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Monday, June 27, 2011

images of canada flag

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  • RandyK
    06-10 05:31 PM
    Can someone try to breakdown the 220K backlog per Mr. O, please.

    According to Mr. O.

    India = 120K
    China = ?
    Mexico = ?
    Philippine = ?
    ROW = ?


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  • diptam
    08-01 11:20 AM
    Looks like for July 2nd they just started and i talked to 5 other guys( who got receipt) - all of them has a sending time between 9 and 9:30 AM by FEDEX

    Mine went around 11:30 by USPS on July 2nd - so i have to wait for at least 2weeks. 1 hr late means 1 week delay !!

    Kidding - what time yours hit the USCIS building ?

    I also just got off the phone with USCIS, I am July 2nd filer with no receipts yet. The nice lady at USCIS customer service told me that due the increase in the in-flux of applications, it is taking USCIS longer to generate the receipt notices. She told me to call them back after 2 weeks.

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  • edaltsis
    08-11 05:10 PM
    If you have an approved I-140 and the job description matches that of your Labor, you shouldn't have any issues. The job title shouldn't matter either, it's all in the description/role/responsibilities and the technology. If the technology/tool changes then it's an issue because the Labor you have tells that there is a shortage of people in that area.

    Good Luck!

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  • shree772000
    10-26 08:15 PM
    Maybe your I140 was withdrawn by the company A.


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  • kode
    02-03 06:22 PM
    lol .. it's true !! :P

    i didn't see it before .. :crazy:

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  • roseball
    08-23 11:43 AM
    What about if the I-140(EB2) rejected?. The 485 will be rejected too?. What are the possibilities of I-140 rejection?


    The request to adjudicate I-485 will go out only after EB-2 I-140 is approved. I-140 rejection "should" not trigger your pending EB-3 I-485 rejection but it all depends on how the IO interprets your case. He could issue an RFE (I would guess) asking for an EVL for your EB-3 case. In my colleague's case however, TSC automatically adjudicated the I-485 since the new EB-2 I-140 carried the same Alien# as the pending I-485. It seems TSC has a system in place to identify such cases, NSC doesn't. Another colleague of mine whose I-485 is pending at NSC and EB-2 I-140 approved at TSC is still waiting for I-485 approval and its been a month since his I-140 was approved.


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  • bharol
    08-18 12:59 AM
    Trust me. You would see an approval this month. Most of the people who got an LUD on their approved I-140 on 07/13/2008 are seeing their GC approved. Only uncertain people are those who hasn't seen any such light.

    Thanks. This gives me some hope.
    I had LUD on my approved I140 on July 27,2008.
    Does it mean something?

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  • pappu
    07-08 05:15 PM
    Based on what Zoe Lofgren said in the video interview it is clear that no piece meal changes will be entertained. Courtesy of the media (read: Lou Dobbs) and the hispanic representation in the Congress/Senate any legal immigration effort is held at gun-point. In my opinion all changes will be rolled up into CIR, which may pass as late as 2010. Be it Obama or McCain, they have bigger issues to address before worrrying about immigration and that to legal immigration. Both have to live up to poll promises and immigration reform features only as a lip-service when both speak on the campaign trail. Bringing the troops home, addressing issues with economy, and solving the energy needs will be prioririty number one for the new President.

    I spent considerable time reading the last CIR proposal and it was clearly in favor of illegal immigrants. Restrictions on hiring legal immigrants and choking their talent featured at the top of the "to do" list for legal immigrants like us. I dont see much change in the next CIR. Few changes here or there but the word "Comprehensive" in CIR is reserved for illegals.

    Who is to blame? In my opinion, US. Not U.S but us (we the people). On one hand you observe legal hispanic immigrants and business fighting for the cause of their community and on the other we conveniently forget our community as soon as we adopt this alien land. I live in the Bay Area and boy have I seen the marathi mandals, kannada sanghas, TANA, AATA, BATA and God knows how may orgranizations that represent our fractured presence in this country. We have shamelessly displayed our differences based on cultural backgrounds/needs. Sardar Patel's dream of "Ek akhand bharat" (one united India) seems to reverberate only when India plays Pakistan in a game of cricket. I wonder if people such as Vinod Khosla, Vinod Dham, Arun Netravali, Indra Nooyi understand or are are atleast cognizant of the issues their community is facing. For a wild second, imagine the above four making a few phone calls. I bet the impact will be huge.

