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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Green.Tech
    09-16 10:18 AM
    NumbersUSA is calling in full strength to thwart the bill. We need to come out in full strength to make some noise. Please keep calling. We don't want to be checking visa bulletins or tracking receipts 1, 2, 3 years from now.

    Please burn those phone lines today! Every call counts!

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  • senthil1
    07-09 09:25 PM
    If it is not mistake you are thinking as Conspiracy. What is the motive of conspiracy? What I am telling is making all PD current was mistake as everyone will expect atleast 300k I485 applications and that many Visa was not available. They made another mistake to correct previous mistake. There is no pro or anti immigrant stand is needed to evaluate this. I do not believe conspiracy theories. Even 9/11 attack also so many conspiracy thories are there. Unless we get some evidence everything is speculative only

    why do you keep parroting the pro USCIS, pro -antiimmigrant line all the time?
    there are times when your realism makes sense, then there are others when it's plain silly.
    this was not a mistake. this was not an accident.
    civil servants do not show up on weekends by accidents. and they do not do 6 mnths of work in 15 days by mistake.
    it was intentional, directed and planned.
    you can believe whatever motives you want and you can sympathize with uscis till kingdom come. but pleaaasee don't tell me it was a random event, some act of god that is our destiny or such crap. please!

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  • stuck_here
    01-24 06:59 AM
    can you please let everyone know when was your H1 approved? (that will help decide the pattern for passport delay due to PIMS..)

    My H1 extension and transfer to a new employer was approved around Feb 2007 and validity is between mar 2007 and feb 2010.

    So did you guys notice a pattern here ?

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  • sankap
    09-15 10:51 AM
    Did any one get their GCs WITHOUT getting the CPO email? I got PDA emails Sep 11 (saying that they have approved the I485 applications), followed by SLUDs Sep 13. I didn't get any CPO email or other notification. Should I expect the CPO emails and THEN the GCs, or just simply the GCs?


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  • h1techSlave
    04-09 09:39 AM
    After seeing the May bullettin, it seems what the US is actually giving us is either a A kick in the back or a slap on the face?

    May be we can create a poll for that send the results to the president.

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  • sundarpn
    02-16 09:59 PM
    R u going to Nogales or just called to inquire???

    Nogales embassy number: 52-631-3118150

    I called just to enquire. I am hoping that the PIMS is centralized so if they were able to pull it up, so will any other consulate.


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  • svkrishna
    01-31 02:05 AM
    We had our interview on January 17th in chennai Consulate. Interview was smooth - which company.. how long you were working for the company and what do you do there.. these were the questions. We were told at the end that we will receive passports within a week.

    So far We ( H1B extension -- 3rd time and my wife - H4( 2nd Time), have not received the passports. I already postponed our date of travel to Feb 5th. Looks like I have to postpone again.

    Calling VFS daily to hear the same news.. Passports not been handed over VFS. The VISA is still under process.

    Called Consulate Twice ... they say they are doing security checks..

    for how long???


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  • rcr_bulk
    08-25 03:27 PM
    wrong calculation 5000/2500=2. It is 2 cents perminute. Have you used C# program?:)

    Any way with vonage, one can call other friends in all other 60 counties and others part of us too..
    Common :confused: Need a math teacher here!!
    5000 mins = 2500 cents
    1 min = ?
    (1/5000)*2500 = 0.5 cent per min.


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  • pakrish
    08-17 11:01 AM
    Hi pakrish, similar situation here. My wife's gc has the gender mentioned incorrectly. From what I've researched, we need to file for I-90 and choose option D - correction in green card. There are no fees required as it's a USCIS mistake but the original card needs to be sent with the form.
    Thanks ..So do you have any idea about how long USCIS takes in this situation to complete the name change?

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  • abuddyz
    01-22 05:09 PM
    When is your interview and where? Will this be your first stamping?

    my interview is on feb 1st week and at mumbai.. it will be my second stamping.. my current H1 is approved in April 2007


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  • desi3933
    06-16 03:50 PM
    yes it is(both about work and supervision), read the pdf.

    The L-1 Reform Act amends previous legislation by addressing the issue of “outsourcing.” L-1B temporary workers can no longer work primarily at a worksite other than their petitioning employer if the work will be controlled and supervised by a different employer or if the offsite arrangement is essentially to provide labor for hire, rather than service related to the specialized knowledge of the petitioning employer. This limitation will apply to all L-1B petitions filed with USCIS on or after June 6, 2005. This includes extensions and amendments involving individuals currently in L-1 status.
    as IV community we must be against these violations. We must support only the compliance L1B.

    I stand corrected.

    Thanks for this, Simple1. I will get more details on this from my friends from legal area.

    Somehow, it seems that this line, if the offsite arrangement is essentially to provide labor for hire, could have some escape route.

