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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • gcgreen
    08-12 01:12 PM
    I do not know how feasible this is, but if in your employment letter, there is a description of responsibilities, and additionally a statement like: "The job being offered to XXX falls under O-NET classification 15-1031," then you are completely covered, because the employer is positing that the job being offered to you falls under that classification. Again, don't emphasize technologies etc., just the job description and mainly classification.

    The AC21 language is very clear: "same or similar occupational classification"

    It does not say job responsibilities or job title. These are interpretations of that term and used to DETERMINE the occupational classification. So as long as the occupational classification matches or is similar, you should be fine.

    Also, the O-NET classification is from SOC which stands for "standard OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION." It can't get any clearer than that :-)

    As always, my cautionary statement: I am not a lawyer, just applying common sense interpretation to the terms.

    In that case, both my old and new job (responsibilities and titles) fall under 15-1031.00 if we take into consideration a broader classification where job duties are the same but technologies are probably 60% same but some technologies mentioned in my L/C are obsolete and my current employer does not list those technologies.

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  • chanduv23
    03-26 11:49 AM
    Have they mentioned it on their website? Usually DMVs like CT etc.. mention on website that they need a Employment verification letter, as a matter of fact, they don't even accept paystubs they just want employment verification letter.

    Folks - my advice is : Please do not argue with the department. Ask them to post their new requirement on their website so that you don't go there and get disappointed.

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  • ujjwal_p
    08-13 03:03 PM
    Since your situation is aggravated, your wife can apply for F1 visa and come here. How you want to answer visa questions on DS-156 or date your marriage cert is upto you. But all said and done and whatever the morale police on this board have recommended is not really valid because you will be going through all of this and not these people who are giving other suggestions. I really want to ask all these people who say dont backdate marriage cert or dont get her on F1, are you guys angels and have done nothing wrong in your lives or are you just preaching others not to sin?

    I think you may have missed the point. The people who were advising the OP weren't necessarily thinking of themselves as angles or as the moral(!e) police, as you politely put it. ;) They may have additional information about a similar situation and maybe trying to help him make the right decision. If you know somebody who tried to backdate a Marriage certificate and got wrongfooted by the Consulate maybe you would try and advise future applicants to be a bit more careful too. Or maybe not. Anyway, not saying that's the case here, but there maybe more to the replies than you think.

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  • pmb76
    01-06 02:57 AM
    singhsa, Your friend just has to pray for Mitt Romney to be president who may solve his problem :D


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  • ak_2006
    11-25 01:46 PM
    Hi Pappu and IV Sr.Members,

    Thanks for the updates and hard work.

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  • lordoftherings
    07-17 12:13 PM
    I would not call you pessimistic. You are SELFISH. Sure you do not share the same enthu because this announcement does not offer you anything. Grow up and feel for others. Everyone knows that there will be a backlog and that is an issue we have to deal with once we get there.
    You are more SELFISH than anybody else and you lack farsight. You are the one just thinking about yourself only. What will happen to all those old guys whose labour is stuck in backlog centers. If they can't get to file this month, they have to wait for another 6 yrs before visas become available. What will happen to new filers who plan to file GC soon. They have to wait forever.


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  • shiankuraaf
    11-25 12:50 PM
    Great Job..... I am eagerly looking for the release of the BL report.

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  • akhilmahajan
    07-10 10:18 AM
    I think we should dedicate one day on leaving messages at his show. Lets make it a saturday/sunday. All the members can leave messages, asking him to be fair.

    I know a lot of ppl will come back saying its of no use blah blah............

    whole idea is to try. If ppl only get motivated by results, then there is no point trying at all...........


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  • gcseeker2002
    12-12 12:57 PM
    Wowowowo .... Eb3 India moved a whole 2 weeks 2 days, i.e., 16 days, i.e. we are 384 hours closer ...;)

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  • snathan
    06-16 10:32 PM
    If you hold work visa like H or L you may need to get the re-stamping upon the extension of your expired visa. H1 status and Visa stamping both are different things. H1 approval is the authorization to work in US, and Visa stamped on your passport is authorization to enter into USA.

