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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • GCNirvana007
    03-26 03:43 PM

    Went for DL renewal , nothing asked literally, extended for 6 yrs.

    Got to find some positive out of living :p

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  • chanduv23
    08-11 05:40 PM
    If you have an approved I-140 and the job description matches that of your Labor, you shouldn't have any issues. The job title shouldn't matter either, it's all in the description/role/responsibilities and the technology. If the technology/tool changes then it's an issue because the Labor you have tells that there is a shortage of people in that area.

    Good Luck!

    How much does technology come into picture? I changed jobs using AC21 and am on EAD, my new job utilizes only 50% of the skills from previous job and am getting trained in new technologies in the new job. I am not sure if the new employer will list all technologies mentioned in the labor, but will definitely list all those that are being used. Any comments?

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  • girishvar
    07-19 06:17 PM
    1.Apply for new H1 petition(premium processing) for you before July 31.
    2.On approval send the H1 papers to your wife so that she can get H4.
    3. On her entry to USA apply for her I-485.

    Then you can live happily together in america.

    P.S: Even when you have used AC21, in hindsight you should have got H1B instead of using EAD.

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  • seahawks
    01-20 06:28 PM
    Sent mine, who is next. Come on, this is something that does not take too much effort, make a difference. Together WE must do what it takes. All it takes is the write/print a letter, send one to the President and one to IV.

    Yes We CAN.. But it takes you and me to make the WE! Stop putting it off for later or feeling you don't count.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    12-21 05:25 PM
    I think Meera Shankar needs to be fired. Its bloody 2010 and this is the kind of customer service the indian consulates provide - they dont pick up calls - it takes them a month to issue new passports - Always feel ashamed to be an indian any time I have to deal with these useless consulates.

    The Houston consulate does not even have their address properly listed on their website.

    This is what they have listed

    1990, Post Oak Boulevard,
    # 600, 3 Post Oak Central,
    Houston TX 77056

    So what is the correct address ?? Is it 1990 Post Oak Blvd or 3 Post Oak Central ?? Bunch of freaking idiots is what we have in all these US consulates.

    You are absolutely right. I dealt with the Embassy of India, washington DC to get my daughters PIO card. Back then we were asked to send stamped return envelope. And guess what, they would call you and scold you for not sending the envelope and ask you to mail another MO for $20.00. That's soooo cheap and totally unethical and I felt ashamed that our Government employees are doing this on a foreign soil.
    I dont understand from where they hire these goons to work at the consulates. Usually the ladies are very rough when they talk on the phone (well!! it may just be a coincidence).

    I dont know why you have all the RED, eventhough you have spoken the truth.
    Anyways, I gave you a GREEN !!!
    Please post our Ambassador email if you get it.

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  • pncool01
    06-27 05:43 PM
    unity can work -
    let us all unite and file on July 2, the first day. those that lag do so by choice.

    please don't say people are selfish and will sell you for a buck etc. the point is, people here are being very helpful to each other. thanks for all the great posts here folks. definitely people here are more responsive than my corporate lawyers right now. and they are sharing formats, links, responses from their lawyers etc. i think everyone is happy to help others as long as there is no loss to themselves.

    you have to see the incentive structure and then construct the unity argument. people have no incentive to wait. however, they will unite if they have something to gain. that is why forums such as these are popular.

    again, thanks everyone for their help and encouragement.

    PS - us filing fewer applications probably does not help. as i have posted elsewhere on this forum, USCIS thought that they were unable to use up all the visa numbers for FY 2007. this comes out of the 485 processing they have been doing till date. they are trying to fill up the 485 filing pipe for the next FY and further out. so, if the USCIS folks see enough 485 filings to fill up the next FEW years expected quotas they will shut it down. not sure how many filers that will take.


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  • desi3933
    08-10 06:50 AM
    Questions for everyone to research and post the answers------

    -- Is there anywhere in the law, memo or rulebook that says 6 month employment is needed after getting green card.

    There is no such law that specifies any duration one has to be employed by GC (or AC-21) employer. Period.

    However, there is a twist to it. As per law, the beneficiary MUST have intent to work for GC employer at the time of filing of I-485 and intent to work for AC-21 employer if invoking AC-21. However, this intent is to start work AFTER getting green card. The intent is subject to change, too.

