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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • Brightsider
    08-30 09:35 AM
    Hi Dinesh,

    I am a physician myself who served j1 waiver and on AOS from 7/07. My son is a going to be a senior in High School this year. Why did you have a problem with state college apps on AOS/EAD?


    I had intended to respond to your post, but ended up with a different one. Do take a look at my post, sent a few minutes ago, about college admissions on AOS, and the related tuition issues.
    Best of luck

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-21 04:26 PM
    :D This is so true of Desis. Atleast the illegals have the guts to openly conduct a rally.

    It's ridiculous how some Desi minds function. I mean they seem to think "Kuch na Kuch to anth aayega hi, this cannot last forever". Arre bhiayya, if we dont do anything to end this, how is it going to end??

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  • gc28262
    03-11 11:52 PM
    I never said you are working on %age basis. I know many H1Bs work on %age basis like independent contractors. This leads to benching and USCIS is trying to crack down on

    That is right. %age basis is not allowed on H1. In fact it is not the %age basis that causes the issue. Not paying on bench is the real issue.

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  • glus
    09-26 07:35 AM
    I think at this point, you need to show that the original 2000 graduation date was final and true. I would try to get a letter from your school stating that you did graduate with B.S. degree in 2000 and 2000 was the graduation year. Try to get an official letter stating that. The letter could, if possible, explain why later dates appear on you degree transcript. However, it must underline that you graduated in year 2000.


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  • nrk
    10-31 09:22 AM
    When you make a call to the call center and find out some details which they don't know, they will open a service request for you. Some one apart from the call center people will reply to that service request. You will be receiving a response in mail.

    Can anyone please tell , What is a Service Request ?
    I know about infopass and the call center telephone number.

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  • jgh_res
    08-10 01:55 PM
    u wud have reported a LS guy to USCIS??????
    I think USCIS or DOL is the one which approves cases based on LS. They have a big database of people who used that....

    How many of the ppl who r disgusted by LS have contributed anything to IV or its cause, but are very happy to file their 485. Dude, nobody is a Mahatma Gandhi here....

    I have never met someone on LS... but I can assure you, if I ever find one of them, I will report USCIS and other authorities.. that is for sure.:mad:


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  • bidhanc
    12-22 03:29 PM
    Sorry partner, I was just sharing info.
    Did not mean to imply you were wrong in any way. :-)

    I merely posted what was on their website. Don't shoot the messenger....

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  • suren1
    02-12 11:41 AM
    As per data - EB3 is dead horse for rest of the FY


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  • 485InDreams
    08-20 09:36 PM
    I'm sorry to hear this...Its happened...
    if you really wanna bring your employer to lime light..prepare yourself..first....Remember..its your life here...anyone[including me) can give free suggestion here ....

    There is no use working with this kind of Employer anymore...so my advice is switch to another employer[Good One] before you react to this...Make sure you pretend as if you are not aware of this and get the best out of him before you leave...once you r done...then show who is he to the outside world...

    I'm sure you be having atleast mail proof...[If not ditch the plan of suing and move on with your next opportunity]....take some time and prepare all the possible proof...hire a good lawyer....File a case against the attorney in the local law chamber where the attorney is practising....they will definely call you to settle the case...make sure you record it as the proof[if you don't have one already ::)].....

    Then hit the employer...make sure you ask a collosal sum through your attorney[Never give chances]....and then post his name and details in the Immigration blogs....

    You lost one of the major milestone in your life...never give up this time....

    Best of luck

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  • dealsnet
    05-15 09:20 PM
    Bhai, Please read his previous post. He admit the thing. No need of a witness. He himself wrote in IV.
    misdemeanor charge and green card


    I may be charged with Misdemenor Class A for Domestic Battery around 15th of Nov/1st week of december(Court Dates).
    Am I screwed for green card? I applied for 485 in July, got EAD.

    Will there be a Deportation process involved? I am prepared for the Worst hpoing for the Best...

    Guys, need your advise....

    The Charge sheet is on Class A Misdem..

    This is my first offense.. I have not had any offence at all...

    Will being on Probation cause a issue. I spoke to my Immigration lawyer.. he said I will be called for a Interview...
    He asked me to tell the Criminal Lawyer to try to get supervision. but he said not to plead guilty...

    When I relayed the same to my Crim lawyer,, he said it will be difficult to get Supervision if we plead not guilty...

    So does it mean Misdemeanor does not qualify for Deportation?

    I am cofused whether to plead guilty or not...

    Were you witness to what happened in his home on that day?? If not, don't be judgemental....leave that to him and his wife and to family court. IV is not for "every good cause"...we are having very difficult time ourself...

    Looks like you already received GC and you have great & lot of time to get into other issue.


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  • desi3933
    06-19 10:58 PM
    What is EVL, is it experience letter.

    Employment Verification Letter indicating job position still open for employee. This COULD BE different from current job.

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  • HawaldarNaik
    12-20 01:45 PM
    For the past five years, i have been dealing with the SFO Indian consulate and they have been extremly efficient in processing my papers, when i have sent them over , be it for Visa or Passport.

    Yes their customer service is not up to the standards but they have always responded positively within two weeks


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  • sujan_vatrapu
    10-28 01:55 PM
    Yeah... very good, now there is two.... this is the proof why EB is not moving or why there is no unity. Keep on arguing and disunite that is the usual desi NRI habit. especially people in USA.

    Brush your GK about Hindu religion.. and this word is just phrased by a Irish Padri just to fool Hindus and you become a trap of it.. I pity Wake up and dont be in a fools world!

    "Sakthisagar", get you facts right, supreme court of india ruled that "Hinduism represented a way of life", and funny thing is you are talking about unity, check your posts, if someone disagrees with you you start talking BS about that person, tonyHK12 being an atheist for me does not imply anything -ve about him,

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  • Higcoptimist
    04-01 07:31 PM

    Sent the two faxes.

    My thanks to the core group and active members, working tirelessly towards our common goal.



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  • ramus
    05-29 05:25 PM
    Its all valid if CIR doesn't become law in current form... To oppose this we need to send web-fax /send fund and invite our all friends..

    Once you done with web-fax please update web-fax thread with your comment..
    Thank you so much.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am a new member

    My PD is 02/01/2005, my labour cert got approved in 03/01/2006,

    I applied EB3 I40 on 05/18/2007 and got approved on 05/23/2007

    Considering the scenario is my I140 invalid?

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  • nousername
    02-13 08:21 PM
    Not related to this thread but I did not want to open a new thread for this question..

    As you can see I am EB2-I (info above) and am waiting in line for my turn but I am just wondering if L1 route to GC is quicker? If so then how?

    Not that I am trying to do it because I can not :) but I know someone who just got his GC via L1 in matter of months and here we all EB guys are waiting..



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  • gc_on_demand
    06-13 09:38 AM
    Any update what will be next ?

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  • chanduv23
    07-31 10:47 AM
    How did you get the LIN number for this case?

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  • chanduv23
    08-12 11:27 AM
    Any comments?

    11-21 01:52 PM
    Let's start the call campaign. I want to be the baby that cries (or rather calls) a lot :-)

    02-03 11:37 PM
    guig0 i voted for you!!! just cuz eilsoe tried to screw you over by linking the WRONG SPEELing one.... ;) j/k :P :P

    btw, how the HELL do you make a spelling mistake during pixel art.......lol

    why aren't you posting as much anymore i love reading your hillarious remarks :love:

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