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Friday, June 24, 2011

leonardo da vinci drawings

images Leonardo da Vinci really had leonardo da vinci drawings. artwork: Leonardo da Vinci
  • artwork: Leonardo da Vinci

  • rajuram
    08-15 12:23 AM
    It all depends how much confidence you have in your application packet. mine had problem and was returned back after 7 weeks.

    tomorrow is the last day to file, for many the window will close for a long time.......

    wallpaper artwork: Leonardo da Vinci leonardo da vinci drawings. by Leonardo da Vinci
  • by Leonardo da Vinci

  • vin13
    11-04 04:57 PM
    From the director of the blockbuster "Interminable EB-backlog" comes yet another creation "V-I-S-A B-U-L-L-T-I-N...DECEMBER 2009".
    Story, screenplay, Direction; USCIS
    Production; State department
    Music; Labor department

    This is an 'Art' type not a Blockbuster Commercial one. There is no end. The saga shall continue.....:D

    leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
  • Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

  • cram
    10-10 10:29 PM
    The October visa bulletin has been out for 10 days now and we haven't seen any approvals as of yet. Are there any?

    2011 by Leonardo da Vinci leonardo da vinci drawings. Da Vinci, Leonardo
  • Da Vinci, Leonardo

  • Michael chertoff
    08-22 12:55 PM
    Damn man


    leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo da Vinci: Drawing
  • Leonardo da Vinci: Drawing

  • sanju
    10-22 04:56 PM
    Hey 12 year old Sissy, by any chance is Chris Hansen with you today? I am scared talking with you because I don’t want to talk to 12 year old sissy who has been told not to talk to strangers. Remember what I am talking about :rolleyes:

    Anyways, your "assumption" that majority of people are against reputation system is not correct. We see these threads occasionally but it seems almost everyone give reputations. If you are against a system and you have a choice not to participate in the system, would you still participate even if you hate it and can chose not to participate? The participation of almost everyone is a testimony to the fact that majority opinion is not against reputation system.

    As far as -ve personal messages are concerned, you have the choice not to look at it. Why not exercise that "choice" and not put the burden on someone else for leaving you an obnoxious message. Its like you are searching for bad information about yourself and as soon as you find something, you start complaining about it. Good that people cannot look into the mind of everyone else otherwise you will ask some mechanism to erase those "wrong" thoughts from their brain. I mean is there an end to this thing?

    Have you heard of the word - Hypocrisy. Well, that’s that I am calling here. Why do you keep looking at your reputation and -ve messages if you don't care about it? And if you don't care about your reputation then why you continue to look at it every minute, and complain about it. Either you care or you don’t. It can’t be bother at the same time. And I am choosing to express my opinion for this senseless behavior as it irritates me. I hope you agree that I can make that "choice" to express, I mean you may want to check with Chris Hansen before saying "yes".

    Good points Sanju we should weigh the +s and the -s of the rep system, however you are missing the core of the complaints. Which is that people giving reds are usually (though not always) doing it as a personal attack (you suck, F*'s etc.), whereas every green that one receives is usually on subject matter (I have not seen a "you stud"!! kind of +ve reps ;) ).

    Also, what it wrong for people to complain about the system? If people have the right to give reds, why shouldn't the forum be allowed to complain about it? And if the popular opinion is against it, then the system can be dismantled.

    At both ends (the extreme left and the right) it is always "my way or the highway". Neither one recognizes that there are people with different view points, and that everyone should be given an opportunity to air their own views (live a life of their choosing etc.).

    leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo da Vinci Man
  • Leonardo da Vinci Man

  • gc_check
    05-12 03:35 PM
    DREAM Act continues to be a "Dream" @least for now !!!


    leonardo da vinci drawings. Print by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Print by Leonardo da Vinci

  • abhijitp
    09-21 06:03 PM
    Thanks for playing your folk tunes, and singing and reciting poetry on stage at the rally! Please let us know the IV handle of the other guitarist and singer. Thanks for inviting me to join you but I am way too shy to sing on stage :o 3 cheers to abhijitp, you make CA proud!

    We guessed you were lying to us when you said you do not sing! You should have joined us... we would have then sung the song that only you and the other singer/guitarist know (besides Digital2k) know. BTW, the guitarist was Dr Saurabh although I don't know his IV handle.

