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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • venky08
    01-05 11:34 PM
    reminds me of a popular hindi maxim:
    "Shadi aisa laddoo hai jo khaye wo pacchataaye, jo na khaye wo bhi pacchataaye"

    loosely translated in english it means

    Marriage is a dessert which if somebody eats it, he will repent and if somebody does not eat it, will repent too...

    (thank god my 5th grade english teacher is no more in this world to see this day...he must be rolling in his grave seeing my poor english translation skills:D)

    This thread is giving good tips for members who are single...!!!!:)
    Reminds me of quote..
    "In life learn from others mistakes....U don't get time to make those mistakes.."

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  • aadimanav
    05-15 05:50 PM
    Diid yu get an Answer for this my company might be applying in eb3 may be though i have masters degree in comp scince in USA , will this be of any help to folks like us.

    How about this scenario:
    EB3 applicant starts the Masters (in STEM) from US University after the labor is filed and completes while 485 is in pending status.

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  • drona
    08-31 01:21 PM
    We need more members like you!

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  • Kitiara
    02-11 08:59 AM
    And I'll never forget it. ;)

    That accounts for two of my votes, and a few others have said they voted for me, but I think there's one or two mystery votes. Same for everyone, really. :)


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  • downthedrain
    02-17 04:55 PM
    got LUD on 1/29, 1/30 RFE send, 2/10 RFE evidence received, 2/11

    another LUD today for me 02/17

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  • paskal
    12-20 11:18 AM
    this is good news indeed for a lot of people!


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  • yabayaba
    08-23 11:28 AM
    Your employer will have to file a PERM and I-140 and once I-140 is approved in EB-2 with earlier EB-3 PD, request USCIS to adjudicate your pending I-1485 using the newly approved EB-2 I-140. No need to file another I-485 if you already have one pending.

    Regarding the fee, there is no filing fee for PERM. All the costs are related to advertising and lawyer fee. I have no idea how much the fee for the whole process is or what attorney's charge as I have never paid anything for any of my immigration process so far (11 yrs in US). Technically, you are not supposed to pay anything, only employer should pick up the fee. You can pay the premium processing fee wherever applicable.

    What about if the I-140(EB2) rejected?. The 485 will be rejected too?. What are the possibilities of I-140 rejection?


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  • h1techSlave
    11-09 02:16 PM
    AP applied at: NSE.
    on: Sept 7th.
    mode of application: online + mail in all copies via good old USPS.
    Status on 11/09: Card production.

    No physical card yet, but so far so good.


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  • synergy
    08-12 04:40 PM
    I have a question....Green card is for future employment.In that case,once your I-485 got approved ,you need to go and work for your original employer who sponsered your green card. Is that right? Is that the same case if someone uses AC21?

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  • prioritydate
    08-17 10:55 PM
    still waiting patiently :)....

    Trust me. You would see an approval this month. Most of the people who got an LUD on their approved I-140 on 07/13/2008 are seeing their GC approved. Only uncertain people are those who hasn't seen any such light.


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  • Macaca
    09-03 08:50 AM
    In a key finding, government data document that a moratorium on legal immigrants entering the country could devastate the Social Security system by ballooning the size of the actuarial deficit by almost one-third -- 31 percent -- over a 50-year period. (page 1)

    To compensate for the loss of revenue caused by a moratorium would require increasing Social Security taxes on Americans by $506 billion in present value over 50 years and $611 billion over 75 years. Such a tax increase would cost an American earning $60,000 in 2004 more than $1,860 in higher payroll taxes over the next 10 years.

    A forty-one percent reduction in legal immigration, which Congress considered in 1996, would increase the actuarial deficit by 13 percent over 50 years and require $212 billion in tax increases (in present value) over 50 years (and $246 billion over 75 years) to make up for the lost revenue caused by the severe legal immigration reductions.
    A thirty-three percent reduction in legal immigration would increase the actuarial deficit by 10 percent over 50 years and result in lost revenues of $163 billion in present value over 50 years and $207 billion over 75 years, which would need to be made up for through higher taxes or other means.

    Such a tax increase would cost an American earning $60,000 in 2004 more than $720 in higher payroll taxes over the next 10 years, in the case of a 41% reduction in legal immigration, and $600 over the next 10 years for a 33% legal immigration reduction.