    By working for the employer for some duration, it is easier to demonstrate that person has intent to work for the employer for the full time job offered. This duration is not written in stone, and every lawyer interprets differently. For me (and this for just me), 90 days should be a safe duration, since it has been tested in courts that 90 days a long enough time when intent of the person can change. (This is known as 30-60-90 day intent rule). This is why lawyers usually advise to wait for 90 days when a person on single intent non-immigrant visa (such as B1 or F1) wants to file for I-130/I-140 and/or I-485.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • PMisYMMV
    02-20 03:29 PM
    I checked with some of my colleagues and friends. They all have sent the letters, but most of them have not participated in this poll at the start. So I wouldnt get discouraged by smaller number of votes in it.


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  • Wish_Good
    05-29 11:50 PM

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  • Rohan99
    09-19 11:04 PM
    I think there should be age restriction to register on this website so that we can avoid such people. Or basic IQ test to pass...ha...ha....

    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............


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  • Jaime
    05-26 10:35 AM

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  • sheela
    09-19 10:22 PM
    Do you watch cricket? If you want quick results you might want to watch 20-20 cricket. You can see the results within a few hours.

    Things like legislative changes take time. We may think that the debate on illegal immigration has nothing to do with our issues but the corrupt Senators will always try to sneak in some reform related to illegal immigrants into our bills in exchange for their votes, ultimately derailing the entire bill.

    We sincerely need to work with the law makers--the guys in the immigation committees, in particular. Please, desist using 'corrupt' senators. Debates in democracy are always healthy. We must emphasise our points, gather support from aila our employers and beneficiaries and respect a system.


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  • nivasch
    04-02 11:07 AM
    Again sent the fax#10 and 11 to NJ Sen

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  • chanduv23
    08-15 12:51 PM
    Both your job descriptions say design develop and test applications using Win32 API and MFC (among other things) .... tell me why you are worried again...? :-)

    Right, thats what my lawyer said too.


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  • ilwaiting
    12-12 02:18 PM
    hehe check this out. New EB category. With PD Sep'06.

    Iraqi & Afghani Translators.

    Very Funny.

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  • yash04
    08-01 12:09 PM
    mine reached at 10-23 am -2 nd july,by some armstrong guy..no receipt yet,no check cashed

    I just checked - mine was L.Armstrong too....


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  • swamy
    04-01 10:47 PM
    Ramba and others
    Thanks for all your responses, It is clearly the attorneys fault.
    - I have a letter I wrote to the attorney asking them to withdraw the representation. and the letter clearly states that.
    - I have a copy of the letter the attorney sent to USCIS and this letter is clearly asking USCIS to withdraw the case.
    The error is with the Attorney and it is one of the big immigration firms.

    What really bothers me is that the error is not on USCIS's part but the error is of the Attorney so I am afraid that USCIS may not be too inclined to reinstate the case.
    Does any one know if the client has any legal protection from errors and mistakes made by the attorneys
    Does any one know if the client has any legal protection from errors and mistakes made by the attorneys

    Please help.

    oh boy - pls tell me its not fragomen!

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  • webm
    12-31 01:08 PM
    This thread seems to express my thoughts.
    I used to wait till my dates got current. With my dates being current since November, I still wait with no sign of improvement.
    I tried calling the 1-800 number. But, did not get any useful information.
    Took an Infopass appointment couple of weeks back. But, it was of no use.
    The officer at the local office read the same status that I see online.
    She said that my case was transfered to Texas center. (I knew this since October 2007). Only additional information she gave me was that my namecheck got clreared. (Though this is important, I dont think this really matters to get my case processed).

    I told her that I have been waiting since years and some of friends who filed later than me already got their GCs, she felt sorry for me but she said there is nothing she can do for me. Not even a Service Request since my dates are within the processing times.

    Its getting difficult for me......Also, in this economy its getting tough everyday to hold on to the job. Who knows may be this year quota might be over too. It will definitely be a big relief if we get the GC.
    I thought there is nothing I can do now till my dates goes outside the processing times. Please advice.

    Good Luck to everyone.

    We are in the same boat my friend....keep hope!!

    Happy Newyear 2009!! we might get Green soon...

    PD:EB3-I Oct 2001.

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  • kosars
    08-13 10:47 PM
    no i will wait for the receipt

    12-12 03:40 PM
    I concur.

    Please remember that even if BEC clears the application with 2001 priority dates. These people still need to:
    1) Apply for I140
    2) Have I-140 Approved
    3) Apply for I-485 only if their priority date is current
    4) Complete various I-485 tasks like fingerprinting, BACKGROUND CHECKS (this is a huge one and unless you are lucky you can get stranded for anywhere between 6 months to 3 years)
    5) Now after completing 1 - 4 above you can expect that they will apply a visa number to the application

    12-26 04:08 PM
    please share comments on this topic...

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