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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • delhirocks
    06-14 03:02 PM
    I don't know much about the process...but can't you just scrap your old labor...file with PERM (15 day preperation time, 1 mth Ads, 1 mth waiting period -- puts you in sept 1st), Labor cleared in 3 weeks (sep 21st) and then file 140 & 485 together. Might cost you like 10,000, but in my books its totaly worth it, if you & your wife get an ead even 6 mths earlier.

    Years we have been told priority date establishes your place in the queue.

    We have spurned job offers and declined the new PERM process to hold on to the priority dates.

    Many are still awaiting labor certifications from the backlog elimination centers. Out comes USCIS and says everyone with a LC can file I140 & I485.

    People still waiting for LC with priority dates in 2003-2004 are seeing applicants who have priority dates as late as 2007 but with approved LCs through PERM walk through to I485.

    Net result, USCIS is going to be flooded with applicants enough to retrogress the priority dates 3-4 years back as early as september. (Everybody with a LC will be able to file for I485 in July). So applicants with priority dates of 2007 are going to get EAD and GC, while LC backlogged 2003 applicants to have to wait for another 3-4 years before they can even file I485.

    Aint fair. Aint fair at all. How can this be. How can rules be changed in the middle of the game.

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  • tonyHK12
    03-29 06:52 PM

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  • vroapp
    02-16 08:57 AM
    It's all the same.

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  • go_gc_way
    12-13 05:17 PM
    I just thought to give a nick name to this thread ...

    AMC : Add a Member Campaign. Just bumping up this thread.. I like this idea, it will serve all of our purpose.

    Add one more member....and probably each one of them will add another? It will be a bigger team of us if we can kick this idea to work ..and then I am hopeful we will be heard :-)


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  • xela
    04-10 11:18 AM
    I have seen that same tendency on ,when I asked about that, I was told that once your PD is current the RD plays the final role, if my RD is before someones with a 2004 PD then mine is done first. Now the service guy was the one telling me that. Question is how much can we believe them. Obviously we are getting mixed info here.
    Lets just hope we all get it soon and this confusion they are causing with all the mixed messages is over soon!

    Good luck!!!!!!


    what is your PD?? I don't mean to be pessimistic regarding your application, but it seems that USCIS is processing old PDs 2003 and 2004 without looking at RD ( if it is within the published processing time or not). so if you have a PD of 2004 or older, don't worry about your RD and they will touch yours soon, assuming I-140 already approved. but if you have a PD newer than 2004, it might be a while before they get to those even if your RD is before 06/08/07 (published)

    Also regarding the service request. I did a SR back in February to get an update of my case and they asked me to wait 45 days to hear something. I called again today ( 60 days later) and it seems that SR I did disapeared ( I even have a reference #). Customer Service rep said they can start a new SR but not sure if it is gonna do anything. they will get to the application when they can. and right now they are precessing 2003 and 2004.

    Hope this helps.

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  • needhelp!
    05-18 08:14 PM


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  • mohanty999
    09-01 10:28 AM
    This is reality, my friend. There are multiple approvals showing up already on other sites.

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  • naidu2543
    05-17 11:46 PM
    Snathan, Thanks for all your help. Its been 9 months that my application is in PERM process and nothing happened except an AUDIT. I want to get out of this mess. I want to do anything that i can do to get out of this mess soon.


    Attorney can contact the DOL after 4 months of the audit reply. My reply was on March 11th. My attorney asked me to wait 2 more months for her to contact DOL.

    If it is 4 months after the audit reply, ask your attorney to contact the DOL.


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  • eager_immi
    01-18 11:17 AM
    Signed up for $20 a month. Have contributed $300 earlier.

    I have a suggestion we should have some contributing members only thread that way people can seek more information from the core group but only by making some contribution.


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  • mikesin
    04-08 03:56 PM
    flowers? i would suggest sending manure - send back some of the love (and let them grow their own flowers)

    (send flowers and they will be happy for a day.. let them grow flowers and they will be happy forever) ;)

    Now that is hilarious!!!!:p


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  • andy garcia
    05-08 08:53 AM
    How long does it take for a decision under EB2? I know the usual is 90 days but from your experiances is there a chance of an approval earlier?

    Thank you.

    Mine only took 9 days on 2005

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  • asdcrajnet
    05-15 12:02 PM
    Hello friends,
    My birth certificate has the following information
    date of birth, Mothers name, fathers name, place of birth. It does not have my name and i am from India. Is it ok.. or should i get one with name.