    Congratulating ourselves for small achievements and patting each other the back for things such as two year EAD extension, etc is great but the celebrations have to stop and we need to focus on CIR. Immigrationvoice is a great organization and I will not take away anything from it. That said, collecting a few hundred thousand, making phone calls, and sending flowers is going to do jack-shit. We need representation on the corridors of power. That's where the battle is.

    Finally anybody who calls the D.C rally a success needs to go easy on the weed. I was there and I can tell you, it was pathetic. Compare that to the L.A rally by the hispanic community. We can give a million explanations on why the D.C rally was under-represented. The bottomline my friends is that the L.A illegal rally got more coverage on CNN and the media, which clearly translated into a biased CIR.

    Lastly, please dont take a few lines from what I've written and display your rebuttal skills. Frankly, I give a rats ass on what you have to say.

    I do agree with your thoughts to some extent.
    1) Unless we get lot more folks involved, it will be a tough task. A small number for a DC rally or a few hundreds doing phone campaign will not achieve much.
    2) Indian community (including GC holders, Citizens and highly placed individuals) would need to be involved if this has to become a visible voice.

    The best way to achieve these objectives is by taking it upon ourselves and reach out to these people. Unless enough awareness is generated, our campiagns will not generate enough heat to power the bills forward.


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  • abhijitp
    07-08 10:52 AM

    I loved it. If I am right, this is posted by an IV core team member.

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  • Almond
    11-02 06:19 PM
    MY GC NOW AND NOW NOW NOW.. uuuuAAAAnnnn uuuuuuuuaaannnnnnnnnnnn

    I want my GC now... booohhhoooooooooooooooooooo

    Okie thats it, my prediction thingy done.. back to work with desi tharra.

    Um, priority date August 06 and you're an EB3? ...you might want to leave these forums for about mm...3-4 years and come back when it's ALMOST your turn. Then you'll be almosting for a few more years :D like me. Then you can start doing your little song and dance. Look at my date.... :(


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  • mbartosik
    02-12 09:33 PM
    To serve legal notice is meaningless unless he has filed a complaint in court in which case he will likely have to pay a $100 to $200 for an "index number", and then pay a few hundred for an official process server to personally serve you or only if you cannot be personally contacted do "nail and mail". That is the procedure in NY state, because I've been the plaintiff against visa sponsor (I drove him to brink of bankruptcy before I dropped the case). For $3500 it would probably be small claims court, but the procedure will be roughly the same.

    Forget about the idea of him "creating documents", what are you suggesting that he forge your signature. I doubt that he has the balls to do that, because to present documents like that in court is a very serious offense. He would be putting everything he has on the line for what -- $3500 minus expenses because you cannot claim expenses in small claims court.

    Sending you an email is laughable and just shows that he is either not serious or ignorant, and likely engaging in scare tactics.

    I stand by my prior advice, go see local IRS customer service center. The worst that will happen is they help you to start off the official written complaint against him, and they explain what to do in absence of W2. The best that will happen is that if you explain the blackmail a customer service person will call him on your behalf and put the fear of IRS into him. I would expect that there is a high correlation between employee abuse and tax abuse, so IRS may be interested to know who the bad apples are.

    Recreating records for W2 is just a few hours work if you have pay stubs and bank records. I know someone who has to do it every year. Actually I'll email him a link to this thread. He won't be able to reply for a week because he is off for a week training.

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  • initrode
    07-30 08:53 PM

    RD Jun 24
    FP Jul 17
    LUD Jul 17


    RD Jun 24
    LUD Jul 1


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  • suttu
    12-06 12:25 AM
    Dear friends, why do you seek to start bashing your country at the first opportunity you get. THere are people in the Indian Govt who are negotiating on your behalf to make sur you get your money back.

