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Monday, June 27, 2011

Let the Cultural Wars Begin! NOM attacks New York

Still bitter about their lost, NOM has started their attack toward the senators who supported gay marriage. Brian Brown put out this mess over the weekend.

Last night we were sold out by the Republican Party in New York.  Shortly before 10:30 last night, the New York Senate voted 33 to 29 in favor of same-sex marriage. Four Republicans – Jim Alesi, Roy McDonald, Steve Saland, and Mark Grisanti provided the margin of passage.
But this fight is far from over. In response to last night's vote, I have doubled our pledge to New York, committing at least $2 million dollars to make sure that New York Republicans understand that voting for gay marriage has consequences.

Marriage isn't a partisan issue – in fact, the hero of the past month has been Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz, a courageous friend who has withstood threats, bigotry and hatred while working tirelessly to protect and defend marriage. NOM pledges to stand with Senator Diaz and any Democrat who would share his courage in standing for marriage.

But the responsibility today rests squarely with the Republican Party. The Republican Party has torn up its contract with the voters who trusted them.  When Democrats are in control, they regularly refuse to permit a vote on a marriage amendment. When they are in the minority, they may even leave the state to prevent a vote when their base disapproves. And yet tonight, the Republican Party has sold out, and it is the Republican Party that will pay the worst price for this vote to redefine marriage.
Don't they sound like super villains? Anywho, NOM is asking for $50, $100 to a $1000 dollars to... Well... Raise money for themselves. It's highly unlikely they can get this overturned. So why are they raising money? They hope to get those Repubs out of office. Well, good luck with that.

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