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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • solaris27
    10-09 07:53 PM
    you can directly go to USCIS website and take printout of your approved I-140.

    It will not have all informaion but more then enough to change job .

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  • darslee
    07-06 04:59 PM
    Who understands the word Gandhigiri. Stop stuff like this :mad:
    I am not even Indian and I understand it!

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  • ujjvalkoul
    06-26 03:42 PM
    Have any lawyers recommended against DIGITAL Photos? and Asked to use on Polaroids?

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  • gcformeornot
    03-26 01:51 PM
    many other states including mine has this requirement after 9/11. They require latest(within 1 month) employer letter saying what my name and address is and I work for them.

    I have used it atleast 3 times before.......


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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 04:22 PM
    When you set up the infopass appntmt do you have to select the option
    'EAD Inquiry Appmt' even when you are going with AP question.

    Thank you.

    You should do following for Advanced Parole related appointment if you are arranging the first appointment.



    - You need Service on a case that has already been filed

    On next screen select

    -Case Processing Appointment - If you received a notice to go to your local office for further case processing.

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  • rajev_kk
    08-09 08:01 PM

    Miss. Murthy reports that LS was rejected for some folks.

    How does one get to know if his Labor Substitution was rejected? If a Receipt Notice was received does that mean that it was accepted? And, can they reject it later?


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  • gc_maine2
    08-05 12:12 PM
    its a really good discussion, thanks to all people who have provided valuable information. I am a Consultant throughout my career and never lead a team but now planning to change gears and move into project management. When I goolged about the requirement to take the exam, Lot of PMP training institutes came up and they are charging about $2000 for training and they say its a 5 day course, guarantee to pass bhla bhla .... My first question is it required to take these training classes? if not how to become eligible for to take the exam, Please advice.

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  • xyzgc
    10-22 06:25 PM

    There are two issues that I have posted on this thread.

    1. Interpretation/understanding a post.
    2. RED DOT issue ( this is not my priority) . If you read the post keenly.

    You, .. your self have made a mistake in Interpretating / understanding the post and reacted overly on the second issue by cornering the actual post.

    Do you call this as a Interpretation issue?. Did you get what am I saying. First , read and understand what others meant to be. Don't JUMP on it.

    If IV cannot fix this RED DOT issue, how could some one believe in IV would fight for FIXING broken immigration system?.

    Perspective is not always matters, there are times .... some thing else matter too. Which is called "Self Respect"

    When few people are spending time and knowledge on sharing their thoughts/ideas, how good it would to use F***words against them?.

    There are many BAD words ... that some members have used against of my friends. Who no more wanted to participate in IV?.

    Did you get what am I saying?

    Dude, even I agree that this dot system is misused like lot of facilities we misuse. But pls don't highlight something really trivial in red...I nearly went blind, what has IV's dot system got to do with fixing the immigration system? Take it easy, bro. Btw, if some one has given you reds for no reason at all, let me know. I'll fix it the best I can by giving you a green. no issues there but highlighting in red looks scary, particularly with your font size.


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  • mhathi
    07-17 10:33 AM
    FBI background check delay is the only reason why visa numbers are wasted every year. Pending I485 cannot be adjudicated and allocated visa numbers due to pending security checks. At the same time these pending I485s also don't let the visa bulletin dates move forward fast enough. Just wait and see how this problem is going to get worse in the coming years.

    Retrogression is a serious problem right now due to quotas and country quotas. But backlogged FBI checks will make it worse for thousands of people.

    I agree with everybody on this thread. I agree this solution ( if any) will be a band aid. I also agree the band-aid is needed to prevent the wound from becoming fetid. I agree this may exacerbate problems.

    For all these reasons, it is imperative we do not stop after this anouncement. Our long term goal has to be retrogression relief in one form or the other, including all or some of recapture of unused visas, increase in annual quota, resolution of the FBI name chack black hole, and more that able persons in IV can doubtless think of better than yours truly.

    I, for one, am going to be a member of IV long after this anouncement.

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  • yash04
    08-01 11:57 AM
    I'm waiting for it too..RN from TSC - mine was recieved by 9.55 am and signed by some dude...who's was your's signed by?


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  • Lisap
    08-23 06:01 PM
    I agree that "It is an irony that most people here who raised valid concerns have "red" reputation". I don't know how it works. I know it doesn't matter but I just added +ve reputaton for ck_b2001 and Lisap.

    Anyways, I think the moderators should not forget that this is an open forum also. And it has become popular because of people like us. As of now I am using this site as a forum where I get some info/experience from people like me regardng GC. Its an important thing (to get GC) and a painful process. May be thats why this site/forum has got so many serious members, spending time and sharing their so much personal information.

