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Thursday, June 30, 2011

julia roberts husband and children

images JULIA Roberts isn#39;t planning julia roberts husband and children. 2010 julia roberts children
  • 2010 julia roberts children

  • PlainSpeak
    01-12 05:28 PM
    It is surprising (rather shocking) to see how a discussion on an EB bill (which might never see the light of day anyway) has degenerated into an oft-repeated rant on how IV does not represent EB3.

    When I meet with my lawmaker's office (and when I again meet in Feb), I repeat the IV provisions which are for ALL EB and not any specific category/country. THe problem with EB3 is the with the way the EB system/inventory is set-up. It is stupid to convert a chronic issue into a "IV is not trying" debate. As always, we have lots of armchair critics and few grass-roots workers.
    Yes forever_waiting it is surprising and shocking to see how a discussion on an EB Bill which will never see the light of the day has degenerated into an oft-repeated rant

    By using the keyword oft-repeated (i will ignore the word rant because only an immature mind will call the other side of a discussion as rant) it would imply that many EB3 members have raised the same concern in this forum before and i am not the first and believe me when i say this i will not be the last also. So that would mean a whole bunch of people (remember eb3 are 50 k and eb2 are only 12k) have the same concern and they have raised the same concern in this same forum so that would mean IV is aware of the concern.

    Now what has IV done about it ??

    Meeting a lawmaker with the support of IV behind you is not a reflection of a big effort on your side. The power behind that is IV. Now for me or any other EB3 to meet a law maker is not something i would consider an effort since EB3 are willing to put the same effort which you are putting only if they believei n what they are doing. To believe a person needs to feel that they are working for a cause that will impact their situation. Sadly this is missing and that is why EB3 people are cool about the whole meet the law maker process

    Regarding the statement I repeat the IV provisions which are for ALL EB and not any specific category/country. THe problem with EB3 is the with the way the EB system/inventory is set-up. can you tell me what specific steps has IV articulated to resolve the specific issue of EB3

    By your own definition this is a chronic issue and what we are taught is that any issue which is chronic needs to be redressed and when it is not it becomes a big issue which cannot be handled

    As always, there is the name calling stating that EB3 people are armchair critics and whiners but when you are part of a community and you have issues you will air your greviences in the same community not to some one who has no idea or does not care about it

    What is really suprising is that in EB community itself EB2 does not care to listen and provide and open discussion about EB3 issues. Now according to me that is shocking

    BTW i commend your effort of meeting the law maker but if you introspect the only reason you are making an effort is because you believe your efforts will bear fruit in the form of a GC soon (I believe you are EB2 with a priority date of Apr 08 and current EB2 dates are May 2006)

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  • STAmisha
    06-26 01:24 PM
    Thanks a lot for soothing the (allready f**ed up) nerves.

    julia roberts husband and children. julia roberts husband and
  • julia roberts husband and

  • jasmin45
    07-11 05:22 PM
    Some of the interviews with USCIS officials on july bulletin feaso, noted saying "not waiting for security clearence" adjudicated the cases working overtime during end of June. I guess all this will play against and they are in deep trouble now.

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  • Nil
    04-01 10:46 AM
    Guys, let us leave no soldier behind. Let us work on the number of years taxes have been paid + no criminal record. This will include all those who have been here paying their dues at work or at school. The point is: one behaves responsibly like a US citizen for many (5-10) years, yet do not have a shot at permanent residence, leave alone citizenship.
    Can we start a call?


    julia roberts husband and children. julia roberts husband and
  • julia roberts husband and

  • willwin
    10-05 04:14 PM
    right. in the AILA call also they cautioned that retrogression will become worse (dates moving back!) once USCIS starts processing all those July/August filers...

    Going by that, I guess, dates may move forward very slowly until these new applications are dust-shed and taken for process. And, this may take atleast 6-9 months or more in my opinion (going by the processing times of various USCIS centers).

    They have started FY 2008 with some caution after July fiasco and may ease it up a bit in the next couple of months. I am confident most 2002 cases and some 2003 cases would see approval in the next 3-4 months.

    julia roberts husband and children. Julia Roberts Children#39;s
  • Julia Roberts Children#39;s

  • thomachan72
    04-09 08:24 AM
    one another suggestion I have to make is this:
    We need to get Indian/Chinese community (citizens) involved to fight for us.
    We need to have some of them as leaders in the IV. (they could be people who have struggled with the EB process and identify with us) they could be highly successful Indian/chinese or other countries businessmen/scientists/media personal etc etc (if possible)

    Remember the strength of the ilegal community is that their legal brothers and sisters dont hate them but always stand with them.

