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Sunday, June 26, 2011

most tattooed man

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  • karthiknv143
    08-25 04:37 PM
    On the phone (called the regular 800 #), no documentation was required.

    knacath, any update?

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    01-28 02:20 PM
    Without knowing the situation of all the students, it is not fair to jump into conclusions. I am sure at least a few if not all the students, left India and come here with an intention to cheat. Some of them may not have known the true intent or authenticity of this university. From their standpoint it could just be they have gotten into a recognized univeristy in the US and this was going to be a gateway to a bright future. USCIS should only have themselves to blame before blaming the students for issuing I-20s, CPTs and OPTs. If the students came here on valid I-20s and are doing all the right things by going to class, why blame them. Again there could be students who are taking advantage of the system and doing the wrong things but there is blame everywhere.

    All of us come here with dreams, dont we. Sometimes the dreams turn into nightmares and when it does we dont have to go out of our way to support the students in distress but the least we could do is stay away from adding to their woes. This is not a time to play smart Alec.

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  • wrldnw4me
    03-21 12:30 PM
    Hi, I live in Colorado Springs, let me know if i can do anything


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  • jgh_res
    10-10 12:20 PM
    It would be interesting to see how Infy, Wipro etc... will do business when $ == 32 Rs, they will start looking for offshoring to African countries where $ is cheaper.

    Once the dollar touches that low, expect huge salary cuts across the board for the employess of these companies.


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  • Dhundhun
    01-10 07:15 AM
    IV friends,

    Sub: Immigrant requiring info on Maternity insurance.

    I need information about maternity insurance** in Texas (in particular Dallas). Your help and advice is highly appreciated.

    What are your inputs on Maternity Advantage, I got this information from Pregnancy Insurance.org

    Also please provide me info, if any, on hospitals which provides maternity insurance.

    Any thoughs, suggestions, guidance, & information would be considered helpful is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    ** for pregnant with individual health insurance which does not cover maternity.

    What I know about America that if you don't have money, hospitals are supposed to take care, if you have money, hospital will squeeze every penny.

    Once I spent over a month trying to find solution: Could not get: for a female it seems to be mandatory having maternity insurance otherwise, after pregnancy, no one insures.

    I thinks people lack information in this context, so you are not getting responses.

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  • drirshad
    02-20 05:02 PM

    02/20/2008: USCIS Releases FBI Namecheck Policy Q&A Today

    * The Q&A indicates that there are about 47,000 cases that fall under this changed policy and most of these cases are expected to be processed by mid-March 2008.


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  • eager_immi
    01-31 01:57 PM
    I agree. No filing for 485 hence no Fee for USCIS. Also does this increase in fee mean in increase in effecieny :)

    Well, everyone wishes the rumour to be true.
    But you know what, to realize the increase in fees for the I-485, they should allow people to file for it. Unless people start filing for I-485's they are not going to make the $2billion in 2 yrs. If retrogression continues, guess the fee increase doesn't make much sense.... Not sure whether I am right or wrong here.

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  • whattodo21
    12-14 09:17 AM
    Is IV still collecting the list of affected EAD ? I received an RFE, and have provided all the documents, and my 90 day period is coming up soon. Please help. I have contacted my congressman also.


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  • dc2007
    08-23 03:42 PM
    GOD Bless you !

    PS: There is no need to be so prominent. We hear you.

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  • sdrblr
    08-17 10:08 PM
    still waiting patiently :)....


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  • Gravitation
    04-13 11:32 AM
    May Visa Bulletin is out. EB3 ROW and Philippines seem to have moved by 1 year.

    Even bigger news is that "Other Workers" have become Unavailable for the whole world.

    It furthers strengthens the theory that good number of 245i's are EW category and not in the regular EB3 category.

    This hypothesis is further supported by the fact that all EB3 dates have been sustained above May 1st for a few months now.

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  • InTheMoment
    09-27 10:35 AM
    good point about the H1 quota exempt option. Though remember there is no blanket exemption for doctors...their H1 is cap exempt only if they work for a non-profit institution/university. So it all depends on the employer.

    i was in a similar situation about this with a priority date of Jan '06.. i was planning to get married in dec 2009.. but my dates were current and fearing that I might get my GC soon, I rushed to Australia (my fiancee is AUS citizen) and got a registered marriage done... she is still in aus and planning to join me later using following-to-join when i do get gc.. unfortunately, I did not get my GC when the dates were current in Aug or Sep...

    but, i dont know how to advice you.. it is a very sticky situation... i think best option is to do H1B, and before that to try and get some visitor visa... my lawyer says there is a 50% chance for one to get H1B if you apply on April 1st.. and almost 0% chance if you apply after April 1st...

    oooh another option that i thought out, during my stressful thinking days about this, was that the H1B quota is not valid for certain jobs.. like doctors, and also if you work in like non-profit orgs and stuff... try to explore that.. this means that ur wife can get H1B right away...

