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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • felix31
    01-10 06:27 PM

    I am worried if I would have any problems converting to H1 since I am practically out of work force since 2000.

    I have 3 yrs worth of exp prior to moving to the US on H4 visa in 2000.
    Do you think I would have any issues with getting H1?

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  • bujjigadu123
    02-22 03:49 PM
    if your case is straight forward...... you have nothing to worry about........

    Could you please tell me what I should be ready with to confirm my case is straight forward.

    I am ready with LCA, H1 visa stamped passort ( for me and for my family), Pay stubs, client appreciation letters, h1 approval notice, past experience letters, offer letter.
    Please let me know what else I should be ready with?

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  • gsc999
    07-06 04:15 PM

    Curious, why do you say that?

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  • Naveen
    05-19 10:00 AM
    Lets take one step at a time. We have a similar bill introduced in the house.

    H.R. 1791:
    111th Congress

    To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to authorize certain aliens who have earned a Ph.D. degree from a United States institution of higher education in a field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics to be admitted for permanent residence and to be exempted from the numerical limitations on H-1B nonimmigrants.

    I know this bill will not benefit most of us directly but we should push for this to be passed which will help free up the quota or may be add an amendment to include graduates too.


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  • a_yaja
    12-14 01:35 PM
    For how long is USCIS issuing the EAD & AP these days?

    My EAD got approved in 54 days. Online status went straight from Initial Review to Card Production Ordered. I got the CPO email last Friday (12/10/2010) - still waiting for the card. Not sure about AP as I did not apply for an AP this time.

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  • pmb76
    02-12 05:05 PM
    Hi all,

    Mine is a different situation, i was with my employer till mid of last year and did not inform him while leaving his company and joined another job (h1 transfer) he is now saying that the vendor did not pay him some money and i have to pay that amount and he is demanding that amount for my W-2.

    He also said that he would take legal action if i didnot pay his losses ( i did not sign any document with him other than my h1b papers) no agreements,

    I am going to call IRS after feb15, but is he going to go to court?

    Please suggest me.


    Dude, I think you shouldn't worry about this. The contract was between the consulting company and the client. If the client doesn't pay what is your fault ? You don't control the client. I don't think he has any case against you. He might have a case against the client for not paying the dues for services rendered but that is their problem , not yours.

    These desi consulting firms are so friggin shortsighted and pennypinchers. They need to be taught a lesson. I really wish that they come up with some immigration reform bill where one of the items is to prevent exploitation of employees hired by these desi firms.


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  • NKR
    02-12 09:54 AM
    It's UNJUST(ified) business

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  • roseball
    07-27 09:52 PM

    Not sure if nasir is bluffing...But a July 9th filer getting a receipt b4 the rest (July 2nd - July 8th) --- Something fishy isnt it?

    Here is the content from the post on murthyforum, doesn't make any sense to me. Checkout text in bold...:confused:

    Application Received on : 07/03/2007
    Agency : Nebraska
    Status : Delivered on 07/09/2007 :confused:
    Case: EB3-India Jan 2004
    Returned/Rejected : Accepted, got Receipt # LIN xxx-xxx-xxxx.


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  • maximus777
    05-30 03:15 PM
    Voted YES. Mine was the 220th vote!

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  • siravi
    11-06 11:05 AM
    for sharing your experience. I have an infopass appointment in NY later this week, will post information.


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  • bluekayal
    03-09 12:48 PM
    Report back

    Two people from the CA group met the Constituent Services Manager at the Congresswoman's office. The staffer was very familar with Immigration issues, and the functioning of backlog elimination centers. It was a fascinating meeting at a very personal level with good exchange of views. It is good to remember we meet as individuals with our own histories, struggles and successes.

    On IV goals

    There was more agreement on some of IV's goals than others. For example it might be easier to "Automatically recapture unused EB Visa number from previous year." That goal may have better chance to win out. So we may need to move this item up. So in terms of priority, starting with what the staffer agreed with, Iv's priorities would something like this.

    1. Transparency of DOL-BEC and USCIS functioning.

    2. Automatically recapture unused EB Visa Numbers from previous years.

    3.Convert all 1 year extensions of H-1B, EAD, and Travel Document (Advance Parole) of applicants in backlog to 3 year extension.

    4. Ability to file I-485 even without Visa Number availability

    5. Allow applicants with advanced degrees from the US, or who have worked for more than 3 years in the US on H-1B, to automatically apply for adjustment of status without regard to EB annual limit.

