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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • permfiling
    05-20 05:33 PM
    I am in for the GC quota .

    Member of North Calif
    Donated : $500 so far

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  • jambapamba
    08-10 11:46 AM
    Perm filers hate LS guys as they went ahead of line...
    Backlog guys hate Perm filers as they went ahead of line...
    Eb3 guys hate EB3-EB2 conversion guys as they went ahead of line...
    ....and it goes on.
    This shit never ends!!!:(

    Strangely, everything is done within the scope of law!

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  • roseball
    08-23 10:00 AM
    I am in May 2003 EB3I boat. My employer is now trying to file my case in EB2. I have a master degree and 5 yrs experience prior to my EB3 filing in May 2003. The questions is regarding what to file and cost.

    Do we need to file 1. PERM 2. I140 3. I485 all over again ? If so here are the fee for each step 1. 2750 2. 475 (1250) 3. 1010 each(2000 for applicant and spouse. The ones in () are legal fees. Is this sound reasonable ?

    Your employer will have to file a PERM and I-140 and once I-140 is approved in EB-2 with earlier EB-3 PD, request USCIS to adjudicate your pending I-1485 using the newly approved EB-2 I-140. No need to file another I-485 if you already have one pending.

    Regarding the fee, there is no filing fee for PERM. All the costs are related to advertising and lawyer fee. I have no idea how much the fee for the whole process is or what attorney's charge as I have never paid anything for any of my immigration process so far (11 yrs in US). Technically, you are not supposed to pay anything, only employer should pick up the fee. You can pay the premium processing fee wherever applicable.

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  • qualified_trash
    12-13 04:07 PM
    That may be but do you actually think this practice is fair and should be legal. To me and hundreds of thousands of other folks who are patiently waiting in line, it is fraud because you are cutting in line. The sad part is we see that you are cutting in line but we can't do s**t about it just because it's legal.

    Why do we all start complaining when illegals get preferential treatment than us? We all start saying that we came here legally, we pay taxes, we waited in line, we did everything by the book.. bla bla bla. Well .. they are also getting their gc legally so the why do we complain?
    we complain about illegals because their very presence here without papers is ILLEGAL. what part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?

    as far as I can tell, gmatch is not doing anything ILLEGAL. as for the practice being FAIR or NOT, that is a separate discussion.


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  • onemorecame
    07-17 10:41 AM
    Sorry But please tell me how to do this?
    Yes I got it, after clearing the cookies, I closed that instatnce of browser and opened again from new browser and it worked for me.

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  • rajuseattle
    08-05 04:07 PM

    Is your e-file or Paper filed? Since you have posted your details in the NSC EAD e-file tracker I assume yours is E-file. What was the FP date for you?

    Can you please share this information with other IVans?


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  • atul555
    12-22 01:46 PM
    But not because they are 'Indian' but because they are run by sarkari babus. If anyone wants proof Govt. can't run things even remotely as efficiently as private corporations, this is that case study.
    Have to give American consulates in India the credit that they have outsourced some job to external private companies.
    At Indian consulate the story is quite different. There are many who share Pooja's feeling on this subject as being used to dealing with efficient private businesses in US, as soon as you enter the consulate, the sarkari inefficiency hits you like a ton of bricks. Every small screwup looks like a giant under our microscope and each further screwup just frustrates us exponentially.
    As per my last visit to SF consulate, bracing for the worst, I got a surprise to find that it was a breeze, mostly because the lady at the counter was more compassionate and accommodating then the prior ones. But the failure is glaringly at the top level where they fail to define and refine the process, proof-read the information on website (list of document is vague and contains repetitions).
    To summarize I think good workers can deliver some time, but the team will ultimately be a failure without good management at the top, and we all know the top management is sarkari babus who could care less as they were appointed from the sifarish of the Govt in New Delhi and not on their own merit.

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  • Libra
    07-10 09:30 AM
    I saw this many times, he call some indian guy for interview on h1b's and out sourcing then he ask questions and then he olny answer to those questions and he never give that person a chance to explain, and he says thank you for being here we got something more imp need to cover that is Paris Hilton got out of jail partying again............b****d

    I think we should go after him. Every time he calls us cheap labor. He opposes employment based green cards as well as H1b. In a sense , he hates Indians.
    He fuels the rumors against our cause. See his video below :-


    Everyone who opposes High Skilled Immigration is his friend. So I don't see any reason to refrain from going after this retarded soul. Expose him, blog against him. Take off his cover and let the world know , what a big communist liar he is.