    Increases in legal immigration would provide a significant boost to Social Security. The size of the actuarial deficit would be reduced over 50 years by 10 percent if legal immigration increased 33 percent (an additional 264,000 immigrants a year) and by 6 percent for a 20 percent rise in legal immigration annually (160,000 more immigrants a year.)

    A 33 percent increase in legal immigration would increase revenues to Social Security by a present value of $169 billion over 50 years and $216 billion over 75 years. A 20 percent legal immigration increase would add $101 billion in present value to the trust fund over 50 years and $128 billion over a 75-year period.
    A thirty-three percent increase in legal immigration would mean that an
    American earning $60,000 in 2004 could have their Social Security taxes reduced by $600 over 10 years (or $360 in the case of a 160,000 legal immigration rise) and Social Security would maintain the actuarial balance that is currently projected over that period.

    Halting legal immigration to the United States would reduce both the growth rate of the U.S. labor force and the rate of the country�s economic growth (the rate of growth of the nation�s Gross Domestic Product) by approximately one quarter of one percent (0.25%) per year, initially, a notable amount.

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  • McLuvin
    03-04 10:59 AM
    EB3 Movement - Any Hopes?

    Any Hopes.... My PD is March 2003.... Something should happen.... I know that a movement of 18 months is something i cannot ask for... but again if there is some light at the end of the tunner..... :D


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  • GCInThisLife
    06-02 12:16 AM
    Well.. it didn't turn out to be a major issue after all. At least for us. Both my self and my wife got approved in May. The first LUD since FP was on the day we were approved.

    I do understand that 'not working' immediately after getting H1B is a problem and considered out of status and in addition you can also work while SSN is pending. However, most employers do not know about work with out SSN (pending) and according to some lawyers, we may be able to fight for this.

    As I investigated further, there are so many people in the similar situation esp. spouses, i.e., getting on payroll a little late etc. Many of them for genuine reasons (though you will find fault with those reasons) and fell into unknowingly. However, most of them got GCs with out any problem.

    The trick may be to put forward the documentation in such a way that it will not raise any flag. You require to submit Paystubs, w2s, tax returns only for primary applicant as supporting documentation I134 (affidavit) to prove that the dependent is not public charge. You need to make sure that information entered in the any forms (I485, Bio, I-134 etc) agree with supporting documentation such as I94, I797, PP/Visa or any documentation you included. If information do not match, it may raise a flag and IO may ask for more information. So do not get overexcited and submit only what is asked. YOU SHOULDN'T LIE. JUST SUBMIT ONLY WHAT IS ASKED.

    I do understand the forms are useful, but I honestly feel that it is unnecessary stress. As I mentioned I was never been under so much stress as I was when folks pointed that we may not get GCs. I didn't sleep for couple days.. And stopped visiting this forum. Later my wife made me realize that family life is most important as long as we are together, country of residence does not matter. When our son was born last month, I truly felt 'damn GC'.. funnily got approved in the same week :).

    There are few people who are truly helpful, but most come to forms just for kicks and show of their knowledge and talk/act like lawyers. My suggestion is DON'T HURT PEOPLE WHO COME FOR HELP. Esp, when there is something negative, don't try to prove and re-prove your point or satisfy your ego with logical answers or internet search results etc. This will hurt the person 'in trouble' even more. Just imagine your self in similar situation, then you will realize that most people get into situations unknowingly and probably unaware of till some one like you points out. Try to offer some suggestions if you can or stay away. If you want kicks, have a drink and watch a game or something. THANKS FOR READING THIS.

    BYE BYE. Good luck to every one who is still waiting.

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  • gconmymind
    04-24 03:57 PM
    This is horrible and some community organizations and law firms must talk to the DOS/Whitehouse about this issue. National Security is must but there must be better way than playing with the future of so many innocent people (99% most likely of which will have acceptable backgrounds).

    You must have already done some of this - try to contact your local Congressman, Attorney, Employer and try to find more info. This is completely unacceptable. After the PIMS introduction, I am hearing a lot of horror stories. It never used to be so bad earlier.

    How can the consulate keep passports for so long? Basically, they are even barring you from taking any journey anywhere abroad. Why?

    National security and background checks are a must but with someone who has been in US for 5+ years (or for that matter even once) should already have been verified.

    I am assuming you do not have AP or do not want to use it...otherwise you can ask for your passports, abandon the visa application and enter US using AP. Talk to your attorney if you try this..


