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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • nozerd
    01-10 03:15 PM
    I have had 1 friend go through this. In his case he decided to go through the "India Doctors Association" and they refered him to this OBGYN who helped him as community service. She didnt charge anything for her own fees but he had to pay the clinic for tests. For hospital he just put his hands up and didnt pay a penny - it ofcourse spoiled his credit but he didnt care as the amount was so unrealistically high for him (wife had c section so it costs like 40-50k).

    I did a quick google and there is something called the "North Texas Indian Physicians Charitable Foundation " contact them and Im sure they will help you out by working with one of their members.


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  • smuggymba
    04-29 09:39 PM
    Perhaps, USA can levy another "fee" on H1-B folks to cover up the fighter jet deal loss just like they levy the mexico border protection fees on H1-B's.

    Obama and USA should know that they can not cover every expense in USA by levying fees on H1-B folks. It's disgusting.

    Which country in this world charges high skilled ppl to pay for their border protection?

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  • vkrishn
    11-21 11:14 PM
    @Kaushal and digitial 2K. Please let me know what i can do. I am in the 16th district and her office is not too far from my place.

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  • looivy
    07-13 05:57 PM
    It for illegal folks.

    The Senate is currently considering the FY 2008 Department of Defense Authorization (H.R. 1585). Senators Specter and Leahy have offered the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act as an amendment to the bill; and Senators Durbin, Hagel, and Lugar are planning to offer the DREAM Act as an amendment. Call your senators now and urge them to vote YES on these amendments!


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  • anandrajesh
    11-30 10:32 PM
    I have my Automobile and Home insurance through Amica. But they declined to give me a Life Insurance Quote because i am not a citizen or a GC holder. They are ready to insure the cars I drive and the house i live in, but not me.

    I am not too happy with this scenario and i have sent an email to them asking reasons on why they cannot accept my life insurance. After all i will be paying them right. If i dont get a valid response from them i will be going to somebody who is not impartial to Resident Aliens (PPL on Visas)

    May be another point to add to our Debate.

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  • h1techSlave
    11-30 05:35 PM
    I never said 80,000 FB visas are reserved for EB. Then those numbers would not be called as FB visas, would they?

    Any way, if you look at the statistics (page 52, http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/CISOMB_Annual_Report_2007.pdf), USCIS has not fully utilized all available EB visas for 12 years out of the 15 years. Hence I said, USCIS is THE bottleneck. For the 3 years (out of the total of 15 years), unavailability of visa numbers is THE issue. But for the majority of the years, lack of visa numbers is NOT the issue.

    I asked you for the proof that 80,000 FBs are reserved for EB immigrants ( or somehow available !). You did not show me any !


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  • svr_76
    03-11 07:28 PM
    Consulate officers and immigration officers at port of entry are two different categories including their education background, training etc...dont compare them. Consulate officers are first line of defence which has to be good at detecting problems.

    I have no interest in your employment setup...question is -Are you paid while you are on vacation or [off project and still in this country]. And Whether that would be treated as valid employment for H1 candidate by the book of law.

    If employees are not reporting fraud commited by employer because the employee want to come to US..then they are party to the fraud and hence Consulate are trying to ensure that valid employments are allowed.

    If they have comeup with some requirements it would have been based on analysis of fraud reported by USCIS's H1B program itself + ICS raids + others.....

    If the H1 petition says your annual salary is X and your W2 show less than that how do you explain it? It implies either your were out of work or paid-less than promised which implies that there is a potential of employer committing a fraud....

    with me?

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  • raydon
    10-12 10:46 AM
    It was very hard to see at least 3-4 of my friends working in very reputed, established companies, not some tinpot startups (I'm almost tempted to name the companies) using labor Sub. And all of them have got their green cards comfortably. Every single one of them.
    Their managers pushed for labors subs for them and nobody even objected because it was legal!

    And to my best knowledge, my current company didn't do any subs (perhaps because they didn't have layoffs during dot com bust) so I see senior employees in my company badly stuck with EB3. In fact, there are EB3 managers hopelessly stuck whose EB2 employees are in a better position than them. I'm NOT making this up.

    Unless you take risks, you won't progress. Calculate your risks and take it. My friend, 2003 is an old PD and you have been stuck for long. You deserve a better deal and a more senior job profile. I agree completely with folks though, that allowing people to retain the old PD is unfair to others waiting and USCIS should grant some intermediate PD. But take it from me, all kinds of unfair practices have been happening. A classic example is July 07.

    I do see your point about the unfairness of allowing the old PD. In that case, what do you say about the cross-chargeability provision ? I guess the percentage of people availing of that provision is small, but it does happen.

    For example, If you're from India and in EB3, but your spouse was born in a non-retrogressed country, you automatically jump to the earlier PD in your category, EB3-World in this case. Maybe the percentage of such cases is low, and hence there're no protests from the people waiting. I personally know of one colleague who had a later PD than me, but got the EB3-World PD since his spouse was born in Zambia. If EB3-World was current, he'd be green simply because his spouse was born in the "right" country.

