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Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • Better_Days
    04-29 01:27 PM
    Quick Chain of events .

    India rejected both Boeing and Lockheed Martin's proposal of fighters . I am not debating the reasons or the merits of this decision if this was right or wrong . I am just discussing the potential repercussions this has had so far and might have .

    'Exclusion of US firms from IAF jet deal a setback for ties' (http://www.indianexpress.com/news/exclusion-of-us-firms-from-iaf-jet-deal-a-setback.../783401/)

    1) The issue is so serious that Tim Roemer , US Ambassador to India submitted his resignation immediately since he was on the hook for making this deal work .This shows the measure of disappointment they had.

    2) India was seeking US assurances in security a Permanent Security council seat , which looks far fetched now .

    4) Pentagon , Whitehouse and the DoD very upset that deal fell through . This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    5) Prosecution of companies entangled in cases like Infosys might find more support and favor with the Govt.

    Question is how/if there will be a backlash against India / Indian's get back at us at least in the short term .Increased scrutiny and visa denials , PoE Harassment , GC audits etc.

    Will the US take a Tit-for-Tat reaction on this issue is what remains to be seen.

    Disclaimer: I am just someone who once seriously considered getting a degree in Strategic Studies. I am not from India. If you don't like what I have to say or feel that it is not my *place* to say it, just ignore me. I will not get engaged in an online wrestling match to demonstrate my "e-toughness".

    It will not have any major repercussions b/w the 2 countries or any impact on the Green Card situation. Relations b/w US and India encompass a much broader spectrum than just a large defense contract. India's economy presents enormous opportunities for US companies, there is the issue of countering China and not to mention the same view on most regional as well as international security issues. They will not get any where if they start slugging it out every time there is a lost trade deal. India has helped US in the past with Iran's nuclear program while US has shown the importance it gives India by pushing an exception from NSG in nuclear energy.

    If anything I am surprised that US is surprised that they lost the bid. Both Rafael and the Typhoon are amazing platforms. I did not read the actual RFP but it is arrogance to assume that the US offerings were inherently any better than the European offerings.

    @kumara121: I can assure you that Uncle Sam does not want to "..come and check the planes whenever and wherever it wanted to". If I only had a dollar for every conspiracy theory I hear from people from our part of the world (Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh) I would have been in Eb-5 years ago :)

    The biggest issue was that the US offerings were very comparable to existing Mirage 2000 platform that IAF already has. The MRCA is a long term upgrade and does not make sense to get a plane that is so close to the existing inventory.

    Bottom line? The GC aspirants did not gain or loose anything. IAF won by getting a hot fighter, the only loosers are Boeing and Lockhead.

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  • GCapplicant
    07-08 04:43 PM
    Nothing much is going to happen.she clearly has said 6039 is gone.So recapturing no doubt its also gone.

    They love illegals than us.Immigration reforms means illegals,amnesty and citizenships.

    I havnt received my AP applied Jun 29 2007.Nebraska.

    Whenever we call them they have a standard answer 30 days,then 60 days.

    Latest 30 days.

    Its the same for GC too.

    They are least bothered.CHC must have been everything.Is every immigrant genious,scientists,doctors,engineers like they have argued.They cannot build wall with only so called expected genious.

    Discrimination to the core.

    Not even next summer.

    may be they will do for amnesty.so they can again boycott us and be busy with those applications.Lawyers can also earn well.

    Great! God bless us.

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  • NKR
    06-02 08:45 AM
    Later my wife made me realize that family life is most important as long as we are together, country of residence does not matter. When our son was born last month, I truly felt 'damn GC'.. funnily got approved in the same week:

    Congratulations. I wish the baby all the very best in life. With regards to GC, yes, sometimes you get things when you are least expecting it.

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  • Sakthisagar
    10-27 09:54 AM
    Yes its pretty much difficult for an Indian to arrive here and find a job. Forget about settling, many EB3s have already crossed 5-10 year mark. EB2 at least 5.
    I guess he left out the point about locals moving to non-IT related fields in which the salaries are very slowly catching up to IT. These need to grow now with govt, private sector support, now that the glamour of US GC is almost non-existent for new IT graduates and almost pays back like the typical 20 year LIC policy of the 1990s I had. India has always been good in other industries like Textile, steel, cars, etc, and need to get some to world class levels.

