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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • bpadala
    05-01 07:11 PM
    You may as well ask uscis to ask for the remainder of the H1B period provided there is an employer who is willing to process your H1B. Remember, you will have to lose your current I485 processing and start all the way from scratch though you can recapture the priority date with the new GC process.

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  • imran
    02-15 10:13 AM
    Old question. How long is it taking to get receipt notice from Vermont for an H1 transfer? If anyone can share his/her experience, I will appreciate. My attroney is located in VA.


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  • sunny1000
    12-20 11:46 PM
    Yes, you can use it for multiple entries (The I-512L should say "this is valid for multiple entries" or something to that effect). But, please be prepared to answer the questions (if any) on what is the necessity to travel on an AP 3 times within the year. If it is on business, that is perfectly within the stated rule. But, if it is vacation, you may be questioned (that is dependent on the individual officer).


    Please read the above instructions about how it has been mentioned that the AP be used sparingly and not in lieu of a visa.

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  • regacct
    04-27 03:05 PM
    Kyl Guards McCain’s Right Flank - Roll Call (http://www.rollcall.com/issues/55_122/news/45582-1.html?ET=rollcall:e7374:80088824a:&st=email)

    One politician standing up for another, but no one standing up for us - who really need it!!!!!


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  • jnc
    07-12 02:15 PM

    Thanks for your answers.


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  • virtual55
    01-15 10:55 AM
    Hello guys,

    If the employer is not willing to share your I-140 approval status with you, is there a way to find out this information from other sources?

    I currently have my 485 & AP numbers but do not have I-140 number to track on the USCIS website.

    Thanks for help in advance.

    post the employer name and address so that other people will be careful working for him and also if employer comes to know about IV, he will stop these kind of things


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  • nousername
    04-07 09:00 PM
    Once you switched from F1 to H1 your F1 becomes void.

    If you can get an approved transfer (don't know form # or name) then you should be good, and don't need another stamp. That is my best "guess".


    I was on an F1 visa until Oct, 2008 and on H1-b visa after that.
    The expiry date on my F1 visa stamp is in 2011.

    I intend to convert from H1 to F1 . Do I require a new F1 visa stamp or will my old stamping be valid still?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • saiku
    03-10 02:54 PM
    Hi all,

    I have contributed to this site and wanted to raise our profile a little more among the techies of the world. I've submitted a story on www.digg.com (which , like slashdot, is read by hundreds and thousands of techies). Please "digg" the story so it rises up in rank and appears on the front page. This could lead to interested people contributing.

    Here is the link : (search for "legal immigration" or "green card" to see my story post . The story will be posted by "saiko")



    Sai Ramani


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  • mnkaushik
    08-07 09:31 AM
    You will have to redo your LC, I 140 and I 485. But you can port your priority date from the earlier application.

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  • reachvenu
    12-07 08:45 PM
    Pls provide this option so thatwho does not want to registor can also send fax


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  • nixstor
    06-29 11:05 PM
    Fresh off the death of S 1639, No one on the Hill wants to talk about immigration related bills

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  • raysaikat
    03-07 07:09 PM
    Hi, this is my first time in the forum and I wish to seek advice on my situation.

    I'm a green card holder (singapore citizen) who got married while being a US PR. I wish to apply for my wife (singapore citizen) a green card.

    How long is the typical wait?

    See visa bulletin. Your case is Family Based (FB) 2A. Currently, it is at 01APR06 (i.e., the applications that USCIS received before 04/01/2006 are eligible to be approved). You need to study how quickly the dates move by going through VISA bulletins in the last 3-4 years, but my guess would be about 5 years.

    Visa Bulletin for March 2010 (http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4659.html)

    while applying, is it true that my wife can't enter the US?

    AFAIK, not on the basis of her GC application, but if she gets another (dual-intent) VISA, say H1B, then she can enter US.

    I kind of know the answers but would like to confirm with this forum. I know the situation can be pretty bleak.

    Many many thanks,

    After 5 years of being PR, you can become US Citizen. After you have become a US citizen, your wife's GC application will no longer be subject to a quota and she should get GC within a few months (processing time).