    Unfair ?? Maybe - but it's legal and allowed. My point is that getting an older PD in both cross category and cross chargeability are allowed today and people will continue to avail of them is they can. As long as the USCIS doesn't have issues with that, applicants will attempt to migrate between categories and countries, during their im-migration process :) Couldn't help myself with that pun there :)


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  • senthil1
    02-11 11:18 AM
    Eb2 will move gradually but it may move up to 2006 or 2007 as Eb1 spill over and Eb1 and Eb2 spillover from other countries will be transferred to Indian and Chinese Eb2. Again it depends on how many people are waiting in Eb2


    Approximately what cut off dates your expect for EB2/3 by Aug'09?

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  • TomPlate
    02-28 12:33 PM
    No, because those cases are not outside of processing times.

    I did not understand 'are not outside of processing time'. Can you please explain in detail.

    My other thought is for July 2007 485 filer, 180 days is already completed. Assume the namecheck started on Aug 2007....


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  • number30
    11-03 01:05 PM
    Hi Shirdibaba,

    Can you copy and paste the exact letter, i mean to ask the exact letter means does it contain any agent id.

    1. Did you opened any SR in TSC around 10/14 or 10/15, We have a group of people who had the same problem in TSC during those days. all the letters replied by the same agent.

    2. Find out from attorney if he charges any fee for this. If so please don't go with him.
    take an info pass and find out the details.
    This is the best way to find out. (As i told you the group of people got the same response, most of them took info pass and found that nothing wrong in their case)

    Nothing to worry, most of the cases it might be a mistake by the agent. or in some cases it is pending for minor verification.

    This is my guess.
    Since Visa number is not available USCIS is using the term "Inadmissible at this time" That means simply not approvable because PD is not current.

    When we got our green cards they use to stamp the passport with seal "Admitted on "

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  • Libra
    07-10 10:37 AM
    Only a regular Lou Dobbs watcher will know, Lou never read a negative message posted by audiance on his show, and he will read only those messages who are racist, and literally hates immigrants.

    My experience is sending messages to the person whom we are going to target won't help. We need to counter attack using a different and equally powerful channel. The negative comments we post on Lou Dobbs and CNN are never posted or maybe never read to the end.


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  • InTheMoment
    12-03 04:28 PM
    ...and may I know what is bad in this ?!

    I would say this is definitely good as 1.) They have acknowledged the issue AND 2.) acted upon it.

    We will know the veracity of their actions as more people report of their NC getting cleared over the next few months.

    I think (1) in the statement made by USCIS refers to "DHS Secretary Chertoff indicated that USCIS and the FBI are changing parts of the name check process, with the expected result that a large proportion of the backlog should be cleared within six months" source: AILA Infonet

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  • India_USA
    04-21 01:46 PM
    Scott Washburn: New Immigration Bill Not Going to Fix What Ails Arizona (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-washburn/new-immigration-bill-not_b_544944.html)

    Arizona is at ground zero of our broken immigration system.
    People are frustrated and want action.

    Action feels good. We see a problem and we want to fix it. We write and pass laws that seem like they'll do the trick: punish people who break our laws; deport people who don't belong here. Except sometimes what looks good and feels good, isn't always good. We end up with reactionary laws that waste precious resources and do nothing to address the source of the problem.

    If signed into law, the bill would shift the burden of enforcing immigration laws onto the shoulders of cash-strapped local police departments who cannot afford unfunded enforcement-only mandates. It would exacerbate community tensions and undermine community policing and public safety by making immigrants afraid to cooperate in police investigations.

    Most tragic of all, the state would be forced to waste millions to defend itself against the civil rights lawsuits that will rightfully follow. Similar ill-advised anti-immigrant laws in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Texas have been struck down by the courts at great expense to taxpayers. With a record budget deficit, does Arizona really need to spend another dime on enforcement strategies that will do nothing to solve our immigration crisis?


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  • vrbest
    08-25 10:44 AM
    NSC: July 3nd 2008

    FP : Aug 1, 2008

    LUD on AUG 3, 2008

    Still pending approval..

    What a weird system - even for E-Filing (supposed to be online system- easy to organize), we see random approvals. Hope someone realizes and makes the system organized better...

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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 04:37 PM
    Hello everyone!

    Forward the times of india link to your friends! Spread the word!


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  • gc_on_demand
    06-12 09:33 AM
    I am creating this new thread to post all hearing for today and one on June 23rd. Those who can see c-span please post commentry as it goes.

    Lets see how it works out for US. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL.

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  • s_r_e_e
    08-31 10:10 PM
    Even today i came across a friend saying according to his so and so friends thinking , EB2 should move very fast as last time it jumped from 2002 - 2004 or what ever in 2 months !!!!... There are lot of people who dont understand the depth of the problem , the yearly limit , country quota etc..

    I think the only way to make them understand is to tell that since 1 million people are in queue and only 140K GC per year , your GC will take any where from 8-15 years.. :)

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  • user1205
    02-20 05:08 PM
    The link doesn't work anymore :(

    02-18 04:39 PM
    another LUD today for me 02/17

    Another LUD 02/18...probabaly another RFE

    06-01 01:55 PM

    Great site and very useful for all of us.

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