    But to me (its just me), GC is important but not a life/death thing and there are lot of other things which are more important to me other than getting GC. Frankly speaking, I will spend time and money in those other things at this time. May be sometime later when I will be more comfotable and have more exp. with persons here, I might participate actively here too. And I believe lot of others might have similar thoughts.

    My point here is that:

    1. This is an open forum (like immigrationportal etc.) to discuss/share views/exp about GC process. So let it be like that only. If its not, then I will ask moderators to "please close this open forum".

    2. IV is a very good cause, but all of us (affiliates to moderators) and moderators should try to explain this in any way they want but please NOT BE PUSHY, AND ABUSIVE.

    3. In this way, who so ever wants more participation, let him/her come forward. But at the same time, if anybody is not convinced or don't want to participate, then let him to do that also. Why PUSH.

    Good Luck to all of you

    Very well said. Thank you for the support- I appreciate it.

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  • vghc
    07-25 11:08 AM
    Do this: Be happy with what you already have and expect (don�t worry) more good things in life. Just compare with somebody who doesn't even have food, clothes, shelter, health care, etc... in their lives.

    You are VERY fortunate to make it to US and living a decent life than most of the Indians.

    Cheer up....

    Yup, i went back to my homecountry in February after 10 years away from home and trust me, our lives here are good. People back there will trade your place in a heartbeat. Just be glad that you are in the pipeline for a PR.


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  • sunny1000
    12-22 03:22 PM
    Sorry to say, but sending mails of unresolved issues to NY Consulate is a waste of time.
    I have sent them mails every week for 2 month (yes, I did that religiously) thinking that I would clog up their system, but I guess they had the last laugh! :-)

    But hey everybody, pls do go ahead and follow the process!


    I merely posted what was on their website. Don't shoot the messenger....

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  • learning01
    03-17 08:02 AM
    What's is Frist's motive in trying to trip the McCain - Kennedy or Specter's Markup? What's his point?
    Looks like in Congress, each senior senator is a leader of his own and don't tolerate or cannot see eye to eye on more serious work of fellow senators or congressman. The idea is to trip the whole effort to treat illegal immigrants as humans. In Frist and its ilk's opinion, they want the services of illegal (and legal) immigrants, but this great country doesn't want to give any benefits to the illegal aliens in return. It's is so farcical, only the feudal minded Frists' can do it. Many in this country want 'closure' for this and 'closure' for that, but they deny all relief to these illegal aliens. Our goal of relief from retrogression and to increase visa numbers is unfortunately tied to such 'comprehensive bills'.

    I want users of this forum to think about it, ruminate on it and write letters to law makers, newspapers etc.


    As Senators Debate Immigration Bill, Frist Offers His Own

    WASHINGTON, March 16 � Senator Bill Frist, the Republican leader, introduced a stringent border security bill on Thursday, rejecting pleas from senators in his own party who appealed for more time to ..


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  • krishnam70
    06-17 05:15 PM
    Originally Posted by pappu View Post
    - How has green card changed your life after receiving it?
    It created some anxiety instead of joy. Of course you will understand why in a bit. Please see explanation below. Brought a home as the uncertainty was gone. I still do have to worry about some documentation for our son but that is fine.. More opportunities opened up with direct placements instead of subcontracting etc. Feel good factor has been great

    - What did you do on the day you received it?
    As I said we were anxious for a bit but there was a definite relief that the ordeal of 8 yrs was over. Called up few friends and informed. Called parents in India and informed them. They were happy though they do not know of the advantages.. Thanked GOD ! Uncorked some champagne and had a good time
    - How did the long wait upset your life?
    Really painful with Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka types.. Major decisions in life were pending and a feeling of uncertainty haunting all the time.

    - How did immigrationvoice help you during this long wait?
    IV has been a fabulous place to get all the information. I used to go to other sites before this but after I joined IV this has been my home for Immi related issues. It helped me stay focussed some times and also better informed due to the various initiatives that were being taken up and discussed. Sometimes there were some flaming but it happens. I still have a RED dot against me from Ms Hemione with whom I had an argument about illegals.. not that I care much about it. Its been a definite learning experience for me

    - Would you like to continue your support to immigration voice and help others waiting?
    I visit the forum and read the issues and make calls to the senators and congressmen. Sent letter for the administrative fixes and active in my own way. I am not participating in the local chapter which is something I would like to address this coming few months.

    - Any advice for everyone?
    Easier said than done ! This process is extremely frustrating for most of the people who are in the queue. We are still in the queue for our son. We should do what ever is possible from our side to espouse our case and make us heard. IV has been a leader in this and we should support the cause in whatever way we can. Not everybody can contribute in the same way but at the end of the day each drop adds to the pool.

