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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • vhd999
    11-25 06:43 PM
    I am sure IV must have reveiwed these numbers before posting this analysis for public view.

    If that is the case, I am clearly missing something here.

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  • shivapb80
    06-05 04:22 PM
    actually this memo, as far as my understanding goes, does not say it. there is no where the clause that filling AC21 documents means that it will become urgent for USCIS to make a decision on your i-140.

    it is more applicable to the i-485 i.e. if your i-485 comes up for adjudication and you have file ac21 and your i-140 is pending as well, then the portability is only valid if i-140 is approved. of course after that to make sure that the portability is valid they will apply the "similar job" criteria.

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  • chumki
    12-18 02:40 PM

    Thanks for the public charge note.


    In this forum Mr. Shusterman clarified that for layoffs before 180 days, the alien is protected for I-140 portablity, if the employer doesnot revoke it (which is my case).


    Question #2: I was laid off after less than 180 days on the job, got a new job, same as the old, when I-485 was still pending, for less than 180 days. Up to now, my I-485 has been pending more than 22 months after approval of I-140 and no revocation. Can I use AC21?

    Carl: Absolutely.

    2. Carl: The 180-day portability rule was designed for cases such as yours. None of the four USCIS service centers which adjudicate I-485s do so in less than a year, much less 180 days. Your question is based on the misconception that any change of employment within the first 180 days after the I-485 is submitted may be fatal to your application. The truth is that since you intended to work for the initial employer, but were laid off, it is your responsibility to find a new employer who can offer you a job in the same or a similar occupation as soon as possible. I would urge you to wait until 180 days have passed since the submission of your I-485, and then submit your intent letter and a letter from your new employer in order to invoke the portability doctrine.

    The reason that I urge you to wait until after 180 days, is that if you notify the USCIS of your change of employment now, the agency could deny your I-485 before the 180 days have been reached and you would not be able to take advantage of the portability rule.

    What are your thoughts?

    What should I do now?

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  • Ram_C
    11-10 12:51 PM

    I am also July23 filer. Transfer TSC - CSC Finally NSC.
    Today, I got FP for my wife for Dec-01 (Saturday:confused:).

    Hoping, mine will also come soon.

    One more thing...we called USCIS on 23rd Oct separately. They didn't open SR. My IO or Cust Rep said wait [more time-no timeline] and u will get ur FP notice. On the other hand my wife's IO or Cust. Rep said you get in two weeks. Now I see that her FP was issued on 5th Nov (2 weeks timeline).

    goood luck all

    may be i should also try calling USCIS and open SR for my FP notice,
    I'll wait for one more week before I call em'.


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  • plassey
    08-23 11:14 AM
    IV is not a help group. If some one want to join a help group then go join a "Depressed people Organization". This is a make happen group, where we all fight for what is right. But unfortunately, we are just as strong as number of people actively supporting.

    He did everything right and followed the process but now for a VERY stupid reason, he has to wait for 6+ years now. So, the simple question I ask now is what justice it is by having such a complicated Green Card process full of so much uncertainity and unfairness.

    Thus, this guy of course should do all what you stated but must do much more, which is stand up for himself.

    How can you be so mean specially at a time when he is under tremendous pressure. IV should try to comfort him and suggest him some alternatives. Contact your attorney ASAP and ask him to try to have a good write up and send the application again, who knows USCIS might accept your application (worst case ur app will come back again), but make it fast dont delay anymore.

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  • sangmami
    07-27 12:44 PM
    Talked to an io at neb sc.within 5 sec of me starting to talk the ffice interuppted and she apologosed for doing that and said because of huge vol of appli there is a delay in the receipt notice.i SAID I AM july 2 nd filer and she said it might be in the first week of aug..(i had said the same thing in my earlier post too after i spoke toa diff officer)..She asked to keep checking the check clearnace.
    Hope this helps


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  • veeyes2009
    02-14 10:25 AM
    After reading your posts i checked my cases online and LUD changed on 02/10 (Mine) & 02/13 (my wife) too for the first time since they are filed .... Both cases start with LIN xxxxxxxx & both are at NSC, EB3-I, PD March 2005. We have given FP twice so far once after filing the cases and other when we applied for EAD/AP extensions.

