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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • puppies and kittens sleeping together. sleeping puppies kitten

  • sri1309
    12-12 06:43 AM
    Agreed! But when you call your bank to send you a debit card, they send it in days if not in weeks....that shows a sign of inter-dependability and a sense of need for each other. Sort of...I need you, you need me. You do not have to file MTR if they don't send you a debit card within 10 days.

    Compare that with US consulate and DOS VISA bulletin and GC process...

    We recently had this experience with our bank. We saw a level of carelessness thrice. You know what, we closed our account with the bank and open it with a new one. Please do not assume somebody is doing a favor on you. You contribute and work hard. You will get benefits. Same applies to the other party also. Please be able to see from both sides, else it will leave a bad taste for you as you seem to assume that you are the taker. Most of us are givers too here. Please respect the contribution IF you make. I have seen this one-sided feeling mostly with people who are just takers and do not contribute atall. If thats the case, then you are absolutely right.
    But not in my case. Doesnt look in Kavita's case or many others, as I see.

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  • tonyHK12
    02-10 10:41 AM
    I have about 9500 miles in Delta.
    As StarSun mentioned, we need a volunteer to maintain a spreadsheet of miles, accomodations for matching. Can someone take this up?

    Can anyone suggest hotels and/or if already booked can you post those hotel name & locations?

    Also, just a suggestion, this thread is getting complicated as far as matching donors with travelers is concerned... May be create a Google spreadsheet with all the donors (miles, accommodations) and match them with travelers from just one central location?

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  • kittens sleeping together,

  • ksvreg
    06-30 10:56 PM
    Can I handover my I-485 application personally on Monday at Nebraska?

    I am planning to take a flight to Lincoln. Not kidding. Anyway we are spending money on many things. Lets treat this as premium mailing. :)

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  • Madhuri
    06-11 11:47 AM


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  • Sleepy Kitten is Sleepy~

  • texanguy
    06-08 06:26 PM
    I thought the spillover starts at July, but it doesnt look that way. When would they do the spillovers? in next two months??? i thought we are done for 2009 quota...

    That "small change" of EB2 China PD is very important. It suggests that there is going to be "Spill over" so EB2 India and China will have to move together to use the unused numbers. A good sign; at least EB1 retrogression does not seem to be likely and there will be some spill over numbers to EB2 India (EB2 china may not benefit much as it had a PD later than that for the rest of the year.

    Scorpion: how can you say "no spill over". EB2ROW is current and so spill over is likely (more likely from EB1 and even to some extent from EB2 ROW)
    Moreover, EB2 ROW remained current meaning that they have not used all their quota; they will not use any spillover numbers and they may even provide spill over numbers to EB2 India and China.

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  • puppies and kittens sleeping together. Kittens+and+puppies+sleeping+together

  • vin13
    11-12 03:26 PM

    So are we having a conference call or have we decided that we should individually write letter that has already been drafted.

    Contact your congressman and use the draft to help get clarrification/resolution. If they cannot help resolve, but can get an appointment with a higher official then one of us can go meet them. Some of us are willing to fly/drive.. at our own expense to meet the official.

    I know atleast 3 members including me who would be meeting lawmakers of our respective constituencies. When we meet the lawmakers we plan to discuss about our provisions in the CIR(Recapture, country cap,...) and then in the interim we would request them to help us resolve the quarterly spillover.


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  • webm
    06-06 01:56 PM
    It sounds NSC is approving lot of EB2 cases these past few months..good for EB2 folks with PD current..:)

    PD EB3-I Oct ,2001 (TSC)

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  • ramus
    07-01 07:04 PM

    You don't need to be so polite with this member.. He/she just joined IV. Haven't done anything for IV.. Don't know what IV is doing any now start talking about IV core doing partying..

    No we are not partying. Welcome to IV. Please update your profile with full information. Thanks.


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  • kanaihya
    09-26 12:22 PM
    What paragraph ? what is the update in the CNN link ? i don't see any, every where its h1B..can somebody pl. help..

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  • EB3_SEP04
    05-26 06:15 PM
    Just out of curiosity.

    You were not asked to show any documents (your friend was)?
    May be because your son is a US Citizen...

    My wife thought the same but I don't think my son's citizenship has played any role. The officer's conversation was only with the DRIVER. All the questions were directed at my buddy(driver). he said he could have fined him even for the passengers' inability to prove the status.
    So i am wondering if the rule/law dictates that only the driver should be questioned unless it's a commercial/public transportation.

    During my last H1 stamping in Mumbai over 3 yrs ago, officer's third question was if we have a US citizen child and we said yes then there was a brief pause and he said "Congrats, your visa is granted and your passports will be mailed".

    so if i must vote yes or no on whether son's citizenship works in our favor then i'd say "Yes".

    There's no doubt US govt "cares a lot" about their citizens, that'd probably be the reason i would want to be a US citizen even at the price of giving up Indian citizenship :)


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  • smuggymba
    03-12 11:12 AM
    great job guys. There was no spillover and the dates did not become current and everyone is blaming IV. Stop contibuting to IV if they are the one's who were not able to make it current. Stop ranting like ladies in a kitty party.

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  • prioritydate
    12-20 03:59 PM
    Folks, I didn't worked for an year(2001) due to, you know what I am saying....

    Now I am afraid that I would get an RFE because of that. Do you think that I need to worry about it? :(


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  • ewana
    08-26 12:11 AM
    Thanks willigetagc and sayantan76 for your reply.

