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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • bsbawa10
    12-07 04:01 PM
    . but I do believe that all these delays are intentional, squarely aimed at making the lives of to-be immigrants so miserable that that they have no choice but to leave.

    I think, it is a combination of three things.
    1. Laziness
    2. No Accountability
    2. Bad intentions ...as you mentioned

    In my job, I am a software trainer. I teach hundreds of people. I will be accountable (and asked questions) if I delay my work even by one day. There are tight deadlines for everything. (Yes, 5 minute job of renewing EAD will not be 90 days ...it will be 5 minutes only) Even if one customer just soft complains about anything, I will be held accountable and my job will be in jeopardy. There is no such thing in USCIS.

    BTW: I hate when they say 90 days and then exclude the RFE time and the mail accepting time.(They count from the date of receipt and not the date of receiving the mail). On the top of it, the receipt date can be any time they want and not the date of receiving the date. It can become 120 days and when they say "days", it is like one of those commercials which says, " for only 1$ a day ...." instead of saying $365 which they charge for the whole year . subscription.

    Same way instead of saying 3 to 5 months , they say 90 days (so that it does not seem long). they should say , "EAD RENEWAL ONLY TAKES 129600 MINUTES". ..and then in the small print, light gray color at a hidden spot in the bottom, in tons of lines of text, say, "does not include RFE, holidays, Mail transit time, and time before we accept it"

    Can anybody please send me the address of USCIS director ? I want to write a letter to him with a copy to his boss too. Anybody can help me know who his boss is and his address too ?

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  • mygoodluck
    08-15 02:24 PM
    Duplicate application will definitely create problems I will told today by the USCIS rep. They don't recommend it at all and neither my lawyer. He has refused to re-file or will only re-file if I take the onus/responsibility of the result.

    USCIS rep also informed me that as long as you have a tracking proof that you application was delivered, you should be able to refile after Aug17 also, in case application was not processed because it was lost or so.

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  • downthedrain
    02-13 01:24 PM
    got LUD on 1/29, 1/30 RFE send, 2/10 RFE evidence received, 2/11

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  • kc_p21
    02-25 06:15 PM
    I did see LUD on 2/24/09 for my I485 application. But there is no activity on my wife's application even though they had received it on the same day.


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  • Ram_C
    11-10 12:51 PM

    I am also July23 filer. Transfer TSC - CSC Finally NSC.
    Today, I got FP for my wife for Dec-01 (Saturday:confused:).

    Hoping, mine will also come soon.

    One more thing...we called USCIS on 23rd Oct separately. They didn't open SR. My IO or Cust Rep said wait [more time-no timeline] and u will get ur FP notice. On the other hand my wife's IO or Cust. Rep said you get in two weeks. Now I see that her FP was issued on 5th Nov (2 weeks timeline).

    goood luck all

    may be i should also try calling USCIS and open SR for my FP notice,
    I'll wait for one more week before I call em'.

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  • angelfire76
    05-29 09:34 PM


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  • KanME
    07-19 04:24 PM
    I have been in this country for almost 10 years and I have never felt more stressed about these status issues than I did today. I even stopped working from this afternoon reading forums for similar cases, finding info here and there etc. :(

    This is confusing..I have a similar situation(not paid for 2 weeks)..

    When i talked to my lawyer she said that employement verification is done in I-140 and since that is approved I dont need to worry abt it for 485??

    What does your lawyer say?

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  • singhsa3
    08-16 10:33 AM
    I am not advising anyone anything, I just shared what I did. This time , I did not go through a lawyer.

    Something similar happened in Oct'05 and the priority dates remain retrogressed for next almost two year. It was just by stroke of fate it became current now , otherwise the situtation would have persisted.

    If my memory serve me right, there were some cases back in Oct'05 whose application were rejected in error but were not allow to refile as PD had retrogressed.

    Do what you want to do, I am just sharing what I did and I may be wrong. Personally after having missed one window of opportunity in Oct'05 , I have no capability to take any more risk.

    I'm also suffering like you for years but doing a RE-FILE just for managing bad odds is not reasonable. If they reject your application - You should be able to resend it from FEDEX/USPS signature and receipt Notice even after Aug 17th.

