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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • permfiling
    03-24 09:23 PM
    My perm got approved on 3/20. Thanks to you all folks

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  • kumar4875
    02-17 03:33 PM
    I will attend this event.

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  • rustum
    03-11 01:41 PM
    Since you dont have visa stamped on passport, H1B approval copy notarized would help. You should be fine entering both addresses and I have seen both addresses on my Passport on renewal.
    Thanks for the info. I am planning to add my wife name by providing marriage certificate. Can i add my child name with his birth certificate. By not providing other address , can i avoid having US address on my passport.

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  • Becks
    01-25 04:17 PM
    I agree. Based on my 10+ years experience in the IT industry I saw only Indian IT folks strive to deliver the task as agreed. Be it by working later hours, weekends, holidays. They dont get paid for all their hardwork. It it not done for job security purpose just as commitment. I see my own team members sacrificing lot of personal obligations for the work and show their dedication. Not all Indians enjoy.

    where do you make your observations man????????? your observation are totally incorrect. I have seen so many indians who are putting so many extra hours without any extra pay.. we dont follow clock buddy.....go and look some other places where indian works...


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  • susie
    11-04 10:26 AM
    Susie, I can say quite strongly that IV's agenda is quite officially
    "H1B quota is not an issue that we wish to take any sides on".

    We are trying to reduce the backlogs as a primary goal.

    The main aim is to reduce the backlogs which will also reduce the age out problem, but not fix for those already aged out. Believe me, even if this was the only issue on the agenda, it is hard enough to get this done.

    If we don't fix the backlogs then age out will be irrelevant. Let's imagine that H1B quota is increased, and EB3 ROW never becomes current because of more H1B ROW newbies. Then EB3 India will never get any spill over. In this case new India EB3 applications could easily have a 25 year wait, by which time the primary petitioner will have retired invalidating the whole application. Thus you can see that increasing H1B quota works against us (although the official position is no position).

    I am considering computer modeling this, because I think that the a 25 year wait is very possible with the current scheme (making age out easier to push maybe).

    If there is an opportunity to provide ago out protection without risking the main aim then I think that it will be taken. First we need a seat at the negotiating table.

    Until we get a seat at the table we have the trade off between raising age out complicates things, and raising age out keeps it personal. There has been some debate over the, I think that the professionals recommend "keep it simple".

    My position on this is to raise the age out and other family issues like US citizen children being forced to leave because their parents are. But only raise it with those law makers it will clearly be received well with, and not be a distraction.

    There are other issues worthy of targeting, but they too complicate things, and risk us not getting a seat at the table. For example banning consulting. This could force many to leave, including their children, through not fault of their own. I think that consulting should at very least be grandfathered, and have some other exceptions. But again pushing that would be a distraction.

    As I said, if we get a seat at the table, this issue has a chance.

    We are currently working on getting that seat.

    Thanks for your post, support and understanding as you know many H1B children still age out as do many other children who entered the us legally.

    I am so passionate about this issue if iv decide to do something I would help in any way I could

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  • sbay2006
    07-11 10:10 AM
    Comments are welcome.
    However in order to work on an issue, the push and support must come from members needing it. For that we will need support of Greencard holders who think that this an issue for them and they are willing to participate and support IV to go all the way. Right now we have our hands full with current IV agenda and need to accomplish those with our limited resources

    Can you guide us how to take this further. Please send me a message. I will muster required number of folks to make this happen....


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  • mohanty999
    09-01 10:28 AM
    This is reality, my friend. There are multiple approvals showing up already on other sites.

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  • coldcloud
    05-18 09:48 AM
    My Attorney has sent in more than 2 inquiries with DOL and each time we get the same boilerplate reply saying you are in queue and we are processing it. This is an automated reply as few of my friends even got the same reply with no change except case number.

    Also as for as i know there is no time limit as such as 4 months to wait before contacting DOL.