    My PD is not current but i am getting ready with all the documents, just in case it gets current.

    I am in the same situation. My attorney advised me to have one with my name if possible. I scanned mine and my wife's Birth certificate and sent it to my Dad in India. He said that he will get the original in 2 days. Looks like it is a straight forward process. You could just send it with a copy of ur passport.

    P.S: They would need the copies to be notarized before taking it to corporation or municipality


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  • Edison99
    05-26 02:50 PM
    Yes, I think so sparky_jones....

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  • indianajuns
    08-29 12:45 PM
    Same with me!
    My children have grown up and are on the verge of aging out, while I am still fighting to find avenues for a new green card application. Jobs are not permanent in the US. Layoffs are a common thing. The immigration processes take much longer than the life of a job. Many people like me end up with unfinished and abandoned immigration process. At the end of 6 years we are able to obtain H1-B visas one year at a time. Provided there is a pending I-140 process. What happens if a I-140 application is denied because of some faulty representation or your employer decides to lay you off?

    My question to the senate is. Is this fair? Was it foolish off me to have maintained a legal status and spent so much money for nothing? Perhaps if people like me would have remained in the United States illegally without paying taxes, I might have saved a lot of money and would have been able to apply for a non-immigrant status for a very small fee.

    My suggestion to the Senate is:
    1. Pass a legislation that protects Legal immigrants who have lived in the United States beyond 6 years, but have been unable to obtain an immigrant status for one thing or the other. Or an H1-B non-immigrant who have come to the country before �9/11� and have stayed in the country through the recession; paid taxes; but because of constant layoffs and half finished immigration processes should be rewarded in this bill. Proofs that immigration processes had been initiated but abandoned because of job changes.
    2. Children of Legal non-immigrants who have finished 6 years of stay in the US and are aging out, should be protected, because the state has spent tax money on their education and they have adjusted to a life style and system which will benefit the country. They should not be penalized for no fault of theirs.
    3. Children and spouses of H1 Non-immigrants who are educated and can work should be given the opportunity to do so. This way many will legally work and pay taxes. It is a great burden on a single H1-B non-immigrant to be the sole earning member in a family. Currently a dependent of a H1-B is not permitted to work.
    4. An I-485 process of immigration should not be cancelled if a pending I-140 is denied. This should be made available once again to the applicant and his or her family if a I-140 process is re-applied within 6 months. It is unfair to make the family file for a I-1485 process once again with additional fees, medical tests, finger printing, work authorization and so on. If a I-1485 has to be reapplied, it means the family has to wait for endless years ahead to wait for their immigration numbers for their country to be available once again.
    5. H1-B non-immigrants are educated people who are already here because there is a shortage of manpower in that category. I personally do not see the need for a Labor certification once again to see if there is a shortage in that particular area. H1-B employees go through these process initially before their H1-B�s are approved. These people who have been here for more than 6 years already know the system and can contribute to the country. They do not take away jobs of local people.
    6. A Non-immigrant who has purchased a house in the United States has already taken the first step of naturalization. They put their money here. They do not take money out of the country. I believe they should be rewarded with a non-immigrant quota/status. This will bring a phenomenal real estate boom in the country and a welcome change to the economy.


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  • spicy_guy
    07-13 01:58 PM
    let me take a guess - at the minimum - 2 years for your PD and 4-5 years for my PD.

    Well, I would say a year more of waiting time is kind of not okay. Already waited for so many years.

    Though not offending, its pathetic to see recent EB 2 filers getting greend quickly while EB 3I, even oldest filers, are sucked in mud. No rationale et all...

    God help EB3I

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  • checklaw
    09-19 01:37 PM
    The IV bus journey from NJ was very well planned and executed. All I had to do as a "participant" was indeed to just hop on....no fine print! On the bus and at the rally made some wonderful friends.

    singhsa3, mpada and everyone who may have worked on the NJ/NY bus logistics, you have been excellent! Thank you IV core for providing this convenience.

    IV handle "laborchic" who was on our NJ bus co-coordinating the minute details of to and fro journey with help from another selfless soul "amit_sp”, superbly handled stopovers, timings, ensuring that we reached rally on time and also more importantly that 'No child (read registered bus member) was left behind' and keeping driver happy etc....