    F1 is not an options, since you have to show non-immigrant intent.


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  • babu123
    11-11 01:25 PM
    Lets make current for the benefit of every one :-)

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  • leoindiano
    12-18 10:09 AM
    He is dead against H1B. Not sure about Greencards.

    He is a good freind of obama. I just hope he wont be chosen for labor secreatary post which is one of the two those are empty at the moment.


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  • glus
    06-20 07:24 AM
    in short ,,they stop processing ur case once ur date rerogresses....!!!

    With all the respect this is not true; at least not all the time. As far as I know, and according to my observations, I485s are being pre-adjucated even if their priority dates are not current. They seem to work on such I 485s as far as they can, and once their priority dates become current, the USCIS information system flags them so that they can be adjucated. Sometimes, however, it takes a few months since USCIS has a backlog of I485s and some of the things like FPs must be done again. I have at least 2 friends who got approval a month after their PDs became current. In fact, on of them got a 3FP notice right after his PD became current, and 2 weeks later received the approval.
    I think it all depends on many factors, but I would not agree with your statement that USCIS stops 485 processing once the PD retrogresses.


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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    05-30 08:13 PM
    Also say **NAY** to this one which introduces bill to deny birth right of citizenship:


    We are waiting in line for GC for long and never know when can be considered as illegals, as there is a very thin line between being legal and illegal here. We do not want our kids to suffer because of this bill.

    Kam se kam ek newborn se to uska birth-right nahin cheen na chahiye...


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  • dsairam
    10-10 05:10 PM
    After folks start getting their EAD, God alone knows how many "New" desi bodyshopper's like this will spring up.

    All those so called "Enterpreneurs" a.k.a desi bodyshoppers...Perhaps if someone started a company that actually makes something rather than just contracting....more jobs, more value...

    I feel everyone of us has the potential to have such a vision...after all isn't this the land of opportunities

    Perhaps it is wise only to dream....

    The desi companies, while their methods may not be employee friendly, also add value in the chain and that is why they exist. So I don't know what you mean by "actually make something".

    And no I don't own or am affiliated to one.

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  • naveenarjun
    07-17 10:58 AM
    Yes you are right, there is bound to have EAD flood in market, with spouses of hi-tech worker will come to market to search hi-tech job with spouse phone support. I have seen such cases countless times in past few years and yes they will be in future without exception. However, matter of fact, these fresh EAD (previous H4) don't get the dream job in first attempt, it takes good 2 year to find a similar job that H1b hitech worker does.
    But thats the realty of market, every year new jobs are added and every year new job seekers join the crowd.
    On the otherside, a hitech worker is suppose to always learning something new and getting his/her position more stronger everyday, its a knowledge market, whoever knows more gets better $$. With my 7yr US exp and total 10 yrs CS exp I have no scare that any single fresh EAD will come close to me. A senior is always a senior no matter which field you talk.

    Not all H4 are going to be in the hig-tech industry

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  • sparklinks
    07-27 01:18 PM
    to get the receipts. Lets not bug them and have them work instead on receipting. With over 500K+ applications, it'd be a while to get the reciept..
    oops did i mention EAD/AP..ur gonna have to wait a really long time on that one.

    I guess Phone answering people job is to answer the phones(not receipting), correct me if I am wrong.

    03-11 11:35 PM
    I don't have personal problems except with the point I mentioned. I am a consultant. Whenever I go on vacation, I take long vacations after discontinuing my current project. I comeback from vacation and look for a new project. I don't think there is anything fraudulent about that practice. So the above rule definitely concerns me. I think that is non-sense.

    What you are saying I understand. And many american/GC holders work as independent contractors on 1099. But H1B is never designed for independent contractor (1099). H1B is designed as W2. By using percentage basis H1B consultants are trying to work like independent contractor on 1099. USCIS is trying to crack down on that.

    09-19 08:20 PM
    :) This happens like clockwork after every successful IV event. Infact, we have been waiting for such posts to appear, especially from junior members who have joined recently and its not a surprises that they have anonymous profiles ;)

    Guys calm down and don't be defensive. You don't have to explain your successes to anyone. Lets be smart about this and lets learn from our past experiences.

    That some anonymous member is asking such questions demonstrates that people who oppose IV agenda are usually arm-chair critics. They have absolutely no idea how phenomenal this event was.

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