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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • saggi13
    02-17 10:17 PM
    to be honest with you, i dont know what USCIS is doing...

    i am hoping that they are processing the case, but i am in the same boat as any one else on this thread.

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  • maristella61
    12-11 02:31 PM
    everyone has to go thru namecheck process. Once during greencard process and once again during citizenship process. (if and when you apply for citizenship.)

    To find out about namecheck, you can call USCIS and if you get an officer on the line (not the cust service representative ), then you can find out.

    You can also find out about the status of your namecheck with infopass appointment. That will take up some of your time.

    Thank you very much. I will follow up on that.

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  • memyselfandus
    09-10 02:18 PM
    We sent an email to CISOmbudsman.Publicaffairs@dhs.gov and they gave the update, even though the online status didn't update for more than a week.

    The Ombudsman office gave a response with in one business day.

    Found out from the Senator's office that my case has been approved. Attorney was able to call and confirm. No change in online status though.

    E-filed on May 5th

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  • test101
    07-07 06:27 PM
    Do anyone think we should call/email NBC and refelect our opinion on this segment?
    it was brief but to the point.


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  • gcgreen
    08-12 01:28 PM
    Both your job descriptions say design develop and test applications using Win32 API and MFC (among other things) .... tell me why you are worried again...? :-)

    It is similar. The key words are "Design, develop, test .....maintain.... etc.." Look up the O*net code for 15-1031.00 - Your L/C will state this occupational code. This has a broad classification.

    I am in the same boat - my old job says ""design, develop, test wireless and mobile applications using Pocket PC SDK, MFC, Win32 API ........" and my new job says "Design , develop, test finaicial system applications using VC++, MFC, Win32API ........" I ran this through some lawyers and they say it is fine.
    15-1031.00 has a lot of titles that any software person can fit in.

    Old job title is "Senior Software Engineer" new job title is "Senior Software Developer"

    Fellow IVans - please comment if this is fine?

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  • GLIX
    09-10 08:11 AM
    I changed jobs 180 days from filing of 485. My lawyer asked me for the job description of the new job to make sure that it is consistent with the previous job. The titles don't mean anything.


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  • MLS
    06-26 03:05 PM
    Congratulations !!
    My PD is Oct 2001.
    Can you please explain what you meant by
    "Senator Inquiry 5 days ago yielded result that cards will be ordered in 30 days" ?
    Did you send an inquiry ? And how ?
    Thanks and regards,

    PD Aug 2001
    RD Jan 2005
    CSC case transfered to NSC in Feb 07
    Senator Inquiry 5 days ago yielded result that cards will be ordered in 30 days.

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  • NNReddy
    09-19 01:29 PM
    I live less than 15 miles from TSC, my I-140 is approved from texas, but my wife's case(dependent on me) went to CSC. I don't know mine yet. Is CSC good or bad not sure. I am seeing they are approving EAD and AP faster than than TSC/NSC. My application was filed at NSC on july 20.


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  • hopefulgc
    05-19 10:10 AM
    This idea has some serious chances of getting through, if pursued. The biggest thing in its favor is the validation in the form of existing H1B quota for US educated Post grads.

    It will find extensive support from universities/academia for obvious reasons.

    Main opposition to this issue would be from non-us educated people who feel that they would be left out. Unfortunately, they will be overlooking the critical side effect that this provision would relieve pressure on current EB numbers.

    Each MS student invests atleast 20k for his program [average]. He/She doesnot get any benefit from taxes. However, its the university benefits from foreign students. If you take CS/EE/science program atleast 50% of students would be foreigners [avg].

    One of the main reasons why a Master's quota of 20k was added was to retain the "US educated" talent. I suppose we could argue on similar terms for GC quota for Masters students.

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  • insbaby
    10-28 09:18 PM
    that's exactly what we did you self-righteous prig!
    When we didn't like something, we came out and expressed it.

    Tough crowd :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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  • GCard_Dream
    12-12 01:33 PM
    Canada is certainly an attractive option. Economy is booming in Canada right now but not so much in IT if that's the field you are in. You can do a job search on monster.ca to see what kind of opportunities are available.

    Now the best thing about Canada is that you'll have more certainty in your life and you won't be stuck to one employer for years trying to get through GC log jam. While it may be acceptable for some, some of us may be getting to a tripping point and considering alternatives is becoming a necessity.

    You can learn all about Canadian immigration at http://www.cic.gc.ca/ . It's so simple that even cave man can do it. You don't need a lawyer or anything. You can always hire one, however.

    It is all based on point system and if you have been working in US, I don't think you should have any problem meeting the point system requirements.


    This country doesn't care about legal immigrants, all they care is about illegals and big businesses..Does anyone know how to go to Canada ? Please tell me ..please please...Or any other country other than India..doesnt matter even if it is Iraq..please tell me, I am tired of waiting for visa bulletins and putting my life on hold..please...

    :-):-) Hehehehe folks..please continue from here, cant give more than this for now!!