    THen on the question of paying bribes to get money out of PPF - something is better than nothing. Why complain. If it is so bad, go back and fight to fix the system, otherwise stop maoning. India is the only country that will welcome you if you are kicked out of here. I remember i used to pay 50 INR per ticket for a railway seat, now i go online and book a ticket. Things change they take time and patience.

    Only those people who have NEVER bribed anyone to get stuff done illegally, or out of turn should speak. And i know there is no one, since you are in US and came on a passport and we all know how passports are obtained.
    You left india, want to stay away, so leave it alone. When you are kicked out of everywhere, the doors will still be open, just keep some cash for the gatekeeper.
    Lets discuss whether this swap will be possible or not, or what the loopholes are.

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  • deba
    08-08 01:50 AM
    I am in the same boat. Tho my GC has not been approved yet, I can only suggest that think twice before taking this important decision. If you go ahead and marry right now be prepared for a lot of stress, mental agony, coping with distance etc. I personally feel that this is not the best way to start a married life. I think it would be best to disclose everything to your future wife and her family and go ahead and marry once you have made arrangements that she can visit you on B1/H1/L1 etc or you have made plans to go visit India or be in a third country etc. Good luck and again my advice is not to rush into the marriage at this stage. Take your time and make a final decision after considering all angles.


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  • krishnam70
    07-10 06:02 PM
    Lou Dobbs is playing to the galleries. The galleries are filled with people like him who are waiting for the sound bytes. The frenzy will keep increasing until it reaches crescendo like the NAZI campaigns. So we need to direct part of our media campaign towards stopping these lies. The only way we will get out coverage is to go out against the big ones and make the noise. We need to get all the ravings of Lou against the legal immigrants every sound byte , every word he uttered against legal tax paying wannabe immigrants( no nationality restrictions). If all of us unite and make a move against him it will make CNN see reason or Lou to talk facts and not the fiction he talks about us.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-07 02:00 PM
    I received my AP on Nov 3 and looking at the AP doc it had an approval date of Oct 10 whereas I had "Document mailed to applicant" message on Oct 31.
    I am not sure what happened between Oct 10 and Oct 31st.

    I am sure nothing happened between that period to your papers except eating dust in USCIS mailroom.


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  • meridiani.planum
    07-20 03:37 AM
    History does not repeat itself. The historians repeat one another.
    Max Beerbohm

    Sir Beerbohm was a parodist. I hope you have not taken something he said in satire and made it your life's mission statement ;)

    If we are going to quote humorists, heres one that shares my view:

    You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself. ~ Samuel Levenson

    I guess it does make life more exciting when we make decisions without thoughts to the past but I prefer learning from others experiences. Rather make new mistakes than do something stupid that 3 other people had already done.

    You are of course entitled to your own views on life and debating this is perhaps of no use.

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  • meridiani.planum
    07-19 11:53 PM
    Life is like a game of chess. Make the move which makes the best sense at any stage. What is the point in thinking about past moves?

    well since we are in the mood for quotes here's a different take on the use of past moves in making a current move:

    George Santayana:
    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Etienne Gilson:
    History is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought.

    Kurt Vonnegut:
    History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.

    Pearl S. Buck:
    One faces the future with one's past.

    though ofcourse there is no point in fretting over split milk, learning from the past is very very important... Both your own past moves as well as those of people before you.

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  • boreal
    08-12 10:57 AM
    Sorry... but what kind of a question is that ? You applied for "Permanent" Residence without understanding what it stands for ?

    You are not obligated to apply for citizenship if you are a permanent resident.

    Friend, you have rage issues!

    02-07 09:50 AM
    Either the beautiful princess or the wicked witch. Jury is still out on that one. :P

    08-01 12:15 PM
    Looks like for July 2nd they just started and i talked to 5 other guys( who got receipt) - all of them has a sending time between 9 and 9:30 AM by FEDEX

    Mine went around 11:30 by USPS on July 2nd - so i have to wait for at least 2weeks. 1 hr late means 1 week delay !!

    Kidding - what time yours hit the USCIS building ?

    USCIS mail room received it at 7:55AM on July 2.

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