    I'm not a lawyer and i've nothing against Rajaiv Khanna but on a general i'm advising you that " Any lawyer wants their clients case get complicated and convoluted". By doing this you/we are just complicating our case and offering "Money making" potential to already Rich , Wealthy ,Cut throat Lawyers.

    Don't you agree ?


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  • himu73
    10-01 08:04 PM
    My application was sent on July20th to NSC.
    Today I got a transfer notice saying application is transferred to Texas Service center. question
    1. The Receipt number starts with WAC (CSC) but the notice tells it is under Texas service center. Where exactly is the application.
    2. Is the Transfer notice same as application receipt or I will get a separate application receipt ? I do not see any received date column on the transfer notice.
    3. What is the number starting with A on the transfer notice. Different numbers for me and my wife ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • mbartosik
    01-27 01:23 PM
    To he who handed over $7K.....

    If you have good documentation of this... then there are some fees that employers are not allowed to pass on to employee (either in part or in whole).

    These include things like H1B processing fees.
    They might include labor certification fees (required for GC).

    Now unless the 50% specifically identifies which fees, I would take it to mean 50% of all. If your were charged for 50% of something that it is illegal to charge for then Department of Labor may pursue both on your behalf and in the public interest. By pursue, I mean get your money back (or some of it) and fine or worse to employer.

    So find out what documents you have and where your local dept of labor is, and go and pay the friendly staff a visit.

    I know someone that was done out of a few thousand in unpaid overtime. They got his money back for him, even though he only went to them years after, but he had pay slips showing hours worked and money paid. They handled it all for him.


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  • spicy_guy
    11-12 04:34 PM
    Visa Bulletin For December 2010 (http://travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5197.html)

    Copy Nov Bullet-innnn and Paste ===> Dec Bullet-out! :)

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  • ssnd03
    12-03 04:36 PM
    I guess it is just hard to be optimistic with USCIS, FBI processes

    ...and may I know what is bad in this ?!

    I would say this is definitely good as 1.) They have acknowledged the issue AND 2.) acted upon it.

    We will know the veracity of their actions as more people report of their NC getting cleared over the next few months.

    I think (1) in the statement made by USCIS refers to "DHS Secretary Chertoff indicated that USCIS and the FBI are changing parts of the name check process, with the expected result that a large proportion of the backlog should be cleared within six months" source: AILA Infonet


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  • sanju
    09-09 09:13 PM
    I have a question on salary hike after invoking AC21.
    What if new employer pay same salary as old and the other amount as per diem. Is that going to be a problem.
    For ex. current employer is paying 80K and new employer is going to pay 120 K. Which is way beyond the limit. In this case can new employer pay the difference in per diem.
    Experts, your opinion please.

    It may be ok if the new employers writes in the employment verification letter sent to USCIS to reply to the RFE that your salary with the new employer is say between 80K-83K "plus benefits". Per diem is actually a benefit. The only problem could be, per diem is for finite period of time and you have to maintain a primary residence different than the place of your work, now sure though. I think this question could be verified by a lawyer and/or HR dept.

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  • suttu
    12-06 12:25 AM
    Dear friends, why do you seek to start bashing your country at the first opportunity you get. THere are people in the Indian Govt who are negotiating on your behalf to make sur you get your money back.

    THen on the question of paying bribes to get money out of PPF - something is better than nothing. Why complain. If it is so bad, go back and fight to fix the system, otherwise stop maoning. India is the only country that will welcome you if you are kicked out of here. I remember i used to pay 50 INR per ticket for a railway seat, now i go online and book a ticket. Things change they take time and patience.

    Only those people who have NEVER bribed anyone to get stuff done illegally, or out of turn should speak. And i know there is no one, since you are in US and came on a passport and we all know how passports are obtained.
    You left india, want to stay away, so leave it alone. When you are kicked out of everywhere, the doors will still be open, just keep some cash for the gatekeeper.
    Lets discuss whether this swap will be possible or not, or what the loopholes are.


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  • wikipedia_fan
    04-09 02:42 PM
    I got my I-140 Approved in 2007 and I-485 applied in July Fiasco. working for same employer who filed labor in PERM. Recently got letter from DHS stating that I485 denied as it was filed when dates are not current.

    In july 2007, USCISreleased memo stating that they will accept all applications till August 17' 2007. Mine was reached on Aug 14'2007 well before deadline. Got I485 reciept in october 2007.

