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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • Quotes About Being In Love

  • coloniel60
    08-15 05:04 PM
    "Folks who are Re-Filing just out of anxiety",

    Do you realize that this duplicate App is going to increase the turnaround from 90 to 120 days ?

    Please put some thought man - USCIS clearly said that FEDEX/USPS signed receipt is acceptable proof for EAD/AP filing in one of the FAQ's so if its get rejected out of USCIS error you can refile later.

    SuperUsers and Moderators - What is your take on this ??


    You think they will stick to the 90 days estimate if none of us refile?

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  • rssb
    01-27 06:07 AM
    U donno where to even start. My argument was based on relativity and "most of" theory and never was 100%.

    U must be a gulti trying to defend ur region - God bless

    ?? :confused:

    As MC and others say lets stay on topic (which is fraud) . You were the first to start and drag unrelated issues into this conversation. FYI I have good friends who are from the region and went to school with them. It does not matter where we are from , the common binding purpose we are discussing on this forum is immigration / legal immigration.

    What we need is unity between people ( from various countries) and groups ( EB2, EB3 ) to work towards solving the problem on hand, which is retrogression. And not additional divisions. Who knows EB1 might get retrogressed if there are too many good people capable of that under the current rules.

    People from different regions/ countries apply for legal immigration and everyone is undergoing the same thing. For general news, chit chat and adding spice there are other avenues to discuss unrelated politics ( blogs, personal pages, or tv 24/7 news channels ). If you have different topic which states what you are discussing, only interested parties can spend time reading and assimilating that useful information you have provided.
    Your argument of relativity has nothing related to trivalley or what happened there.

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  • ArunAntonio
    03-22 01:30 AM
    I have mailed asking for the meeting info. I will meet the local lawmakers.

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  • NYC001
    03-16 12:32 PM


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  • gc_check
    11-03 10:44 AM
    EB2 likes visa bulletin predictions.
    EB3 does not.

    That explains the green or red in my opinion.

    Accessing IV forums after a long time... posting to this thread, though not predecting on VB's... May be the data that were made available through USCIS Home Page (http://www.uscis.gov) (http://www.uscis.gov/USCIS/New%20Structure/3rd%20Level%20(Left%20Nav%20Children)/Green%20Card%20-%203rd%20Level/Pending%20Form%20I485%20Reports.pdf) already gave some hint on how the PD's are going to be in the monthly VB's and most people understand the number and are not predicting any good movement and not posting any on threads like this. Only the luckly EB2-I folks, who are getting a good chunk of the numbers for now thorugh spill over etc want to predict.. but again, too many questions there too... if quartely spillover or will happen in FY last quarter or something else... or .... The VB's / PD's etc.. nothing is going to make any difference and ease the pain of pending EB AOS applicants, unless there is change in law that would provide something to alleviate the EB backlog... When it is going to happen.. any time from now and at the least we can hope will happen before the end of Obama's Presedency like we hoped CIR would have happened before Bush left office :mad:

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  • mirage
    07-27 03:59 PM
    Why the hell are you guys calling USCIS, calling them won�t expedite your process. You are just showing the person on the other side of the phone what kind of crappy people we are.


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  • vnsriv
    05-13 03:50 PM
    I and my wife applied for I485(EB3) in July 2007. We both have got our EADs, but not used it.

    My H1 is valid till May 2009. I have I140 approved and have got my H1(3 years) till May 2009.

    My wife has her own H1b valid till Dec 2008.

    We are planning to get divorced. i have applied for Divorce in India in this month (may 2008).

    Is there a way I can cancel my 485 application. Because If i get my green card it will be difficult for me to marry girl from India.

    My wife has mentioned that she will be applying for Divorce in USA.

    Can I withdraw my 485 application and just be on H1 and wait for applying later. I do not care about GC.

    Sad to hear about divorce. What is your PD date, EB category and country

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  • Suva
    07-14 11:33 AM
    Your spouse applied for H4/H1? Which one?

    Thank you very much Dinesh for this. Currently my spouse's passport is stuck in the same place for god-only-knows-what reason. The embassy staff said they are auditing every 2nd-3rd application. We have the AP but we were thinking that if we withdraw the H1B application, the embassy people might stamp the passport saying "Application Received" which sometimes can be a euphemism for "Visa Denied". I once got such a stamp when visa was denied to me.

    Since we would then always have to keep explaining at every stage why we have that stamp, that's why we are sticking on with H1B delay. We have been given the same time-frames as you were.

    When you withdrew your passport to travel on AP, did they stamp your passport with any text? Also could you please tell us the procedure you followed to withdraw your passport and whether you could collect it in person? We have been asked to email the US Embassy for withdrawing from our H1B application.

    Thanks buddy.


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  • smisachu
    08-08 12:44 PM
    I am not sure you have to stick around for 6months or even 1 month. It is not specified anywhere. If the employer does not inform USCIS you are pretty much off the hook. Since we have GC now we dont have to tell USCIS or any one what we do. We can switch jobs/career paths and if the employer dosen't inform USCIS how will they know?

    As far as people who used AC21, you are not with the original employer anyway so how does it matter if you switch jobs.

    After being stuk on the career front for 10 years I am not waiting around anymore. I am going out and working on my career now that I finally have the freedom to do so..

