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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • pappu
    11-27 10:17 AM
    Note: Please read the entire document rather than just basing your judgment on the graph and the visa bulletin charts. There are several caveats and limitations of this data. The data USCIS has published may not be 100% accurate. There are several thousand applications that may not have been pre-adjudicated at the time of publication of this data. The CP applications, field office applications etc are not part of this data.As an advocacy organization, based on the data we can work towards seeking explanation on slow movement of visa bulletin dates or wastage of visa numbers in the months to come. We feel this is a one step ahead of the IV prediction tool published by IV in the past. We will continue to refine the analysis as we receive information from DOS and USCIS through our advocacy efforts.

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  • greyhair
    07-08 11:23 PM
    eb3retro, i think u & i need not as much worry about oscarzumaran et al..... as we should worry about those who remain silent..... day after day....

    Why should we worry about those who are silent? What do you mean?

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  • satish_hello
    08-23 10:28 PM
    Ok..., but can you tell me how they are approving cses for PD EB3'2003 or Any EB3 cases daily, when EB3 is 'U', do you have answer for this.

    Since ther is plenty of approval going on everyday.

    They are not following any PD for the last 3-months approval, I don't believe any rule they have.Now they are already under pressure , and the pressure started already.They have to clean up.I don't think they will wait untill next year June, since Election is on Sept'2008.

    EB2/PD-Sept'2004/I-140 Approved.
    I-485 - Sent July5th.
    RD - ?
    AD -?
    Edit/Delete Message

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  • Life2Live
    07-07 06:46 PM
    Hi can someone provide link plz


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  • Pallavi79
    01-11 02:13 AM
    <Quote>About point 4, I am trying to find a hospital that would provide a payment plan in Dallas area.</Quote>
    I believe all hospitals provide payment plan.

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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-25 09:07 PM
    Thank you - that is good to hear.

    We did a few this way based on the AIU (Assoc of Indian Universities) documenting that the CA = PGD. The professor showed that the PGD = MA. So far it has worked every time but we still feel the evidence is stronger pointing to CA=BA. Those have all been approved. However, we have done many more as equivalent to BA than MA.

    My EB2 was rejected initially but later approved due to Sheila's evalaution of my CA degree equivalent to master's degree. I did not know her but my lawyer insisted to get it done through her. She was good for me.


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  • Daisy
    12-20 11:00 AM
    This awesome ! Freedom finally !!! Thanks 'the' for posting this...you made my day !!

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  • gapala
    07-20 04:53 PM
    Thanks friend. I do hope your prayers work for me. But I still find it strange that if someone has a pending I-485 through consular processing route, then he/she can't get a visitor visa no matter what? What if it is a medical crisis? Family reunion issues? This sure sucks. I will check with some lawyer on this.

    And lastly what you detect as arrogance is my plain talking style. Did I make personal attack on anyone? no, right? Life is like a game of chess. Make the move which makes the best sense at any stage. What is the point in thinking about past moves?

    I do respect your views and To me, life is little more "serious business and it deserves due respect than entertainment aspect of a game" :) I hope you would respect other's views on life too.


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  • Green.Tech
    06-12 12:06 PM
    Good that all of us are up and running tracking the progress of these bills but please don't forget to do your part. Every single call counts. Every single donation counts. Don't forget our strength is in numbers. The progress will be much to our benefit if all of us call the lawmakers and also contribute financially...

    Keep it up guys!

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  • logiclife
    07-06 02:09 PM
    EDIT: According to Dr. Bahrainwala,this has been bumped to 7/7/07..

    Same time 5.30 pm central NBC weekend news.
    Check your local tv listings by going to http://www.tvguide.com/listings/setup/localize.aspx

    Link to Youtube video, courtesy of another IV member. Thanks are due to Dr. Bahrainwala.

    Link to Youtube:http://immigrationvoice.blogspot.com/2007/07/iv-member-in-news.html

    Please rate the video after you view it.

    Immigration Voice member Dr. Murtaza Bahrainwala, who was also quoted in the New York times article today about the July Visa bulletin fiasco and the resulting fallout from it, will be on NBC nightly news with Brian Williams tonight around 5:30 Central time.

    The interview also has snippets of interview with USCIS officer as Brian Williams has interviewed USCIS over this issue also. So its a "must watch" thing.