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  • legaleagle
    07-01 09:12 AM
    I140 receipt date is 12/28/06

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  • subba
    12-13 04:30 PM
    It would be good to see a count of # of members on the homepage.
    This way people can get a feel for how much progress we are making against
    Dec 31 goal.


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  • neelu
    12-26 06:19 PM
    Hi Admins,

    Is there any way for members to broadcast personal messages to all online members?

    If that is possible, I would like your comments on whether it is a good idea to request online members on a regular basis to join the Add ONE member campaign via broadcast messages.

    Also, I was wondering if the IV newsletter has been emailed out to the members. I have not received it (checked and made sure that the email I gave out is correct). I ask this because, one of the moderators has assured me that the 'Add ONE member' campaign would be highlighted in the newsletter. Has this happened?

    Please let us know.

    Thank you.

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  • sanju
    04-08 08:18 AM
    Check the above link too...

    "The numbers speak for themselves. Accenture expects to reach 35,000 by the end of this financial year, a 52 per cent increase over last year. IBM already has 53,000 people in India, a 23 per cent increase over the previous year. By the end of the current financial year, Tata Consultancy Services plans to add 30,000 employees, taking its total headcount to 113,500. US-based Capgemini plans to employ 40,000 professionals by 2010."

    Thanks gc_check,

    Let�s ask the same group of members if IBM, Accenture and Cap Gemini could be labeled as "Indian Companies"? May be Ron Hira will have an answer to this question.


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  • fall1998
    05-24 04:08 PM
    Yeppp! My case status says exactly:


    The I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS was transferred and is now being processed at a USCIS office. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    We have never been interviewed though!

    Me and my wife were called for interview at Newark, NJ office after we got the Notice for case transfer in Oct. 2009.

    I heard that those cases which were interviewed were sent to 'USCIS Office', but have never received any interview notice

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  • snathan
    04-12 12:57 PM
    Hi Friends, we need to do something, consider sending letters to president, and should have only one thing, this is not fair.

    anyone please prepare a letter for us.

    What a strategy...wow I admire you.


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  • gc_on_demand
    04-09 12:15 AM
    buddy...your quote kinda worries me. I can understand what you have gone through but always remember there are good things to life beyond worrying about this GC mess, following visa bulletins, and subsequent frustration/high bp/heart attack.

    I do what I can to educate the people around me about this legal immigration limbo and whatever within my control. I suggest you chill and use your energy positively to benefit yourself.

    Spring is here and I am going fishing this weekend, wanna come along?

    At least dont kill fishes for fun. Don't you suffer pain of GC ? Think about pain of death. This pain is nothing compare to it..

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  • gumpena
    10-21 05:24 PM
    Base Assumptions:
    EB2 ratio (Pre PERM) 30% Before PERM came, PD was almost current and nobody cared for EB3 or EB2
    EB3 ratio (Pre PERM) 70%
    EB2 ratio (Post PERM) 50% After PERM, retrogression, people jumped on take advantage on EB2
    EB3 ratio (Post PERM) 50%

    Dependant 2.1
    Indian National Ratio 60%

    Total Labor Calculations

    Approval Rate Total Comments Source
    Backlog 363000 60% 217800 Before Mar 2005 http://www.murthy.com/news/n_relper.html
    PERM 171000 75% 128250 Mar 2005- Mar 07 http://www.immigration.com/newsletter1/dolstatperm.pdf

    Total Labor (Approved) 217800 Pre PERM only
    Indian National 130680
    Total EB3 91476
    Total Eb2 39204

    Yearly allocation in % EB3 (total 485 applications) EB2 (total 485 Appl.) Total 485 Pending for Indian National
    2001 10 19210 8233 27443
    2002 20 38420 16466 54886
    2003 30 57630 24699 82328
    2004 35 67235 28815 96050
    2005 (Before march) 5 9605 4116 13721
    Mar 2005- Mar 2007 100% 80798 80798 161595
    Total EB pending for Indian 436023

    Total EB applications filed is only 300K(jul-aug 2007) does not fit in the above logic...


