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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • Macaca
    08-31 09:06 PM
    I cant seem to open the article. Are others having the same problem?
    Yes, it does not work sometime. Keep trying!

    I have posted the article in News Article thread

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  • immi_enthu
    08-22 10:27 AM
    Murthy or Oh or Carl Shusterman or Greg Siskind will have the contents in their website soon.

    murthy , yeah right. they will have it next month. "oh" will have it soon....

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  • satishku_2000
    07-13 03:49 PM
    Should we be worried about the DREAM ACT?
    Only if you have kids who are old enough ot age out ... I dont have kids but I can support the bill if the bill caters to dreams of legal kids too ..

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  • go_guy123
    05-11 01:06 PM
    WASHINGTON � Democrats are trying once again to advance legislation that would give some young illegal immigrants a chance to live legally in the U.S.

    Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois plans to file a new DREAM Act bill on Wednesday. In the House, Rep. Howard Berman of California plans to file similar legislation.

    Generally, to qualify the young immigrants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent and have spent two years in college or the military. They must have been under 16 when they arrived in the U.S.

    At least one Republican, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, is co-sponsoring the House bill.

    The bill filings would follow a speech Tuesday in Texas on immigration by President Barack Obama.

    Read more: Democrats to try again on DREAM Act - FoxNews.com (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/05/10/democrats-try-dream-act/#ixzz1M3rtftS0)

    All token stunt by Democratic party before 2012. Last time they failed in lame duck but with GOP in power even Latino groups are not energised by it


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  • GCInThisLife
    07-19 12:11 PM
    I have a similar question that has been bugging me for some time and hasn't gotten a clear answer. Here is the details and not sure if there would be any problem to I-485.
    1. My wife came to US on H4 in Dec '03 which is valid up to sept' 06. Given I-94 reflecting same.
    2. Traveled outside US on H4 twice and each time got new I-94 till Set' 06.
    3. Applied for H1B and got approved for adjustment for status from Oct' 2005 with I-94 at the bottom of approval notice. H1B approval notice and I94 is valid till sept' 2008.
    4. Employer (consulting firm) insisted on getting SS number before searching for projects so applied for SS# and waited.
    5. After delays received SS card in March' 06.
    6. Found a project soon, but the start date was from June ' 06 and 'officially' joined the company from June' 06.
    7. Employer asked for a signed letter from my wife that due to health reasons, she is joining two months late - not sure if it is purely for their safety or ours?.
    8. Continuous paychecks since jun '06
    9. Haven't traveled abroad after getting H1B approved.
    9. Applied for I485 together in June' 07 with me being direct beneficiary and wife being derivative. Submitted all documents i., passports, I-94, approval notices, w-2, tax returns, employment letter etc for both.

    So the question is not getting paychecks or not joining the company immediately can cause any problem to her I485? I read some where that It is not a problem for H1B AOS as person is not required to join the employer immediately after getting approved for H4 to H1B AOS and it is a problem only if entered the country on H1B and not receiving paychecks in between.. Is this true??

    Also, it says on USCIS website that employee-employer relation is critical for H1B and employee can be on vacation, sick, out of pay etc. Not exactly sure what it means by relation.

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  • mariusp
    06-05 09:46 AM
    Please read this: http://immigration-information.com/forums/blog.php?b=9
    and look at the date when it was posted. Is it a coincidence that IV started a similar initiative two days later? could be... but he deserves some recognition. Ron is an immigration lawyer and not a 10k member organization such as IV so he does what he can, and in my opinion provides a good free of charge, service to the community, something that I don't see a lot of other people doing.

    I am not sure. Here is what my opinion is :

    I think he posts spicy messages on his forum to market himself. He uses strong language against USCIS to gain support from his prospective clients.

    Has he ever stood up for immigrants other than writing strong worded posts? Give me examples as I do not know any? I may be wrong in my assumption.


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  • gianik
    05-25 01:20 PM
    MET3259- Thanks for the Post. It was great.
    Could you address my quiestion regarding "low" wages. How "low" are they and what does 'low" mean in Canada, relative to cost of living and especially real estate prices. Can you afford to buy a decent house or apartments in average salary?


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    06-26 04:07 PM
    I had asked my StateSenator to inquire about my case and the senator office got back in 2 weeks saying that the USCIS liaiason informed that all looks good on my case and that cards should be ordered within 30 days. Six days after that i.e. today I got a notice saying cards were ordered.


