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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • wonderlust
    07-17 10:43 PM
    Congratulations on our first BIG SUCCESS! Your efforts, time, and resources spent have paid back!

    While rejoicing our victory, I remind myself that this is the first. There are still challenges for each individual and our community on the journey of legal EB immigration:

    (1) How will the CIS, DOS, DHS, and FBI handle the job in the future?
    (2) What will the increased fee be used for? How can we and other goverment agencies monitor the accountability?

    Let's think about what's next... Will this success be the end or the beginning of our grassroot activism? Does the present move by CIS mean efficient services in the future?

    Take care, enjoy the moment and plan for the future.


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  • unseenguy
    06-22 07:30 PM
    USCIS kept on updating the total number of cases received for H-1B for FY 2009-10. However, the recent USCIS H-1B (http://www.h1b.biz/lawyer-attorney-1137085.html) cap count indicates decline in number of cases than what had been previously reported. The updated count reports the receipt of 44,400 ‘Regular’ cap cases, by June 12, 2009 which is lesser than the prior count of 47,700, given as of May 22, 2009. There is no explanation too from USCIS for this decline in trend. Thus, this reduced number may reflect either withdrawals by employers, denials by the USCIS, duplicate filings, or an error in the prior cap counts.

    As of this writing, both the Advanced Degree and Regular caps remain open. We will continue to provide updated H-1B cap count information.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2009/06/h1b_cap_falloff_in_total_count.html)

    USCIS financial loss:

    cap : 65000 (minus chile, singapore 6800) = 58200

    cap count : 47,700 (max) , 44,400 (min)

    H1B filing fees: 2320 USD per application

    shortfall : 24,360,000 (min) , 32,016,000 (max)

    Assuming 15% premium processing 1000*1000 = 1,000,000

    Total shortfall for new applications : 25 million USD. (min)

    Also since I have 2 year EAD now, I may not renew my H1 this november. I am sure, L1, H1 extensions etc are having similar revenue impact.

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  • neo_ny
    10-31 06:36 PM
    Hello All - I understand from the website that the people already working in the US qualify for an emergency appointment if they are returning back to work in the US. Does anyone if this rule is also applicable it is the first time you are getting a H1-B visa stamp? I got a COS and am planning to get a stamp in December. I know that more dates are available now .. but was wondering if the need arises will I eligible for emergency appointment?


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  • chanduv23
    09-17 02:26 PM


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  • nkappiah
    07-19 09:51 PM
    I got married recently. Both my husband and I have similar priority dates as labour was filed separately for each of us by our respective companies. Is there any downside to adding each other to our applications and dual filing for greencard?

    Is there any downside to having two applications in each name? Should we do this?


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  • SmSm
    10-19 10:03 AM
    deleted by pappu.
    message: pls do not post ads for other sites on this forum.


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  • BMS1
    11-08 12:34 PM
    New H1-B is a possibility but you cannot join D until the application is approved and you go to a consulate, get the visa stamp and re-enter. All these need to be done in premium processing to reduce possible out-of-status conditions. Better you talk to an attorney.

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-24 08:55 AM
    Mam Thank god..Atlast someone has responded. I live in Williamsville. I am the only one righht now. We will rent a car and try to get some 3 more guys. I will pm my contact no.


    I am from Buffalo, i would like to come .. i am not sure yet.
    how many are coming from buffalo?

    PD - March 2003
    i485 RD - august 2003
    CSC to NSC - March, 2007
    waiting for GC


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  • bsnf
    02-18 08:51 PM
    ...if you do not have a valid-unexpired stamped US visa.

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I do not have a stamped visa. Only AP - I cannot fly via Canada then.

    Thanks again, appreciate it.

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  • kanshul
    12-18 10:02 AM
    I am sure it is not enforcable...

    Talk to a good lawyer but usually if your company places you at a client location it is not really a business entity but more like a "Placement Agency"; many states will not consider a non compete b/n a placement agency and an employee.


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  • Green Card Aspirant
    05-01 12:02 AM
    As your H1 B expires on Sep 2009 , it is good to apply for your H1 B extension with the current employer as you have a valid client. Request your client to provide a supporting document/letter for your extension . If the client needs to hire you, you could transfer after the extension. Use the client reference to get your extension as soon as possible.