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  • heywhat
    06-18 06:07 PM

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  • venky08
    11-19 09:56 AM
    i second this.

    this approach is better known as "attitude of positive expectancy" hoping that things will work out well in the future. It is difficult in this negative world to have this kind of thinking, however if you do, it will get you through your life without losing precious moments of your youth worrying about the future.
    all the great leaders and visionaries of the past and present have this attitude as the way of life. something to think about in the midst of darkness surrounding the GC limbo...

    I started looking for a house soon after filing for my 485/EAD/AP in August 2007. I finally got a great deal (good price and low fixed mortgage interest rates) on a 14 year home in St Louis and then had to decide whether to wait for the EAD approval before buying the home. I decided to go ahead and buy the home.

    My EAD was approved sometime back and looking at the turn of events leading up to buying the house, I realized that there is always an element of risk in committing to long-term investment without a GC. However I am sick and tired of the slow GC process and cannot keep postponing important decisions in life. We need to take risks at some point. I know with a March 2005 EB2 priority date, my dream of getting a GC is still many years away. But postponing important lifestyle decisions for later is too much of a price to pay.


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  • leoindiano
    07-27 08:01 PM
    E-filed on July 1st. Got Receipts, NO FP notice yet.

    Guys, if your EAD approved, please put in your PD here.

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  • file485
    12-29 08:00 PM
    thanks perm for the reply..

    will they look into IRS records for tax returns etc..? or am I thinking too much..?
    ever heard of such things before..?


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  • bsbawa10
    08-18 07:14 AM
    After I heard from the Infopass IO that my case is all set and it is sitting in the NSC examination room, I have been trying my best to get my file to the attention of an IO at NSC. This is what I have done till now. Don't know if this would work. If not, what the heck?

    1. Wrote to my state's senators
    2. Wrote to Ombudsman
    3. Wrote to my Congressman
    4. Wrote to the President
    5. Have opened a SR
    6. My attorney is taking an Infopass appointment to see why it is stuck.

    We 2004 guys are really out of luck. First BEC, then all these LC substitutions, July 2nd fiasco, and now this. Can't believe we got screwed in all the steps.

    I also think the same way. Life is so much unjust. (USCIS adds to this injustice)

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  • venkygct
    08-28 01:47 AM


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  • deepak
    09-10 06:50 PM
    I think as with all certifications, the effort you put into getting the certification teaches you a lot. It is debatable as to if the certificate itself has any value. It is kind of like going to college, the degree just gives a 3rd party assertion that you did what you say you did.

    I must admit that I have not maintained my PMP certification and it has lapsed over the last two years. I just found it very utopian and not very practical. Maybe that is the way it is designed to be. I also got my PMP after spending 5 years successfully rolling out two CMM level 5 assesments and one ISO 9001 certification for my employers. PMP for me was just a way of having someone endorse me and my skills. Over time I found it to be relatively useless unless you hang out at the various PMI meets to do some effective networking.

    If you are a project lead, or someone stepping up to a managerial level, this could really give you a big boost, an endorsement of your life experiences and skills. If you have already been a PM in a CMM5 or ISO9001 organization, you probably already follow most of the best practices and the PMP can't add much more to your life.

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  • ss_79
    06-17 09:22 PM
    Below are some links for those who are looking for visa stamping related 'disaster' stories.... I think this is a lost cause since the DOS/DHS really does not care...justice and fairness is probably not in their dictionary.



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  • repy_ram
    06-24 01:25 PM
    Got the following email from USCIS.


    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    On June 22, 2007, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    If you have questions or concerns about your application or the case status results listed above, or if you have not received a decision from USCIS within the current processing time listed*, please contact USCIS Customer Service at (800) 375-5283.

    At last after waiting for 5 long years got my GC approved on 22 Jun07!!

    Don't want anybody to be stuck in the process for 5-10 years. Will be supporting this team till we reach our goals. And I really hope we do..

    Thanks to IV & all my friends over here, for keeping me sane during this time :)

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  • madhu345
    05-22 03:59 PM
    Very sad to see this coming from the Core Member...Are we losing hope here, is that the game plan are we looking after putting tremondous effort for all these years?

    Here is what you do if the bill passes without amendments:

    Get some sun-tan. Wear a baseball cap. Put in jeans with oil stains and bad quality collarless t-shirt. Grow an untrimmed mustache. Lose the dress shoes and wear cheap jogging shoes.