    There are 2 dates on receipt. 1. Received Date (Aug 14) 2. Receipt Date (Oct 12 ' 2007).

    They sent Denial letter to Attorney on 01/19/2009 stating that I485 application was filed when dates are not current , they mentioned that on the day receipt date (oct 12' 07) dates are not current.

    Took Infopass and went to filed office where I was told that if I this it is USCIS Service error, file MTR .

    Filed MTR thru Attorney on Feb 5 09. Filing Fee is not enclosed as it is USCIS service error.
    (This was done as officer at USCIS told that Fee need not be included as it is service error, attorney also agreed with this statement).

    Till date I did not get any communcication from USCIS. 2 months have been passed.

    Please advice me on this issue

    Receipting is not done by VO and the staff who do receipting follow certain procedures.

    USCIS mailroom has certain protocols and thats why even our AC21 documentation does not reach file.

    Files are distributed to different officers and they work on the files.

    Without a receipt number you cannot track your MTR.

    Talk to a very good Attorney on further course of action.

    I filed MTR - my 485 was denied because the officer ignored the AC21 job change. When I called customer service and explained - I was transferred to a VO and when I explained it, she requested me to file an appeal so that I don't have to pay instead f MTR.

    When I talked to Attorney - she said "Don't do that - when your MTR gets receipted, you can track it but cannot track an appeal"

    Remember MTR = if USCIS makes a mistake - MTR costs $$
    Appeal = if you want AAO to consider various factors on a correctly interpreted denial and appeal to see if you can convince.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 07:42 PM
    On a side note, I was wondering what happens to derivative/secondary beneficiaries 485 applications if the primary beneficiary is stuck in name check.....If secondary beneficiaries are cleared and primary is not, then does USCIS approve GCs for secondary beneficiaries..

    No.. They are also stuck till primary gets clear.


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  • mpadapa
    05-15 02:23 PM
    Please work on the following action item. It is very time critical.


    Please call the below selected members from CHC. There are reasons why we should NOT be calling every one in the CHC. The members we have to target from CHC and their corresponding numbers are listed below.

    Tell them that you would like to talk to some one who handles immigration/legal matters, If forwarded to voice mail, leave a VM. If the VM is full, you can get back to the main line by pressing 0 and then leave a message with them.

    The message you have to deliver when calling these offices is

    I would like Representative "Representative Name" to co sponsor bills HR 5882 and HR 5921, sponsored by Zoe Lofgren. Both of these bills have wide bipartisan support in the house and will help reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. These bills are a great first step towards immigration reform.


    Only if the staff member bring up the issue of CIR, in that case say that -

    In the past we have been supporting Comprehensive approach and still continue to support comprehensive approach and we look for our our main issues to be addressed whenever comprehensive bill is passed. However, this is is just an interim fix to begin or start the immigration reform process.


    Raul grijalva
    ph (202) 225-2435

    Charles Gonzalez
    Phone: (202)225-3236

    Dennis Cardoza
    (202) 225-6131

    Jim Costa

    Henry Cuellar
    phone: 202-225-1640

    Ruben Hinojosa
    phone: 202-225-2531

    Ciro Rodriguez
    202 225 4511

    Lucille Roybal-Allard
    202 225 1766

    Hilda Solis
    202 225 5464

    Senator Robert Menendez
    202 224 4744

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  • lotus26
    05-30 07:09 PM

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  • chanduv23
    07-10 07:58 AM
    Dear IV Core - our next media effort must be to expose the lies that Lou Dobbs creates to spread hatred.

    Believe me, it is people like Lou Dobbs who are playing these dirty games.

    We must take excerpts frrm his interviews and expose all his lies.

    What do you all think?

    08-01 01:14 PM
    yabadaba also said that his reached 7:30 am but no Receipt so far that means FIFO dont work. Does USCIS has a special affection for guys between 9 to 9:30 ? or may be the clerk working that time was hyper active :rolleyes:

    Its difficult to comment anything generic on USCIS

    USCIS mail room received it at 7:55AM on July 2.

    07-17 10:00 AM
    This is what I see:

    "U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Nebraska Service Center Service Center Processing Dates
    Posted July 16, 2007 "

    I cleared cookies, logged out, etc, everything and still, I get the old one. Will you please do a print screen or something?

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