    Mostly H1 authorizations (form I-797) are issued for 3 years, so the Visa stamped on your passport reflects the date close to this expiry date, unless consulate gives you a Visa for duration less than the Date on your H1 form.

    Once you get your visa extension, it comes with new I-94. But if you need to visit your home country or need to leave the US for any personal/business reason you have to get the stamping in your passport to re-enter the US. Before 911, one can send the passport and relevant documents to the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C. for renewal or re validation of the H1B visa stamp in the passport when the old visa has expired or within sixty (60) days of the H1B visa stamp expiration.

    But in 2004, the re validation division discontinued the domestic visa re-validation. So now all the member who are looking for re-validation must go to home country or Canada/Mexico. But a recent (in 2007) U.S. Department of State (DOS) directive to U.S. consular posts requires consulting an electronic record for visa issuance in non immigrant categories H, L, O, P, and Q.

    The new verification system requires that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) send information on all approved petitions requiring visa issuance to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), which is part of the DOS. KCC scans and enters all pertinent information including Form I-129, employer support letter, and beneficiary's identification documents into PIMS. KCC also conducts database checks looking for fraud, violations, or other adverse history and records. A petition must be confirmed in PIMS by the U.S. consular post before issuance of the visa. The USCIS has not been transmitting petitions filed for change of status and extension of status to the KCC. Neither have all new petitions for consular processing been transmitted to KCC, resulting in delayed visa issuance to eligible applicants

    Visa applicants whose information has not been entered into PIMS in a timely manner sometimes have to wait longer than the two days specified for visa issuance. There have been reports from individuals who have had to alter travel plans and arrangements to account for errors and delays in having all of their relevant information entered into PIMS

    There are incidents where people struck up in the foreign country for 45-90 days due to this PIMS delays. So people need to go through lots of hassle including losing the job, could not pay the bills in time, lose your credit history, kids are not able to attend the school�.

    So this campaign is to bring back the re-validation within the US. I am sure there are lots of guys here with H1B and going through this dilemma. So all you people gather here and support this campaign. IV core is ready to support this, if there are enough people are getting affected.

    If you or any of your friends are affected and got struck up in home/foreign country, please share your storey here. We strictly need only the first hand experience.

    Based on the response and support, we can take it forward. We believe this one can be fixed through admin fix. All we need is enough support.

    We need real people and real stories which can be presented to DOS officials and the media. I am sure we can fix this. so please come forward.

    Once we get enough people and stories, we can draft letter along with these stories and send it to relevant authorities. So please spread this to other people.

    Note: If you are not interested in this campaign, please ignore this thread and move on. Please do not post anything irrelevant and do not provoke other members.


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  • mhtanim
    11-09 01:27 PM
    I am another one.

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  • gc_check
    07-07 12:19 AM

    Justice Department Files Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law

    The Justice Department on Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging Arizona's immigration law, claiming the law is "invalid" and "must be struck down." Read More (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/07/06/justice-department-file-suit-arizona-early-tuesday/)

    Sometimes a rule/law might be an unpopular one, but the right one. All popular ones does not mean they are correct. People who have the guts to make unpopular / but the right decisions and enact them are the real leaders. This time, either this year or next year, we will know if CIR is driven by real Leader's or Politician who exploit any situation to increase their chances to stay longer in power.
    Also do not see much media attention to anything related to CIR. May be it an election year politics that drive things now !!!
    If this law suit translates into some action to address this broken immigration system, then it is a good one !!! Will have to wait and see ....


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  • perm
    09-02 03:10 PM
    Akhil, can you PM the copy of the letter you sent in with your AP renewal (efile). Also what did you enter in Class of admission? how much fee did you have to pay - 305 or 385?

    Thanks in advance

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  • skakodker
    07-17 08:36 AM
    Exactly. God foribid we lose our jobs. Before and after this announcement we are one bad earnings quarter away from being shipped back home. Its hard to enjoy life with stress like this.


