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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • red200
    10-26 09:56 PM

    Did you get any high level traffic citations any time ?
    Mostly they dont matter unless its high level

    If I-140 is revoked , i believe the message should be some thing different


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  • pcs
    06-18 08:05 PM
    There are a bunch of guys in Detroit area getting harrased in Canada..

    We can mobilize support

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  • eb3retro
    01-03 12:46 PM
    yes, if aspire to become a PM.
    no , if you dont want to go that route.

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  • northstar
    04-29 03:56 PM
    Typhoon costs about $135M a piece
    Eurofighter Typhoon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurofighter#Costs)

    Rafael costs close to $100M.

    India definitely needs a F-22 like aircraft considering the Indian AGNI-3 is still not operational and there is no proper long-range nuclear weapon delivery medium. Sukhoi's and Mirage's are no F-22's.

    F-22's are not up for sale, how did you got that idea


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  • looivy
    11-29 02:10 PM
    I fail to see how this whole thing helps EB3-I/C. IV should work on measures that alleviate EB3-I/C pains.

    Immigrationvoice team has been working on the publicly available USCIS data since its release on USCIS website and we have been discussing this data with top USCIS officials to clear doubts.

    Immigration Voice is releasing the analysis of the information for the community. You can view the report at


    We are putting together a list of recommendations about this data for our next meeting with USCIS. If you have suggestions, do post on the thread. We would also be updating this report on regular basis as the data is updated on USCIS site and numbers change due to approvals/pre-adjudications/field office data/ CP and spillovers. The visa bulletin movement will also be compared against the report and checked with USCIS and DOS.

    Team IV

    Note: Please read the entire document rather than just basing your judgment on the graph and the visa bulletin charts. There are several caveats and limitations of this data.

    We feel this is a one step ahead of the IV prediction tool published by IV in the past. We will continue to refine the analysis as we receive information from DOS and USCIS through our advocacy efforts.

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  • logiclife
    07-06 02:09 PM
    EDIT: According to Dr. Bahrainwala,this has been bumped to 7/7/07..

    Same time 5.30 pm central NBC weekend news.
    Check your local tv listings by going to http://www.tvguide.com/listings/setup/localize.aspx

    Link to Youtube video, courtesy of another IV member. Thanks are due to Dr. Bahrainwala.

    Link to Youtube:http://immigrationvoice.blogspot.com/2007/07/iv-member-in-news.html

    Please rate the video after you view it.

    Immigration Voice member Dr. Murtaza Bahrainwala, who was also quoted in the New York times article today about the July Visa bulletin fiasco and the resulting fallout from it, will be on NBC nightly news with Brian Williams tonight around 5:30 Central time.

    The interview also has snippets of interview with USCIS officer as Brian Williams has interviewed USCIS over this issue also. So its a "must watch" thing.

    This will be on NBC and that's good coz you dont even need cable to watch this. In your local area, the NBC channel affiliate will be broadcasting the "Nightly news" with Brian Williams.

    Local times may vary depending on your local NBC affiliate. Its most likely 5:30 Central time tonight but check your local listings.

    Thanks to Dr. Bahrainwala for the interview.

    About NBC nightly News:

    More details about NBC nightly News : http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3689499/
    Podcasts, downloads etc: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8132577/


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  • raydon
    10-12 03:03 AM
    Looking at the movement of dates for EB3, esp India and China, it's hard to be optimistic of any changes. It's a very wretched position to be in for Indian and Chinese nationality, if they're in EB3. All those who are eligible to port will definitely try to port to EB2 as long as it's available and cut their waiting time. It might be risky and unpredictable, but it's a risk worth taking considering the endless torture in the form of a long wait and zero or little forward movement of dates.

    There've been times when I've felt like attempting porting, but am not sure of the reaction of my employer - a big "reputed" company. If they revoke the I-140 in retaliation for using AC-21, then no chance of porting and back to square one. So it's the seemingly endless wait for me just like all others suffering from 2001 onwards. If only I'd not hesitated to take a bold step back in 2003. Too late to lament about that though.

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  • a1b2c3
    10-12 09:57 AM
    If you are serious about this go ahead start helping nixtor and others in this regards.

    Sure, but where is the agenda posted?


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  • coolfun
    07-17 12:39 PM
    You are WRONG.

