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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-25 12:12 PM
    ............Expanding on my previous posts.
    One more thing.
    If you decide to apply multiple 485s with each other as dependents, then file just one first. Wait. Gets its A number and put that number in the other application. This way you will cover one pitfall of multiple filing. It will not cause confusion at USCIS end. Now This will not completely eliminate all risks in multiple filing. There have been cases in the past where when you inquire the status of one application, you will get the status of other. And if the PD of other is new, you can get stuck in a blackhole and will either have to wait for USCIS to sort it out or keep trying other ways to solve it. One of the reasons for delay (rightly put by Murthy) is -- when an application is adjudicated by a CIS officer, if the officer sees that there are other files open for the same individual, the officer will not adjudicate that application until that officer has all of the files in existence for that individual. This causes significant delays and confusion in adjudication.
    Also do not apply EAD and AP on both. This is commonsense. But just mentioning it here in case..
    I also researched the option of CP on one and regular 485 on other. While CP looks attractive, there are lot of risks. I have a big document on this. Overall I would not recommend this to anyone who wants to play safe.
    Even multiple filing option should be pursued by critically evaluating your own situation. See how much you and your wife have secure jobs. How new are your PDS. What catagories do you belong to. Do not just apply because you have money to throw away. If throwing money gives you peace of mind, then by all means give it to the lawyers to file I485.

    Again. There is nothing right or wrong. Multple filing is only good for very specific cases to have a safety net. This is what I have found till now.

    thanks for the clear summary of things. One more clarification: (worst-case scenario) have you seen any case where the I-485 has been rejected because it was filed twice?

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  • frostrated
    10-01 11:49 PM
    I recieved 2 notices in mail today.

    One is the welcome notices which says that I-485 is approved.
    Another notice which says that they reviewing or reconsidering the decision previously taken.

    Called 1-800 # and the infopass. They say that reopened or reconsidering the case as the visa numbers retrogressed.

    How can that be when am current in oct as well.

    Mine is EB2 and the priority date is Dec 2004.

    Any suggestions to have this fixed.
    what is the dates of action on the notices? maybe that will clarify a little.

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  • immi2006
    07-11 10:33 AM

    This should not boomrang on us, let us do it with caution. Food Delivery etc can look mean.

    What we can think of is Sending your tax statements for 5 years to tell them how honest we have been and how much we contributed to economy..
    Sending it to local senators ?.

    What dou think ?

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  • sledge_hammer
    11-25 02:23 PM
    It would have been ideal if they mandated 1:5 ratio. Unfortunately, with lax lending standards and unregulated banking, people made almost zero down payment (instead of the normal 20%) and bought into loans they couldn't afford in the first place.

    I would still blame the borrower 95% for all the mess.

    Almost similar except:
    1. You can't sell with a single click on E-Trade
    2. Unlike stocks You pay taxes on your house every year.
    3. You are leveraged 1:5 in your investment.
    4. Your real estate investment is based on debt while stock (with an exception of margin calls) is purely on cash.
    5. In stock you can never loose more than you invested. (again margin calls are exception)
    6. You don't pay to play or you don't constantly have to pay to keep what you have invested.
    7. Govt don't give you tax breaks to buy stock.
    8. Equity holders are never bailed out by govt.

    That makes real estate much leveraged and bigger liability than stock could stock ever be. And somehow govt. wants to promote home owner society but discourage stock ownership or saving minded frugal individual investors like us.


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  • mani_r1
    10-05 11:09 AM

    Finally we got our receipt numbers today from the Check Images. Our Application reached USCIS on 07/03 by USPS Mail. Don't know who signed it. Have been waiting for it patiently. All our receipt numbers start with SRC so from Texas. My I140 was approved form Texas and there was an LUD on the I140 on 07/28.

    All the best for whom ever is waiting for the receipt numbers. You guys should get it pretty soon.

