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Sunday, June 19, 2011

R F- Grow the Fuck up

Awhile back I talked about a super big concert that we(sportsman, soccerboy, and I) were going to.

The very same one that the soccerboy wanted to drive his brand new car to.

As you can guess he did NOT get to drive his car there. Not cause I said so, but in the end he realized that it was not a good setting to have his new car in. Too much riff raft around.
He still was adament that he was NOT hanging around his "parents" all day. Which was fine,
he was going to check in with us.
Which he also did NOT like. Boo freakin hoo!
he got over it rather quickly or his ass was NOT going to the concert.
The soccerboy did bring one friend with him. and then ran into several others while there.

Honestly most of the day I did not have to text him to meet cause we ran into him anyways.
of course he always came looking for us when he was hungry or needed money.

Let me just say, or start off with. It was fucking cold. (the warmest place was in the damn port o potty, which as you know I am a super big germ freak)

Not like last year. It did not rain. but the sun never came out and it was windy as hell.

I even wore appropriate clothing. Doubled up on socks, and shirts. Brought some packages of hot hands, just in case.
The big deal about this concert is once your in,
 your there all day.

There is no leaving and returning.
Which sucks ass!
So we got there at noon, and I was fine till about 6pm. At that point I was fucking frozen solid. I was shivering and there was no place to go to get out of the wind.

Let me just say that the bands, once again that the sportsman and the soccerboy wanted to see didnt even go on till 8 or 9pm.
During the day since I was so cold I only drank 1 beer and 1 water. Which you know what happens when you dont hydrate?
So now not only was I frozen but now I felt sick and even seriously considered standing inside the nasty ass port -o- potty.

 Fuckin gross I know.
Heres where all hell broke loose.
I wanted to go. I was border line in tears.

 I wanted the keys to go by MYSELF to the car and sit till the concert was over. Since I knew the rest of them wanted to see the last two bands play. I was cool with walking back by myself.

I mean HELLO I go to the gym twice a day. I lift weights. I'm no pussy. I can hold my own.
the sportsman wouldnt let me go by myself. and we couldnt leave yet cause the soccerboy was out there in the crazy crowd somewhere waiting for the next band to start.

I couldnt and wouldnt ruin his nite cause of my health issues.
This is where is gets worse.
I sat down, ok I curled up in a ball on the fucking ground under a tree and tried to stay warm. I told the sportsman to go on and watch his band.
He however was not going to leave me sitting there alone. Which one would think, awwwwww how sweet.

He stayed there, and was a total ass to me. And he proceeded to get more beer and get totally shit faced.

He acted liked a selfish child. I could not believe his behavior.
Boo hoo I didnt get to see the band I came to see.
Grow a pair already. Your wife is in a bad way. Catch a clue.
But you want to pout.

Seriously! I told him to just go watch the band.
but he chose not to.
The next day he continued to pout and treat me like shit cause he was "disappointed" that he didnt get to see his band play.
I am totally serious. Not once asking me if I was feeling any better.
Still to this day I can not believe his behavior.
I have since told the sportsman and the soccerboy that next year I will NOT be attending this concert with them (no matter what the weather is).
Obviously the 12 hour day thing is tooooo much for me, with my health conditions.
What would you have done in this situation?

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