    Once 485 is filed, its processed according to the "receipt date". Period. Priority date just decides when to file 485. Please know your facts before posting on the forum!!!

    You has incorrect infomation. Your Receive Date is a factor but PD is also a big factor, if limited number available.

    If two person has submitted their application. One has PD 2001 and RD June 10 2007 and other had PD Jan 2006 with RD May 1 2006.

    USCIS 485 Processing Date: June 15th 2007 and Visa Bullitin has "C"

    Still PD with 2001 will get the the number first before PD 2006 case.

    485 RD < USCIS 485 Processing date and PD < Visa Bulletin date
    Order by PD desc

    hope this help

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  • BharatPremi
    11-30 03:18 PM
    Forward discriminatory job posting to "compliance@dice.com" for corrective action by Dice.

    Conversation with Dice:

    Hi xxxxxxxxx,

    We actively monitor the site for discrimination and address them on an
    individual basis. It is the responsibility of the employer to not
    discriminate in their postings and many of them do not realize that they
    are being discriminatory. We are constantly working with employers to
    make sure they are in compliance with the EEOC guidelines to give them a
    heads up as the Justice Department is also monitoring the job boards. As
    you can imagine, this is a never ending task.

    If you find a particular posting, please forward the posting to us at
    "compliance@dice.com" and we will address it.

    Since the employers are responsible for their own postings, you will not
    receive a reply from our legal department as we are not liable.

    Have a great day!

    xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Customer Compliance Specialist
    Dice, Inc.
    Phone: 1-888-xxx-xxxx xyyyy
    Fax: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx
    E-mail: xxxxxxx@dice.com

    -----Original Message-----
    From: xxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 2:42 AM
    To: xxxxxxxx
    Subject: Contact Dice Message

    First Name:xxxxxxxxx
    Last Name:xxxxxxxxx

    Many of the job advertisements on DICE start with a restriction - US
    citizen only, USC or GC only etc ... Only some of these advertisements
    genuinely require a security clearance and hence applicable to US
    citizens only. Rest of the advertisements are *** DISCRIMINATORY *** for
    foreign nationals. Definitely this is a fertile ground for class action
    suit by a competent attortney. Please ensure your clients follow the
    law. Do not let law breakers post on your web site by coming up with
    some point system and penalizing the offenders by removing their ad or
    banning them after repeat offenses.

    Please look at EEOC web site (specifically foreign nationals section) to
    understand current law. I will be waiting for reply from your legal
    team, before I take any further action.

    Do you really have a proof (legal content) that demanding "Only US CItizens /Green card holders will only be considered" OR " We do not process H1B work Visa" would be agianst the US law? I do not think so.. If you have please point us the finger.


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  • pmb76
    07-20 04:57 AM
    You sure are a spindoctor : You gave yourself a worthy id. Why do you have to call USCIS cruel for the choices you made ? USCIS has not separated you from your wife. You have chosen to live in this country and you have the choice to be with her or not. Remember - no one can force you to do anything in this world. Life is always a tradeoff for every living creature in this world and we must learn to make the best of it. Although I do sympathize with you - you need to grow up and stop blaming others for your mistakes.

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  • GCaspirations
    10-03 10:30 PM
    How do yo uknow ur app moved from nsc to csc etc.. when you havenot got anything...other than just the lud on uscis website...
    can u pl clarify?

    I got transfer notice. Also LUD on the website.


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  • raysaikat
    01-05 03:48 AM
    two mother in laws???

    He might have 4. (extending logic that his father in laws also had two wives) :)

    Not necessarily 4 mother in laws; the wives could be sisters.

    So the number of parents-in-laws, x, is bounded above and below according to Indian law as follows:


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  • perm2gc
    05-15 01:44 PM
    The Bill has gone too far from what it means.Why didn't the congressman ask the American employers the same questions they asked other big companies.The H1 and L1 classifications allows them for gouging but the bill is not the answer for it.They are trying to show the stats that supports their insane bill.


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  • bsbawa10
    12-07 04:01 PM
    . but I do believe that all these delays are intentional, squarely aimed at making the lives of to-be immigrants so miserable that that they have no choice but to leave.