    I was going to say infrastructure is improving and things would get very good in India in 5-10 years (?) that US IT folks would seriously not find a difference in lifestyle.
    But then I saw one of the recent movie hits, and saw the most stuff seemed to be incredulous, unbelievable - good songs though. I change my mind most times when I read some local news or see an occasional movie.
    Is there a fundamental change in thinking needed in some areas among a vast majority? something to do with realism, acheiving quality in everything.
    Corruption doesn't seem to be the only problem.
    Money may not always be the primary reason for people to relocate to India. It will be an oppurtunity to experience the best quality of work, education and learning, the same reason many of us come here.
    There has to be more aggressive regular benchmarking of everything with developed countries.
    I guess its also a normal part of evolution to a future developed country.

    India is India only... never compare it to US, and I do not think there is glamour attached to US green card, People who have the mind set of freedom and education and knowledge with a better quality of life still migrate to USA. There is no doubt about it India's economic grwoth comparing to US is really nothing. And never compare these two countries and never try to change the mind set of a whole generation, for business needs India have a unique culture, with lot of diversity. Still there is lot of poor familes (below the poverty line) in India, education has not reached the rural areas of India yet.

    US economy is down and receission is meant to happen every 5 years in US some times to recover and job creation it takes longer if you read the US history and economics you will understand better. This time the open global media made it a big issue, that is about it. When the economy improves and things are better, again your so called glamour comes back. Glamour is in people's mind set, seeing movies and reading somebody else's writing. Still USA is far far better in living and social activities than in India.


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  • red200
    10-26 11:01 PM
    there should not be a issue

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  • venky08
    01-05 11:34 PM
    reminds me of a popular hindi maxim:
    "Shadi aisa laddoo hai jo khaye wo pacchataaye, jo na khaye wo bhi pacchataaye"

    loosely translated in english it means

    Marriage is a dessert which if somebody eats it, he will repent and if somebody does not eat it, will repent too...

    (thank god my 5th grade english teacher is no more in this world to see this day...he must be rolling in his grave seeing my poor english translation skills:D)

    This thread is giving good tips for members who are single...!!!!:)
    Reminds me of quote..
    "In life learn from others mistakes....U don't get time to make those mistakes.."


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  • sargon
    08-24 03:25 PM
    You have written..
    ....I have e-filed for Travel Authorization Document (I-131) receipt number XXXXXXXXXXX....

    How would we know the receipt number of I-131 petition before filing it? Chicken and egg problem? Or am I missing something?


    The Immigration Officer,
    (processing center address)

    Re: Application for Travel Document.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is (YourName), I have e-filed for Travel Authorization Document (I-131) receipt number XXXXXXXXXXX. I need travel document to travel to India in the month/year to attend marriage/or some story.

    I am eligible for travel document based on pending 485/AOS receipt number xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Attached are the supporting documents. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.

    Documents Attached:
    I-765 Receipt Notice
    Passport copy
    I-94 copy
    I-485 - Receipt Notice
    Previous Travel Document copy
    Drivers License copy


    I- 485 Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXX

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  • Sheila Danzig
    08-18 02:40 PM
    You cannot combine work and education for EB2 and for EB3 it must be so noted on the Labor Cert.


    Thanks for your response.
    Education evaluation was not done for bachelors because the Labor only required masters. My attorney is planning to use 2 years of my experience to compensate for the additional 1 year of bachelors degree


    Thanks for your response.

    Even my attorney says the argument of USCIS could be "building blocks" argument i.e. In US, for masters, 4 year bachelors is required. But, I only have a 3 year bachelor degree.


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  • chanduv23
    06-20 02:53 PM
    If you can get employer verification letter stating that the position is still available for you and your salary, then file I485 yourself.


    Maybe he should just make it up if he has the letterhead ??? U know whhat I mean

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  • Madhuri
    04-01 08:47 PM
    Sent both faxes to CA senators


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  • kiran_k02
    08-06 11:09 PM
    PD: July 2004
    RD: July 03 2007
    ND: Sept 13 2007
    140 Approved: May 07
    485 Pending: NSC
    name checking: pending (got to know with Recent infopass appointment)

    I got hold of IO this morning using POJ method. She said, my case has been assigned to IO.

