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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • gapala
    03-03 12:40 PM
    Can you guys guess, why isn't there an update on this thread after the visit?
    Do you think we will ever see an update from OP?

    Hope, all have gone well with this guy and soon will see update on the visit. :)

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  • gc28262
    02-21 08:06 AM
    ICE do site visits to investigate employers. It happened to one of my former colleagues. What officer did was to verify that he was a genuine H1B employee. The officer visited his manager at client's place and verified his duties.

    However I haven't heard an officer visiting one's home.

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  • krishna_brc
    06-24 04:19 PM

    The Immigration Officer,
    (processing center address)

    Re: Application for Travel Document.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is (YourName), I have e-filed for Travel Authorization Document (I-131) receipt number XXXXXXXXXXX. I need travel document to travel to India in the month/year to attend marriage/or some story.

    I am eligible for travel document based on pending 485/AOS receipt number xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Attached are the supporting documents. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.

    Documents Attached:
    I-765 Receipt Notice
    Passport copy
    I-94 copy
    I-485 - Receipt Notice
    Previous Travel Document copy
    Drivers License copy


    I- 485 Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXX

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  • tinku01
    02-12 12:09 PM
    Sometimes in your life you make bad decisions. It happened unfortunately, because my PD is June 2004 EB2 and when dates became current last year, I thought it needs to move just 3 months to have my date current and as per DOS release there were only 3400 visas in EB2 for 2004.
    Unluckily I chose for CP instead of 485 and now lying in a dark well.

    Anyway please don't sympathize, I'll certainly come out of this situation very soon.


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  • pray
    08-22 01:08 PM
    08/22/2007: October 2007 EB Visa Bulletin Prediction of AILA

    Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    EB-4: N/A
    EB-5: C
    Please stay tuned.

    Hope this is correct,will be able to get GC soon then,my EB2 PD is August 2003.

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    01-26 07:26 PM
    hey Dhundhun and everybody else.... thanks for ur precious advice. This forum is really helpful for people like me who do not have much experience with US rules.

    Dhundhun, to answer your question...no I do not intend to break the contract. I just want to protect myself from any mishap in future. By the way as I mentioned earlier, the contract is not of 12 months....its for ENDLESS time. It says that if I leave the company anytime...I will need to refund all the training costs that the company would of incurred in last 12 months.

    Alright "helloh1" all I can tell you at this point is "Good luck"


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  • karthiknv143
    01-31 01:46 PM
    Well, everyone wishes the rumour to be true.
    But you know what, to realize the increase in fees for the I-485, they should allow people to file for it. Unless people start filing for I-485's they are not going to make the $2billion in 2 yrs. If retrogression continues, guess the fee increase doesn't make much sense.... Not sure whether I am right or wrong here.

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  • mpadapa
    06-12 11:07 AM
    Looks like the sub committee hearing on GC issues aren't web casted live.
    We might have to wait until they upload the witness testimony at a later time, normally they post the text of the testimonies. May be IV core folks can update us on the progress.

    Watch out for updates at http://judiciary.house.gov/oversight.aspx?ID=452

    Looks like they are talking about unemployment now ....

    I guess it is 11 am EST, correct?


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  • EBX-Man
    05-12 12:42 PM
    I agree.
    Citizens want to either start consulting companies and get H1B employees or want to stop more Indians coming. More Indians mean less jobs for their children.
    Green card holders do not even want to be friends with H1B.
    H1B do not want to be friends with F1.

    H1 girls want to be married to citizen or Green card holders. Or someone with EB2 PD.

    Green card IV members do not even want to come back here.

    And your point is ...............................????

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  • stucklabor
    04-02 06:37 PM
    Sent both


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  • mallu
    11-29 11:59 PM
    I thought the same but they need to get out of the queue before you and I can get our turn :) .. Good for them finally ...

    In the longer run I guess it makes predicitions easy :).

    One thing , did any other reputed site report this news ?

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  • kriskris
    03-26 01:31 PM
    I have my TX license till 06-2013. With the new rules, I heard that DMV's in Dallas are issuing vertical cards which has an expiration date of EAD/H1b expiry date. I recently moved to a new apartment. When i try to change the address online it is asking me to go the nearest DMV. I dont want to loose my current license which has expiry till 2013. Is it OK if i dont change my new address on my drivers license or is there a way to get my new card with the old expiration date. my current EAD expires on 10/2009.


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  • raysaikat
    04-10 10:11 AM
    Lol, they can.....and they'll charge like $200/hr for everything w/o H-1s willing to be relocated at moments notice.....the industry can't afford to pay someone higher just because they are 'American' if it is not profitable for them......leads back to the original point....

    And thus you are supporting the point made by anti-H1-B lobby that H1-B visas are being used for depressing wages. And secondly, what makes you think that an "american" will charge outrageously more compared to someone equally competent on H1-B?

