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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

soul calibur 4 wallpaper

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  • makemygc
    10-09 07:50 PM
    My employer is not giving copy of my I140. With out I140 how to port it to an other job/employer etc ?

    Can some on advise me !

    My company, which is a big one with more than 9000 employees tried to do the same with me. I've to do some sweet talking with my paralegal to get a copy of I-140, which was sufficient. Although, later I realized it was a notice of action but I think that should work too. Since, my company filed my 485 I did not have to worry much about that.

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  • geevikram
    05-18 12:13 PM
    I thought there was a bill along these lines last year, do not remember the name or number of the bill though. I would very much welcome such a bill though.

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  • rkgc
    05-30 12:01 AM
    Done, thx

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  • spindoctor
    07-19 08:22 PM
    She may not get a visitor's visa. Visitor's visa requires non-immigration intent, just like F-1. In your case, there is a very clear intent to immigrate, which may disqualify her from getting a visitor's visa.

    OK guys, here is what I think. Being in US on a visitor visa, and then applying for an I-485 does seem like a violation of visa terms, but the other way round seem to be fine. I mean she can apply for an I-485 first in India, and then apply for a visitor visa later while her I-485 application is pending. While applying for a visitor visa she just has to honestly tell the consulate officer that her I-485 is pending and there should be no problems.

    If this is not so, then it means that all those who have filed I-485 in their home countries through consular processing route are in effect barred from entering US till some decision is taken on their application. This sounds bizarre. Does not make sense. What do you say?


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  • whattodo21
    12-14 09:17 AM
    Is IV still collecting the list of affected EAD ? I received an RFE, and have provided all the documents, and my 90 day period is coming up soon. Please help. I have contacted my congressman also.

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  • krishna_brc
    05-15 08:56 AM
    I think this has a better chance than rest of other EB bills, because US wants more skilled persons and by defintion advanced degree holders from US in STEM are. Congress extended 20,000 H1 visa for US masters and PhD graduates some years ago whereas they were and are loathe to extend the total H1 numbers.
    Going by this logic, I think this bill will go farther and gain traction. Lets's keep our fingers crossed.:)

    In one stroke, this bill helps both a) US advanced degree graduates and b)non US graduates (i.e, EB applicants), as 1) it puts EB1 and EB2 in non quota category (I,C,P,M and ROW) and 2) frees up EB1 and EB2 numbers for EB3.

    my 2 cents.

    What is the situation of foreign masters degrees who qualify for EB2.
    Do they fall in the quota limitation or out of quota.
    Please help me understand.


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  • Macaca
    09-03 08:54 AM
    In 1996, Congress seriously considered proposals to reduce substantially legal immigration. S. 1394 would have reduced legal immigration by approximately 330,000 a year, or 41 percent, according to the U.S. Department of State. After much debate, those efforts were defeated in the Senate, while similar large-scale legal immigration reductions were stopped in the House.

    If the cuts in legal immigration proposed in Congress in 1996 were to become law today, the size of the Social Security actuarial deficit would increase by 13 percent over a 50-year period. (page 8)

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  • abhijitp
    08-15 05:47 PM
    "Folks who are Re-Filing just out of anxiety",

    Do you realize that this duplicate App is going to increase the turnaround from 90 to 120 days ?

    Please put some thought man - USCIS clearly said that FEDEX/USPS signed receipt is acceptable proof for EAD/AP filing in one of the FAQ's so if its get rejected out of USCIS error you can refile later.

    SuperUsers and Moderators - What is your take on this ??


    I think there are valid reasons for SOME of us to re-file but in general it should be avoided as much as possible. We are 20000 odd people here in TOTAL. That is about 7% The total number of applications received by USCIS (maybe 300000). So, while you are right there is no need to re-file just out of anxiety, I don't see how it will make any impact on the processing times.


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  • =VALOR=
    02-04 02:13 PM
    I vote for Kitiara.

    She had the only castle which wasnt all 45� corners.
    The others were more worked, but this one stood out for me because it was different. (and it was a cute castle).


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  • abqguy
    06-18 02:43 PM
    Let me know when you have the action item for us. Thanks snathan.


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  • tonyHK12
    10-28 09:34 AM
    Yes... benchmarking is good (in many things as you suggest quality, corruption, infrastructure etc.)... but absolutely not in everything as you suggest, some things just aren't comparable given some micro-economic conditions. Further, doing so would also encourage the mindset of aping the developed countries in every department. Remember the India that we see has gone through hundreds of social and economic cycles over thousands of years. It is not a nation that came to being a few hundred years ago and was a developed country (in current terms) many times in the past.

    If one learns history then one also learns not to just take a slice of it for generalization! A holistic view of what happened in the past globally and our current state makes one realize the hidden riches and clear shortcomings in any nation. One need not level out it's hidden riches to clear the shortcomings !

    Yes I agree, our history and way of working is also different maybe better/worse, but defenitely way more experience! I don't think I would want to change any thing about family , friend relations and the way we help each other. Even some of the ways we think, has a lot of advantages.
    we always manage to get things done. There are a lot of unseen riches that are not realized completely.
    we should defenitely avoid aping the west, but pick the good stuff out of it.
    being open minded and having freedom of expression is good up to a certain point!

