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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • wahwah
    06-05 04:39 PM
    you 're right...so may what shivap80 is saying is correct also...
    if your i-485 comes up for adjudication and you have file ac21 and your i-140 is pending as well, then the portability is only valid if i-140 is approved. of course after that to make sure that the portability is valid they will apply the "similar job" criteria.

    You are interpreting as: It must be approved when in reality it means that It should have been already approved in order to make a decision on portability. They can not be forced to approve your I-140 just because you are changing jobs.

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  • Cavalier
    12-03 11:36 AM
    According to my own experience, all is about credit histories and credit scores. If you have not lived long enough in the US (3 years or more might be enough), you don't have a credit history or you have one but it is insufficient, and financial institutions, mortgage companies, car insurance companies, etc, don't know you, consequently, everything is expensive for you: high car insurance premiums, high mortgage rates, high premium for homeowner insurance...if only they except to do business with you. (By the way, I was denied a credit card, a car insurance...when I first moved to Arizona in 2001; fortunately I was able to keep using anything that was Canadian: car and car insurance, credit card, bank account, etc.). Otherwise you are denied everything. I am talking about my own experience as Canadian Citizen working in the US under H1-B before 9/11 event. It must be harder nowadays.
    Now financial institutions know me, I receive tons and tons of credit card and mortgage offers...and I had to go to this website https://www.optoutprescreen.com/?rf=tto opt-out, so I don't get those ads anymore.
    So you're alone in these disadvantageous financial situations.

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  • sai
    04-01 07:36 PM

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  • pady
    08-20 04:01 PM
    I guess this link is for H1 violation.

    I knew that this is against the law to pay for GC expenses, but as you guys know we are all in the same boat. There is nothing I can do except to fight.


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  • snathan
    04-19 06:23 PM
    Man - U guys love to quibble about stupid things rather than focus on the big picture. All my thread says is - I'm doing X .... Please consider doing it as well if you think it is worth your while ... Thats it - Nothing more - nothing less. And here we're having a discussion about how long I've been a member of IV and yada yada yada ...

    Thanks for doing this. I would suggest you to collect more data with real life stories and create a template, post it here. Then everyone can send the same to senator and white house. Anyway thanks for your work

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  • ragz4u
    04-01 04:16 PM

    I am not sure what the issue is with your account. I know Siva has been really busy. Can you, as a quick fix, create a new account and fax from that?



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  • veeyes2009
    02-14 10:25 AM
    After reading your posts i checked my cases online and LUD changed on 02/10 (Mine) & 02/13 (my wife) too for the first time since they are filed .... Both cases start with LIN xxxxxxxx & both are at NSC, EB3-I, PD March 2005. We have given FP twice so far once after filing the cases and other when we applied for EAD/AP extensions.

    No emails though .... Not sure what they are checking or updating ...

    Hoping for the best like you all ... good luck. Please share if you have any updates

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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 12:07 PM
    I think EADs are sent to the applicant and AP to the attorney...had the same in my case...plus seen lots of folks here say the same thing...

    According to the lady officer all AP approvals were mailed to my home address and she verified my home address as well to make sure whether USCIS has sent them to appropriate address or not.


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  • pooja_34
    12-21 09:08 AM
    This is ridiculous - We really need a movement to fix the Indian Consulates. It sucks to be born in a country with 1 billion people. Long lines and struggle for everything :)

    I sent in my passport renewal on Aug 1st, no update as of now. Sent them e-mails no response. Shame on you CGNY.

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  • luckysuizhang
    04-03 01:13 AM


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  • bujjigadu123
    03-03 03:32 PM
    I hope he was not deported.

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    ICE officer did not visit me on the scheduled day. There is no communciation from him so far on reschedule also. I donno what happened. I also did not want to follow up with him.


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  • kaisersose
    05-29 06:36 PM
    After reading this I am not sure if I can ask you send web-fax..
    Do you think you can do it?

    I already sent one. Trying to do something about the problem is fine; grumbling over things that we cannot do anything about is not.

    It is definitely not OK to be posting unconfirmed data as above.


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  • saimrathi
    07-06 02:14 PM
    Thanks.. WIll def watch...

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  • ak_manu
    12-22 01:35 PM
    Hello All,

    I have applied for PIO card for my son (who is US citizen) a month ago. We need to travel to India in end of Jan 2011 (have 1 more month). I am not sure when i would get my PIO card. Not sure if I would need to apply for ENTRY VISA to India for my son. I concern is I would have to also send out his original passport along with VISA application. I am worried if it might get lost. Q's -

    1 Does any one have idea how long it took to get the entry visa?
    2. Has anyone applied for entry visa and has any nightmares like loosing passport etc?



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  • chanduv23
    04-14 12:31 PM
    Customer service opened SR and sent to local office. Got letter from DHS (3 weeks back)that they researched case and are actively processing it, also if I dont get any correspondence with in 180 days contact them.

    Till date I did not get any letter saying that case has opened. Will it help if I take Infopass and go to local office. Please advice.

    Interesting. Talk to congressman and senator - talk to IV - IV also helps in these situations.

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  • h1techSlave
    04-14 08:34 AM
    See how Mr. Blog feed has omitted the fact that this law is against "unauthorized alien". To a casual observer it would appear that IV supports such endeavors (promoting illegal immigration).

    And there's plenty of competition. Essentially, the bill makes the entire state a 287(g) state without the supervision of Department of Homeland Security. The bill's constitutionality seems extremely dubious, but we'll have to wait on the courts and I feel certain that a suit will be filed within days of the governor signing. Here is a summary of the bill's provisions. As an aside, I was struck by the "Profiles in Courage" passage from the LA Times coverage of the bill: [Governor] Brewer, a Republican, has not taken a public stance on the bill. She replaced Janet Napolitano, a Democrat...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/04/arizona-passes-nations-toughest-antiimmigration-law.html)


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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    07-25 03:29 PM
    What not in hand may be (or always be) in head. What in head certainly may not be in hand

    So Cheers ....open up your mind and think of things that you can do that are achievable goals from your perspective

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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-29 12:56 AM
    INA 202 (a) (5) (A)
    EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRANTS NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE- If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 203(b) for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter.

    Please read the above section carefully. The additional visas mentioned above refers to visas in excess of 140k visas set by the annual quota; i.e. it refers to recaptured visa numbers, IMHO.

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  • justAnotherFile
    01-23 01:46 AM
    Whats the POA?

    Is the CA drive currently centered around any particular city? How many members from CA?

    09-15 08:53 AM
    a couple of my older broz friends make like $220 / hr:rolleyes:

    08-11 06:26 PM
    IMO, the key criterion is "occupational classification" under which the new job falls under, not the technologies used. For example, it is logical to conclude that a Software Engineer position that requires programming in Java is in the same or similar occupational classification as a Software Engineer job that requires programming in .NET.

    One could argue that .NET is a different technology than Java, but most if not all would agree they fall under the same/similar occupational classification.

    So as long as you can make a strong case that the occupational classification for jobs is the same/similar, I don't think there is a problem.

    Then again, I am not a lawyer and all that...

    How much does technology come into picture? I changed jobs using AC21 and am on EAD, my new job utilizes only 50% of the skills from previous job and am getting trained in new technologies in the new job. I am not sure if the new employer will list all technologies mentioned in the labor, but will definitely list all those that are being used. Any comments?

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