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  • 485_se_dukhi
    09-20 10:58 PM
    I'd love that...:) Great, I did see you. Lets catch up at the next rally ;)

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  • elfreda80
    09-17 11:51 AM
    My H1B is also approved for Oct '07 and I had applied for H4 in July, but I have not got my approval notice. Now I have to travel to India in Nov. Is it possible to premium process H4 and then get it stamped from India?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • breddy2000
    01-14 11:35 AM
    chintu ..u must have made a ton load on money on TARG..

    >what would be a minimum investment ..100$ or 10k..

    Its not true Chintu might have made tons of money on TARG.

    This is called Gap up. Entry point for this day trade would have been at 2.4 and it went upto 2.5. Its a cent more from the entry point.

    When market opens it shows 2.4 and you can buy at 2.4 and not at the previous closing price at 1.12.

    Hope you got it...

    Seeing all the stock quotes from what is being recommended.

    ZGEN ---> Open 4.6 close 3.91 --> Loss
    IOC ---> Open 19.5 close 20.5 ---> Profit
    BLX ---> Open 10 close 10.6 ---> Profit
    ELN ---> Open 8.5 close 7.8 ---> Loss
    CTDC ---> Open 3.05 close 2.91 ---> Loss
    LIZ ---> Open 3.25 close 2.75 ---> Loss
    MNKD ---> Open 3.62 close 3.76 ---> Profit
    FSIN ---> Open 5.5 close 5.04 ---> Loss
    TMS ---> Open 1.93 close 1.86 ---> Loss
    BPHX ---> Open 2.25 close 2.16 ---> Loss
    ATML ---> Open 3.10 Close 3.20 ---> Profit
    YRCW ---> Open 4.12 Close 4.08 ---> Loss
    SNTS ---> Open 1.69 Close 1.67 ---> Loss
    GSAT ---> Open 0.47 Close 0.4 ---> Loss
    RAD ---> Open 0.35 Close 0.37 ---> Profit
    AVII ---> Open 0.95 Close 0.97 ---> Profit
    FORSY ---> Open 2.04 Close 1.80 ---> Loss

    And if you considered putting your money on all these stocks and calculate the Profit / Loss percentage, it would be anybody's guess how much would have been lost in a single day assuming you have have put in equal amount of money in each of these stocks yesterday.

    I'm not against trading , Just wanted to show my constructive criticism.

    06-14 01:57 PM
    I can't tell you how p***d I was when I read someone suggesting ppl to "enjoy the moment". For someone who has been waiting 3-4 years for labor to clear and sees ppl getting in front of the line to get the EAD/AP, its just insane. And to tell that person to be not a "spoilsport" is just rubbing salt in their wounds!

    To my friends who are still stuck in PBEC, please have faith. You will hopefully be able to file 485 even after Sept when the dates retrogress again. My gut feeling is that dates will retrogress back to 2004 again. 2005 is when PERM started and that's where the bulk of applicants will come from right now. PERM filers will get the advantage of AC21 that you didn't have for all these years but plight of ppl stuck in BEC's has never been on anyone's agenda. So not much you can do.

    Totally agree! I was appalled by some peoples suggestion to those still stuck in BEC to "enjoy the moment" on behalf of others and "not to be a spoilsport". It is really very unfair, but you know what, like arihant says, it'll be like, "See you at IV in September" (when the October VB comes out) to continue.

    Only difference is, you'd have "filed" 485 and if lucky you'd have gotten a receipt, because you might as well kiss your AP & EAD goodbye because there is no way they can process this ton load of apps any time soon.

    I hope USCIS finally sees the injustice that has be meted out to the all the folks - whether in BEC or not - and process the application in a FIFO basis.

    07-30 07:22 PM
    Filing date: July 3rd 2008
    Receipt Date: July 14th 2008
    FP Date: 8/1/08
    A bunch of soft LUD's, the last of which was Saturday 7/19/08 and not sure why, but oh well.

    When did you get your FP notice? I filed on 7/1, still waiting for FP. My FP for I-485 is just 6 months old. Will it have any bearing?

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