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  • qvadis
    08-21 05:12 PM
    In my opinion it is very naive to think that USCIS/DOL just realized that they had 'misinterpreted' the law. They had made it very clear how they allocated 'available' visa numbers after AC-21 was introduced, and I am sure they consulted with the law-makers.

    It's almost funny to read that they consulted with today congress. How would they now of the intentions of the congress in 2000?

    According to Ron's post, 70% are from India and China, and Mexico is also reaching the ceiling. They realized that the only way to shift those numbers is to give more visas to India and China. The ambiguity of the law for the preference of vertical vs. horizontal spill-over allowed them to do that.


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  • dhesha
    08-16 03:08 PM
    Finally I got the CPO email today. After 10 years (first GC was filed in 2001), it was our turn today. I received for me and my wife both.

    Good luck to all who are waiting!!!!

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  • meraNumberKabAayega
    03-31 12:49 PM
    As per my understanding it seems that these 12000 visas are coming from the first 6 months of the EB1 under usage only and there is a good change that we might get another 8000 to 10000 EB1 visas fall down to EB2 in next 2 quarters. Please correct me if my assumption is not correct.


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  • gclife
    06-29 07:29 PM
    Did AILA screwed up the party of many july filers by sending this memo http://www.shusterman.com/pdf/aila-cis-vb.pdf to uscis which scared them and prompting them to come up with the legal proof revised bulletin causing this whole mess. Should AILA had waited until july , then we would probably have a strong legal ground to fight against the uscis ??

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  • nrk
    08-17 02:02 PM
    did you checked in your bulk mail. or try to call and open SR

    I got email for decision/post decision about a week back but no CPO email yet.


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  • kaisersose
    03-25 02:45 PM
    Just talked to a recruiter from a software giant.

    She specifically wanted to know if I was on EAD and if yes, unfortunately they cannot hire EADs during the fourth quarter (now) due to hiring budget limitations that are typical during the fourth quarter.

    Q: Why does budget come in to picture here?
    A: Because policy requires the legal dept to be consulted for visa holders and EADs which means additional hiring costs plus time.

    But she said once the fourth quarter passes, EAD hiring is not a problem.

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  • dingudi
    01-11 08:37 AM
    One of my co-workers recently went for 10th year stamping to Mumbai consulate. He was asked to wait for 4 weeks. Looks like renewals and extensions beyond 6th year are taking long time for stamping. He works for fortune 500 companies and with 20,000+ empoyees worldwide.


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  • abuddyz
    01-29 03:45 PM
    Hi, Both my wife's and my approval notices state a WAC number. And I am stuck in PIMS for past 27 days now!!!!!!!!:mad:

    thanks for posting your details..can you please let us know when was your H1 approved?

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  • rajpatelemail
    01-06 10:04 AM
    NKR .. you know what it is all about..

    Looks like all these guys are newbies and do not know the process.
    People who stayed long time or having awareness know the GC/citizenship

    I do not say we can not do anything. But has to be a bit practical & plausible.


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  • h1techSlave
    04-17 09:41 PM
    In technology field, your trump card is your superior knowledge in your field. If you are very thorough in your area of expertise, employers would anything for you.

    After numerous job searches and process I have been associated with, I have found following things:

    All skilled people get the job they want. Hiring process in US is very slow and if you hold your ground eventually employers agree to your demands. I understand that the applicant here wants to work for capital 1. However, I would not advise on confronting an HR person directly. That may play against your long term interest with the company. Listen to whatever HR says and just thank them and say if there is any future opportunity you will be willing to consider.

    After that report the matter to DOJ. Do not come across as someone who is creating trouble for employer. You will make your case difficuilt for future opportunities with that employer. AOS, 485 are all temporary things but you and capital 1 are staying there for ever. So report such cases without employers getting any hint of who did it.

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  • Macaca
    10-17 07:28 AM
    Lou Dobbs Crusades Against Spitzer�s Driver�s License Plan for Illegal Immigrants (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/17/nyregion/17dobbs.html) By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE | New York Times, October 17, 2007

    ALBANY, Oct. 16 � The CNN anchor Lou Dobbs calls Gov. Eliot Spitzer �a genius.� But not in a nice way.