    I think, it is a combination of three things.
    1. Laziness
    2. No Accountability
    2. Bad intentions ...as you mentioned

    In my job, I am a software trainer. I teach hundreds of people. I will be accountable (and asked questions) if I delay my work even by one day. There are tight deadlines for everything. (Yes, 5 minute job of renewing EAD will not be 90 days ...it will be 5 minutes only) Even if one customer just soft complains about anything, I will be held accountable and my job will be in jeopardy. There is no such thing in USCIS.

    BTW: I hate when they say 90 days and then exclude the RFE time and the mail accepting time.(They count from the date of receipt and not the date of receiving the mail). On the top of it, the receipt date can be any time they want and not the date of receiving the date. It can become 120 days and when they say "days", it is like one of those commercials which says, " for only 1$ a day ...." instead of saying $365 which they charge for the whole year . subscription.

    Same way instead of saying 3 to 5 months , they say 90 days (so that it does not seem long). they should say , "EAD RENEWAL ONLY TAKES 129600 MINUTES". ..and then in the small print, light gray color at a hidden spot in the bottom, in tons of lines of text, say, "does not include RFE, holidays, Mail transit time, and time before we accept it"

    Can anybody please send me the address of USCIS director ? I want to write a letter to him with a copy to his boss too. Anybody can help me know who his boss is and his address too ?

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  • saimrathi
    07-10 01:19 PM
    Its already on youtube.. check this http://www.michaelmoore.com/

    Guys we should put this on youtube and hit with star ratings and supporting messages for moore...........


    CNN never tell truth no matter what it is...immigration, health care, .....


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  • madhu345
    05-22 03:59 PM
    Very sad to see this coming from the Core Member...Are we losing hope here, is that the game plan are we looking after putting tremondous effort for all these years?

    Here is what you do if the bill passes without amendments:

    Get some sun-tan. Wear a baseball cap. Put in jeans with oil stains and bad quality collarless t-shirt. Grow an untrimmed mustache. Lose the dress shoes and wear cheap jogging shoes.

    Go to the nearest USCIS office (after this bill passes) and say that you have been working off-books illegally at a nearby restaurant since 5 years and now you would like to apply for Z visa.

    They will give you a probationary that will work like an EAD card (maybe better quality than EAD with it being tamper proof and wear proof). In the meantime, once the borders are closed and certain benchmarks are met, you will get Z visa with Advanced parole to replace your probationary card. With that advanced parole you can travel outside and come back in guaranteed (Guaranteed return due to AP). When outside you can file for GC, visit your parents and relatives, spend a few days in vacation and come back with full freedom to work anywhere without LCA restrictions and enjoy the Z visa that you can renew on your own (no need for employer sponsor).

    They will give GC to all Z visa applicants within 5 years thru supplemental increase in GC (based on survey done by DHS). The annual cap will be total Z visa holders divided by 20%. If there are 11 million illegals who end up getting Z visa, the annual cap will be 2.2 million.

    That 2.2 million beats the hell out of the 140,000 we have today for legal skilled immigrants or the 90,000 we will have with this new bill.


    1. No need to comply to speciality occupation. Work in any line of work.
    2. No need to get labor cert for GC.
    3. No need to depend on employer for temp visas like H1B and GC sponsorship.
    4. More travel flexibility due to advanced parole that comes with Z visa.

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  • mnq1979
    08-22 10:18 AM
    I wonder what is this article all about !!! pls. post the text here so that we can read it !!!!!:)

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  • hindu_king
    08-13 04:11 PM
    Just wanted to see how many duplicate application USCIS will get this week.

    - My lawyer wants to refile (with no addional lawyer fees). Does it make any sense to re-file?

    - Is there a vote somewhere that shows how many july 2 files received receipt notices?

    05-12 11:54 AM
    Obama playing games with immigration - CNN.com (http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/05/12/navarrette.immigration.obama/index.html?hpt=T2)

    07-08 03:05 PM
    I got nothing else to say besides that I concur with every word you said about highly skilled population. They get so caught up and satisfied with their small satisfactions, that they tend to ignore the bigger picture. At times, I think USCIS just fooled us and gave in July07 to shut us up. Yes the right work is shut all us up, like those small beggars who beg on the streets and you give them 2Rs to shut them up.

    Shame on All of us for not standing together, this message is for the administrator, to do something big now rather wait and see. To deliver the best push we have to act now---

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