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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • Jaime
    08-31 04:32 PM
    Media always narrates and presents it in a form where the commoner can understand, it needs spice.

    Let us hope that we get more media attention and people start listen to us.

    That’s the key hereGuys, this article is 100% correct. There are about 1 million people stuck at various stages of the green card process, H-4 dependents cannot work, and H-1Bs cannot get salary raises. Don't detract from such a good and accurate article.

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  • kavita
    01-17 10:07 PM
    I sent a hand-written letter to the President today.

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  • MightyIndian
    02-10 11:30 PM
    a FP appointment notice.

    Since I am a July 07 filer like many others, it may indicate that they are dusting the apps to generate FP notices?

    I got the e-mail as well. But what FP notice would they generate now? What for?

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  • roseball
    11-06 05:44 PM
    Yes, I am not taking her words as unwritten law as we all know that NC is killing many people for years. So I would request to take that as a guide line.

    Another meaning I can extract is if today you took infopass for NC and got nothing or "pending" do not bother yourself next 4 months for inquiry.

    On a side note, I was wondering what happens to derivative/secondary beneficiaries 485 applications if the primary beneficiary is stuck in name check.....If secondary beneficiaries are cleared and primary is not, then does USCIS approve GCs for secondary beneficiaries..


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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-17 07:31 PM
    As I have already accepted that my decision of choosing CP was not right during the time of recession. When dates became current, I thought mine will be current in a month or so and CP is a faster process to get green card as 485 filers some time stuck in name chack and all ( as I know couple of friends). So that was the only reason I filed Cp instead of 485.

    There is one ideom in Hindi -" Chaube jee chale chhabbe jee banane aur reh gaye dubey jee"
    So I am dube jee now.:rolleyes:

    Hope you are able to work through this situation tinku01. I sympathize with you. Good luck.

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  • stupendousman11
    01-12 11:55 AM
    Slight clarification to the new regulations:

    Based on the "If they return from the USA after having used the visa" exemption, you don't need a transit visa for the USA-Germany-India leg. But for the return you'll either need an AP+transit visa OR a valid USA visa.

    This exemption (and regulation) is the same as that for France. And I just traveled to India and back (in Dec2010) through Paris on expired USA visa and therefore know the above to be true (at least for France).


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  • DoggyStyle
    07-21 10:31 PM
    I knew the call was a BS. I don't want to waste my prepaid calling card. Real job ads are hard to come by these days, and H1b job ads
    don't exist any more.:D

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  • Sheila Danzig
    04-21 10:41 AM
    I understand that ... but I have seen the diploma accepted and the 2+3 accepted but of course nothing accepted by an adjudicator (or several) is binding. It is a tricky case. In a case like this EB3 skilled worker with 3 years of experience is always the best route to go and then once approved they can try for EB2.


    2+ 3 you are mentioning is where +3 = three year degree program like BSc / BCS/ BCom programs offered in India. Here I think we are discussing 3 year DIPLOMA program the eligiblity for which is 10th grade. After finishing this program in some universities you are waived 1st year coursework for the degree program in same field. So for regular people it is 10+2+4 to get a bachelors where as people taking the diploma route it is 10+3+3. So in this case of our friend his 10+3 is equivalent to completed only 1st year degree program. the +2 overlaps with what he has studied in +3 and the +1 in commerce will not be counted in coursework.

    Anuj: What subject was your diploma was it a management diploma or engineering diploma? What was the eligiblity for the same? Was the institute reputed like does it have an entrance test? If yes do you know their acceptance rate? Might help in preparing a case


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  • vrbest
    11-26 06:49 PM
    I am not expecting anyone to agree with me.. I dont depend on the company I work with.. I have seen almost all companies , they would keep you until they need you and then throw you away.. It is upto us to take smarter decisions.. I always felt there are 100's of opportunities for those believe in it.. We can't just say with GC life will change.. We stil live in the same world where things will keep changing. I would say after GC people will think of Citizenship and so on.. there is no end to this and life is always be like this (there will be no end to what we want in life). so when are we going to take our own decision?

    I strongly feel that if I want to do something and If I feel it is good for me, then I will definetly do it.

    just my thoughts!!!