    �I was being about as facetious as one could be,� Mr. Dobbs said in an interview Tuesday as he prepared for his nightly broadcast, �Lou Dobbs Tonight.� For the last nine days, the show has included discussion of Mr. Spitzer�s plan to allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver�s licenses.

    Mr. Dobbs, a pinstriped journalist turned populist crusader against illegal immigration, is not a fan.

    �It�s an abuse of power!� Mr. Dobbs thundered. �He is being absolutely irresponsible. When the governor of New York embarks on this kind of irresponsibility, it is national news as far as I�m concerned.�

    And when Mr. Dobbs � whose broadcast is CNN�s second-highest-rated show � speaks, many people listen. His relentless mockery of Mr. Spitzer�s decision has thrust the driver�s license policy onto the national stage, helping fuel an uproar not only among New Yorkers, but among national groups opposed to illegal immigration as well.

    As it happens, Mr. Dobbs was recovering from a tonsillectomy when Mr. Spitzer announced the policy on Sept. 21. But the anchorman went on the attack almost immediately after going back on the air Oct. 8, saying it was �hard to imagine what this governor is thinking.�

    It only took him another week to conclude that Mr. Spitzer, in fact, was not thinking at all. �This governor is a genius,� he proclaimed disgustedly on Monday. �An overwhelming majority of New York voters oppose the governor, but he refuses to back down.�

    With the television set on mute, the scrunch alone of Mr. Dobbs�s brow conveys his belief that Mr. Spitzer�s new policy is, possibly, the dumbest idea in the history of dumb ideas.

    �I think he�s definitely had an effect,� said State Senator Martin J. Golden, a Brooklyn Republican who was on Mr. Dobbs�s show on Sunday to denounce the plan. �Everybody�s chiming in. I get e-mails from across the country because of Lou Dobbs. I got an e-mail from a soldier in Iraq saying, �Go for it, Golden, keep it up.��

    Mr. Golden is one of several New York elected officials � most of them with more experience on New York 1 than on CNN � who have been recent guests on Mr. Dobbs�s show. Many have expressed support for proposals by state lawmakers to overturn the license policy or to deny funding for it.

    But not everyone who goes on gets supportive e-mail messages.

    Jos� M. Serrano, a Democratic state senator who represents parts of Manhattan and the Bronx, appeared with Mr. Golden to defend Mr. Spitzer�s policy, but found himself under a verbal barrage from both the host and his fellow guest. �Oh my goodness, that was something else,� Mr. Serrano said. �I think it was my first time on national television. I wound up debating both of them � Lou paid very little attention to Marty Golden and instead just kind of dug in on me.�

    This next morning, Mr. Serrano said, his office was bombarded with angry e-mail messages from around the country.

    �One guy wrote, �We will derail the illegal gravy train from within,�� he said. �I don�t really know what that means. Another person said, �Go back to Mexico, you�re obviously Mexican.�� (Mr. Serrano is from Puerto Rico.) �I�m not na�ve, but I was still surprised at the level of ignorance,� Mr. Serrano said.

    (Mr. Dobbs�s correspondents have also stated on the air that illegal immigrants will need only a foreign passport to obtain a driver�s license, and that Mr. Spitzer�s policy was instituted through executive order, neither of which is true.)

    Mr. Dobbs�s guests and interviewees are typically opponents of the policy. A segment that Mr. Dobbs pitched on Thursday as �a lively debate� on the issue, for example, featured the host and two members of the State Assembly who oppose the governor�s plan, along with a viewers� poll on whether Mr. Spitzer should be recalled. (Ninety-seven percent said yes.)

    One person who has not made an appearance on Mr. Dobbs�s show, despite repeated invitations, is the governor himself. Christine Anderson, a spokeswoman for Mr. Spitzer, said scheduling problems had prevented the governor from appearing. The administration had made other officials available to Mr. Dobbs�s bookers, she said, including Michael A. L. Balboni, the governor�s top Homeland Security aide. But the show�s producers had declined.