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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 01:21 PM
    This "AP already approved" so no interimAP(even for emergency) audiotape started since Middle of OCT from NSC IO and local IO's. My AP got LUD on Oct 11th and they said that your AP approved so dont bug us for a duplicate. Wait ... Wait .. Wait ... But how long ??

    What do i do now ? I cant travel without this piece of sheet ( i mean paper)

    According to my lawyer one should contact USCIS in case of non receipt of AP (Physical Papers) within a month from first LUD. During that call one should ask USCIS whether USCIS get AP papers back or not ( For whatever reason address change and/or wrong address etc.. not delivered to you). If USCIS receive those papers back then it will resend it upon verifying correct address with you and that is without any extra cost. To make this happen certainly you will have to either make frequent calls to USCIS or take frequent infopass appointments.Down the road if USCIS does not get AP papers back and you simultaneously do not get them, meaning if paper lost during transit, then you do have 2 choice..(1) forget about receipt of AP approval papers this time (2) Refile AP with new fee as USCIS did not get mail (papers) back.

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  • tinku01
    02-12 11:22 AM
    Initially these facilities not provided to CP filers because it used be fast in comparison of 485 filers but now due to this retrogression CP filers are also waiting in queue with 485 filers and not even getting any reliefe I would say they are in very bad situation compare to 485 filers.


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  • jonty_11
    08-22 02:17 PM
    Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    EB-4: N/A
    EB-5: C
    Please stay tuned.
    check b4 u post man....this thing has been cut and paste a billion times...
    Concentrate on the DC Rally instead plz

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  • aswin
    11-06 01:47 PM
    EB2 I : 5-Mar-2005

    I haven't posted anything so far...hopefully my predictions comes true :-)

    This is a wishful thinking. Since there is a lot of pending cases for March...clearing March logs will take time. We have to expect a baby step unless a miracle happens.


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  • chakdepatte
    08-08 10:44 AM

    Sorry i updated under the wrong thread.

    ours was a paper filed on July 2nd. Card was mailed on 08/07/08. Still waiting for it to make it to the mail box.

    I have not recieved any FP notice yet. Surprising I also saw a soft LUD on AP when care production got ordered for EAD but no updates on AP or FP yet.

    Hope that helps


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  • MDix
    02-11 03:19 PM
    Thanks for the link . After reading the doc your analysis does make sense.
    I am just confused that how they assigned 70K EB2 visas in 2008. Because EB2 share is
    40k + 4k(EB1 left over)+? how many FB = 70k . So from above it looks like all FB leftover went to EB2.

    Please clearify.


    Thanks for the comments. Its not my assumptions, it is the law.
    Please checkout how the spillovers between EB and FB are arrived. Here is the link


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  • ca_immigrant
    10-30 08:46 PM
    what an unnecessary hassle.....good that all is ok for your case !!

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  • H1bslave
    06-24 01:26 PM
    surprising there is no update at all for us so far:confused:


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  • eilsoe
    02-03 06:17 PM
    Anybody noticed the shadows on my entry?

    I even have shadows on the flowers! :P

    the boring days at work/school is gold in a pixel battle :smirk:

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  • acecupid
    07-07 04:29 PM
    i am starting to wonder, if you are for real. your profile is empty. All your previous posts are derogatory and you accused the american president in your previous posts. I am wondering whats the basis you are here in IV and if you a green card case that you have applied and waiting..

    This guy 'oscarzumaran' just got his GC, thats the reason he has turned an anti-immigrant now.... "I'm in so let me close the door on everyone else".. that seems to be his theory! :D

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  • logiclife
    04-03 10:56 AM
    Please ask your colleagues who are unaware of this that it takes a few clicks to send faxes to all 100 senators and number of faxes matter to emphasize the gravity of situation and widespread support to our cause.

    02-02 06:39 PM
    All I can say is wow.. All those were great but I think kax takes the gold on this one.. Very nice job everybody! :P

    08-26 02:28 PM
    No, it is not mandatory, but I suggest your renew it if you do not have H1B visa so that you can have it readily should a need arise to travel in emergency.

    My AP is expiring very soon. I do not have any travel plans to India in 6 months from now. Is it mandatory that I have to renew the AP before the old one expires?

    Thanks in advance.

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