    Go to the nearest USCIS office (after this bill passes) and say that you have been working off-books illegally at a nearby restaurant since 5 years and now you would like to apply for Z visa.

    They will give you a probationary that will work like an EAD card (maybe better quality than EAD with it being tamper proof and wear proof). In the meantime, once the borders are closed and certain benchmarks are met, you will get Z visa with Advanced parole to replace your probationary card. With that advanced parole you can travel outside and come back in guaranteed (Guaranteed return due to AP). When outside you can file for GC, visit your parents and relatives, spend a few days in vacation and come back with full freedom to work anywhere without LCA restrictions and enjoy the Z visa that you can renew on your own (no need for employer sponsor).

    They will give GC to all Z visa applicants within 5 years thru supplemental increase in GC (based on survey done by DHS). The annual cap will be total Z visa holders divided by 20%. If there are 11 million illegals who end up getting Z visa, the annual cap will be 2.2 million.

    That 2.2 million beats the hell out of the 140,000 we have today for legal skilled immigrants or the 90,000 we will have with this new bill.


    1. No need to comply to speciality occupation. Work in any line of work.
    2. No need to get labor cert for GC.
    3. No need to depend on employer for temp visas like H1B and GC sponsorship.
    4. More travel flexibility due to advanced parole that comes with Z visa.

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  • dante1271
    08-27 09:51 PM
    thank you for the effort of finding me a sponsor...:)

    There are thousands of IV members in CA. Please book your tickets now. Yes, it is thousands of miles to DC and on a work day too but as I said we have one chance to voice our concerns. We are not going to get another chance like this anytime soon. It looks like we might have to fly in a few hundred people because DC appears to be sleeping.

    Come on California. Submit your vacation requests now. Book your tickets. Fly on Monday night and fly back on Tuesday night if need be. There are a few people already doing this. Make your contribution. Act now.

    07-14 10:11 PM

    please stop attacking for no good reason. i've been through this whole set of emotions too, and i'm pasting below a dialogue with Greg Siskind on his blog. Greg is a much respected figure in immigration law and does his bit and more to support our cause. please read it, he makes very valid points.
    why are these kids our enemies anyway? they are stuck in a bad position and helping them get relief behoves us.

    Paskal - The children of legal immigration applicants were specifically covered in the Child Status Protection Act passed earlier in this decade. They are now allowed to immigrate with their parents even if they turn 21 during the middle of the process, a key change designed to ensure that those here for years waiting on green cards could still benefit. There were other important benefits in this bill. read from the bottom up...

    But on a separate note, strategically we saw what happened with CIR when we tried to get every fix on one bill. Three years of work down the drain. We need to get each fix done a little at a time and take what we can get each time and focus on getting more in the next battle. One week we have a victory for illegal immigrants. The next we win one for skilled workers. The next we help refugees and asylees. We need to cheer each victory rather than be upset that not every group was helped.

    Posted by: Greg Siskind | July 14, 2007 at 07:15 PM


    I do not think people really oppose the relief being offered. Neither do they grudge the proccess of legalization for undocumented immigrants. However there is a great deal of heartburn over the way skilled workers are treated. Why can't this bill include legal children who have lived here most of their lives? kids have to "become illegal" to get benefits? what's the message?
    Similarly in CIR, 90,000 GC a year for 5 years were offered for backlog reduction. Compare this to the almost 1 million FB relief and the 11 million GCs for legalization. what's more no one knows how many undocumented workerers there are. 11 or 13 million? so 2 million extra GC are just an asteriek to congress, and yet they won't give paltry increases to skilled workers to cover the backlogs?
    this is the source of frustration that's manifesting in the comments you are reading.

    Posted by: paskal | July 14, 2007 at 06:58 PM

    Some have commented noting that DREAM might pass because it's advocates are showing passion. This should hopefully inspire you rather than upset you. Immigrants Voice has really given me hope that the skilled worker community finally is starting to find the passion that will change minds in Washington. To date, this community has largely depended on the advocacy efforts of groups like AILA and the ITAA rather than on the grass roots efforts of the community itself. These groups do a great job, but they can do so much more in partnership with an active immigrant community.

    Posted by: Greg Siskind | July 14, 2007 at 06:52 PM

    02-17 10:19 PM
    Still your I 140 info does not show up. Also, my pd is of april 2006. But I -140 not approved yet, pending since june 2006. Ur new update is only giving me a good hope.

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