    Once anyone received his greencard, please update the IV tracker too. We like to see how many members in IV are greencard holders and what is the current trend of approvals in our membership
    - I think I did, will check once again

    IV you rock

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  • americandesi
    01-04 03:03 PM
    Let me acknowledge..This thread made me easily come out of holiday blues. Above thats its friday...!!!!

    My take on this situation....ask your freind to apply for concurent H1b's..it works out well with concurent wives...!!!!:):):) He can bring one wife on each visa..!!!!

    Yeah right! Do you really think that these women would qualify for skilled labor under H1?

    Anyway, they could try getting their LCA with following information and apply for H1.

    Client � Husband

    List of duties - Nagging, sobbing, yelling, demanding, gossiping, fighting, scolding, complaining, irritating, urging, nerve-racking, tormenting, annoying, upsetting

    Work location � His peace of mind

    Work duration � Equivalent to his lifespan

    Prevailing wage - Equivalent to his entire earnings

    Finally a kind hearted IO might think that they are really something and approve the petition ;).


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  • optimystic
    10-22 09:46 PM
    Are you talking about EB3-I? If not, ignore this post...

    EB3-I dates are in Oct 01, there are no cases to approve, what will they approve?
    What makes you think they are processing EB2-I more? Same logic applies here. Wait for the next bulletin, if you are EB3-I in 02 you'll get what is long overdue?

    I am sure there are bunch of cases with PD < Oct 01. My PD is May 2001.
    Something fishy going on. I have already been thru one whole month earlier this year (Apr or May) with my PD being current but my Processing date retrogressed at NSC. And the same this time too. I am planning to take an Info pass once we enter November irrespective of where Processing dates are at. That will be one more whole month with my PD being current and yet no approval received. :mad:

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  • rvr_jcop
    02-13 09:01 PM
    I saw lud chnage on my 485 on 2/5/09. How long the finger prints are valid?
    Is any one's LUD changed recently?

    Would you mind updating your profile. The 4 or 5 posts above yours were about LUD's. I am not sure what else you asking for. ??
    And, finger prints are usually valid for 15 months, and there is no definite trend as to who is asked for finger prints again and who is not.

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  • GCBy3000
    01-02 11:41 AM
    1. Find an employer who is willing to H1 sponsorship.
    2. The filing data starts by April 1st I beleive. Check with attorney.
    3. Make sure your future employer does all the paper work required to file an H1. Ex. adv etc etc. Do not wait until April as the quota gets over in very short span of time. May be in few days.
    4. Make sure you have all the paper work ready by march end and file it on April 1st or 2nd.
    5. Check with attorney whether you need stamping to start working. I dont think so, but make sure. If you need a stamping, make proper arrangements to get it stamped. Once all are done, you are ready to rock from OCT 2007.

    Time consuming part is finding an employer to do H1 and working with them to all the ground work before April 2007. Good luck.

    Hi Group,

    Am on H4 since Sep 06. I want to apply for a H1 this year. Can any one of u tell me the procedure? How long will it take for me to get a H1 and start working?

    Thanks in advance.

    06-17 10:04 AM
    I support.

    06-28 10:34 AM
    Atleast let's all unite now and file properly ! It seems more imminent that uscis will stop accepting applications. Just rushing and filing will not solve the problem, Read below ,

    Source: http://www.immigration-law.com/

    06/27/2007: SPECIAL ALERT: I-485 Cap for FY 2007 Can Be Exhausted Before End of July? Then What Will Happen?

    According to the AILA, approximately 40,000 visas remain in all employment-based categories, other than EW, for FY2007, according to its sources, and that the USCIS has far more than 40,000 adjustment applications in the backlog queue that are ready for approval, not to mention the additional numbers which will be consumed in concular immigrant visa processing. It is thus possible that the cap may reach within a short period in July, even though no one can predict it until after July 2, 2007. The USCIS at this time does not have any policy announced with reference to July 2007 I-485 filings which are filed after certain date in July when the total number is exhausted. However, considering the fact that the USCIS currently rejects the "Other Worker" category I-485 applications even though June 2007 Visa Bulletin show current for certain applicants because the "other worker" category quota was exhausted on June 5, 2007. This raises a serious concern because as we reported earlier today, the USCIS appears to be picking up the speed of processing of backlog I-485 applications in anticipation of flood of July 485 applications. The USCIS hands may be tied, should the EB visa numbers for FY 2007 is exhausted before the end of July.
    The situation is particularly critical because of the USCIS decision not to accept the I-485 filings without the medical report. AILA demanded leniency but the USCIS reportely refused to accept such demand. Since medical report is "initial evidence" to I-485 filing, under the recent rule change, any I-485 filing with the medical report can be rejected or denied. Reports indicate that there are a huge backlog in scheduling medical examination in most of the areas in the country.

    EVEN MORE REASON to rush and file before the USCIS stops accepting applications.

    rajakannan, you seem to be talking out of ur hat.

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