    According to company lawyer i am preliminary discussing this issue with, she mentioned the EB1 can take 12-18 months at best, that why the concern that the foreign office might be close by then. I'm not from India/China, so there should be no priority date issue. How realistic do you guys think is it to get the whole process done in 90 days or so as mentioned sayantan76 ?

    willigetagc, you mentioned about getting the EAD quickly. Once you got your EAD , does it mean that you will be still be on status even if the foreign office is closed by that time ?

    H1B is probably the last option due to low probability of success and I would probably be out of status by that time.

    Can you guys recommend some good immigration lawyer that you or your friends used that I can probably consult (I'm in the LA area) ? My email is ewana@gmail.com (in case it is now allowed in the forum or for privacy purposes). I'm the only employee on working visa on the company and it seems like the company lawyer is not very adept with immigration stuff.

    Thanks a lot for all your help. greatly appreciate it.

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  • sanju
    01-24 01:28 PM
    What is the next item we are waiting for, it has to be "wait for the economy to get a little better before the congress will do something".

    This chakraview never ends. Please god (or IV) help us ......

    When you want someone (that could be anyone) to do something, it is better to ask politely rather than using accusatory language and kill the debate even before it starts. :D

    This is just a suggestion. You are a free man living in a free world (and include the text of First Amendment here), so you are free to do or say whatever you want. Although, there are many means to express frustration, including accusatory language.

    Why do think that someone here has a power to do something but is deliberately not doing it? You seem to think that others on the forum are giving you "excuses"? :rolleyes: That's funny. Often on these forums I have seen folks with the loudest (and mostly disrespectful or distasteful) expression try to drive, causing an accident right in the start.

    It takes more than accusatory language to motivate others to do something constructive.



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  • dealsnet
    03-18 07:50 AM
    According to attorney Ron Gotcher Eb2 India will move up in coming months and EB3 ROW (Rest Of the World) will be current very soon. In that case, the excess EB3 ROW numbers will go to heavily retrogressed countries. This attorney's prediction is 100% correct for the April VB.
    See the link.http://www.immigration-information.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4285&page=24

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  • ramus
    07-03 05:33 PM
    Very good plan...

    Also please dig this

    http://digg.com/politics/No_July_4th_Celebrations_for_Highly_Skilled_Future _Americans/who

    and also ask other members to contribute..

    My action plan:
    1. Contribute $100 to IV
    2. Send flowers to USCIS for July 10
    3. Write emails to local Congressmen and Senators


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  • gc__aspirant
    05-30 02:49 AM
    Hi All,

    I applied my I485 in April 2007 (PD-July 2002, RD-April 23, 2007) and there has been no update (LUDs) on my application even after FP in May 2007. I called up NSC in Nov 2007 and they confirmed that FPs are OK and it is OK to have no LUDs after FP. Since then, it is a waiting game. Till Feb, i was told that my app is under security review (although my spouse's review was complete). After the USCIS's memo in Feb, there is no update either. My attorney has opened an SR with NSC on may 8th and they acknowledged that my app is outside the normal processing time.

    Any suggestions on what steps should i take?


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  • nixstor
    07-05 03:11 PM
    But I have been using murthy forums - which are free for a long long time...even before IV came along....talking abt quality...same kinda ppl post there....dont see any diff....

    I'm sure IV is doing a great job on something....but please do a little research before asserting that this is the only immigration forum in the world...

    Dont mean to start a p***ing contest here.... those who want to and can pay shd pay....but thinking that ppl will pay for the forums is not really a solution.

    No offense either. You cannot compare Murthy/Khanna forums with IV's. As long as you see IV just as a forum, you would not be able to make any distinction between IV & murthy/khanna forums. As I replied in another post, Murthy/Khanna get "invaluable" publicity that translates into clients shelling out $$$ in the long run. I hope you understand the difference.

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  • piyu7444
    01-31 04:57 AM
    On H1 Status, one must be working full time and should be paid salary even if s/he is on benching. Three month maternity leave should be ok, but 6 months of unpaid leave will be very difficult to explain.

    You should seriously consider changing status to H4, if that is an option.

    In Nov, she can re-enter on H1 visa to come back to H1 status.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

    So does this mean that pending AOS has no meaning?

    How about EAD.......if she switches to EAD in Feb with same employer and does not work from Mrach onward then?

    My (mis)understanding was that as long as one has a pending AOS one can be in US without a job and paystub as long as one has a pending AOS.

    Thanks for your help.

    07-25 12:12 PM
    Dear Friends,
    What is availability means available for persons applied before cut of dates? or not at all available like present Eb2.
    A Person can apply only when visa's are available. For example right now there are no Visas for EB2. So no one can apply for I 485 under EB2 category. But when visas are available like EB3 why do not we apply. Cut off dates are USCIS created ones for their work conveninece by allowing few applicants . It is not law. There is no such hard and fast law stating that the applicants having priority dates before cut off dates can only apply for I 485. Just USCIS can issue a Circular to allow I 485 against to visa dates.
    If it is really a law then they should say aome thing about the method of calculating cut off dates.

    Why do not we write atleast a letter to allow to apply I 485 when visas are avaible by ignoring USCIS defined cut off dates.
    Please discuss with senior attorneys and DHS and DGS officials.

    With regards,

    10-29 05:36 PM
    Sept 2001
    EB3 India

    LC approved April 2007
    I-140 Pending
    I-485 Pending

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