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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • snathan
    06-18 07:19 PM
    Can we have a letter / online fax campaign atleast...

    May be a letter from Rep Longfren etc.

    Yes...we are. I will let you know once we are ready.


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  • niidawg3
    01-26 06:01 PM
    So my old company's lawyers got my Denial Notice today. USCIS is unbelievable in their incompetence. I got denied because apparently I filed when a visa date was not available. Why would i do such a stupid thing? Obviously the IO didnt take the time to do a little research to see why I filed when I did, nor did his Director who rubber-stamped the denial.

    My I-485 was filed on August 2nd, 2007. The August 2007 visa bulletin released on July 12th, 2007 did indicate UNAVAILABLE (http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_3269.html). However, USCIS, amended that a few days later with an update allowing a month (through August 17, 2007) for all individuals who were current as of the July 2007 bulletin (including me) to file. See the attached link: http://www.uscis.gov/files/pressrelease/VisaBulletinUpdate17Jul07.pdf, USCIS issues an update allowing

    It took me about 1.5 minutes on Google to locate the Update Memo. To think that an IO cannot locate this essential memo and would blatantly deny a valid application is beyond me. This is insane that an organization as important as the USCIS can be so inefficient.

    I called their customer service number to see if i could resolve it in a simple manner. The jerk of an IO I spoke to said "you are not going to like what I am going to say, but you are currently out of status (since I am on EAD and AP) and will need to file an MTR. People may tell you to not pay the fee for the MTR, but I recommend you do, since that is the only way your case will be reviewed"

    Thanks Jerk - i hope the Ombudsman's office gets to the bottom of these erroneous denials and fires all y'all.

    I know i would have lost my job if i made such a life-altering and blatant error!!

    I cant believe an Infopass can't resolve this, and I need to go down the MTR route.

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  • java06
    01-30 09:59 AM
    sent the letters to IV and Mr. President.

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  • nonimmi
    05-22 03:00 PM
    I wonder what our children and grandchildren will learn from all these. When they grow up and know that their parents had to go through this mess while waiting to be accepted legally for xxxx number of years and some people got the "grand reward" of being illegal for many years!! These CIRcus operators will be responsible for the loss of "very little" moral left in this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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  • guy03062
    07-02 04:21 PM
    Medical (for me and my spouse) - $700
    EAD / AP attorney's fees + filing fees (for my spouse) - $1140
    Photographs - $55
    Affidavit - $40
    Upgraded I-140 to PP - $1500
    TOTAL = $3435

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  • akgind
    07-13 06:19 PM
    Taking up the DREAM Act issue will strengthen the IV cause...by showing how legals are getting short-changed from every angle on the entire immigration issue.

    It requires a very small change in the DREAM Act as contained in CIR. Just remove the clause that says it will apply to Z visa holders. In any case, Z visa no longer exists since CIR failed. But I am afraid the will replace it by some condition requiring undocumented presence. Remaining conditions apply to legals as well:

    (from the failed CIR)

    � Have maintained continuous physical presence in the U.S. since 1/1/07
    � Was under 30 years of age on date of enactment
    � Was under age 16 at time of initial entry into U.S.
    � Have obtained U.S. high school diploma or GED
    � Have not been absent from the U.S. for more than 365 total days during period of conditional residence (except those absent due to U.S. military service)
    � Have acquired a degree from a U.S. higher ed institution; or completed 2 years in Bachelor�s degree program or higher at such an institution; or have served at least 2 years in the U.S. military
    � Has provided a list of all of the secondary educational institutions he or she has attended in the U.S

    Agree with you ... They say things like kids should not suffer for actions of their parents .. Why the same logic apply for legal kids.


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  • yabadaba
    07-06 03:08 PM
    they have daily podcasts of the news... we can watch it on those

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  • xyzgc
    10-23 03:09 PM
    After waiting in limbo for so long....even an RFE sounds like sweet news :) . I am hoping its about something simple like Employment verification or something (My company is Fortune 100 , so I don't think it would be about ability to pay). And hoping there are no other delays on the way (like Namecheck etc)

    So at last they opened my case. I hope the RFE gets resolved soon, before the dates retrogress or become 'U'. As of now my PD is current in Nov as well. So crossing my fingers!

    I hope that other EB3-I cases stuck in 2001/2002 will start getting picked up soon as well and approved. All the best to you all.

    Is your NC cleared? If yes, shouldn't you have received your gc in early 2007 itself before July 07 messed up EB3?
    Even if its not cleared, you would have surely crossed 180-day barrier, yes?
    I'm not EB3 but if you can post updates in this thread related to your case, it would satisfy some of my curiosity.


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  • El_Guapo
    05-30 08:34 PM
    Done. Aye # 300

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  • bfadlia
    02-27 04:53 PM
    It's really strange the surge in non-legal issues threads..
    If the poster had any genuine hope of getting help she wouldn�t be posting it on a forum for foreigners who obviously have no lobbying power and if we did we will be using it for ourselves first.
    Somebody is trying to establish an association between us and drug and other law breaking criminals..
    Time to put these red dots to a good use.. Get�er boys :)


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  • Sakthisagar
    10-28 12:22 PM
    Really do you have proof of that? Or do you need someone else to decide what is right or wrong for you.

    well you are in the wrong country my friend. Look around, unlike your misconceptions, most people here are not very religious.