    It's the beginning of this weekend, but let me rewind things to the last weekend. I received a call from Paskal while I was walking into "Costco", when he told me about his idea of having me and someone else sing and keep folks entertained before the rally. He connected me to Saurabh, and it felt really nostalgic when Saurabh and I rehearsed the song over the phone... somewhat like how two friends would do it in college.

    Then on the day of the rally, we knew we had to rehearse with our guitars, and we also knew we would have to, first of all, tune our guitars to one another. But to our sweet surprise, our guitars were already tuned:) We then went a few feet away from the registration booth, and began practising... but something funny happened.

    One of the airfare beneficiaries came to me and said hello. We stopped playing and exchanged hellos, and chatted for 2 minutes, but guided him to Venkygct who had been very kind to take over all the "check disbursement" responsibilities. Another 2 minutes, and we have another beneficiary visiting. This time, Venky sees him and runs to us:)

    But, we have only a few minutes to the rally, so we decide to go further away from the booth.... and we go really really far... and then start practising once again.

    And then after a few minutes, we see Venky and a beneficiary running to us from 2 different directions, but Venky intercepting the missile before it got us:D

    Thanks Venky for everything! You made it all sound easy. Starting from the day you postponed your India trip to make it to the rally, you had started making a positive impact on us.
    (Folks, Venky even roped in a handful of his own friends to come to the rally. )

    You were the God-sent help Arun and I were really missing! We had been finding it hard tracking down some of the sponsors and beneficiaries whose IV profiles had phony emails and bad phone numbers! But you came and things started moving real smooth.

    Not to forget Drona's tremendous efforts in roping in dante, prp79, jiren... and in fact co-ordinating the sponsorship for one of them completely on her own!

    Of course, Drona's dream to form the "Let's partner to increase resonance" band remains unfulfilled. So venky, by the next rally, do learn to play the drums:D

    2010 Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo da Vinci really had
  • Leonardo da Vinci really had

  • yabadaba
    07-02 03:15 PM
    medical tests - $540 (total for me + wife)

    fedex - at least $100 (3-4 over night packages)

    lawyer fees- company (no idea)

    photographs ($0.18) - (digital camera+epassportphoto.com+walgreens printing)

    mileage to doctor (3 round trips) - 180 miles

    points on my master card - priceless


    leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo da Vinci
  • Leonardo da Vinci

  • vkannan
    02-11 01:45 PM
    Looking at the .PDFs and the law on spillover, I agree with MPADAPAs analysis. Still hope that there would be spillovers from unused EB visa...sure it will be less compared to last year....but atleast feel/hope it would be enought to get through 2006....atleast for EB2 guys....

    hair Da Vinci, Leonardo leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo DaVinci Drawing of a
  • Leonardo DaVinci Drawing of a

  • dixie
    12-04 09:44 PM
    Personally, if I am not going to get a GC, I would much prefer loosing 20-25% of the PPF and have some chance of recovering the remainder from the "babus" than loosing all of it to the US government that considers me ineligible for benefits that I have already paid for in full. Its a positive sign that the Indian govt, whatever its vested interest may be, has at least considered taking up this issue.

    Lets not nitpick on corruption and nepotism in our home countries. Its no secreat that it exists here as well - except that it goes by different names such as premium processing, amnesty etc and the whole thing is more streamlined and marketed with a positive spin on it.Nobody has experienced that more than us. And yeah, I am being cynical here.


    leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

    07-22 01:43 PM
    E-Filed: May 30th, 2008
    FP: June 28th, 2008
    EAD Status: Pending:mad:

    hot Leonardo da Vinci: Drawing leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo da Vinci 20 foot Wood
  • Leonardo da Vinci 20 foot Wood

  • gc007
    01-07 01:04 AM
    I have been on H4 since 2000. I once got an H1-B in the year 01, but did not get to work. Meanwhile my H4 got extended till now.

    With the recent changes of de-coupling H1 & H4.......

    My question is can I use the previous H1-B issued in 01 and apply for COS without any cap restrictions ? And can this be used by a new Employer ?

    Appreciate any responses on this. Thanks


    house 16 notes. Anatomical drawing leonardo da vinci drawings. davinci-5-2.jpg
  • davinci-5-2.jpg

  • hemya
    08-11 04:10 PM
    I am currently on H1B visa and I want to switch the company. New company is not willing to do H1B transfer and want me to work on EAD. I have pending I485 EB3 ROW with priority date of March 2006. Its been more than 180 days that I filed for I485 so I can use AC21 with EAD.
    But my question is how risky will it be if I switch job at this stage with EAD?