    From a legislative point of view, a good law should have a good underlying policy designed to serve "most" (if not all), but it also must be easy to enforce. H1-B law already has "legal" safeguards like the employee must always be paid (even if there is no project to work on), employee must not pay for the H1-B fees, etc. These stipulations are blatantly violated by software consultancies in general, and they do it because it has been proved to be very hard to catch (poor employees will say nothing in the fear of losing their job and worse, having to go back home). Thus the law is clearly not enforceable with the means available to DOL, USCIS or DOS. No doubt, there are very competent, high paid consultants on H1-B. If they were 90% of the people, we wouldn't be having this conversation. The situation in all likelihood is reversed (only a small percentage of consultants on H1-B are really competent and highly paid). Removing the privilege of H1-B from consultancies will remedy a lot of real and perception problems of H1-B at one go.

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  • arc
    10-04 11:23 AM
    Did anyone transferred from NSC to CSC and back got FP notice?


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  • vishwak
    01-13 03:48 PM
    easyvishwak, there is a common disclaimer in any of the internet forums that you take the information with a pinch of salt. people post their experiences, whether to follow or not is totally your call. Next time, I wont be so polite when writing my response because you mentioned some unnecessary things in your response to my post. So, please do not aggrevate me. that was my experience, whether you want to take it or not, or, if others want to take it or not is totally upto them. same way, u dont speak for others. keep it to the point and dont do any personal attacks.

    Hey does my posting is offending you, if sorry man.

    I'm just concerned as we see lot of people who come here to gain knowledge.
    And some lazy guys see postings and take them granted you know. Thats why I don't want someone to be in that situation. Have nice evening my friend.

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  • harikris
    05-30 06:14 PM
    I am amazed at the participation.
    What does such a response mean?
    To me, it is evident that IF the action is clearly defined AND some one has a clear mandate, then people will come together to participate and contribute.

    I am tired of hearing how the loopholes in the immigration system are taken advantage of. If we focus on increasing the cap for Indian EB category [across the board] and recapturing the lost visa numbers, then the remaining problems will take care of themselves. For this, we need to lobby until we get a reform legislation to pass.

    And for people that are furious that a very small percentage of folks are taking advantage of the system, i urge them to look at the majority of the people that are leading a honest life and take solace. You are not alone in this journey. And don't let lack of GC put a damper on whatever you wish to do. Get creative and make use of the same legal system to achieve what you want. You are in the same framework as those folks that are taking advantage of the system are. Work the system in the right way.

    I have neither met a honest person that has ultimately lost nor a dishonest person that has ultimately won. Please have some self-confidence and self-respect and keep fighting for what we truly believe in. When you hit a low point share your experiences with others here - in a productive manner.


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  • kalia
    07-04 04:35 PM
    Medical: $ 400.00
    Lawyer: $3,000.00
    Fedex: $ 100.00
    Documents: $ 20.00
    TOTAL: $3,520.00 APR.

    Tension that I have gone through on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Can't estimate the cost
    Frustration that I am going through since Monday Morning: Can't estimate the cost.

    Please note that I am not counting any cost for taking the time off from work, spending time on collecting documents, phone call made to my parents in india. I am not even thinking the opportunity cost.

    My parents had spent time and money going to the different agencies to get the affidavit and then sending it to me via courier. My parents had cancel their program so that their son and Daoughter in law and son in law and Daughter can get the paper quickly and can send the papers to USCIS.

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  • smmakani
    03-24 04:21 PM
    Please PM paskal. He has a group on google groups too.

    Now, anyone from Wisconsin? We need members from different congressional districts.

    Thanks Alisa. Do you know what is a group name?

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  • learning01
    03-16 12:46 PM
    Newt said Nothing is going to happen on this Specter or any other immigration bills in Senate. The conference with House will not agree to anything.

    I also sincerely believe that Nothing is going to happen I say, these senators are doing CYAs; they will bitch it to media, their constituents, hey look, we did attempt these immigration reforms.

    I am talking from my long experience and wisdom and take it from me. The only force that can improve the pitiable conditions of Indian and Chinese due to retrogression and lack of visa numbers is the big corporate employers . Each one whose LC is approved, whose I-140 is approved, who is waiting to file for adjustment of status AND who are indispensable to the employer / work at this stage should write to the HR/ Immigration/ Attorney.

    I am in such a position. I am a technical lead in my IT department. PD Nov 2001. I write about these issues and the difficulties once in a month my team manager, or project manager or Immigration department.

    10-06 07:47 AM
    my case is quite funny.
    Applications went to texas service center originally.
    From there they were transferred to California where they issued my EAD and AP but transferred the application back to TEXAS.

    Oddly enough the only thing that i initially got in the mail was a transfer notice and the ead cards. I didn't get the receipt notice, the AP or a FP notice?????/

    Any Idea whether anyone got ead without FP?

    Same with my case too. Got receipt notice only for my 485, No RN for EAD/AP and none for my wife. but received the transfer notice from CSC, case transfered to TSC and also received EADs.

    Check with your attorney, they might have the receipt notices. In my case, they did have them. Also AP shows as approved, not received it yet and no updates on FP yet. Hopefuly will get soon.

    04-01 08:47 PM
    Sent both faxes to CA senators

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