    Special thoughts also go to whoever came up and arranged the idea of the Gurudwara stopover during the forward journey. It was simply superb! We were able to catch up some sleep there and were fresh for the rally. The host at the the Gurudwara was most gracious. The facilities were good. We were grateful for the lovely breakfast and tea that was served.

    The rally was very well organized, right to the minutest details. It was a wonderful effort from some really tired but focused and determined looking volunteer folks whom I saw scrambling around while we participants had it easy. During the rally got a good view of the Capitol Hill and other spots. The cops on motorbikes, cars and bicycles monitoring our procession looked an awesome sight. But that paled compared to the feeling of camaraderie and friendship that was overwhelming all of us folks in white IV T shirts.

    Also saw faces behind IV handles, the core and other ever active ones, and found out that they were just like me, two hands two legs.... no horns or feathers. Realization then struck that what probably differentiated them from a lot of us was simply that they have reacted to the same problems you and I have in a smart, constructive and selfless manner.

    This is what I could remember and share with few of you who unfortunately could not make it and a whole lot of you who did not make it. To the latter, the feeling of high I have now from having acted upon my normal demons is something I am not able to describe. I just feel it......


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  • daramesh
    01-06 12:37 PM
    I have a couple of questions, pl let know if you have valid info.

    Situation: My spouse came to US on H4 and then got converted to H1.Due to delay in pay and not a strong case, she is not willing to go for H1 visa stamping next time when she goes to India. She wasnts to go for H4 visa stamping instead.

    1. Is it better to convert to H4 here and then leave for India? We feel that if it would take time to convert to H4, then instead of waiting she can work till the last day here and then quit and leave(because she wants to leave ASAP). Also changing from H1 to H4 here means submitting paystubs and other documents and more scrutiny. I think in Chennai consulate there will be less questions if applying for H4. Any thoughts, pl help?

    2. If applying for H4 in Chennai, will they ask for paystubs from her previous H1 status? They shouldnt since she is applying for H4, but I still wanted to know. If they ask why do you want to change back to H4, what is the best answer?

    3. Travelling on an expired visa from East coast to Chennai. If there is no time to get transit visa to travel thru Europe, which is the shortest route/best airlines to get to Chennai quickest from say, Atlanta? Pl help

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  • willwin
    10-05 04:35 PM
    I predict that the EB3 and EB2 cutoff dates for India will reach close to each other with in next one year. At the worst, the differnce between EB2 qnd EB3 cutoff dates may be maximum of one year.

    For that one of these two should happen. Eb3 should move forward and Eb2 should retrogress.

    Or EB2 stays and EB3 alone moves forward.

    Or EB3 stays and EB2 has to retrogress so much (to 2001)!

    I guess chance for 1st and 2nd option are high. And, this would answer Ramba's question how EB3 for India would get approval for PD 2003. There are very few 2001 PDs left (per me). Relatively more 2002 and most of 2001 and 2002 are pending due to name check else they would have got their GC during July and USCIS would not have returned VISA numbers back to DOS nor some numbers would have finally got wasted (FY2007).

    So next PD would be 2003 (and there are very few 2003 filings that were filed before June 2007).

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  • snathan
    05-14 11:38 PM
    Already have got the address. What we need is input for the draft letter to all concerned authorities.

    06-04 02:27 PM
    Due to the delays in obtaining EAD from Nebraska Service Center; I am planning to do the following things-

    1. On the 78th. day (since currently NSC is taking 11 weeks= 77 days, to process EAD cards) call USCIS customer support 1-800 number and tell them that my case is outside the processing timeframe.
    However, if I do this, my case gets locked up. That is any call the customer service representative takes and opens a service request; another service request cannot be opened earlier than 30 days.

    2. Even still if my application is not approved, then I plan to walk into the USCIS office on the 91st day and request an interim card.

    My question is since, I opened a Service Request on the 78th. day, can the local office representative open another service request to request an interim card on the 91st. day, since 30 days did not pass from opening my service request.

    Gurus, please comment.

    E-Filed on 04/15 . Wifes EAD Card received on 06/01. Mine still says initial review so Initiated a service request but looks like it would not have much impact as case is still under normal processing times.
    Getting concerned now since my current EAD expires on 90th day.

    01-18 04:50 PM
    ..stands at 890 right now..you can be in the lucky 90, we got another 6 hours, pls sign up, it only takes 3 minutes...be proud and stand up.

    Core> Does this forum show up on the side, can we make it sticky, somehow it was difficult getting to this.

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