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Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • h1bmajdoor
    09-03 09:44 AM
    H1B + GC holders pay SS + Medicare (??) for which they are entitled only when they become citizen (this is questionable).

    anyone (*fine print - from a list of countries) who has paid SS for 10 years or more, and was legally in the US, is entitled to SS benefits, like a US citizen.

    these laws can change. but then so can anything else.

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  • ryan
    06-10 12:43 PM
    You can make whatever you like of the current situtation, but let me tell you something.
    There is a HUGE difference between being TOLERATED and BEING LIKED.
    I am sure you have the intelligence to see the difference.
    You can "tolerate" someone you don't like, but you can not "welcome" someone whom you don't like. I for one, donlt want to be in the "tolerated" category.
    And may I ask, what exactly is your definition of hostility? Being chased down the street by a bunch of thugs, who think you should be in their country, or the kind of passive hostility being practised as of now?

    Quite honestly, if that is how you feel - perhaps you'd need to reconsider relocating to your home nation. I'm Indian, who grew up in the Middle East. I've lived in the United States for 6 years. I've always felt quite welcome and accepted in every way possible. I believe I've been treated fairly and have had the opportunity to live with Americans and contribute in positive ways. I continue to live here, primarily based on these sentiments. I'd never live here if I felt the way you do now.

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  • pointlesswait
    11-25 04:44 PM
    the quaterly spillover.. is that just speculation.. or has USCIS confirmed it?

    I dont see any news release saying that there will be X number or quaterly spillovers...

    Can IV get some kind of inputs..on how sure are these quaterly spillover rumours??

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  • nrk
    11-01 01:19 PM
    Thanks for the information

    Google DHS USCIS ombudsman and you will find a link to form 7001


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  • Edison99
    08-02 10:15 AM
    Very old article date December 17, 2007 :-(

    The backlog of visa applications is a significant issue. It has been written about previously, and the USCIS has faced a good deal of criticism over it. Here is one piece of such criticism: Migration Information Source - USCIS Faces Criticism over Visa Backlog (http://www.migrationinformation.org/USfocus/display.cfm?id=665)

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  • GCaspirations
    10-02 12:22 PM
    Sure, what additional information are you looking for?

    I am not sure what a_to_z_Gc is looking for more details, but I would like to now if your case was transferred from NSC to CSC and back.
    Those whose cases have transferred back to NSC have not received the FP notices. I would like to know if your case was transferred back to NSC.


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  • sujan_vatrapu
    10-28 04:03 PM
    Sujan vatarapu you are a baby here. you just believe what ever supereme court says! it is influenced by politicians, and the so called minority community in India. So if you dont know dont argue. I never said anything -ve about athiest, I said they are denying themselves by claiming as an atheist. that is about it. When you point a finger three of your own fingers are pointing towards you Please understand that.

    exactly and it applies more to you because if someone does not agree with your opinion thats what you do, wherz the proof that supreme court is influenced by minorities? you are totally out of touch with reality and u probably are struck with 70s/80s mentality, no point in arguing with you,

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  • jasguild
    07-17 11:02 AM
    6 years for everyone? is everyone's PD 2007? Are they going to issue GC only after 6 years? use a little common sense and you will find that GCs are given based on PD, Older the PD sooner you will get GC. for example a person with PD 2003 will get GC within 6 months.

    I am not sure of this but from studying data, I get the impression that the GC are given out on a FIFO system based on when USCIS receives your I-485 (assuming it clears NC) and NOT PD date



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  • javadeveloper
    08-20 04:01 PM
    I think he knows that you won't have the gut to expose him since this will also put you in an awkward situation since you paid for your labor and I-140 which, strictly speaking, is against the immigration law.

    I don't think It'll create any problem for employee.What a employee can do if employer demands for money

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  • sledge_hammer
    02-27 06:19 PM
    One more time - Why don't you explain to everyone how is telling the OP that we do not condone taking or selling drugs something of a personal opinion? And how is it like "shoving personal moral" on someone's face?

    You have managed to dodge this question for a long time now. You have gone over all my other threads and what I have and have not done in those threads except provide me with an anwer to the above question. When will you learn to provide an explanation backing up your opinion and comment? How old do you have to be, to be able to substantiate your argument with valid reasons?

    You are not skilled nor are you intelligent!

    I am not answerable to an anonymous "internet toughie" who picks up fights on forums. it's evident that your understanding of the tonality in a professional response vis a vis a personal one is impaired albeit imponderable.

    I shall not waste my time "coaching" the same.

    [B]"then we all know who the real immature person is"

    After your fiasco with Kumar, doesn't this whole forum apart from a few thousand scandalized visitors know who really enthrones "immaturity" here?

    With this i end my diatribe with you mr internet toughie aka sledgehammer. lol


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  • bobyal
    05-12 09:03 AM
    The bill text says there is NO fee and the applications need to be processed expedited.