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  • GCBy3000
    07-28 09:00 AM
    What is received date? What is delivered date? How come there are 6 days gap between those days? Even if you assume that the receiving guy took 6 days to lift his hand and receive, how come the received date is before the delivery date? So he received it even before it was delivered to him.

    He/she explained the actual thing later on at Murthy forum ....

    Member posted July 27, 2007 09:50 AM
    here are the answers...

    Here are the answers...

    When did you receive the receipt notice?
    Yesterday from my Lawyer.

    Did your checks get cleared?
    I believe YES, required checks were issue from the law firm's account, No personal.

    What was your receipt date on the notice?
    Receipt Date is July 09th (I confirmed Online).


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  • gc_dedo
    08-10 10:33 AM
    I came here in late 2006 and i have applied for 140 & 485 due to LS.
    All i can say for you is angoor khatte hain(grapes are sour for you) since you didnt get it.
    This is what happens to jealous people.

    Anyways, we have played by the rules.
    What do you say about people getting GC by lottery.
    Go and blame the govt for the rules not us.
    I don't care about LS. Almost all cases I know are fraud. Sometimes 2 guys got GCs on same labor(since they were not asking Original LC). Thank god USCIS banned LS.

    God Bless USCIS for banning LS.


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  • H1B-GC
    12-04 03:54 PM

    Found this news clipping on an Indian newspaper Today. Below is the Link to the news Article and what it says.It's naive to conclude its gonna happen overnight but the issue of getting back our Social security is catching up!!

    New Delhi, Dec. 4: India and the United States will discuss the issue of a totalisation agreement next week to allow Indians working in America to avail of social security benefits that they pay while working in the United States. Visiting US secretary, US under-secretary for international trade, Franklin L. Lavin said, United States and India are trying to reach a closure on the matter and the United States will be taking up the matter next week.

    Speaking at a function, held in the capital on Monday by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Mr Lavin, who is heading the largest-ever US delegation to India of 250 companies, also revealed that the United States has approved the opening of a consulate in Hyderabad to encourage business with the State.

    Noting that the US was looking at various ways to make business with India easier, Mr Lavin said, the idea was to have an independent economic relation. �We have consistently said that companies have to be serious about doing business with India on a standalone basis. It is not a question of whether to invest in India or Brazil or China, but a necessity. We want to make it easier to do business with India,� Mr Lavin said.

    On the Doha round of talks of the World Trade Organisation, Mr Lavin said, �We can expect an outcome if Brussels, New Delhi and we, each show our willingness to take things forward.� He also said that several initiatives have resulted in greater Indo-US business cooperation.

    These include the Open Skies Agreement in civil aviation, as a result of which passenger traffic has increased 60 per cent in the last one year, reduction of tariffs on industrial goods, a raise in investment caps in retail by India and efforts to liberalise entry of foreign education institutes. Mr Lavin, however, pointed out that there are a number of challenges facing India-US business ties.

    http://www.deccan.com/Nation/NationalNews.asp#Hyderabad%20to%20get%20US%20consu late%20soon

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  • satyasaich
    07-29 11:26 AM
    and it's a 2 year valid EAD

    EAD Renewal applied online on Jun21st

    My Case
    Got the LIN088001XXXX
    FP done on 07/11
    Approval Email received (card prodcution ordered)today

    Spouse Case
    Got an MSCXXXXXXXXX Number as receipt number
    FP done on 07/11
    Approval: Not yet

    Will update again once i revceive the card whether i't s a 2 year EAD or 1 year EAD

    EB3/ India Nov2003
    Proud Supporter of IV

    "Don't go where a path leads. Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail for others"

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  • VSS2007
    08-27 09:20 AM
    Thanks for the reply

    12-18 09:46 PM
    Fraud is usually about lie. If you hide a material fact from USCIS, that is a lie by ommision; and becomes a fraud if it was done intentionally. Changing employment while on EB GC application is a material fact and would matter much when USCIS decides on your case.

    Usually, this kind of ommision is found out when the individual applies for another immigration benefit or for Naturalization.

    07-06 03:52 PM
    Your need to also wish that legal immigration issue is included in the bill as senators might CIR at the expense of the legal immig issue......you do not provide them the votes they need

    Wishful thinking - Would be nice if the court went against AZ and asked the congress and senate to resolve the issue soon through legislative action. :)

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