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  • satishku_2000
    07-13 03:18 PM
    As far as I know dream act does not offer anything for legal kids. Its all about kids of undocumented workers.

    I am not quite sure why should I support this bill. Unless this bill includes age out protections for legal kids or legal kids get the same benefits as kids of undocumented workers, I don't think many people would support this.

    Please let me know if you know any provisions that help us or hurt us . I am open to change the mind ...


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  • rrbraju
    12-14 08:28 PM

    If any one needs AC21 letter format do let me know. I can give you the format.

    Good luck.

    Kindly send me AC21 letter format

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  • rpat1968
    08-06 10:15 PM
    My PD is EB2 - July 2004.
    I-140 Approved from TSC
    I485 submitted in NSC 2nd July. Receipt date 9th Aug.
    Working for same employer for last 5 years.

    Had lud updates twice in last 5 days. (Also recently did a A11 online (address change for me and my family).


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  • xerces
    03-16 10:44 PM

    As Senators Debate Immigration Bill, Frist Offers His Own

    WASHINGTON, March 16 � Senator Bill Frist, the Republican leader, introduced a stringent border security bill on Thursday, rejecting pleas from senators in his own party who appealed for more time to finish legislation that would create a guest worker program for foreigners and a legal remedy for millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States.

    Mr. Frist said his bill would include several measures already hammered out in negotiations under way in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which had included an increase in the number of border guards, more fencing along the Mexican border and faster deportation of illegal immigrants. But Mr. Frist's bill would not create the temporary worker program that President Bush has urged to legalize the status of the 11 million illegal immigrants thought to be in this country.

    "Our country needs security at our borders in order to slow the flow of illegal immigration and make America safer from foreign criminals and terrorists," said Mr. Frist, of Tennessee.

    Mr. Frist said he had decided to pre-empt the Judiciary Committee's work to ensure that the Senate meet his goal of holding a vote on immigration the week of March 27. He said the committee's legislation could replace his bill as the starting point for a floor debate if the senators completed their work in time.

    The decision put him at odds with Senator Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania Republican who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and highlighted divisions within the Republican Party over immigration.

    "I think it is a colossal mistake to take this to the floor," Mr. Specter said early on Thursday. He sounded more conciliatory after meeting with Mr. Frist. Addressing reporters with Mr. Frist at his side, Mr. Specter said he would have preferred a different outcome but was optimistic that his committee could complete its legislation in time for it to be considered on the Senate floor..

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  • alterego
    12-14 07:00 AM
    In the case of this guy. I can't fault him/her for taking up this option. None of us can. After all, he is playing by the rules right?
    That we are affected does not matter here to the authorities. Why? Once again I ask you guys to realise that this immigration system is here to serve the employers, not you or me. That is why they can justify this.


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  • cal97
    12-03 03:21 PM
    Got the same too. I git frustrated and sent out an e-mail on Friday. Not sure if I should really fill in the form. What a mess at every stage :mad:

    I got an automated response from ombudsman saying that I will have to fill out a formal inquiry in the form of 7001. That's the form to fill out if you want ombudsman to inquire into your case.

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  • jonty_11
    08-22 02:17 PM
    Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    EB-4: N/A
    EB-5: C
    Please stay tuned.
    check b4 u post man....this thing has been cut and paste a billion times...
    Concentrate on the DC Rally instead plz


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  • crzyBanker
    11-26 04:17 PM
    Good job IV. This article from IV really should give ideas to DOS and USCIS the way to approach going forward using the data available. Good data mining and analysis by IV.

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  • diptam
    08-01 11:20 AM
    Looks like for July 2nd they just started and i talked to 5 other guys( who got receipt) - all of them has a sending time between 9 and 9:30 AM by FEDEX

    Mine went around 11:30 by USPS on July 2nd - so i have to wait for at least 2weeks. 1 hr late means 1 week delay !!

    Kidding - what time yours hit the USCIS building ?

    I also just got off the phone with USCIS, I am July 2nd filer with no receipts yet. The nice lady at USCIS customer service told me that due the increase in the in-flux of applications, it is taking USCIS longer to generate the receipt notices. She told me to call them back after 2 weeks.

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  • yash04
    08-01 12:14 PM
    great let me know once you see any activity..my 140 too was approved from TSC,how bout u?

    yeah mine too was approved at TSC..they were very fast with 1-140's --hope they are as effecient this time around too...

    will let you know if anything...no RN and no checque cashed...

    07-19 02:41 PM
    Thanks, but seems like this is not what i was looking for. I was looking for the Jun 16/17th memo about initial evidence. Do you have that one?

    Note sure what you're looking for. The memo I cited went into effect on June 16th. If that's not what you're looking for, you can try "press room" at USCIS's website where all memos are listed by date.

    09-01 10:02 PM
    Are you sure about this? That sucks! I always thought you were eligible for SS after you accrue 40 points....basically you get 4 points for every year of work. If you look at your SS report that's sent out before your b'day you will see the points you have accrued.

    I thought 40 points was the only requisite; wasn't aware that you had to be a US citizen. Can you please verify this information?

    This is my understanding. I started following it in past 2 months. It requires more research. There are articles in News Article Thread.

    This remark was made to a person at SJ rally by a bystanding Amercan. (mentioned in SJ Rally thread)

    Sessions has also proposed that H1B/GC should not get Earned Income Credit. I dont know all details.

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