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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunny SunShine

Its all good till someones ass gets burnt.

Ha Ha

I told you we made some "new" friends recently.

 these new friends invited us to the pool recently.
Which is awesome. Cause I love to lay out in the h o t sun.
theres nothing better than , (well maybe some other things. insert evil grin) having a pool to lay out by.

Initially when I was in the gym that morning I kept looking outside and it was over cast. I was kinda bummed.

Cause I was thinking that the "pool" thing wasn't gonna happen.
Then out comes the sunny sunshine and it was all good.

I have to say that it didnt feel too hot out. It was actually perfect.
Not a cloud in the sky.

Only put sun screen on my face. The rest of me was already tan.
Did not realize till after I got home that my stomach got some sun. Ok, alot of fucking sun.

The Sportsman put on spf 50 and still got fried.
We all went out together later that nite, but I just wasn't feeling it.

I was burnt, and felt a little dehydrated and was super tired.
cause thats what that nasty sun does to you after sitting out in it for hours.
 Drains your ass so that you could sleep for HOURS.
Needless to say, when I woke the next day I still was not feeling too good.
But the trooper that I am , I still got up at o' dark hundred and went to the freakin gym.

and then I felt even worse. Yes, I am a dumb ass.
So this weekend I plan to stay out of the sun. and just take it easy. Ok, maybe I'll go out for just a little bit. but I swear not for very long. I'm a sucker for that feeling of warm sun on my skin.

Besides when you do nothing but lay out by a pool all day, the house work and laundry tends to get a little backed up.

and then people start bitchin.

It's all good.

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