    We recently experienced a miracle of unity through the hugely successful flower campaign. What a shot in the arm that was!

    My suggestion to you is to keep an open mind, accepting that your circumstances aren't presently of your choosing. Once you acknowledge your stress and accept it, you will be in a better position to focus on other aspects of your life that you might be neglecting as a result of your stress - for instance, having fun.

    Life is short. Choose to live.


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  • hotammo
    01-12 10:09 AM
    Hi Shamu,
    A colleague/friend of mine and his wife decided to have a home delivery. So, they contacted this nurse practitioner/midwife, who used to come to his home once a month and do all the stuff that goes along with pregnancy. They also delivered the baby at his home, which took off all the expense that are associated with a hospital delivery and I'm pretty sure the entire cost for the 9 month term was <5K (actually around 2-3K).
    But I believe that was possible because it was a normal delivery with no complications.
    So, if you and your wife are in the same situation as most of the people here (i.e. late 20's or early to mid 30's ) there is no reason why you would not have a normal uncomplicated delivery. So having a home delivery is an option.

    I am a father of a 15 month old and felt that most of the months that we went to visit the doctor was pretty superficial. They did not tell us anything which you cannot find out from the internet or the maternity books. Who delivered my daughter in the hospital? Well a nurse did.

    Also in India my wife told me that most often women don't go to the doctor unless there are issues. (For the period leading up to the delivery. For delivery they go to the doctor.)
    So, for uncomplicated deliveries a home delivery could be an option, just check it out and the nurse practitioners (OBGYN variety)/midwives are fully qualified and sometimes more experienced than the doctors as that is ALL they do, they deliver babies.

    So check this option if you feel it is OK.
    Good luck with your insurance search.

    P.S.: Also you seem a little stressed out.
    Buddy enjoy this time, you are going to be a father. :-)

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  • lccleared
    04-01 08:10 PM
    Just sent #11 fax too


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  • milestogo
    07-22 04:27 PM
    -What is the minimum period that one need to work with the employer who has sponsered the GC after receiving the GC?
    -Can the leave of absence be counted in this period?
    -If you leave immediately (with a month) after GC, can the employer fill for revoking or mistrust for I485?

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  • Makaveli
    02-03 11:37 PM
    guig0 i voted for you!!! just cuz eilsoe tried to screw you over by linking the WRONG SPEELing one.... ;) j/k :P :P

    btw, how the HELL do you make a spelling mistake during pixel art.......lol

    why aren't you posting as much anymore i love reading your hillarious remarks :love:

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  • Sakthisagar
    10-28 01:11 PM
    Brush up your General Knowledge, look around you. If you see, there is a priority date on my post - Infy does not sponspor GC's, atleast not with those priority dates in EB2 category. Can you deduce what that implies?

    You are thinking only about the small percentage of "lost Indians" (including me) who are in this mess - if you really think about your motherland (and mine), help guys like NRN get a good infrastructure in place. By ridiculing him, what are you trying to say? had you been in his place, what would you have done? Settle here immediately, and launch a daily "freighter" to bring all Indians to US? What desh bhakti!

    tonyHK12 rightly said - "look around" - dont get blinded sitting in front of the computer with just one site to visit ;) Look at the good things that someone does, take the positive things out of everything, respect every being - that is what the religions say - if you really believe in one. Wake up buddy - may God bless you!

    BTW, if you ask the Hindu "pundits", it is not a religion at all, its more than just a religion!

    Yeah... very good, now there is two.... this is the proof why EB is not moving or why there is no unity. Keep on arguing and disunite that is the usual desi NRI habit. especially people in USA.

    Brush your GK about Hindu religion.. and this word is just phrased by a Irish Padri just to fool Hindus and you become a trap of it.. I pity Wake up and dont be in a fools world!

    07-07 02:29 PM
    Wow...good publicity....


    Is it right episode? I didn't see anything relate to july bulletin. Can you sent the right padcast?

    06-01 11:29 AM
    Done. Bump.

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