    Regulations promulgated under this Act shall provide that applications under this Act will be considered on an expedited basis and without a requirement for the payment by the applicant of any additional fee for such expedited processing.

    So once this bill passes, we can just forget about legal immigration applications for 2 ~3 years, until all illeagul and UNDOCUMENTED applications are processed.

    This is going to effect all legal immigrant community, think about waiting for AP, EAD, H1B application and guess people might have to suffer loosing jobs while waiting for these applications processed.

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  • nixstor
    06-20 01:46 PM
    My lawyer is asking 350 for EAD and 500 for AP for each person excluding filing fees.Is it normal.or Can I go to another lawyer for EAD and AP who is cheaper than my company lawyer.

    Thats a lot of money for EAD & AP. The law firm might be charging 2 grand for your 485 and another grand for your spouse's 485. You dont need a lawyer for filing EAD & AP. You can file them youself along with the 485 application or after getting a receipt number from USCIS for your 485 application. Ask your law firm to prepare 485 for you and your spouse and return the application packet to you. You can sign it off, add your EAD & AP applications and send it to NSC. I supsect they would be willing to do so. By not giving them they would be forcing you to file EAD & AP through them, given that the fees for everything is going up from next month.


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  • eb3retro
    11-02 09:00 AM
    ramus, follow my posts in the past 20 days and you will see i have posted many posts for this AP expedite. I have a travel coming up shortly and I had only exactly 90 days from the date of application and date of travel. My application was approved recently along with my spouse. There is even a post where I listed out all the steps I took to expedite and finally finally only the local congressman phone to USCIS helped. its just unbelievable, but its possible. I have tickets that even if you postpone the journey I will lose money. I said to myself enough we lose with USCIS, and so decided to take all and any steps to expedite and get it done. just follow my posts (like start reading my past 20 posts) and I am sure you will find it useful. If you need more help, please PM me, and I will be more than happy to help you with any questions that you have. All the best.

    that's what happened with us as well.. Waiting for 80 days now on AP and already changed the tickets twice..

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  • Lasantha
    12-26 03:24 PM
    It seems as per current DOS practice, the answer is yes. They will be issuing only 2800 EB2 visas per year to India and China. They will be issuing remaining unused visas by EB2-ROW to EB3-ROW.

    So that means the unused Visa number flow "downwords" within the country category NOT "accross" the EB category.


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  • zen
    03-26 10:11 PM
    In Florida, one has to show an EVL before they give the one year "temporary" license. I wonder what happens when your H-1B expires and your renewed H-1B has not arrived, sit at home:confused:
    In one word - YES !!! the DL office in georgia would not renew my license even 1 day early ..my old EAD was expiring in 6 days and I had my new EAD in hand. went to DL office and asked them to renew ..they said come when old license expires ,,I said I would need to take a holiday just for renewal - they said - not our problem.
    I said - I would be driving on expired license when I come to DL office ..they said talk to immigration ..I said do you know legal immi and USCIS is broken :)
    I told my manager ...these guys cannot even add 2 plus 2 ...(old ead expiring on 5th and new one starting from 6th )

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  • the
    12-20 01:16 PM
    If someone has already spent 6 years on H1B can he/she convert to H4 status?

    as long as spouse has a valid H1B...


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  • venkygct
    09-08 01:33 PM

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  • H1bslave
    09-19 04:38 PM
    I was also looking here and there after rally no one handed me my green card :D

    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............

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  • se_vnt3
    02-28 02:56 PM
    Whatever the crap it is...This forum and its members can not and will not support you. So please dont waste out time.

    I understand you don’t care about the United States and its people and you’re only interested in what you can gain from them but if you weren’t so blinded by greed you’d see this is something else they can give to you. Now I know why I took the route I did, I would have accomplished far less in my personal life with the likes of you. In fact, I may doing to much sharing my expertise with you. I refuse to have my name tarnished any further. Besides, you’re only a beginner. What was I thinking? IV really ought to make it clear to everyone that this is an amateur site. Maybe by changing its name to Beginning Immigration. IV definitely is not the voice of Immigration – my voice is different from IVs and I’m dealing with immigration. I may have to contact the internet higher-ups about this farse.

    07-07 07:24 PM
    i saw it on TV . there is 10 ot 15 sec clip of some one asking Condoleezza Rice about this fiasco . which program was that on nbc ? any one has any info on it ?

    02-21 01:29 AM
    Thanks for the reply...
    Initially I too got the same doubt that it could be a prank from my friend. But the name of the person who called me matches with the name of the person who visited my employer's office around 2 months back. After I got a call from ICE officer, I notified the same to my employer and explained about the call.
    Really donno what to do.... Even though the ICE officer took prior appointment for visiting me, should I still contact attorney?

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