    No emails though .... Not sure what they are checking or updating ...

    Hoping for the best like you all ... good luck. Please share if you have any updates

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  • tinuverma
    05-30 10:41 AM
    Done. tried to add comments, but popup never opened.



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  • willIWill
    11-02 12:31 PM
    It is that time again, the eager wait for the next month's Visa bulletin. It is almost like a monthly ritual for many.

    Although there is no clear logic to the movements, there are folks in the line that hold some hope that this might be the one that will get them closer to the GC counter. (happens every month ! :p)

    Since predicting VB dates is as close to pulling stuff out of thin air. My gaze in the crystal ball tells EB2-I and EB2-C to be the same: Feb 05 (hoping for a quarterly spill over in Jan 2010 :) )

    As for Eb3 even the crystal ball turns foggy. I very much wish EB3-I sees some forward movement in the upcoming bulletin; may be at par with or at least close to ROW/China/Mex/Phil.

    Let the Gazing Start... ;)

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  • test101
    07-07 06:27 PM
    Do anyone think we should call/email NBC and refelect our opinion on this segment?
    it was brief but to the point.


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  • x1050us
    07-19 01:29 PM
    I think you should be able to manage it. I am not sure if USCIS will accept report from Doctor's in Mumabi. it has to be one the cerified civil surgeon.
    You can ask your wife to have all immunization record ready. Talk to some civil surgeons in advance and explain your situation and ask if they can provide blood report in one day. Mostly they send blood work to another blood lab so you may have to contact lab if they can give the test result in same day. Although ppd test is required but you can try to convince civil surgeon to skip it and go with just x-ray and later deal with rfe. Or you can ask civil surgeon if he accept PPD report from some other doctor's in India. Another option could be that she can take PPD injection in india and show it to the civil surgeon here. Explore all your possibilities here. You have enough time to explore your options.

    I didnt mention in my previous posts but infact, I already checked with my doctor if he will accept immunizations and skin test from india. He was okay but needed at least 1 day.
    Now that I managed an appointment sooner, I don't have to cut close anymore. Nevertheless, this is an informative thread in many aspects for me.

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  • victimofCambridgeResGrp
    06-05 02:44 PM
    To my understanding you can use EAD and then switch back to H1. However, it is still unclear if one can do job on EAD as well as hold the H1 status.


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  • wanna_immigrate
    05-22 04:23 PM
    Well they will easily find out from your SSN number if one is on payroll or not. I am seriously looking into this matter of getting illegal and many of my friends agree. Once the bill passes in its current form we should get advise from a good lawyer to convert status from legal to illegal. It sounds so insane when I say changing for legal to illegal..but that is the hit thing these days.

    I might offend a few here but I see an obvious analogy and I am going to point it

    Converting from legal to illegal is like in India You did not get admission through regular/normal seat so one converts himself to SC,ST, OBC(reservation) and get admission through fake certificate :) at a lower percentage and no fees

    Hello ->Amigo !!

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  • jai007
    12-20 02:48 PM
    Recently I had a very bad experience with CGI Houston. The CGI Houston is one of the horrible consulate that any one can imagine. I applied PIO card for my new born. I forgot to send the birth certificate with the application. They rejected the application and sent all my documents to my friends home address who was also applied PIO card for his child. Surprisingly he got one more guy�s (he is from another state) PIO card application and documents in the same package. I was lucky enough that it reached my friends hand. Otherwise I could not imagine what would have happened to my application and also the Certified Check.

    I don�t know the consulate want to save courier money or they are irresponsible?


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  • somegchuh
    11-26 05:14 PM
    Financially, most economoists are predicting that east bay market is bound to fall further. (I would not discount the opinion of CNN Money easily).

