP. My PD is nov 2004, EB2 -I . I am next in line to loose the money. Did you apply online?

    dresses The aby is due in July. tia mowry baby shower pictures. Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict is
  • Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict is

  • kiwi
    09-26 10:33 AM

    July 2nd filer and hear nothing.

    Faxed congressman�s office yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The immigration staff called back right for more information. She said she would make an inquiry through her channel.

    She called me just now (Wednesday morning): my application is lost � meaning USCIS can�t locate me in their system. This is not new. She probably just called the USCIS customer service line but they can�t say crap like call back after 90 to 120 days. The staff was told that USCIS asked to give them a week to do some inquiry into their system and she will call me back next Wednesday.

    On Monday, my attorney has sent an inquiry to the local Senator�s office on the 4 pending cases he has filed. Not heard anything back yet.

    Given all the crap I have heard from USCIS customer service, I have NOT made a single call. That would have not made any difference on the fact I am not on the system anyway.

    Will post back if there is development.


    makeup BABY ON THE WAY! Tia Mowry tia mowry baby shower pictures. Expectant mom Tia Mowry poses
  • Expectant mom Tia Mowry poses

  • rajagopal_04
    01-04 10:21 AM
    They handover the PP to VFS today (Jan 4th) after long waiting. My wife�s appointment was on DEC 19th at Chennai Consulate. Best of luck for you guys..

    girlfriend Tia Mowry#39;s Going to Be A Mom: tia mowry baby shower pictures. Baby Shower Time For Tia
  • Baby Shower Time For Tia

  • jags_e
    07-09 08:26 PM
    I think this is an opening and the outcome will depend on how we respond to it.

    We are in the middle of a fight to get recognised of our problems and for sure the director responded to our non-violent protest.

    What we do next will count.

    Should we lay down our arms a surrender now? This will be a sign of weakness. Lets fight on.

    Why is everybody so happy? He has just briefly and curtly informed in the message that flowers will be forwarded. They won't be sitting on my desk and embarrasing me. There is no acknowledgement of the issue or any empathy or compassion with the sufferers. Now even the press coverage will make USCIS director look good. I don't see what's the positive development here.

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  • Sister Tia Mowry Describes

  • nixstor
    06-29 04:29 PM
    Here is why it will not happen on the first 3 or 4 days atleast.

    This is not like H1B, which was hyped around for 2 months and forced every one to file on Apr 1st. More over it has a cap of 65k on it.

    The most imp thing is there must be some rationale or logic (other than for fees etc) behind how they could make every category current. Some of you might know that DOS gives USCIS visa numbers quarterly. It means that the final quarter quota has not opened yet. The final quarter quota for EB1/2/3 is around 22000 (approx 7500X3). The EB5 leftovers ( conservatively 9000 , see 2006 stats) will also be added to the EB1 and possibly down to EB2/3 . The total number of visas that will be available to USCIS on Jul 2nd (first fiscal day of final quarter)is 31-33,000. The per country limits are relaxed in the final quarter so that unused go to the over subscribed countries.

    DOS has to be utterly dumb, insane and ludacris to make every category current, if these 33K are the only numbers available. If DOS and USCIS has statistics for the first 3 quarters ( first 2 quarters + 2 months of 3rd quarter) telling that all the visa numbers released were in the previous quarters were consumed 100%, they would not make it current. That kinda tells us that the numbers allocated in the first 3 quarters were severely under utilized. How severely? No one knows as DOS does not do per quarter statistics.

    More over, If its written into law that DOS can only issue VB once per month, and cannot update it during the month, they cannot do a damn thing. If it's not, it comes down to the implementation and interpretation of the agency. USCIS and DOS can release an updated bulletin if they get an over whelming filings for EB 485. Again, there is not enough time for USCIS/DOS to prepare like they did for H1, because the rumor has been out for 4 or 5 days. It might happen in the 2nd week or so if its not written into law.

    The sad part is lawyers who are supposed to give concrete information are driving these insane rumors and the beneficiaries are going crazy. Looks like some lawyers have to understand that "Some key strokes can cause significant damage to their reputation"

    Robert Kumar
    03-29 12:19 PM
    Why you care and debate about PD movement. Please tell your PD.


    Lets treat good news for EB2 as good news for EB3 also.
    If not today, some of us EB3 folks may want to port. So it will help more people to port and also to compensate to some extent the #s coming into EB2 pool from EB3.
    Overall its a good news, and looks to be possible we see this on Murthy site also. Lets be happy.

    05-03 06:10 PM

    I have heard of the TERM 'Interfiling' to port your priority date from EB3
    to EB2. This i hear happens when your 485 is pending with USCIS and
    you have an EB2 labour with current PD date. So you transfer the PD using Interfiling.

    Any one any thoughts or have you done this ?

    Thank You !

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