    Thanks again. (Green from me)

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  • sunny1000
    06-29 08:20 PM
    here is my theory.

    DOS and USCIS played a tactical move by making all the visa numbers current in anticipation of the CIR bill so that the legals wont complain to the senators about retrogression.

    Once the CIR went down the drain, they are panicking about the outcome of their tactical error and trying to undo that move.

    Again, just my theory...:confused:


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  • Refugee_New
    11-25 01:32 PM
    I support your view. Let this punjabi guy go into foreclosure and screw up his credit history and suffer for the next 7 to 14 years. Its not just him, his entire family will suffer because of this.

    Those who oppose the foreclosure, i think you guys are indirectly helping this punjabi guy. He has good job, good salary and he is capable of paying his monthly mortgage and he and his family are sleeping without any issue right now. If he is not going into foreclosure then how do you think this guy will suffer for the next 7 to 14 years?

    Let his choose what he wants.

    Punjabi guy, you are a greedy person and you have crook'ed mind. You know you are capable of paying off your monthly mortgage and still you want to foreclose your house? Don't you have ethics, moral values? Don't you think you are trying to cheat the system?

    I know foreclosure is not bad and its not against law. But who should seek foreclosure? Is it not for people who are really really in deep trouble?

    Even i own a house and i don't live there because of my job situation. I have rented out my house. I live 700 miles away from my own house. My house value has dropped and i owe more than the house value. But i have job and i am capable of making my payments. Do you think i am eligible to go for foreclosure? Not really.

    Note: I know a friend who lost his job back in 2001 and couldn't pay his car loan(he could've paid). It was about $5000 and it ultimately screwed up his credit history. He got into a good paying job after a year and he wanted to buy a house back in 2002-2003 period. He was not able to get any loan including credit cards. His friend had to co-sign for him to get into an apartment. He is still repenting his decision of not paying off that loan. Recently he got a car loan at the rate of 12%.

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  • shahuja
    01-31 04:45 AM
    Hello lost in gc land..
    i got no slip..VO said..approved and kept the forms and 797 and pp and said you will get it by courier.


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  • makemygc
    08-09 12:34 PM
    When does the clock start for the FBI name check delay? In other words, when people say my name check is pending for 20 months, what exactly is the starting point....is it the day you file your 485?

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  • waiting4gc02
    05-15 12:48 PM
    I know most of the ppl file EAD and AP along with I-485, but is it possible to file EAD and AP at a later time and not with I-485.

    I know it's a stupid idea but just curious whether we can do that or not?
    Also is the filing of EAD and AP also ties with your PD being current ?



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  • sapota
    01-24 03:24 PM
    of England with your rebuke. It is a privilege to set foot into the Royal terminals of the London airport. The Imperial crown demands an apology and shall impose a tax of 50 pounds for this puerile behaviour.

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  • optimystic
    03-26 02:10 PM
    Just a silly question popped up in my mind...

    Doesn't DOL have a directive telling employers, they have to try to recruit US Citizens first, and only if they do not find properly qualified US Citizens they can go on to search for people having 'other work authorizations' . Isn't that the whole basis for the approval of our Labor certifications in the first place???

    So can the employers not use that directive as a legal loophole and try to prescreen the candidates and ask them whether they are US Citizens or GC or EAD or H1 and so on... as a hidden ploy to figure out whether you are GC or EAD while externally they can still put on a facade that they are just strictly following the legal directives that DOL has laid out?

    Doesn't this 'Try to hire US Citizens first' policy of DOL in total contradiction with the I9 statement of 'no discrimination based on work authorization' ???? I am a bit confused here :confused:

    If this indeed is a legal loophole that employers/recruiters can use in their favor, then admins please delete this post so that the yet unaware recruiter/employer perusing our forums may not get wind of this deadly legal weapon !! :)

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  • ArunAntonio
    07-09 06:51 PM
    from doing that, what do you think you would achieve by the flowers being delivered at the hospital instead of the USCIS, the point has been made and the Director has acknowledged the effort - That was the end goal and infact the flowers will do more benefit to those in the hospital.

    Call the place where you've ordered flowers and ask for a refund if flowers are delivered elsewhere. It should be up to USCIS to recieve and then ship those flowers to the hospitals.

    09-10 07:22 PM
    Do you get emails when you get soft LUDs ?

    No, you don't e-mails or SMS for soft LUDs

    01-30 05:58 AM
    hmm.. so this is very recent approval (just 3 months back). i know there are cases which are approved long back and they are also stuck in PIMS but we don't know their service center.. in your case we know that WAC with october 2007 approval is getting stuck..

    is there any one with WAC receipt number and approval after October 2007?? if there is anyone please post your details...

    I have a WAC number and petition approved in Feb 07. Stuck here for 1 month, 18 days and counting. I called DOS and didn't receive a positive response. Will try calling KCC tomorrow.

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