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Thursday, June 30, 2011

los angeles dodgers uniform

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  • 34 Los Angeles DODGERS

  • Siddhartht
    10-03 02:15 AM
    Thanks krish for the response . few more questions

    >>i got my L1 stamped at Chennai . can i apply for my would be wife l2 visa at Delhi consulate ??

    >> My company is not doing any documentation for my wife L2 . can i do all myself ?

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  • Los Angeles Dodgers Home

  • gc_on_demand
    02-17 09:37 AM
    I had an appointment on Feb 13th at Delhi for H1b renewal. It took less than 15 min for both of us. H1b and h4 we were given special treatment because of our US citizen children. No waiting in line and even no qu from VO once he came to know about children

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  • LA Dodgers 2004 uniform

  • willgetgc2005
    09-14 07:13 PM

    My EB2 labor PD 12/2002 is in Philadelphai backlog center. With the online backlog case status now available, I wanted to find out about my case.

    However, lawyer is not giving my case number. Is there any way to find out. Gurus please help with suggestions.


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  • SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

  • pappu
    11-20 01:27 PM
    If you are a IV member living in NY and want to be actively engaged in the NY chapter activities, please send a PM to bottlemani. If all those in NY get together, it will be easier to plan joint visits to congress people: house members and senators. Even if you don't have a car, we will be able to coordinate better if we know you are willing to spare some time.

    I am sure there are many members in NY. It is a big state with several businesses.

    Please do remember: we have to do something more actively in order to get out of this mess. The more we procrastinate, the worse it will get. If you have suggestions, regardless of whether you live in NY, please do post them here.

    As a first step, please put your name on the NY chapter.

    Thank you qplearn and bottlemani for taking a lead in your state chapter.


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  • 6 in a Dodger uniform.jpg

  • coopheal
    07-07 11:36 AM
    Form AR-11 asks for the date my stay in the United States will expire. What date should I use? Currently, I am on working on EAD (I-485 pending) and last entered US on AP.

    Note: Sorry for a duplicate thread. I posted my previous one in I-140 section. :confused:

    if you were paroled in put the date you were paroled in to. see I-94

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  • 1969 - Los Angeles Dodgers

  • grinch
    05-17 03:07 PM
    Yeah, went a little to overboard with the gradients, and I think a thicker font would be good


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  • LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles

  • satyasaich
    06-14 08:16 AM
    I'm also seriously planning to file on my own. Well, there is no law that stops us, but certainly needs some tips from experienced people.
    Infact as per the checklist, i have all the documents except a letter from employer. That i can get anytime. my big question is are there any other documents that need to be put together (which are not in checklist)

    Any help seniors????


    Can I file 485 on my own. My 140 is approved.

    If so, what is the procedure.


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  • northstar
    07-20 03:59 PM
    amazing indeed :D


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  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers.

  • sammyb
    12-11 05:18 PM
    I was wondering if it's possible to add a meter like one used at Wikipedia for fundraising..
    http://upload.wikimedia.org/fundraising/2007/people-meter-ltr.png That will be a big motivation to many of us.

    VB if people are not motivated enough to contribute then you can't motivate them ever :D...

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  • SGP
    05-19 08:58 AM
    My PERM was filed and I got the following email from my lawyers

    " Labor Certification by ABC ABC, Inc. on your behalf has been submitted via the Department of Labor�s (DOL) Permanent Online System as of the above date (April 1) . The application will be adjudicated by a National PERM Processing Center. As the DOL does not currently have a processing schedule for PERM applications, we are unable to predict how long processing will take. In the past, PERM applications have been adjudicated anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Unfortunately, there is currently no way for beneficiaries to check the status of the application. We will contact you as soon as we hear anything specific regarding your case. "

    1. Is there any place where you can check the status ? Since I do not have any reference number, and from the text of the email, I doubt that.

    2. I checked some forums and found that the average processing time is 60 days. Which processing center should I be looking for ? (I work at Oracle in SFO)

    1. Your company or attorney can check the status on http://www.plc.doleta.gov/splash.cfm?CFID=2535523&CFTOKEN=89747015. They must have already got the case# for your application.

    2. The forums are correct. As of today the processing time is approx 60 days.


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  • GCNeophyte
    09-09 12:37 AM
    My wife is scheduled to appear for fingerprinting at 1 om a future scheduled date. However I learned from someone that she can go for the fingerprinting even earlier in the day and she will be fine. Is this true? Has anyone experienced this?

    I have tried this when i went for my finger printing for my EAD. My interview was in afternoon and went around 8:30am and they did allow me.

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  • ivuser9
    10-01 03:37 PM
    is it .com ?


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  • santa123
    06-16 06:55 PM
    If one had done his/ her bachelors and worked for 5 yrs and did Masters (online) and worked for 4 years after Masters, can he/she claim Masters with 9 yrs of exp?? Pls clarify.

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  • 14: Los Angeles Dodgers

  • VivekAhuja
    05-18 06:15 PM
    What US address did you give USCIS? And what are you planning to give them later?


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  • flash.stoffer
    08-06 05:37 PM
    Thanks... ;)

    I just used 10 mins or soo... :P

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  • Los Angeles Dodgers Fernando

  • salvador marley
    04-29 05:05 PM
    i want to delete it - send it to the recycle bin where it deserves


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  • Los Angeles Dodgers Women#39;s

  • vedicman
    11-08 09:28 AM
    Anyone read the book? Plan on getting it for a good read on a long flight.

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  • In Los Angeles Dodgers uniform

  • chanduv23
    05-14 10:48 AM
    A lot of folks doing OPT from non IT fields applied for this year's H1b through IT consulting companies so that they reserve something like "H1b ticket" and are looking at getting h1b transferred to their non IT companies where they do OPT.

    Dunno how all this will work out, will IT consulting companies help these folks to get a transfer as soon as they get approval?? I was under the impression that IT consulting companies want these folks to contribute to their business and not to use it as a reservation ticket system.

    All folks trying to do this, talk to lawyers and be careful, don't believe ur IT consulting firms thinking they will give u a smooth transfer.

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  • priya.r
    12-27 10:56 PM
    Thank you all for your valuable input.

    06-01 06:00 PM
    get LCA for Home Location and your office (Or client Location) in single LCA

    I am working for Big 5 and they did the same. Working from Home(Michigan) and occasionally go to office (california)

    This is what My company attorney filed for me and Got the approval.

    Raj Iyer
    10-07 05:14 PM

    Assuming you qualify for a green card under EB-2, your new employer should do a PERM/ apply for an I-140 , and at that time seek the priority date of the already approved EB-3 I-140.

    During all these process, make sure that you are on your H-1B.

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