    Thanks in advance,

    advisable to use AC21 only if I-140 is approved

    tattoo Leonardo da Vinci Man leonardo da vinci drawings. again by Leonardo da Vinci
  • again by Leonardo da Vinci

  • hsingh82
    06-02 12:25 AM


    pictures Print by Leonardo da Vinci leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo da Vinci Drawings
  • Leonardo da Vinci Drawings

  • bluekayal
    07-13 03:28 PM
    Congratulations Dinesh Sharma. I had Sch A II - that got retrogressed -- and now job loss, so I am stuck. But I am happy for you. All the best.

    dresses Leonardo da Vinci 20 foot Wood leonardo da vinci drawings. Drawing of Skull
  • Drawing of Skull

  • rbharol
    05-22 02:58 PM
    Competeamerica too is not happy with this bill.
    Has IV talked to them about their stance and their plan of action?

    How do you think Congress will react to these provisions?
    They have STRIVE in the house. Is there a chance we get something
    in the middle of the senate bill and STRIVE?


    makeup Leonardo da Vinci leonardo da vinci drawings. 16 notes. Anatomical drawing
  • 16 notes. Anatomical drawing

  • FrankZulu
    08-13 10:50 PM
    My Treasurer's Check will be void after 90 days of issued date.

    Check Issued On: Jun 14th
    Applied AOS On: July 5th.
    Check Expires On: Sep 13th

    Am seriously thinking of applying new AOS without medical exam, EAD & AP after consulting with my lawyer.

    IV Core, any input from USCIS on such issue. Please running out of days.

    girlfriend again by Leonardo da Vinci leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo-Da-Vinci-Drawings
  • Leonardo-Da-Vinci-Drawings

  • senthil1
    05-18 12:41 PM
    It is good. But .... There were many bills like this in past few years. But it is tough to get even considered unless if you come out a small number like 50k or less. Basically every year immigrant groups were asking unlimited number of GC for US Master degree holders. If they give unlimited gcs for US master degree holders then that number only will add 500K per year as Indian students only have numbers around 80k every year. So with some cap and exemption just for Phd holders will have a better chance of passing in congress.

    I thought there was a bill along these lines last year, do not remember the name or number of the bill though. I would very much welcome such a bill though.

    hairstyles Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) leonardo da vinci drawings. Leonardo Da Vinci - Drawing
  • Leonardo Da Vinci - Drawing

  • bikrambaitaal
    09-10 11:05 PM
    Based on my receipt numbers and looking up on USCIS website, it appears my AOS application that was sent to NSC has been sent to California Center. I have not seen anybody's case being sent to CSC. Dunno how good or bad it is and whether it sppeds up/delays my EAD processing. Anybody had experience with CSC and got any of EAD/AP/GC approved from CSC.

    07-29 03:19 PM
    Guys we see a very unhealthy trend here where any disagreement is not tolerated. This forum is for legal skilled immigrants and we sometimes show how unskilled we are when it comes to tolerance of opinion here.

    isantem, while I understand the diversity argument, when it comes to skilled immigration it doesn't really help. The data itself shows that the overwhelming number of skilled immigrants come from India/China. If the objective is to let the most skilled immigrants in, then the US should forget about diversity. Unfortunately in terms of volume and talent combined, India and China handily beat the rest of the world. Even if EB3 goes to 2002 so be it, but at least you are treating all skilled immigrants on a level playing field rather than discriminating them based on where they were born. If the US continues to do this, there is a serious danger (and this has been documented) that skilled folks in India/China will no longer find the US attractive. Its already happening with the economy booming in India. In fact, we'll probably see you or your kids standing in line for an Indian or Chinese green card in a few years (and I doubt India or China will focus on diversity when it comes to attracting the most skilled talent).

    The last line is only a Dream.. I value your opinion, and wish that to happem. as they say Sounds Good, given the situation Political and economic in India and China it will never ever happen. Politically motivated religious fights, killing the political opponent who is having a diferent opinion, no entry for good thinking poeple in all levels in India. So thie last statements in your paragraph is only SOUNDS GOOD! India still is 60 % poor economically. Never Compare The USA with Third world developing countries. Please be Sane ...

    04-02 07:22 PM
    Thanks all for making it so easy to webfax.

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