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Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • optimystic
    10-24 02:32 PM
    Ignore the IOs, just talk to your Senator or Congressman. They will be able to help you out. I was stuck in name check for more than 3 years. My congressman did not help but the senators office had a namecheck cell and they help out with genuine cases. The person there helped me clear my name check in 2-3 months (talk, dont email, send certified letter with details after talking to them). Had i known this earlier I would have had contacted them earlier and would have gotten my GC in June 07. My lawyer sdid not allow us to contact the IOs for information and i suffered big time because of that. Based on my experience all i can say is be proactive.

    Thanks for the pointers.

    In my case I don't even know if it is namecheck that is blocking my case. So far my guess is that it was just the huge deluge of July 2 applications under which my application got stuck. But now that they have opened my application and mailed an RFE on Oct 22, at least I know that some IO is processing my case. Right now I am eagerly waiting for the RFE details. My law firm(FDBL) has not received it yet. I am pinging them every other day.

    To answer another question from another poster, yes, I have been with the same company since 2001.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-12 02:49 PM

    Please call members of congress , local lawmakers and CHC members. These bills should pass before summer or no hope till next year..

    Come on we can do it..

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  • nk2006
    01-09 12:29 PM

    FAQs About COBRA Continuation Health Coverage

    Thanks for posting detailed info on COBRA.

    In the current tough market its useful to get educated on all things we may need in case of a job loss. It may be useful to save this info in IV resource pages somehow (or as a blog).

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  • ramus
    06-20 07:44 AM
    Great.... Thanks.

    Today is the next day of my GC freedom, and I am still on this forum, I didnot mean to leave the Forum, I still support IV with all my heart.......:D


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  • jonty_11
    10-02 04:16 PM
    Mesquite means TEXAS SERVICE CENTER. Enter is exactly as I have here. If you look in the drop down list, there are multiple field offices for Texas but one TEXAS SERVICE CENTER

    Thx so much I got it..

    For the "Class of ADmission" - if I have entered US on AP, do I enter "Parolee"

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  • das0
    12-18 09:24 AM

    First, Thank You for all your advises.

    I am planning to file AC-21 memo with USCIS.

    I hope the my new employer will help with paperwork. and I have to find a lawyer who can do that and be prepare for RFE and Interviews.

    My last question to you:

    1. Do you know for AC-21 I have to work in the same state where my labor was filed?

    my labor was at IL and now working in TX but same type of job.

    2. Is there a deadline or recommened time to file Ac-21 memo with CIS?

    I just joined the new company 2 weeks back with my EAD after getting laid off from petitioning employer (they will not revoke my approved I-140)

    Any advises and recommendations on filing AC-21 will be very much appreciated.


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  • walking_dude
    11-22 11:02 AM
    - What does corruption-back-home has to do with it? There is a more open political discourse here. We should either participate and let them know what we want, or they will do whatever they want ( like they tried to reduce EB quota to 90,000 in the last CIR).

    - I have been to many lawmaker Offices in Michigan, I have visited several lawmaker offices in DC (both in and out of Michigan). Over that, I went and testified before MI Senate Transportation committee when they were denying Driving Licences to all foreign workers.

    If you think they delayed your EAD for 120 days, why do you think they approved mine in 2 months flat, for full 2 years, even synchronizing the expiry date of the EAD with the validity of the new one (meaning, I didn't lose a single day)? May be they were angry that you weren't trying hard enough? :-)

    They don't control your life dude, unless you let them control it. We won't progress much unless we get over the habit of feeling scared at our own shadows.

    - Who's is talking about the USCIS here? The topic here is approaching the lawmakers. Transparent or not, didn't we convince them to give us 2 year EADs or not? Did you see AILA or Compete America do it for us? No, we did it ourselves as a community.

    - Frankly speaking most Americans support Immigrants. Otherwise why do you think Obama won the election, despite clearly supporting the CIR in public, where as Tom Tancredo couldn't get pass round one of the presidential primaries, and no one even heard about Duncan Hunter another hero of the immigrants.

    I agree, these anti-immigrants are vocal. But they are a minority. What they lack in numbers, they try to make up in decibels (volume). Their intent is to scare immigrants off America by making loud noises, the way KKK tried to scare African-Americans from voting by burning crosses, hanging nooses and such scare tactics.

    - I don't buy your theory that folks here are afraid to march for their rights. In a few more months thousands of "illegal" immigrants will be marching in the streets of DC, risking getting deported if caught. They have done it before, they got Obama elected and they'll march again.

    While legal immigrants lose sleep over getting EAD denied for posting on IV. What kind of a bizzaro world we are living in?

    - I have already made the relevant points. If we are so risk aversive we should have stayed Home, meaning our home countries. Why did we take the risk of our planes getting hit by lightning or sucked into a storm? Or some Immigration or custom officer going crazy and packing us off to Guantanamo Bay?

    A question to all EB immigrants - When will we give up our mental slavery?

    -Many in the immigrant community come from countries where corruption is endemic.

    -USCIS controls our economic freedom, movement, where we work and reside, and if we "rock the boat" our file might be "deep-sixed" and we would have no recourse. Who knows, a petty officer could browse a news group, read this and sick Home land security goons me. I would never know why. We don't all have the resources to hire powerful lawyers and fight for a couple years. Did they take 120 days to renew my EAD because I visited my congressional representative's staff? Maybe.

    -"Transparent" and "accountable" are words not often used to describe USCIS and her parent Homeland Security. But they do have complete authority over our lives. Kafka could write a book! (Oh, he did.)