    We somehow ( I have no clue how) need to get this to happen. Also each one of us who are currently here should make a pledge that "Even if my card is printed, I will continue to use the extra freedom that I got to always stand up and fight for my brothers and sisters who are struggling with this system".


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  • permfiling
    02-26 06:46 PM
    I received an audit as well. DOL needs docs as below. How long does audit cases take to process? Seems like my attorney missed some docs or is it common audit as he said it is a random audit?

    1. The documentation listed on the following attachment supporting the
    attestations made on the application
    2. A copy of the submitted ETA form 9089 with original signatures in Section L(Alien declaration), Section M(declaration of preparer(if applicable)) and Section N(employer declaration)
    3. Proof of business necessity as outlined by 656.17(h) if the answer for question H-12 is no, the answer for questions H-13, H-15 or H-17 are yes, or the job duties and/or requirements are beyond those defined for the job by the SOC/O* Net code and Occupation Title provided by the state work force agency.

    4. Documentation required for live-in household domestic service workers as outlined by 656.19(b) if the answer to the question H-18 is yes

    5. Notice of filing documentation as outlined in 656.10(d)

    6. Recruitment documentation

    Any suggestions?

    2010 julia roberts husband and julia roberts husband and children. JULIA Roberts isn#39;t planning
  • JULIA Roberts isn#39;t planning

  • dskhabra
    08-04 08:55 PM
    Got FP notice today for 8/15. e -filed on 6/30 (TSC).


    julia roberts husband and children. Julia Roberts, the Oscar
  • Julia Roberts, the Oscar

  • chanduv23
    09-20 07:21 PM
    Now, I see this trend - needhelp, tamsen and so many girls giving flowers to logiclife ............. and logiclife not accepting them .......

    I think the issue here is, logiclife is flooded with these requests and has retrogressed accepting flowers - he will be announcing priority dates soon - and probably per country limits also. So please keep cjecking the special bulletin logiclife will release every month :)

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  • furiouspride
    01-12 01:39 PM
    Most of us are missing the point here. The bill is aimed at those immigrants who have obtained advanced degrees in the US. And believe me, there are lot of aspiring immigrants who have been waiting since 2002-2003 who also happen to have American degrees, most of them stuck with EB3. Priority Dates will still be in play. Most probably, there will be a new category. These additional visas will help clear up backlogs irrespective of your current visa category. If you have a US degree and your PD is current, you will be eligible. Not sure what the confusion is about :)


    julia roberts husband and children. Of course leave it to Julia to
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  • Green06
    09-19 12:35 PM
    I am part of MN Chapter and attended the rally. It was a wonderful experience. I am proud to part of IV family and I am sure that lawmakers will listen to our voice. It was also exciting to see faces behind the IV names.

    Keep up the good work IV

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  • gc_check
    07-11 05:38 PM
    Think we atleast send an email or letter to her with a "Thankyou" note for raising the issue with regards to USCIS/DOS on this VB issue.


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  • mikesin
    04-09 02:59 PM
    Please join hte donor forum , you will be assured frequent updates...and also does it for our cause..thank you..

    Excuse my ignorance but is there a separate "DONOR" forum? Do you have the link by chance?

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  • rayoflight
    04-09 12:41 PM
    Hi Core, Senior Members and all:

    Now that we got the bad news I would like to know what is our next plan of action -Campaign, Flowers, Letters, Calls, Faxes?

    On my way to work today I was listening to NPR and looks like there is a march on May 1st to the White House by the Hispanic Groups.

    Also coincidentally another newsbrief by Jennifer at Washington WAMU was about H1B cap not reaching and the long wait of skilled immigrants waiting in queue for their Green Cards to be processed.

    Should we be contacting her to air an exclusive article on this subject?

    Your thoughts?



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  • arihant
    05-17 11:50 AM
    EB3 2001. H1B valid till Oct 2008.

    Booked tickets (4) - to travel on Jun 6th - 3 months ago. didn't expect dates will move.