    I dont expect everyone to agree with me - esp those who already have houses. my point was for those who are renting to keep on renting.
    btw you can also rent a house - and those are quite cheap too nowadays.
    everyone is 200% safe in their jobs till they lose it ..btw some of the big banks may fold too.
    it is not necessary that yr friends cannot do what you have done - maybe they are smarter and more patient than you ..
    here is an good article for reading ...
    http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/us-economy-melting-down/story.aspx?guid=%7B744EEE81%2D4F92%2D4A09%2DA142%2 D4A17CFD35C6D%7D&dist=MostReadHome

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  • heywhat
    05-30 02:04 AM


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  • gcseeker2002
    07-19 11:55 AM
    If your COS application was approved and you didnt have to go out of US for H1B stamping I would assume your are in status.

    I dont know if this would come up in RFE or at interview stage, but I wont worry about it unless the period was more than 180 days.
    Thanks for the responses. How about this question ?
    Is it out of status if one gets paid from 2 companies with
    2 H1bs , like, If one is on bench but getting paid by that company, starts working with 2nd company on transferred H1b, so it is like double pay for about 2-3 weeks .

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  • Shirdibaba
    11-04 06:01 PM
    Hello nrk and others,
    Did the agent Id match urs?
    How soon did u get the appointment wt the Infopass aftre getting the letter?
    Im still waiting to hear back frm our lawyer.


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  • grupak
    06-12 03:37 PM
    Perhaps there should be separate EB category for anti-immigrant immigrants. At least we will have smarter bigots to contend with. :D

    Hilarious :)

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  • senocular
    02-05 04:43 PM
    ooooo, aaaah, oooooh .... wtf. They're all GREAT and I save EGs for last because it was the highest rated (yeah LOTS on that one too) and its not there! pfffft. lol
    :searches franticly:


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  • rdehar
    07-17 10:33 AM
    Clear IE/Firefox temp cache to view refreshed page. I had to do it (pressing F5 20 times did not make a difference). The dates are now updated to July 16, 2007.

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  • jkays94
    07-10 08:42 AM
    "Maybe" CNN is being directed by some political pressure from the Govt? This is my opinion.. :eek:

    Its all about ratings. Fox is beating CNN in viewership levels. CNN has thus found a niche following for anti-immigrant issues (a conservative matter) and through which is hopes to direct some viewer numbers to its side.


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  • pappu
    12-31 01:48 PM
    I think as a next step I will contact my Congressman after the Feb dates are released and we are still current. Do you know if it makes more sense to approach Congressman or Senator for this ? Also should I approach only 1 rep like 1 Congressman or approach both my district congressman and 2 state senators ?
    We are even more screwed because since our dates are current we can not even get 2 Yr EAD or 3 yr H1 extension but you have to renew both annually.
    Please share your experiences.

    1) It all depends on where you live and who is your lawmaker. You need to look at lawmakers profile. Are they in any committee etc?
    2) If you have already established good relations with the office due to IV work, it may become easy. Since you are an old IV member, and you may have already visited their office for state chapter work,IV action items and made calls, you may contact them now for your application status.

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  • SDdesi
    06-05 12:22 PM
    How does this memo affect the AC21 portability if an approved labor cert is revoked? This also raises the question: Since the PERM cert is only valid for a certain period, can it be revoked after its expiration date?:confused::confused:

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  • apahilaj
    12-03 03:28 PM
    Got the same too. I git frustrated and sent out an e-mail on Friday. Not sure if I should really fill in the form. What a mess at every stage :mad:

    I have filled out the forms for my self and my spouse. Going to mail them tonight. What's the worse that can happen? We are already in a sh** situation...

    09-19 03:16 PM
    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............

    I would strongly suggest you read the history of civil rights legislation.


    Compared to civil rights movement ours is much smaller in size and strength. Change happens very slow in a democracy.

    01-28 05:38 PM
    ICE: "Sham" University, Cover For Illegals - FoxNews.com (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/01/28/ice-sham-university-cover-illegals/?test=latestnews)

    Why is everyone blaming just the Chinese University for trying to circumvent the immigration system? It says 95% of the students were from Andhra Pradesh. These are the people who are causing delays in reforms and we pay the price by being stuck in the hole. The founders and all these students should be deported and banned from entering the US for life.

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