    India is India only... never compare it to US, and I do not think there is glamour attached to US green card, People who have the mind set of freedom and education and knowledge with a better quality of life still migrate to USA. There is no doubt about it India's economic grwoth comparing to US is really nothing.
    There is freedom and education even in India, I agree infrastructure needs improvement.
    India is 3rd in the world if you account for purchasing power parity. Don't trash India so soon. have you looked at how people lived in the US 40-50 years back? While I agree Indian IT should do more quality work and treat employees fairly. He no longer works with Infy, he just made generic comments.

    US economy is down and receission is meant to happen every 5 years in US some times to recover and job creation it takes longer if you read the US history and economics you will understand better. This time the open global media made it a big issue, that is about it. When the economy improves and things are better, again your so called glamour comes back. .
    This time is different, I do work in the financial industry.
    I would hate to say this - but was every recovery in the last 2 decades mostly due to a bubble that was created - dot-com, low interest, housing?
    There are not many bubbles left to create, and the debt was never this high.

    The growth of India should be more compared to Canada, that has a conservative financial system with lot of regulation. AKA no vegas.

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  • brahmam
    06-23 11:23 AM

    where are you guys taking these? Fedex kinko's would be fine? any pointers in the NY-NJ area?



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  • insbaby
    10-28 09:18 PM
    that's exactly what we did you self-righteous prig!
    When we didn't like something, we came out and expressed it.

    Tough crowd :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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  • gc007
    01-07 10:25 PM
    Oh No ! Thats too bad. I was really hoping that it was possible to use the old H1B. And can be used anytime to change the status.

    I am hoping someone wud come up and say Yes its possible.....

    keep me posted if find anywhere about the same.

    Thanks !

    I am in exact same situation. The company that is going to sponsor my H1 checked with two attorneys and both said that I will need a fresh H1 in April07 and I can start working from Oct07. Even I never got to work on my earlier H1. I guess this is because you need previous paystubs for H1 transfer. Let me know if you hear otherwise from your attorneys.


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  • aroranuj
    04-20 07:26 PM
    Can someone please shed some light if my attorney is heading in the right direction?


    Hello All,

    Thanks for your thoughts & advise. It helped me in my conversation with my company's attorney. I would first like to clear my educational background. I have 10 + 2( HSC/ 12th Grade) + 1 (1st year of Bachelors of Commerce) + 3 year Diploma in my field. That being said this is what she has advised/recommended.

    She states that she is fairly confident that we can argue successfully the denial. She has said that she will file an MTR/Appeal & at the same time file a new I-140 too. She says she thinks there is a 50% chance that the MTR would be successful, if not she said it will go for appeal & take about a year. The advantage she said of filing a new I-140 at the same time is that she can make an airtight case with the cover letter covering the points for the reason for the denial of this I140 & the decision on the new I-140 would be fairly quick if the appeal is denied as it was filed witht eh appeal for the old one. The only disadvantage with a new I-140 would be that we cant file for 485 till there is an open visa, which means no EAD/AP for myself & my wife.

    Can members with knowledge of these kind of scenarios shed some of their thoughts?


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  • AgentM
    07-12 11:43 AM
    Increase the Visa numbers, that's what we should be aiming for.
    A one time news event is not going to solve the problem.

    The July fiasco, should be used to start an all out campaign with Congress to increase the Visa numbers.
    Let this opportunity not go to waste.

    Please keep fighting.

    Send flowers on 12th of every month to USCIS or DOS.

    Do not let this opportunity go waste.


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  • satishku_2000
    08-20 04:08 PM
    You may be able lodge a complaint at your district attorneys office. you have to find your local DA's details. If you are from one of the coasts the chances of your DA's office having a section for immigration related complaints is high.

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  • tikka
    03-26 03:43 PM
    I spoke to a staff at Michael R. McNulty's office.
    He comes to Albany on weekends only.
    Rest of the time (5 days a week) he is in Washington.
    We can meet staff members any time betwenn 9 to 5 (no appointment required).

    Spoke to staff member at Schumer's office.
    He is not available for a meeting.
    Have set up a meeting (with staff) for 12th April 11am (nothing available for next 2 weeks).
    I was actually just trying to find out if we could schedule an appointment with Schumer. Did not expect them to set up an appointment on the phone so fast.
    We can change if this is not convenient.
    I am not sure if this is gonna help, as it is 2 weeks away.

    Please provide feedback.
    Are you going alone to Schumer's office?
    I am come along if you'd like.

    Varsha send me all the necessary docs. Let me know if I can assist in some way

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  • apb
    08-29 12:27 AM

    05-22 03:27 PM
    We should get an amendment to make all H1Bs illegal. so we can easily qualify for this Z visa.

    Lol, Agree with this. We need to include this amendment in the agenda :D

    04-13 01:49 PM
    This is almost has bad as adding 200,000 Indians for no reason.

    What do you mean?

    Saw your signature too...who are begging you. You are so dertmined not to contribute to IV but are scouting for information and express your stupid opinions.

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