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  • gcnirvana
    07-02 04:24 PM
    Medical : $750
    Photos: $75
    Photocopy/Scan/Color Print : $50
    Fed Ex: $45
    Tension, Stress and Trauma : Pricele$$
    Total : $920+


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-04 06:49 PM
    this sounds more like, "Ok so you say the glass is half full, why is that great now?"

    It is a feel good factor; you still want to be cynical, go right ahead, no one can take that away from you.

    Yeah I get that the money will be transferred from the Social security system here to the Indian Govt system.
    My point is it does not do a damn thing for us workers personally. That money will dissapear into a dark hole in the Indian Gov't coffers instead of a dark hole here, further as the rules stand, I have a slim chance of getting the money from here through social security payments when I turn 65 even if I am in India. Try that within the money in Indian gov't hands.
    On the other hand, it makes the Indian gov't allign with corporate america, as they all have a vested interest in a Temp. worker program such as H1b absent green cards. Which will be a win win for all concerned except us.
    So I repeat my question..................Why is this good again?

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  • belmontboy
    05-18 04:29 PM
    There are good and not so good schools here for MS /PhD. Either way why a seperate quota for US MS/PhD. Is a foreign MS/PHD any inferior?
    Just a thought..
    Especially IIT/IISc are not too bad schools in india!

    nobody is comparing the schools over here with IIT/IISC.
    There is a quota for masters in H1B.
    There should be a similar quota in GC for masters.


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  • arihant
    03-16 11:51 AM

    Do not despair yet. We were repeatedly told that bills take a lot of time to pass. Never the less we'll keep working on this bill and this also precisely why we're not pinning all of our hopes on only the Comprehensive Immigration Bill. We also have the PACE bill and the TALENT bill, which can bring a lot of relief to us.

    Are there any plans by the senate or congress to to bring these two bills to the floor anytime? In other words, what is the current status of these two bills?

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  • logiclife
    03-21 11:32 AM
    We need to talk in a single voice...can you prepare state chapters's talking points..plz..other materials that people use to effectively utilize the limited time with the senators..

    Great Effort!

    You dont need to prep talking points etc. we have everything ready for you.

    If you would like to meet with your lawmakers during this recess, then please email Varsha and Sanjay at varsha@immigrationvoice.org and sanjay@immigrationvoice.org respectively and simply put �Need Meeting Info� in the subject line of Email. They will send you all the information that you need on seeking the appointment, taking the right material with you, making a good case for reform and doing the follow-ups if necessary.


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  • neverbefore
    07-14 03:13 PM
    When they told me about clearance and delay, they did not keep my passport, but gave it back to me at the same time and hence, I was able to travel. they, however, canceled by previous visas. I never asked them to withdraw my H1 application.

    According to my spouse, there were three treatments at the embassy:

    Passports retained for approvable/approved cases
    Passports returned for rejected cases
    Passports retained (no options provided to applicants) for audit cases

    In your case, evidently they gave you an option as to whether you wanted to go with the delay. Am I right in assuming that?

    Or were you asked to wait with your passport till they cleared up your case at their end?

    We are not withdrawing our H1B application that was approved by USCIS. We are merely contemplating withdrawing from getting the actual visa stamp because of the uncertainty.

    Right now, the embassy people are not being communicative at all. They did not respond to the last email we sent them and they do not have a live person taking any phone calls.

    Initially they said the audit could take 4 weeks but their website (login enabled) says it might take up to 8 weeks.

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  • mmj
    04-19 04:21 PM
    Why not to use that very same ID you have been using for 2 years to post this one also? That way others will know you have been a member and also contributed in the past. No confusion and peace.

    Man - U guys love to quibble about stupid things rather than focus on the big picture. All my thread says is - I'm doing X .... Please consider doing it as well if you think it is worth your while ... Thats it - Nothing more - nothing less. And here we're having a discussion about how long I've been a member of IV and yada yada yada ...

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  • Oblique
    02-04 08:24 PM
    Now that I look at it more, I really really like yours Kit :P I was just skimming through them and voted, but now that I look at em again, I should have voted for you :( Love the castle, and the background work for it.. Kinda looks like one of those Aztec Mayan thingers you see in the mountains or whatever :beam:

    Nice job too all..

    05-12 03:29 PM
    DREAM Act Re-introduced in the Senate

    A day after President Obama gave a speech on immigration, Senators Richard Durbin, Harry Reid, Robert Menendez and 30 others re-introduced the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act that would allow young undocumented people to apply for legal status if they join the military or attend college for two years.

    Each year about 65,000 undocumented students who were brought to the U.S. by their parents, often as very young children, graduate from high school and face a bleak future because of their status. Last fall, despite President Obama�s strong support, the DREAM Act passed the House but failed to attract the 60 votes needed to end a Senate filibuster.

    Chung-Wha Hong, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition welcomed the move, but pointed out that the bill faces a slim chance in the current Congress and said the President should use the authority of his office to protect young undocumented immigrants.

    09-19 07:51 PM
    there were 2000 registered members and their families and late comers.....

    any idea how many came to the rally?

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