    Now, I know when filing is done on Jun 1 ( attorney said), we have to be in US.
    Q1: Do we have to wait for receipt to be received by attorney and /or me?
    Q2: From filing date, how long it will take to get the receipt? One day, two days , one week or two weeks or more.

    I would appreicate replies. Thanks.

    My lawyer says that if you apply for EAD and AP at the same time then you need to remain in the country until these come through. As for 485, the only issue is FP notice. You will need to be in the country to do this. However, you can file to reschedule within 84 days of the FP notice if you are out of the country.

    Can someone confirm the EAD/AP requirement of remaining in the country until they are approved?

    I do not plan on using EAD/AP at this time. However, the lawyer says that if I travel on H1 and then 485 is approved while I am out of the country (HIGHLY unlikely....but still a possibility) then I will ONLY be able to travel back if I have AP. Can someone confirm this as well? So, I am forced to apply for EAD/AP. Otherwise I was planning on just filing 485 and traveling after FP.

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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-05 05:35 PM
    Keep us posted.

    I spoke with IO on 3rd, initiated SR on 4th, initiated congressional request today i.e. 5th. My Infopass is on 11th. Will complete 10 years in US on 13th. Birthday few days after that. So I guess something should work...ROFL...

    PD: December 2005.

    Arae mere pyaara bhaai,

    I am completing 10 years in GC process in September 22, 2010.:cool:

    How about that?

    Before the first application gets to process, I left the company and joined another company. The GC which I am waiting for since then was filed by the second company. They filed it on EB3 eventhough I was eligible for EB2 for "easier processing". At that time both EB2 and EB3 were current. And it remained the same way till I got my labor approved the very same month it went into retrogression. Since then I am waiting.

    By the way, my first company sold the labor they filed for me for $15K dollars to another guy. He got his GC in 2005 and just 2 months back he became an US Citizen.

    That is a long story told short....


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  • pappu
    09-25 01:04 PM
    The title of the thread is misleading.
    IV is already helping. The aim of IV is to eliminate retrogression so that everyone does not have to wait. We also understand that EB3 I is in a much greater mess than anyone else.

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  • santb1975
    04-14 06:21 PM
    I tried to run twice last week but had to walk 2 out of the four miles because of the 100 degree temperatures in So.Cal. it is so much easier to stick to the classes I take in an air conditioned GYM but a new activity helps. I am proud to be part of Team IV and raising funds for the cause I believe in

    As a start, I've decided to start walking in my office garage for half an hour before lunch.

    hairstyles Of course leave it to Julia to julia roberts husband and children. Julia Roberts
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  • bishwas123
    02-15 09:49 PM
    Hi everyone,

    My friend is filing H1B visa from his employer which is a non profit organization. However since he is the only one that organization has ever filed H1B and according to him that his employer is only filing BCIS form I-129.

    Dont the non-profit organizations have to follow the regular procedures? Of what I know these are the procedures for filing H1B.

    1. Wage Verification
    2. Filing Labor Certification Application (LCA)---Form ETA 9035
    3. Approval of LCA----hard copy sent to the employer
    4. Employer posts notices
    5. Filing H1B visa petition, Form I-129
    6. Waiting for approval.

    His employer filing I-129 straight way, without following the other procedures, I was curious that things are done a little different for non-profit organizations- are they?

    Is there a difference in procedure (except for the $ 1000 fee) of filing h1b between profit and non-profit organizations?

    Any suggestion in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    05-27 01:31 AM
    [for each person who signs on, they need to give their name, their employer�s name, their case number, and their filing date.]

    Here is how I think we should collect this information:

    - Everyone who wants to support this initiative send (snail mail) a piece of paper with their Name, Company Name, Case Number, Filing Date, Audit Date and Signature at the end, to an address (to be determined). These cases will be attached to the template/letter above and sent to the Inspector General.

    That way we will have one letter, but individual signatures and cases, all in one package.

    Any suggestions?

    07-12 12:12 AM
    I work for a big 5 Software company & our lawyer Littler Global had taken a stand on July that they will not file our AOS application after the June VB was revoked/amended on July 2nd.

    Surprisingly , today we have received a mail from them that that keeping in view our best interest they have decided to file our AOS case in July regardless of CIS receipting them.

    Wanted to share this information as it may be helpful for you folks too ...


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