    You are one of the Proof. YOu need that... finally. See How you blabber for yourself.

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  • rameshk75
    02-13 12:11 PM
    Here is my scenario:

    My first H1 was approved in 2004. But i came here in June 2005. Will my 6 year count starts from June '05 OR Oct '04 ? Pls suggest.



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  • Libra
    01-17 06:22 PM
    need to be on top

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  • chanduv23
    03-11 03:55 PM
    Gotta love this system...

    Two years ago; Grassley sent a questionnaire to the top 10 Indian outsourcing companies of how they use non immigrant visas.

    They did not have any legal obligation to answer his query. They answered his questions by non answering it.

    Grassley then starts to increase the rhetoric and starts pressuring uscis/dol to start investigations.

    uscis/dol start investigatin and denying cases and study it and find fraud.

    now; Grassley is getting his way and starting to change policy.

    Nascom senses game is over and come begging which is exactly what grassley wanted in the first place.

    At the end; he will get these guys to agree to tough measures (ie., lca requirements for L-1; tougher measures on h-1b, etc.

    See how Microsoft answered differently when they got the query and compare to these guys.

    This system created in USA has a way of making you conform to their behaviour willingly or through long and painful way. Looks like they had to learn through long and painful way.

    It is called desi mentality. Unless the ass is set on fire - Desi folks don't realize the importance of such things.


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  • thecipher5
    04-03 12:21 PM

    I'm willing to meet the lawmakers for the immigration bill in New Jersey...

    If anyone else who is already working on this or has scheduled any appointment, please let me know.

    -- thecipher5

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  • babli2007
    01-03 01:59 PM
    Hi everyone, just had an AC-21 question which I was hoping you could help with.

    I went to the OneNet link to get the job categories but wanted to get a second opinion.

    My current role is computer systems analyst (business analyst) and i might move to a IT project managment role under AC21. There are definitely crossover similarities in both, of course the PM role has more of a leadership aspect to it.

    The catagory in Onenet is 11-3021.00 Computer and Information Systems Managers for Project Managers; and 15-1051.00 Computer Systems Analysts for my current role. It shows they are indirectly related throught the Computer Programmer category i.e. 15-1021.00 Computer Programmers.

    Is this acceptable for AC21? Please advise.


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  • dineshksharma
    07-14 03:50 PM
    According to my spouse, there were three treatments at the embassy:

    Passports retained for approvable/approved cases
    Passports returned for rejected cases
    Passports retained (no options provided to applicants) for audit cases

    In your case, evidently they gave you an option as to whether you wanted to go with the delay. Am I right in assuming that?

    Or were you asked to wait with your passport till they cleared up your case at their end?

    We are not withdrawing our H1B application that was approved by USCIS. We are merely contemplating withdrawing from getting the actual visa stamp because of the uncertainty.

    Right now, the embassy people are not being communicative at all. They did not respond to the last email we sent them and they do not have a live person taking any phone calls.

    Initially they said the audit could take 4 weeks but their website (login enabled) says it might take up to 8 weeks.

    The officer only said "you will hear from us when we get the clearance."
    Said nothing about keeping the passport.

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  • whatsupwithgc
    02-28 12:33 PM
    Found it in .


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-31 07:40 PM
    We have been calling and talking to ppl all over new england area.
    But we have hardly been able to get a convincing number of ppl to attend the rally.
    Have you watched the bus thread for New England Area. 26 votes, can you believe that.

    We definitely need to get more innovative. I dont know what ppl want, so they can be motivated.

    Sometimes i think being educated is a curse, as ppl become more scared and are fine adapting to the system.

    Look at the ILLEGALS at least they came out openly. They dared to come forward and i am sure they will be rewarded sooner.

    LEGAL ppl who have nothing to fear are then also they are more scared to do anything. So this is the right time for me to express my opinion LEGALS ARE FOOLS.

    Please dont be mad at me, i am just frustuated with ppl responses, but one thing for sure, i will keep on motivating ppl in whichever way i can do.

    07-10 10:06 AM
    Lou Dobb seems to discourage illegal immigration but is all for legal immigration ...

    You are naive to think that. That was just his mask. He opposes all and any immigration.

    05-25 01:49 PM
    Does anyone know how Quebec compares to Ontario. Specifically Montreal to Toronto. Economically, culturaly, etc.?
    I would appreciate any comment. Thanks

    I would say Ontario (Ottawa or maybe Toronto) is better compared to Quebec with regards to immigrants.

    In Quebec, if you cant speak French, you are frowned upon. Yeah, yeah i can hear the Montrealers saying they speak both French and English, but the reality is that Quebec only likes people who are French. I heard some racist remarks while walking in the downtown, not uncommon. For some ignoramuses, every colored person is a "bangladeshi" and hurl racist abuses. I was very shocked to say the least...Isolated incident, but not uncommon.

    Bottomline, if you wanna life like u had in the US, better Ontario than Quebec or even BC.

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