    -Many Americans are now afraid to join political protests for fear of being arrested and hence losing their job, etc. Why should immigrants be more politically active than Americans? They are publicly targeted by politicians as causing all the problems in the land (Tancredo for example) with out any serious rebuke. In my country Tancredo saying things he's said would have been considered a hate crime.

    -There are many Americans (even level headed ones) that do not believe that immigrants have any right to push for change in US policy. Regardless of whether it is change for the better, and there is no other constituency to demand improvements. The argument goes that regardless of the request, if you don't like it you should go home. (Of course the answer is to flip it and say: should Americans be treated poorly when living in my country? Sheepish looks ensue...)

    -Depending upon your level of risk aversion, it is often rational for the immigrant (who's stay is tenuous) to stay home and be "good" which means pliant.

    In summary, the US scares the freak'n crap out of a lot of people. And so they "behave" as best they can. This should not be a revelation to the staffers.

    I don't agree that we should be pliant. We should be in their face because they deserve it.

    As for me, I've come to the point that I think being kicked out of the US would be like getting fired from a crappy job I didn't have the guts to quit. :D

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  • gcnj
    02-13 12:58 PM
    Hi! Shana

    Thanks for your valuable feedback .



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  • gcgonewild
    11-03 08:20 AM
    He's the most dreaded Anti-immigrant.

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  • coolman
    10-02 04:16 PM
    Our papers(I-485) reached NSC on July 19th 2007.We are yet to get our receipts.Anyone in the same boat??


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  • kumar1
    02-28 02:33 PM
    I am not answerable to an anonymous "internet toughie" who picks up fights on forums. it's evident that your understanding of the tonality in a professional response vis a vis a personal one is impaired albeit imponderable.

    I shall not waste my time "coaching" the same.

    [B]"then we all know who the real immature person is"

    After your fiasco with Kumar, doesn't this whole forum apart from a few thousand scandalized visitors know who really enthrones "immaturity" here?

    With this i end my diatribe with you mr internet toughie aka sledgehammer. lol

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  • priderock
    09-19 03:30 PM
    No one can expect the result on the second day after the rally. And I get RED for stating the obvious :(


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  • raysaikat
    07-20 12:50 AM

    Life is like a game of chess. Make the move which makes the best sense at any stage. What is the point in thinking about past moves?

    To put it mathematically why this is the wrong perspective: life is not a Markov chain (at least, not under the definition of state being the "status quo")!

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  • H1bslave
    11-19 01:56 PM
    Is this still an active topic? or its dead? Are there people with US Master - STEM who are willing to come forward?
    I am just trying to gauge this? To me, looks perfect candidate for piece meal while waiting for CIR, justification could be same as 20K quota for H1b, keep US educated in the country and keep contributing to US economy & society. It has two benefits, a) direct to people who have US Master, b) there will xx less number of people in front of who don't qualify for this so their turn will come sooner.
    any leads?


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  • bailoor
    01-15 02:47 PM
    First of all, we would like to know whether your wife is pregnant or you are trying to know all the possible option for pregnancy.

    If you are trying to know the option,

    1) you can choose any individual health insurance provider(like blue cross or Aetna or State Farm etc) with maternity option. They expect to have coverage for 18 months before they accept any claims on maternity.
    2) Also, ensure that the health insurance provider is coverage in complete US. Some of them have coverage only in west coast or tri state or midwest etc. In case of IT job, we can relcoate anywhere in US.

    If pregnant, try these options.

    a) Try to change to another employer who have GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE. Group health insurance cover pre-existing condition and hence no need to worry. Take HIGH premium option so that out-of-pocket is less and your expenses are less.

    b) If you cannot change the employer, visit the reasonable cost hospitals around your neighbourhood , talk to the billing staff and ask for discounts. Usually, they give 30% discounts on the total cost. Otherwise, you can talk to the management staff(or write a letter) and get around 30-40% discount.

    c) Ensure that you always visit the hospital, doctors, ob/gyn who are covered under your insurance provide network. Though your wife is not covered under maternity, they will work with their network doctor to get the discounted rate. Once you get that rate, ask for additional discount. Surely, you will get around 20-30% discount.

    d) Based on my experience, here are the expenses cost....

    ob/gyn - around 8k (prenatal to delivery)

    pediatrician - around 1k ( from child birth to 2 month)

    delivery expenses - around 8k (normal delivery)
    - around 18 k ( c section)

    scanning expenses - around 3k( depends on the conditions - sometimes, they
    expect weekly scanning during 9th month).

    Govt provides financial aid provide the total house income is less than 25k which
    will not work for any IT professional.

    As the expenses are HIGH, join some GOOD company for atleast 2 months, get their group health insurance and then quit and come back to your original company. After you
    quit that company, you can use the COBRA option and get the maternity coverage.

    GOOD LUCK...

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  • yestogc
    06-09 08:03 PM
    Well written, but there should be some basis for the numbers that are quoted.


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  • vban2007
    07-02 04:21 PM
    Total 5000 USD

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  • Kitiara
    02-07 09:36 AM
    It's one up in Gloucestershire... I used to visit it a lot when I went on holiday with my parents when I was young. Can't remember the name of it though.

    Was always mad about castles. Loved the whole medieval thing.

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  • NNReddy
    09-19 03:02 PM
    IS it going to be transferred back from CSC to TSC or NSC again? is that happening.

    12-15 01:01 PM
    Hi Vicky,

    Here's a thread that discusses this:



    Thanks Gravtation.

    02-05 01:58 PM
    WOHOO!!!!! :P:P:P

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