    This will be on NBC and that's good coz you dont even need cable to watch this. In your local area, the NBC channel affiliate will be broadcasting the "Nightly news" with Brian Williams.

    Local times may vary depending on your local NBC affiliate. Its most likely 5:30 Central time tonight but check your local listings.

    Thanks to Dr. Bahrainwala for the interview.

    About NBC nightly News:

    More details about NBC nightly News : http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3689499/
    Podcasts, downloads etc: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8132577/


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  • eilsoe
    02-10 01:46 PM
    I'm starting to believe Soul will win this one...

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  • vadik78
    04-14 08:34 AM
    so, now they have bumped up EB3 ROw, does that mean they will bump up EB2 or EB3 India next month? The fact that EB2 and EB3 India are stuck, does it mean these categories have already reached their per country annual limits?

    Judging by the 1-year leap for RoW, the priority date for ROW should have being moving throughout the year. Maybe the same situation here - they just cannot count, and are going to waste some visas at the year-end.


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  • summitpointe
    02-12 08:15 AM
    When you were working for your previous employer, he might have given you a paycheck. You can contact the paycheck company and get your W-2.

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  • jonty_11
    07-23 11:59 PM


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  • sumansk
    10-02 01:36 PM
    Anyone in the same boat as I am ...No news of my case so far..filed july 17th and nothing after that.anyone's guess what might be the case..
    Not sure if the files is buried under some pile..


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  • kghoshal
    11-16 11:17 PM
    In fact, I got laid off recently, my LC gone, which was filed on Sep,2004. I am looking for job again on my 8th year H1B extension. In this uncertain future it is better to return home for me.


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  • raysaikat
    04-10 10:11 AM
    Lol, they can.....and they'll charge like $200/hr for everything w/o H-1s willing to be relocated at moments notice.....the industry can't afford to pay someone higher just because they are 'American' if it is not profitable for them......leads back to the original point....

    And thus you are supporting the point made by anti-H1-B lobby that H1-B visas are being used for depressing wages. And secondly, what makes you think that an "american" will charge outrageously more compared to someone equally competent on H1-B?

    From a legislative point of view, a good law should have a good underlying policy designed to serve "most" (if not all), but it also must be easy to enforce. H1-B law already has "legal" safeguards like the employee must always be paid (even if there is no project to work on), employee must not pay for the H1-B fees, etc. These stipulations are blatantly violated by software consultancies in general, and they do it because it has been proved to be very hard to catch (poor employees will say nothing in the fear of losing their job and worse, having to go back home). Thus the law is clearly not enforceable with the means available to DOL, USCIS or DOS. No doubt, there are very competent, high paid consultants on H1-B. If they were 90% of the people, we wouldn't be having this conversation. The situation in all likelihood is reversed (only a small percentage of consultants on H1-B are really competent and highly paid). Removing the privilege of H1-B from consultancies will remedy a lot of real and perception problems of H1-B at one go.

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  • ronhira
    07-08 12:44 PM
    No. I am not anti-immigrant. I am anti-illegal immigrant.

    Some people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five.

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  • royus77
    06-27 03:37 PM
    I understand that there is lot of fear among applicants that USCIS might retrogress the dates interimly sometime in july due to the expected high volume of applications filing in the begining of july.

    To minimize the chance of USCIS from taking any such steps, shall we all unite and file the applications on a specific date in july probably on 30th of july? This will accomodate all applicants...so that we shall all be winners and use this opportunity to our advantage instead of competing amongst each other...where only a few will be winners and others will be loosers.

    This will also reduce the pressure among applicants , attorneys and doctors.

    Can the AILA cooperate? Will there be unity amongst applicants to make this possible??? any ideas ??

    rajakannan Nice idea. We should wait another month so that some of our friends who didn't apply the LC will do it immediatly and all of us will file on Aug 29 .....

    11-19 01:56 PM
    Is this still an active topic? or its dead? Are there people with US Master - STEM who are willing to come forward?
    I am just trying to gauge this? To me, looks perfect candidate for piece meal while waiting for CIR, justification could be same as 20K quota for H1b, keep US educated in the country and keep contributing to US economy & society. It has two benefits, a) direct to people who have US Master, b) there will xx less number of people in front of who don't qualify for this so their turn will come sooner.
    any leads?

    07-06 02:42 PM
    Very good develpoment..

    Thanks for all hard work.. Guys lets help core members with whatever they need.

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