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  • Michigan123
    06-01 06:00 PM
    get LCA for Home Location and your office (Or client Location) in single LCA

    I am working for Big 5 and they did the same. Working from Home(Michigan) and occasionally go to office (california)

    This is what My company attorney filed for me and Got the approval.


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  • webm
    02-25 09:16 PM
    Can someone travel with AP with an expired passport? Thank you.

    You always need to have valid PP during travel (esp when travelling overseas,POE)....Not a expired one...

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  • nixstor
    03-12 04:13 PM

    Thanks for your response and it sounds very interesting to me. In essence, you would wait for her H1 to be approved, then transfer your H1 as long as your new employer can get and her H4 (until sep 30th).

    What if her H1 is not approved until Aug? Is there a point in filing for H4 extension up to Sep 30th in Aug? What are the consequences of that not getting approved before sep 30th? In that case waiting until Oct 1st seems to be the better option.

    I will talk to a lawyer and let you know what kind of response I will get.


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  • stuckinindia
    10-22 03:13 PM
    I am stuck in India (along with my husband who) after leaving USA where I am living for over 5 years. I just came for 2 wks here in India to get stamping done at the Chennai Consulate. They kept my passport and said they will give visa, in next 3-4wks..Its past a month and 3 wks.. I am force to live with relatives. I can't even go to my home country without my passport. Everything I own is back in USA. How do I get back to it? I am on H4 and my husband is H1B. I am holding another country's nationality. I can't even visit my home country without my passport. Why did the Consulate kept the passports for this long? :confused:Why are we being treated this way?? Why didn't they do a security check where I was living for over 5 years? I am so frustrated being stuck and worry about my home left unattended back in the US.
    Any advise? Can I contact someone to help expedite this process?

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  • venky08
    06-18 08:15 AM
    My birth certificate does not have my name on it. (in india it is OK to name the new born a few weeks after birth.) so it just says "baby boy" on it:)

    Do i need an affidavit from my parents mentioning my name?


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  • rajuram
    10-10 09:53 PM

    This is question to july 485 files, has anyone from Austin, tx received FP appointment.
    I filed on jul 25 ( NSC) got transferred to TSC and got receipts on 9/27
    and EAD on 10/2, but no FP as yet.

    Just wondering if FP did get lost...or am i in line..

    Comments, suggestions ???


    I know someone in Austin whose RN date is 2 days before you and he got his FP last week.....

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  • ajpreddy
    08-23 11:36 AM
    I did change my address when my 140 is pending, i did take care of AR11 form and after that you will be given a screen for change of address on the pending applications, i did do that too.
    After 3 days LUD was also changed with the new address change, i received a letter from USCIS about the change of my address on file.
    My 140 also approved successfully on 08/15/2007

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  • whatsgoingonwithmyH1
    08-28 12:38 PM
    EB3 India with PD Feb 2007.

    My EAD, AP and II140 are all approved because of the July Fiasco and its been more than 180 days since they all got approved.

    I have my EAD and AP in hand, but I140 is with employer. I neither have a copy of it, nor the receipt number/tracking for it . All I know is that it is approved. My employer will not give it to me as it is not required by law. I am still working on H1 (haven't used EAD yet)

    Recently the client I am working with asked if I would be interested in a full time with them and said I can use my EAD. Is it possible for me to take up this offer without having any details about my I140 except knowing that it is approved.?

    PS: I trust my employer. If they said my I140 is approved, then it is.

    02-19 09:49 AM

    My 6 years on H1B is going to expire in Oct 10. I want to file for extension but the lawyer says that i can do it only after Mar 10 that is 6 months before h1b expires.

    I have to visit my home country in May 10 and i wanted to go with my new h1b documents.

    Can you please suggest if i can file now or is there really a timeframe before we file?

    Sorry forgot to mention, I have approved I140.

    Thanks for your time and suggestion!


    Raj Iyer
    10-07 05:24 PM
    Its always safer to have an underlying non-imigrant visas such as H-1B in the vent of I-485 denial due to some unforeseen circumstances. IF you have an H-1B, you can continue to stay in the U.S.

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