    �We don�t really have a position about his show,� Ms. Anderson said. �That said, facts matter, and what we have endeavored to do throughout this entire debate is to make an argument about the safety and security benefits to doing this.�

    But Mr. Dobbs said that Mr. Spitzer, and Mr. Spitzer alone, is responsible for defending his new policy.

    �The man hasn�t shown the gumption to come on the air and debate the issue with me,� Mr. Dobbs said.


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  • imh1b
    10-25 04:11 PM
    IV should send a letter to Vonage CEO asking to put pressure on Obama and Senators to approve GCs quickly. We have been very good customers of Vonage.

    What a stupid idea.

    Why don't you write a letter to the CEO and threaten to cancel your vonage subscription if the CEO does not help you get a green card.

    Let us see if you choose to do it and lose your $10-15 dollars of savings every month via Vonage in the interest of gaining your greencard!!!

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  • babu123
    06-29 03:44 PM
    He said it is a rumor right :-)

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  • sri1309
    08-21 06:45 PM

    Can we atleast do a flower campaign than discuss over and over the same points. I see this is the only EB3-India thread thats going over 5 pages of late. I have sent 6 letters to the dept, Ms. Joe,John, USCIS etc.. and today I am sendning 6 more cards with some message to help EB3.
    I also contributed $100.00 and IV should get it tomorrow or Saturday.
    Please send card, messages emails, whatever to make EB3 also to catch up with EB2.

    Please do something before its too late. I am very hopeful something good must happen in Oct.
    We need more push from Core IV.


    Contributed $100.00
    PD 01/04
    EAD/AP/485 July 07.

    07-11 06:32 AM
    Where is the video of the deliveries? Anything on Reuters TV?

    I saw posts of several members extremely skeptical of the whole idea, even went on calling it stupid, crazy and useless. Some made mockery suggesting sending dead fish etc. I don't see any more posts from them.

    Keeping mum now are we, eh?:rolleyes:

    06-29 08:37 PM
    My new theory is the DOS was influenced by politicians who are attorneys (I beleive that there 50% of lawmakers) and it released a huge Visa Numbers. The politicians have strong connections to law firms. The USCIS doesn't want to do it, because it doesn't have 'resources', 'money', 'manpower. So, they are on a near strike mode, not attending routine works like sending receipts., etc in a timely fashion.

    If it is any consoling to you, this is what I posted yesterday at a different thread at IV. Looks like I can re-cycle it today for a larger audience. Click the hyperlink and see the video for yourself.
    A strong case of moronic president, moronic problems?


    Many issues are being swept under the carpet. I had written a few times earlier. The backlog and GC issues are not truly a numbers game. It is the neo-con regime and the republican culture that had engulfed Washington, its consequences, that had made things miserable for us; we, the legal immigrants.

    4/5ths of the illegal immigrants have been here by the time of Clinton's second term. It was a non-issue then. You should understand why is it an issue now? Why can't it the legal and illegal immigration be addressed and solved. In a democracy, things like this can be solved administratively, legislatively and judicially. Adminstratively, we we hit below the belt, in backlogs, in delays, in sudden rule changes (no concurrent filings of PD is not current). Legislatively, they are stalling and falling apart. What is left for the immigrants?

    I had written many times earlier.

    Why should you know? Why should you understand? It is in your own interests that you understand things wisely. Failure to know what is happening on the ground, what is happening around us is a sure shot for personal failure.

    In this connection, see a counter-point on the immigration bill.


    See the Entire Video here (http://media2.foxnews.com/062807/062807_cav_chong2_300.wmv)

    here is my theory.

    DOS and USCIS played a tactical move by making all the visa numbers current in anticipation of the CIR bill so that the legals wont complain to the senators about retrogression.

    Once the CIR went down the drain, they are panicking about the outcome of their tactical error and trying to undo that move.

    Again, just my theory...:confused:

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