    Hello myvoice23 ---

    How come your case is assigned to IO inspite of pending NC. I saw a post which said that NC should be cleared before 485 approval. They are planning to finish NC by Feb, 09; for all applicants whose NC is pending for than 6 months.

    I am stuck with NC...my PD is 09/2004...


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  • priderock
    07-27 04:10 PM
    I am July 2 filer...

    I mailed second set yesterday...

    Then I thaught I mailed to Nebraska address then I mailed my third set to Texas center, dont want to take any chance whichever will be accecpted first.

    I am smart...;)

    Too bad you forgot to fax one :) Let me know if you want the number to fax :):) Some one said it is safer to fax :)


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  • chanduv23
    03-26 11:49 AM
    Have they mentioned it on their website? Usually DMVs like CT etc.. mention on website that they need a Employment verification letter, as a matter of fact, they don't even accept paystubs they just want employment verification letter.

    Folks - my advice is : Please do not argue with the department. Ask them to post their new requirement on their website so that you don't go there and get disappointed.

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  • gmatch
    12-13 03:56 PM
    It is not that i have full basket of apples now... my previous 2-employers promised me to start labor...but they did not do it..even i sent my docs 2-times to the previous employer ..but they gave lie assurances & very dumb...so i have lost my 2.5 years just waiting on their promises...& nothing got.

    Finally, I made up my mind ...either to get it on fast track OR leave this option... forever.

    I don't see anything wrong in it...as the previous person already left that labor unused... & employer needs those skills..which he found in me.


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  • bestin
    05-15 10:30 PM
    Were you witness to what happened in his home on that day?? If not, don't be judgemental....leave that to him and his wife and to family court. IV is not for "every good cause"...we are having very difficult time ourself...

    Looks like you already received GC and you have great & lot of time to get into other issue.

    Munna Bhai ,I am at your side too.

    BTB snathans story was good.But the issue of divorse wont have cropped up if his wife (or himself) have behaved that way earlier in your story.

    I think a good % of us need file divorse to rejenuate our married life as per his story. :D:D...kidding . Next action plan.

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  • willwin
    06-01 12:40 PM


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  • PDOCT05
    08-15 03:22 PM
    I have just called USCIS and spoke to very good and friendly lady IO. She has told me that in case if our applications is rejected for any reason due to lack of intial evidence,less amount of check or any other reason they will send a notice for re-submittal of application.

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  • amitps
    10-11 10:11 PM
    Thats true..everybody are bothered about EAD and FP. I am here for more than 8 years in this country. IV should emphasise this and USICS should allow affected candidates like us to file I-485 and atleast get EAD. we have priority date earlier compared to others.

    Did you attend the rally?

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  • onemorecame
    01-04 11:53 AM
    In India religious minorities have the rights to their own personal laws. I believe the Muslim personal law allows Muslims in India to have more than 1 wife.

    Yes you are right

    11-04 01:29 PM
    For those of you celebrating the defeat of Democrats because they sabotaged CIR due to the "path to citizenship" it's time to get real. Conservatives (both Dems and Repubs) are more than comfortable shutting the door to ALL immigrants. Don't fall into the trap of anti-immigrant legislators, don't let them turn this into a wedge issue.

    I agree with this 110%. Reps are more conservative. They don't want any non-american in this country. They would just say "GC or what.. Get the hell outta here".

    Turning on the undocumented is not what we want to show to the outside, it is a losing proposition and will turn off the public.

    As to what to do now, I'm puzzled. CIR is effectively dead in the US House, probably the Senate as well. The voters said loud and clear this week that they want the focus to be on JOBS not anything else like grandiose immigration legislation.

    What to do now? Looks like another 2 years tacked on to the wait from my perspective :/
    Another 2 years., and another year after and an year after... come on guys....

    02-10 10:11 AM
    thank you very much legoman =)

    and thank you to those who voted for me :)

    and a another thank you to eilsoe since hosting the kastle ;) i wanted to say it before but i completely forgot .. sorry :-\

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