    That having been said, I agree that living in a house is definitely more about feeling than about finances.

    How does someone know when is the right time to buy a home? Anytime is a good time to buy a home, as long as you can afford it. I thought the last few months were good time for buyers because of the inventory situation (more choices or otherwise you bid usually in CA) - I dont think anyone can predict the market situation in 5 years and no one makes money in 2 years in a good market condition as well. I bought it 2 months ago in East bay and I am planning to hold it for another five years atleast and both spouse and I work - it is certainly not an investment for us, rather a place that we live - it is a rare feeling one gets after living in exile (apartments)

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  • mhathi
    10-12 10:17 AM
    On a similar note, I kept reminding people at the DC rally to take it easy and walk slowly because the greencard office had closed early that day and they wouldn't get their GCs at the rally finish line, what was the hurry about? :)

    LOL!! :D:D


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  • sanju
    09-09 11:17 AM
    I am one of the concurrent filing applicants. I filed my 140 and 485 on July 2. Can you give me a link for this memo ? Also if I invoke ac 21 do i need to file the g28 on 485 ? and what is g28 exactly for ?

    In your case, to file AC-21 to change employers, you need to have approved I-140 and will have to wait for 180 days from the 485 receipt.

    Just google search Yates memo pdf and you will find it. G-28 is a form that is filed to authorize a lawyer to represent you with USCIS.

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  • gcseeker2002
    07-19 11:55 AM
    If your COS application was approved and you didnt have to go out of US for H1B stamping I would assume your are in status.

    I dont know if this would come up in RFE or at interview stage, but I wont worry about it unless the period was more than 180 days.
    Thanks for the responses. How about this question ?
    Is it out of status if one gets paid from 2 companies with
    2 H1bs , like, If one is on bench but getting paid by that company, starts working with 2nd company on transferred H1b, so it is like double pay for about 2-3 weeks .

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  • dc2007
    08-23 01:23 PM
    Dear plassey,

    Whatever IV is doing fine, nobody here denies that. But here are few points which I think eveybody else is trying to convey, which somehow you don't understand:

    1. This site has an open forum where not only active members of IV, but other people (cowerds, that is what you think, you out-spoken fellow) also seek advice, share their experiences and hence help each other. And mind you, because of these all people, IV and this site also get so much popular.

    2. The other point is WHY YOU PUSH SO MUCH FOR HELP. I think everybody understands the efforts of IV, but let the person decide himself/herself whether he/she wants to give money, go to DC ralley or not. Help is not demanded.

    3. Please mind your language. I don't know why you have so much of anger and you use abusive, disturbing language for others. Its very easy to say a F* word, but very difficult to sort out others problems in decent and graceful manner. I don't think any group like IV (CARE, CRY and hundreds of NGOs in India) will push people like you do.

    4. And people like you are shame for a group like IV (please ask pappu too to confirm) who spread negativity like you did in this thread.

    You need some help to suppress your anger. Please do that Dear plassy...

    Cry baby!
    1. If you are interested in knowing about IV very front page provide you ample of information
    2. Understood there is only one bread earner, well you do pay 1000s of $ to fill stupid forms to lawyers. A fraction of that amount will produce bigger bang here at IV.
    3. Some people here in IV are out of the job but still continuing on their mission. Unfortunately, cowards like you will also be benefited by their efforts.
    4. If you really wanted to help, u could have started by joining the state chapter.


    10-31 05:37 PM
    Applied online, Mailed my 485 receipt, The cover page that was generated. 2 photos, reason why I need AP.:)

    02-21 04:55 PM
    why r we wasting time in such a useless topic...
    those who really want to help IV financillay and r backing off frm just some false rumours...

    Go to the post Office and send a money order...so tht u dont have to worry abt anything...anyway..its a matter of time u will know all theses rumours were false...

    We might succeed in ending GC retrogression...but i am sure some desi minds will retrogress for the next 100 years...

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