    6. Eliminate dependents from EB annual limit.

    7. Increase EB annual limit.

    We shared the Ombudsaman's report and the couple of pages from the President's economic report of 2005. They were both very useful. It was the first time the staffer had seen the Ombudsman's report. The staffer wanted to use these at at a meeting she is attending :) Thank you IV team, especially Berkeley Bee for ferreting out key bits of information.

    On speeding up Labor certification

    When one of us said congress's intention for LC is 21-60 days, the staffer replied that was before 911. How can we make this happen and speeded up the work in PBEC/DBEC?

    The staffer also mentioned that a lot of time is spent on "background check" and mentioned it was suggested it might be better for FBI to do it. But of course the FBI had other things to do and that suggestion didn't fly.

    One of us mentioned the clogging due to 245-i. LCs could be speeded up -- if the paper work of those on the 245-1 (Apr.,25,2001) track is different from us, then could those be handled differently/ in another place to speed up our LCs in PBEC and DBEC.

    Finally, the staffer will let the congresswoman know our concerns.



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  • icecolor
    02-12 07:42 AM
    You need to file form 4852. That is super easy and I have filed it once.
    There are no problems with that whatsoever.

    You employer cannot pull a single hairstring from your head. So do not worry about the legal notice. That is all bull. He is probably worrying day and night about the DOL complaint you made.

    What you need to, further, is go to the local IRS office and talk to one of the employee about not getting your W-2. Not providing a W-2 is serious issue.


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  • thamizhan
    07-19 09:54 AM
    This is not the case for me....but during a discussion with my attorney and other friends contacts they said if you do not attach the medicals now you may get RFE at a later stage...which you can resolve it.

    I bet any RFE can be articulated with reason by attorney if they are smart enough.

    This is something I heard...but do not hold me on that. Please check with your attorney too and make a decesion.

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  • simikishore
    08-09 11:43 PM
    My GC got approved almost a three weeks ago. I stayed with my employer through the whole GC process till now. Now I want to move on with better job/salary.
    My attorney suggested to stay with the company for atleast 6 months as it may cause issues during the citizenship application. He also mentioned, employer has the right to revoke the approved green card.

    Is it really true, employer can revoke the green cards, just merely for switching jobs.
    I have my doubts that they can. Did anyone else heard anything similar.
    I tried looking at the web but could not find any written law by USCIS on this.


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  • Ram_C
    11-09 05:16 PM
    received FP notice for my wife today, I hope my FP notice will follow soon :)

    RD:23rd July 07
    ND:17th Sep 07

    NSC-CSC-NSC transfer case
    received Transfer notice for my wife, haven't received mine so far.

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  • pappu
    01-11 06:04 AM
    Pls let us know if you have participated in the campaign:



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  • kumarc123
    08-22 01:41 PM

    As much as I would like this bill to become law, the fact is it "Won't". The reason being the terms laid out in this bill are way to general, which will enable anyone who has done Masters from US to get a green card. Think about it, the amount of competition it will raise for both US citizens and other immigrants.

    At this point, I am very skeptical about this bill gaining any success in the future, however we should focus our efforts on the recapture bill.


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  • eilsoe
    02-02 06:44 PM
    Dan: Was it the trout-eating werm? :beam:

    pom: Yeah, he REALLY amazed me with those shadows as well... I can't decide right now.. I need more time...

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  • kate123
    06-01 11:43 AM

    07-19 09:54 AM
    This is not the case for me....but during a discussion with my attorney and other friends contacts they said if you do not attach the medicals now you may get RFE at a later stage...which you can resolve it.

    I bet any RFE can be articulated with reason by attorney if they are smart enough.

    This is something I heard...but do not hold me on that. Please check with your attorney too and make a decesion.

    10-10 08:48 PM
    ...if you are willing to see things with open mind, they are very well glorified in US markets too....that's the reason they were able to convince & win the confidence of almost all of the fortune companies....I don't think just by media hype, one could win the markets so consistently and see a continuous growth in a capitalistic market like USA.

    If you are talking about US Media, they are glorified there too. One of the recent NewYork times best seller - "The World is Flat" is actually inspired by the words of Infosys Ex CEO - Nandan.....There are numorous articles about Indian offshore companies & thier success in all the top magazines - NY Times, Washington Times, Fortune, Forbs, Business Week, Forbes....you name it, there were plenty of artcles in each and every of these.

    Coming to the attrition of employees - Top Indian offshore comany's average attrition rates are around 12-15%, which is still on par with World-wide IT companies (including IT Bigwigs in US). Even great US companies like INTEL got so many frustrated employees (& ex emps) that they started a special website (www.faceintel.com) expressing all their bitterness.

    At the end, you can still say - they are just glorified bodyshoppers...that's fine. Everyone has the right to live in thier own paradise :)

    I rest my case!!

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