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  • Santosh_gc
    07-19 03:36 PM
    Hi all:

    I entered the country on Advance Parole and so now I am on EAD status because of that.

    I am on my 8th year of extension. My H1B was valid till 2009 but now it is not because of my EAD. Its been more than a year since I applied for 485 and My I-140 has been approved.

    Q.1 Can I join another employer based on a new H1B so as to reinstate my H1B status? I plan to file for AC21 if I change employers.

    Q.2 Can I apply for a new H1B with my CURRENT employer based on my current job?

    I would really appreciate your input.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • sameet
    02-14 09:55 AM
    Any ideas why this is happening?


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  • IneedAllGreen
    12-28 09:56 AM
    I did my 7 th year visa transfer this year and again it took more than 2 months then nothing happened later I went for premium processing because my wife's H4 stamping date was coming closure. I guess usually it takes 2-3 months for transfering visa. Mine was Nebraska Service center. Again this year I am going for 8th year extension. Good luck for your visa transfer. Just relax and wait for USCIS reply on ur application.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-26 01:40 AM
    Aliens who married or had children before the date of obtaining permanent residency can possibly confer �following-to-join� benefits to their family members. Due to this process, spouses and children will be able to receive green cards quickly. �Following-to join� is not family based immigration, but is similar to a child/spouse receiving derivative benefits based on a primary LPR�s immigration petition.

    Here are the following requirements to be met in order for a spouse or child to qualify under �following-to-join�:
    1. The LPR must have adjusted status or obtained an immigrant visa through a preference category (family or employment based) or diversity lottery. A LPR�s visa number must also be current in order for a family member to receive �following-to-join�.

    2. The petitioner married/had children before becoming a permanent resident and the relationship between the permanent resident and spouse/child is intact at the time of filing. Children of LPRs must be unmarried and under the age of 21. Furthermore, the child/step-child must be from an existing marriage before the LPR obtained permanent residency.

    �Following-to-join� is convenient because it allows primary beneficiaries to do away with filing a separate I-130 for their spouse or child, greatly expediting the green card approval process. Furthermore, spouses and children of LPRs do not have to wait for a visa number to become available. Where a LPR�s spouse or child currently resides affects what procedures he/she needs to follow. If ones spouse and/or child are already in the United States, they may apply for adjustment of status (I-485) based on �following-to-join� and if they are outside of the United States then LPRs need to inform a U.S. consulate of their lawful permanent residency status in order for their family members to apply for an immigrant visa.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/06/criteria_to_be_entitled_for_th.html)


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  • CADude
    08-23 01:53 PM
    If your Attorney is confident then move on.. Let's see if any one with similar issue has any comment to offer. Good Luck.

    My lawyer says 'do not worry' and he does not say what may be potential impact. gurus can you help what kind of trouble I would be facing?

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  • vinabath
    08-20 09:25 AM
    Any one??

    Whats next??

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  • pnayak
    01-11 12:20 PM
    Hi All,

    I had a question regarding the relationship between the number h1b transfers and green card process. I've heard some people say that if you have transferred H1b to many companies then the green card process will be delayed because USCIS needs to be convinced that you will be continuing with the same employer. Is this true or does it really not matter how many times you change employers it doesn't effect the green card process.

    I have already transferred once. I am thinking of transferring one or possible two more times but am just worried about how this will effect the green card application process.

    Purushotham Nayak

    12-09 11:27 AM

    11-08 12:30 PM
    IV Core...
    Any update on this bill introduced yesterday in the Senate..
    Is there anything for us in this buried somewhere...??

    I saw about it on CNN yesterday. A bipartisan bill is being proposed in the house (Some thing like 41 DEMS and 47 REPs) are sponsoring and they expect the number to reach 100 in a day or two.

    Looks like the focus of this bill is just securing the borders and has potential to pass. It appears it is a great opportunity (If possible) to add some recapture provisions to this. Is IV working on it ? It is alright if it is being discussed in State Chapters and can't be disclosed here, please say so.

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